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Stockholm CC 55/8 (10 ov)
Alby Zalmi CC 56/2 (4.5 ov)
Alby Zalmi CC won by 8 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Stockholm CC
  • Himanshu Patel
  • Abhishek Mathur
  • Niranjan Komalla
  • Alby Zalmi CC
  • Azam Khalil
  • Faraan Chaudhry
  • Key Points
  • The first match of the third day of this exciting competition and both these teams are languishing at the bottom of points table and need those two points desperately. A matcg betwwen two underdoges, should be a gripping encounter.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    Stockholm CC would feel luck hasn't been at their side. Lost the first match of the tournament by a single run and since then it has been difficult to come back. As for AZC, they have won one game by a massive margin of 79 runs while lost one and the third game being abandoned by the rain. They aren't in as dire situation as STO but one loss and things can get difficult
    Alby Zalmi win by eight wickets and 31 balls to spare.

    A stupendous bowling performance from the Alby Zalmi bowlers restricted Stockholm CC at 55 runs for eight wickets in their allotted 10 overs. Himanshu Patel was the top-scorer for Stockholm CC with 17 runs off 16 balls. 
    In reply, Alby Zalmi rocketed to the finish line inside five overs and registered a crucial win at the back of Azam Khali's 35 runs off 19 balls.
    Do join us for what promises to be another exciting day of cricketing action. Until then, this is Aakash Arya, along with my partner, Habil Ahmed, signing off!
    4.6 U Bharti to A Khalil, down the leg side and it is called a wide. Very anti-climatic end to the game but it is what it is!
    4.5 U Bharti to M Ifthikar, tries to hit that on the full toss but he misses completely and the ball hits the stumps instead
    4.4 U Bharti to A Khalil, straighter delivery and it is punched away on the off side for a single
    4.3 U Bharti to M Ifthikar, straighter at last but they steal sneak a leg bye
    4.3 U Bharti to M Ifthikar, down the leg side again. Wide called.
    4.3 U Bharti to M Ifthikar, too far down leg side this time and they run two to add insult to injury
    4.3 U Bharti to M Ifthikar, too far outside off and it is called a wide
    4.2 U Bharti to M Ifthikar, straight full toss and that is hit away towards deep midwicket for two
    4.1 U Bharti to M Ifthikar, played and missed on that occasion
    Alby Zalmi need 10 runs in 36 balls. 46/1 after four overs.
    3.6 V Chalindra to A Khalil, he's played at that and missed. Dot ball to end the over.
    3.5 V Chalindra to A Khalil, comes down the track and hits it in the air. Did not get enough on it to carry to the man in the deep. Two runs.
    3.4 V Chalindra to A Khalil, on the off stump and it is cut away behind point for two more runs
    3.3 V Chalindra to A Khalil, short but it keeps low and the batsman misses with the swing
    3.2 V Chalindra to A Khalil, knocks that straight back to the bowler
    3.1 V Chalindra to A Khalil, starts with a ball on the leg stump that is swept away for four more runs
    Alby Zalmi scoring briskly. 38/1 after three overs. 
    2.6 N Komalia to A Khalil, driven to the man at cover who does well to stop that ball from going any further.
    2.5 N Komalia to A Khalil, cut away through the point region for a four. Good shot!
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