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Southern Districts CC 105/6 (20 ov)
Darwin Cricket Club 90/9 (20 ov)
Southern Districts CC won by 15 runs.
Southern District Cricket Club win by 15 runs!

Fantastic bowling effort from the SDCC bowlers as they managed to restrict the DCC from getting to a target of just 106 from 20 overs. All the bowlers contributed to bring the downfall of the DCC batting unit as the batsmen failed to get going, with Tom Briggs, in particular, putting up a shabby show with a laborious 40-ball 20. 

Well, that brings us to the end of the coverage of this Darwin T20 match. Hope you enjoyed the coverage as this is Prasen Moudgal signing off!

Do join us for the live coverage of the second Darwin T20 game today, which begins at 10.30 AM IST.
19.6 M Hammond to C Hawkins, SDCC pick up a 15-run win! Dot ball to end the innings as Hawkins fails to land bat to a short ball outside off.
19.5 M Hammond to T Ryan, full ball driven down to long on for a single
Last man in now. 
19.4 M Hammond to L Zanchetta, OUT! Short and quick from Hammond, Zanchetta gets a thick edge which is taken on the second chance by the keeper.
19.3 M Hammond to L Zanchetta, SIX! That's massive! Short ball asking to be hit, Zanchetta stood tall and pulled it over mid-wicket for a maximum!
19.2 M Hammond to C Hawkins, swing and a miss, ball goes off the keeper's chest for a bye
19.1 M Hammond to C Hawkins, DROPPED! Length ball lifted high to long off, fielder there makes a meal of the chance, Hawkins comes back for the second
80/8 from 19 overs, now DCC need 26 runs from the last over. 
18.6 N Hangan to L Zanchetta, swing and a miss
18.5 N Hangan to C Hawkins, OUT! Anderson is gone, run out!
18.4 N Hangan to C Hawkins, SIX! That is colossal! Length ball in the slot, Hawkins swung hard and deposited that over the roof and into the trees!
18.3 N Hangan to E Anderson, wide down the leg side, Hawkins makes it safely for a bye
18.3 N Hangan to E Anderson, length ball outside off, Anderson looks to go downtown but connects only with thin air
18.2 N Hangan to C Hawkins, overpitched and outside off, Hawkins gets it off the inside half to long on
18.1 N Hangan to C Hawkins, length ball knocked to covers
70/7 after 18 overs. Hawkins now thinks it's a lost cause and he's just nudging it around. 

DCC need 36 runs from 12 balls.
17.6 M Hammond to C Hawkins, length ball dabbed to point
17.5 M Hammond to C Hawkins, full ball played back to Hammond
17.4 M Hammond to C Hawkins, two byes, Hawkins looked for a reverse sweep but was lazy to crouch down, ball went under the bat
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