120/8 (20)
121/0 (14.4)
South Africa won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Quinton de Kock
Right then, a three-nil series cleansweep for the South Africans, who have been absolutely phenomenal throughout the series be it with ball or bat. They have outplayed Sri Lanka on their home turf after coming from a loss in the ODI series. Keshav Maharaj has led the side exceptionally well for his first stint as a captain and it has been a dream run for him and his side ending the tour on a brilliant note. 

Their bowling, particularly the spinners, have been simply outstanding in all three games, setting the series win up for them. They have made excellent use of the conditions coming to Sri Lanka. The batting has done good as well and they have had a perfect series leading to the World Cup preparations. Quinton de Kock has been the star with the bat for them, with consecutive fifties, carrying forward his rich vein of form. 

The openers made a real light work of today's game, getting over the line with all wickets intact. Reeza Hendricks scoring a well played unbeaten fifty as well, that will do a ton od good to his confidence. Sri Lanka was once again restricted to a low total as their batting failed, like it has all series. 

This is going to be a real headache for Shanaka and his troops to sort going into the World Cup. They haven't been able to build partnerships, no batsman has stood up for them, their opening combination isn't working out as well. The bowling has been something that they can take as a positive, but again, consistency needs to be the key. 

In prospect, this could turn out to be a proper eye-opener in terms of showing Sri Lanka exactly where they need to work on moving ahead. With that, this is all we have for the this game and the series. We hope you enjoyed our coverage throughout. More cricketing action coming your way and do stay tuned for all the coverage. This is Rishab and Soorya as we take your leave! 
Keshav Maharaj: I think full credit to the boys who played really well after a hard loss. We have crossed over the line, the bowlers have done well and the batters have stepped up which is pleasing to see. The plus side is we are taking wickets and from the batting front is is about having partnerships whether it is chasing or posting a large target. The bubble life has its challenges but we look to each other for support and we look for good friendship. We have to find a way to get through it and it shows in our performances as well. I think bowling and batting has been good. We can be good in the field and brush up on that and you will see the rewards of the hard-work. 
Dasun Shanaka: First of all congratulations to South Africa. I think our bowling was good but batting we need to think twice going forward. South Africa's spinners were good throughout the series. Hasanaranga and Chamika are the positives mainly. Though we lost the series, we have confidence of ODI wins against India and South Africa. I think the boys know what they need to do to step up going forward. I think in batting wickets are always key and we need to capitalise and finish well, which are the main concerns. 
Quinton de Kock, Man of the Match/ Man of the Series: I've been here a couple of times so used to the conditions and it wa just about making sure to get the job done. I wouldn't say I had too much of a break. Picked up a few skills from the Hundred was eager to win games for the boys. I think body management is key for the season forward. 
That is that! South Africa have completed a cleansweep! A job very well done and truly deserved. First time South Africa have beaten Sri Lanka by 10 wickets in a T20I. Magnificent all-round show from the Proteas and they will certainly enjoy this series win! 
14.4 Chamika Karunaratne to Quinton de Kock, THAT WILL BE IT! Short of a length slower delivery that slants across the batter in the corridor, de Kock stands tall for a firm punch that threads the dive of cover. The ball threads into the outfield and the batters stroll back for the second just like how they've strolled all along this innings. They've done it clinically without breaking a sweat again and as a result, South Africa win by 10 wickets with 32 deliveries to spare to sweep the series 3-0!
14.3 Chamika Karunaratne to Reeza Hendricks, dug short again around off, Hendricks stands tall before controlling his swivel towards deep backward square leg for a solitary run.
14.2 Chamika Karunaratne to Reeza Hendricks, JEEZ, THAT WAS SOME SHOT! Slightly overpitched on the off-stump and Hendricks commits forward to pump it straight over the bowler's head with a nonchalant whip off his wrists. The fielder does extremely well to stop the ball with a tumble though and a brace is all Hendricks can pick up.
14.1 Chamika Karunaratne to Reeza Hendricks, dug short outside off, Hendricks hops across for a forehand swat through mid-wicket and into the gap along the outfield before the fielders converge to keep it down to a brace.
Chamika Karunaratna back into the attack
Right! South Africa are just a couple of hits away now. This has been absolutely clinical from both the batsmen, leaving Sri Lanka no chancw whatsoever to stage a comeback at any point in this game. They have done nothing wrong this series! 
114 /0 score
cricket bat icon Reeza Hendricks
51 (39)
cricket bat icon Quinton de Kock *
57 (45)
cricket ball icon Kamindu Mendis
0 /22
13.6 Kamindu Mendis to Quinton de Kock, dropped short and following the batter on the pads, de Kock is pinned high on the thigh pads past his attempted pull as he goes through with it a tad too quick!
13.5 Kamindu Mendis to Quinton de Kock, right-arm slider into the pads on a length, de Kock rocks back to mistime his swipe around the corner towards short 45.
13.4 Kamindu Mendis to Reeza Hendricks, drops it short at the stumps this time, Hendricks hangs back and half-crouches to control his pull towards deep backward square leg for a single.
FIFTY for Reeza Hendricks as well. His 3rd against Sri Lanka and 7th overall. He's been equally great tonight in this stand! 
13.3 Kamindu Mendis to Reeza Hendricks, left-arm slider on a full length on middle and leg, Hendricks comes forward to turn it in front of square on the leg-side for a brace that brings up an excellent half-century!
13.2 Kamindu Mendis to Quinton de Kock, comes around the wicket and slides a right-arm off-breaker (you know the drill by now of course) into the leg-stump, de Kock hangs back to knock it through mid-wicket for a single.
13.1 Kamindu Mendis to Reeza Hendricks, left-armer that slides into the stumps on a short of a length radar, Hendricks rocks back to punch it towards wide long on for one.
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