Northern Strikers 107/5 (10 ov)
Southern Hitters 78/7 (10 ov)
Northern Strikers won by 29 runs.
That is all we have for you in this edition of Malaysian T10 Bash as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy sign off. Do keep checking Sportskeeda for all cricket updates and live commentary. Until next time, it's goodbye from our side. SEE YA!!!
OUTCLASSED.What a performance by the Northern Strikers as the win the match by 29 runs and are crowned as the Champions of the Malaysian T10 Bash. After winning the toss and electing to bat first. Northern Strikers scored 107 for 5 in their 10 overs. Courtesy, some beautiful batting from their captain Syed Aziz top scoring with 47 and Nazril Rehman lending him support with a quick fire 22 and sloppy fielding by the Southern Hitters.Only Vijay Unni and Sulaiman Ali featured in the wickets column for the Southern Hitters. The Hitters, however never got going as they lost their openers early and kept losing wickets at important stages.Only Virandeep Singh and Muhammad Gulraiz made substantial contributions as the Southern Hitters limped to 78 for 7.Leaving Anwar Rahman, all other bowlers chipped in with wickets for the Northern Strikers with their captain Syed Aziz and Abdul Rashid picking 2 wickets apiece. In the end, deserving Northern Strikers won the match and the championship the teams were eyeing for
Southern Hitters finish with 78 for 7 in 10 overs and Northern Strikers win the match by 29 runs
9.6 Zahid Fazal to Saifullah Malik, full ball on the leg-stump, Malik flicks it to the man at deep square leg and gets only single but it doesn't matter as the Northern Strikers win the Malaysian T10 Bash 2020 as they beat the Hitters by a resounding margin of 29 runs!
9.5 Zahid Fazal to Saifullah Malik, Malik carves a length ball over the off-side for another brace. Now, last ball coming up..
9.4 Zahid Fazal to Kevin Perera, low full-toss on leg stump, Perera makes room and drives it to the off-side for a single
9.3 Zahid Fazal to Kevin Perera, full ball bowled outside off, Perera has a go at it but misses
9.2 Zahid Fazal to Muhammad Gulraiz, BOWLED! Fazal adds another wicket to his tally as he bowls one full and straight, disturbs the stumps and picks his second wicket of the match!
9.1 Zahid Fazal to Muhammad Gulraiz, full ball on the middle stump, Gulraiz plays it down the ground for a brace!
It is all but over for the Southern Hitters as they have scored 72 for 6 in 9 overs needing 36 off the last over. Only a blitzkrieg can salvage them pride
8.6 Syed Aziz to Syazrul Idrus, BOWLED! That should cap off a fine all-round performance from Syed Aziz! Nails the off-stump yorker and there's no chance Idrus is gonna get any bat on that. Too quick for him as Southern Hitters lose another wicket!
8.5 Syed Aziz to Syazrul Idrus, SWING AND A MISS! Full ball just outside off stump as it goes past the off-stump to the keeper!
8.4 Syed Aziz to Muhammad Gulraiz, length ball on a fourth stump line, Gulraiz mistimes one to the leg-side and can only get a single
8.3 Syed Aziz to Muhammad Gulraiz, Aziz sees the batsman backing away and pitches it full outside off and outside the batsman's reach! Good bowling this!
8.2 Syed Aziz to Muhammad Gulraiz, length ball on to the stumps and Gulraiz swings his bat at it! Gets a thick outside edge over the third-man fielder for a four!
8.1 Syed Aziz to Syazrul Idrus, Idrus guides a short ball outside off towards backward point and gets a single
Southern Hitters are on 66 for 5 after 8 overs needing 42 in 2 overs. Only a miracle can save them 
7.6 Abdul Rashid to Muhammad Gulraiz, FOUR! Gulraiz has a go at a length ball and heaves it towards the leg-side and gets four runs!
7.5 Abdul Rashid to Syazrul Idrus, length ball way outside off. Idrus mistimes one to the leg side for just another single
7.4 Abdul Rashid to Syazrul Idrus, length ball outside off and again Rashid beats Idrus' wild heave!
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