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Msida Warriors CC 72/5 (10 ov)
Southern Crusaders CC 61/9 (10 ov)
Msida Warriors CC won by 11 runs.
That's the end of this game's coverage of the ECS T10 Malta league. It's the final game for the day as well. A good one to finish! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for further live updates and match commentaries! We'll see you again tomorrow! 
The Crusaders have made a mess of this chase! Or, safe to say the Warriors put up a terrific display with the ball. They weren't defending a big target but what an effort it is been from them! They got those early wickets and built the pressure! The Crusaders were pretty much in it quite till the end but the bowlers held their nerves to get the job done! Towards the backend of the innings, they kept it really tight, got the wickets as well and made it difficult for the batsmen! 

Probably a little more effort to stay at the crease would have helped the Crusaders. They just threw it away! They succumbed to the bowling and this has been a wonderful game! You don't often see a low total being defended. 

With this win, the Warriors have completed a double over the Crusaders today and will be high on confidence! They came back really well to win the game in grand fashion. After a double defeat, the Crusaders have some thinking to do. They've had a pretty good campaign so far but loses like aren't good for any side! 
What a finish from Shijil Joy! Three wickets in the final over. It's been a brilliant performance from him and the Warriors. Crusaders finish at 61/9 and the Warriors have clinched this by 11 runs!
9.6 Shijil Joy to Royal Butt manages to survive the hattrick ball, and that wraps it up 
9.5 Shijil Joy to Jojo Thomas hits it straight back to the bowler. Two sixes was what was required, the game is now over 
9.4 Shijil Joy to Lakshitha Senavirathna out bowled! The games looks pretty much over 
9.3 Shijil Joy to Lakshitha Senavirathna continues from where Jamadiul Hossain, tries to have a go but doesn't connect 
9.2 Shijil Joy to Jamadiul Hossain, out (Bowled) tries to swing again but misses it completely 
9.1 Shijil Joy to Jamadiul Hossain swings wildly and misses 
9.1 Shijil Joy to Perera Over waist height for a no-ball. Pulls it in the air, just a single. 
It's a brilliant over from Nair under pressure! Doesn't give away too many and keeps it tight. 59/6 and 14 needed off the last over
8.6 Rahul Nair to Perera takes a single to retain the strike 
8.5 Rahul Nair to Perera, cuts in down to deep cover for a couple of runs 
8.4 Rahul Nair to Jamadiul Hossain, gets an outside edge for a single 
8.3 Rahul Nair to Jamadiul Hossain another dot ball 
8.2 Rahul Nair to Jamadiul Hossain swing and a miss, bowler keeping it outside the off stump 
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 0 0 1 2 1 Bowler: Rahul Nair Score: 59/6
8.1 Rahul Nair to Jamadiul Hossain tries to fend it, misses it completely 
Basil Joy bowls out a wonderful over. Gets a wicket and keeps it tight. It's 18 needed now off the final two overs
7.6 Basil Joy to Jamadiul Hossain, low full toss, drives it for a single. He will retain the strike
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