South Castries Lions 68/6 (10 ov)
Micoud Eagles 69/4 (8.1 ov)
Micoud Eagles beat South Castries Lions by 6 wickets.
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator, Pratyush Rohra. Do join Sportskeeda's live coverage of the remainder of this Dream11 St Lucia Blast too.
That is it. Micoud Eagles wrap up the match with six wickets and 11 balls to spare. Xavier Gabriel dismissed Shervin Charles off the third delivery of the innings to give the Castries some hope. However, a poor second over from Shervon Leo spoiled the scenario as Eagles managed to get 17 runs off it. A couple of overs later, Aaron Joseph dismissed Garvin Serieux but the Eagles' skipper Daren Sammy came in and smacked 21 off 14 balls to turn the game completely in his side's favour. Sammy got out with nine runs yet to be achieved while Mervin Wells also went back to the pavilion after making 24 off 25 balls. In the end, Murlan Sammy and Earvin Frederick stayed unbeaten to see off the chase. A target of 69 was never going to be enough and the in-form Micoud Eagles proved the same.
8.2 Xavier Gabriel to Murlan Sammy, FIVE WIDES! Tame ending to the game! Bangs it in way too short over the batters head, the keeper with a despairing dive can't stop that one either as the ball races away to the fence. Micoud Eagles win by 6 wickets.
8.1 Xavier Gabriel to Murlan Sammy, overpitched delivery outside off-stump, Sammy drills a drive through to sweeper cover, to pick up a couple! Scores are level.
Oh!! What a strange dismissal! Full toss down the leg-side, the ball went around the batsmen's legs and bowled Mervin Wells. That also brings an end to the eighth over. Micoud Eagles require three runs off 12 balls.
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 1w 0 W 2 2 W Bowler: Shervon Leo Score: 64/4
7.6 Shervon Leo to Mervin Wells, BOWLED HIM! Slow full toss around the pads, Wells stepped inside the line to work this down to fine leg but misses the ball completely and losses his leg peg! He'll be disappointed to get out in that fashion.
7.5 Shervon Leo to Mervin Wells, FOUR! Back of a length delivery angling into Wells, stands tall and smacks his pull shot through mid-wicket to collect a boundary
7.4 Shervon Leo to Mervin Wells, full length delivery outside off-stump, Wells drives it on the up and chips it over extra cover to pick up a brace
Slower delivery and Shervin Leo gets the better of Daren Sammy. Sammy looked to upper-cut but he could only end up holing out to third-man.
7.3 Shervon Leo to Darren Sammy, OUT! CAUGHT! Back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Sammy plays a loose cut at it and gets a top-edge which is taken easily by Joseph at third man!
7.2 Shervon Leo to Darren Sammy, full slower delivery on the full, Sammy was taken aback by that one and just taps it back to the bowler
7.2 Shervon Leo to Darren Sammy, short of a length delivery wide of off-stump, Sammy thinks about throwing his bat at it but wisely pulls out! Wide called
7.1 Shervon Leo to Darren Sammy, back of a length delivery outside off-stump, Sammy lets it pass
Very good over from Johnson Charles. The Lions' skipper created a couple of half chances but they didn't materialise into a wicket. Eagles require 10 runs off 18 balls.
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 1w 1 1 0 1w 0 0 Bowler: Johnson Charles Score: 59/2
6.6 Johnson Charles to Mervin Wells, back of a length delivery around off-stump, Wells pulls it towards mid-wicket and looks for a single but is sent back by his skipper
6.5 Johnson Charles to Mervin Wells, good length delivery on the off-stump, Wells prods forward to block it on the off-side
6.5 Johnson Charles to Mervin Wells, WIDE! Slightly harsh call maybe as it was touching the tramline
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