Indiska CC 71/5 (10 ov)
Stockholm CC 70/4 (10 ov)
Indiska CC won by 1 runs.
So the first match turns out to be a thriller in the end. SHCC who were well on their way to win the match, made a mess of the chase after Nali perished. Abhishek MAthur tried to keep SHCC in the game but INDCC bowler's made the life harder for the batsmen to score any boundaries. In the end, INDCC win by the tiniest of margins. One run separated the both sides but Stockholm CC would believe they let a victory slip away from their hands.
Nevertheless, an exciting start to the tournament. Until next time, I Abhinav Singh and my partner Habil Ahmed signing off. Stay safe, keep washing your hands and see you all very soon. Cheers!
9.6 N Sharma to S Yadlapalli, hit down to the deep but they only get two and the batsman is run out as they attempt a third!
9.5 N Sharma to K Vats, hit down to the man at long off for two runs. Good running!
6 needed of 2 deliveries
9.4 N Sharma to K Vats, that's hit past the bowler and they look to run two but the throw is accurate and Vats is run out
9.3 N Sharma to K Vats, played towards long on for two. Still no boundary in the over
9.2 N Sharma to K Vats, played and missed! No run. DOT will pile on the pressure
9.1 N Sharma to H Patel, one run. Need a boundary initially in the over
Against the run of play, the set batsmen MAthur perishes,10required of the last 6 deliveries. We are heading towards an exciting finish
8.6 S Hiremath to A Mathur, tries to smash that but only gets a top edge for an easy catch at third man. More importantly, it's a dot ball!
8.5 S Hiremath to A Mathur, tries to make room and hit it through covers but misses it
8.4 S Hiremath to K Vats, on off stump and it is cut away towards gully for a single.Vats doing the sensible thing
8.3 S Hiremath to A Mathur, full toss and he hits it away towards the man at deep midwicket. The overthrow gets them a third run. An Overthrow allows the batsmen to scamper back for an extra. Poor from Hiremath
14 needed in 10, Mathur on strike
8.2 S Hiremath to A Mathur, yorker and the batsman and keeper both miss it. They run two byes! Poor running, should have run three when boundaries are not coming easily
8.1 S Hiremath to K Vats, outside off and he cuts it away towards point for one. Hiremath with his last over
SHCC 55/1 after 8 overs, 17 required of 12. Interesting equation! The wicket of Nali slowing things down
7.6 G Singh to A Mathur, tries to heave that away on the leg side but he makes a mess of that. No run!
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