St Gallen CC 79/7 (10 ov)
Winterthur CC 84/4 (8.3 ov)
Winterthur CC won by 6 wickets
That's that from today's 3rd match of the St Gallen T10. Tune into Game 4's live commentary here on Sportskeeda at 6.30 PM IST. On behalf of my co-commentator, Karthik Iyer, and myself, Momin Butt, goodbye!
It's done and dusted as S Ali smokes it well over the legside boundary and crushes SGC's hopes of scripting a late comeback into this game. Ali's whirlwind 32* off just 11 deliveries, in fact, turns out to be the game-changer and should secure the MOTM award for him, too. A comprehensive victory for WICC as they wrap up things with an over and a half to spare and six wickets in the bag. SGC bowled well in the middle overs and seemed to be pulling things back gradually but some lapses in the field combined with the flurry that Ali brought to the innings proved to be too much for SGC. 
8.3 K Fletcher to S Ali, that's hammered for another six to midwicket. That seals the win.
8.2 K Fletcher to S Ali, played to thirdman for a boundary. Brilliantly guided to the right of thirdman fielder and he has no chance to chase it down. 2 runs away now.
8.1 K Fletcher to S Ali, pulled for a mighty six. Woof, that's a brutal riposte to Fletcher's bumper as he clubs it high over the deep midwicket boundary for a gigantic six.
A slight glimmer of hope for SGC with the wicket of D Johnson but WICC are still pretty much in the driving seat with 12 needed off as many balls.
7.6 N Mahmood to P Shikare, defended, no run.
7.5 N Mahmood to D Johnson, full toss and is caught at long-off. Didn't quite get underneath it as he wants to enforce it over long-off but can make it sail as far as Fletcher. 
7.4 N Mahmood to S Ali, yorker played to mid-on for a single.
7.3 N Mahmood to S Ali, smashed to wide long-on for a boundary. Stands tall and looks to tonk it away, gets it off the bottom part of the blade, it still laces across the lush field and hits the boundary skirting.
7.2 N Mahmood to D Johnson, played to deep midwicket for a single.
7.1 N Mahmood to D Johnson, played back to the bowler, no run.
7.1 N Mahmood to D Johnson, way down the leg side.
A tidy over in terms of T10 Cricket but no so much in the context of the game. WICC are waltzing along now and require 19 off 18 deliveries.
6.6 M Nasim to D Johnson, played to point for another single.
6.5 M Nasim to S Ali, single to thirdman.
6.4 M Nasim to D Johnson, another quick single.
6.3 M Nasim to S Ali, lofted to long-on and dropped and they take a single.
6.2 M Nasim to D Johnson, played softly to cover for a single.
6.1 M Nasim to D Johnson, smashed to sweeper cover for a boundary. Wide outside off, D Johnson extends his arms and caresses it into the gap deep in the offside. Marvelous stroke!
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