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RSA vs WI Match Result 

- Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 15
South Africa 29/2 (7.3 ov)
No Result
Right then! That's all from Sportskeeda for today!

Do join us tomorrow as Bangladesh take on Sri Lanka at 3pm IST at Bristol. Let's hope the rain stays away from that game. 

Faf Du Plessis too opined that such games are the worst and that no team likes to sit in the shed and get their matches rained off. 
As for the start, he said that it was important they approached it like a Test match and concentrated on preserving their wickets. 
He said that the next game against Afghanistan is massive and they would want to get a win on the board. 
With respect to Lungi Ngidi, he replied that he expected him to be fit for the next game. 
Jason Holder, the West Indian captain: "Yeah really good start again by the bowlers. It's unfortunate the weather came. So far we've been getting new ball wickets. It's just a matter for our bowlers to hit the straps and continue doing what we're doing. We don't mind giving away runs. We're hoping Russell pulls up before the next game. [Three in three] would have probably been happy with that at the start of the tournament."
Match 15 of the 2019 ICC World Cup started off with much promise, especially considering the predicament both teams found themselves in before the start of the game. Yet, the game proceeded to end in a damp squib (literally too). 

Akin to their previous matches in this year's competition, South Africa started off shakily and were pegged back early courtesy Cottrell's twin strikes. However, at that point, with the West Indians in the ascendancy, the rain arrived and indulged in a cute, little game of hide and seek with everyone at the Hampshire Bowl. Ultimately, nature won and denied the Caribbean outfit a chance to build on it. 

However, the rather worrying picture is that despite the World Cup being only 15 games old, we have already had two wash-outs. 

It was such a shame that a game with so many interesting sub-plots had to meander towards a non-result. Maybe, over the course of the future editions, the ICC could look at spare days but even those possibilities seem rather implausible at this juncture. Anyway, that discussion is better left for another day and with England not enjoying the driest of summers, one gets the feeling that the above conversation will rage well into some other night too.  

Do stay tuned to catch up with what the captains have to say!
The match has been called off!
After a topsy-turvy day involving the rain, the umpires have finally given up hope and have abandoned the game, meaning that South Africa do get off the mark in the World Cup, albeit not in the manner they would've wanted.

News coming in that the latest time to restart the game is 4:55 pm UK time, five minutes earlier than what had been reported before. 
Well, it seems we are destined for no further action today!
As soon as the umpires go out to inspect the pitch, the rain taps them on the shoulder and arrives like an unwanted visitor. Funny on some counts but equally frustrating, if not more, on other counts. 
Some progress, at last!
Some of the covers have been removed including the one that covered the bowlers' run-ups. As things stand, we are scheduled to have an inspection at 3:45 pm UK Time, which is about 15 minutes from now. 

Everyone can start indulging in their favourite rain dances now, so that it doesn't play more spoilsport!
There was a pitch inspection scheduled for 03:15 pm UK time. But, the drizzle has returned! The stop-start affair with rain continues. 
Drizzle lightens at the Hampshire Bowl!
The drizzle has slowed down a touch and the groundsmen are out on the field trying to get the ground in order.
Just as we were getting our hopes up, the drizzle returns again! Been that sort of day today. 
Finally! Some positive news from the Hampshire Bowl! 
A few withe clouds have broken through and the ground staff has started its effort to remove the water that has been accumulated on the covers. In addition, the Super Soppers are also out! 

Let's hope the rain stays away now!
The cut-off time for play to start today and be enough to complete a 20 over game is 5pm UK time, meaning the game has to start before 9:30 pm IST. 

Meanwhile, the rain update isn't promising as the downpour is showing no signs of rebating. It would be tough on both sides and especially South Africa if this game indeed gets abandoned. 
The rain hasn't stopped completely in Southampton but people report that there is a tinge of brightness on the horizon. Additionally, the rain isn't as heavy as a few minutes ago. Hopefully it will stop in a short while and we'll have some action to look forward to. 

Do stay tuned for further updates! 
The word from the ground is that there is nothing encouraging to report at the moment. All signs point to a frustrating day for fans and players alike. 
The weather at the Hampshire Bowl is painting an extremely gloomy picture with the drizzle increasing in magnitude. The covers are still on and it seems as if the delay is going to be a little more prolonged than what was initially expected. 

Do stay tuned for further updates!
A few more covers are making their way to the field now. Looks like we are in for a slight delay. Fingers crossed. 
The players are going off!
The lightest of drizzles has caused the players to go off. Not heavy by any means but it seems that the umpires are concerned with the bowlers' landing areas. Let's hope it is just a passing shower, especially considering how intriguing the game has been so far. 

Do stay tuned for further updates!
7.3 Oshane Thomas to Faf du Plessis. Short, outside off stump on the back foot Leave, shoulders arms to wicketkeeper for no runs, fielded by Hope.
Thomas into the attack now. Let's see what kind of pace and bounce he can find from the surface. He might want to target Du Plessis with a few short deliveries every now and then.
7.2 Oshane Thomas to Faf du Plessis. Back of a length, outside off stump on the back foot Leave, shoulders arms to wicketkeeper for no runs, fielded by Hope.
7.1 Oshane Thomas to Quinton de Kock. Back of a length, middle stump on the back foot Steer, to third man for 1 run, fielded by Roach.
Over 7 RSA: 28/2(RR 4.00) Bowler: S Cottrell Summary: W . . . . . |
6.6 Sheldon Cottrell to Faf du Plessis. Back of a length, to leg on the back foot pushing, to short extra cover for no runs, fielded by Brathwaite.
6.5 Sheldon Cottrell to Faf du Plessis. Back of a length, down leg side on the back foot working, to short mid wicket for no runs, fielded by Nurse.
6.4 Sheldon Cottrell to Faf du Plessis. Back of a length, to leg on the back foot pushing, to point for no runs, shy attempt by Bravo.
6.3 Sheldon Cottrell to Faf du Plessis. Length ball, to leg on the front foot defending, to mid off for no runs, fielded by Brathwaite.
Cottrell gets another!
Cottrell bangs another into the wicket and catches Markram off guard. He tries to maneuver it through the leg side but only manages a faint tickle to the keeper. Hope does the rest and South Africa again find themselves under the pump. 
6.2 Sheldon Cottrell to Faf du Plessis. Short, down leg side ducked Leave, Left to wicketkeeper for no runs, fielded by Hope.
6.1 OUT! Caught. Sheldon Cottrell to Aiden Markram. Short, down leg side on the back foot glancing, Gloved in the air uncontrolled to wicketkeeper, by Hope.