Stockholm Tigers 114/4 (10 ov)
Stockholm Tigers won by 26 runs.
So that's it from this match. Here's me, Pradeep Somashekar signing off along with my colleague, Abhinav Singh. Take care and goodbye!
Alby Zalmi never got this chase under control in any sense, Z Niazy 10(6) and Ismail Zia 27(17) couldn't start well and they managed only 25 losing both the openers in the power play. One of the batsman should've got the innings going but they never looked in control of the match. Lost their way from the beginning. In the end it was too much to chase for the batsman also losing flurry of wickets as well didn't help their cause.

On the other hand Stockholm Tigers bowlers were very tidy, giving nothing away, Rashedul Islam is their pick of the bowlers, going for only 23 and picking up 3 wickets in his 2 overs. Akash Islam giving him good company as well with 12/1 in his 2 overs he bowled. 

Alby Zalmi will need to sort their opening horrors, they need someone who can score at a blistering rate to keep up with the RRR.

Stockholm Tigers beat Alby Zalmi by 26 runs! Easy win for them at the end!
9.6 Rashedul Islam to Khalil, bowls it on the fifth stump nice and slow, the tail-ender tries to heave it over for a six but misses it in a spectacular fashion. And that's curtains for the Alby Zalmi U-23 team.
9.5 Rashedul Islam to Jabbar, slower this time from the bowler and outside off, batsman manages to get the bat down for a single
9.4 Rashedul Islam to Jabbar, straighter delivery, but the batsman makes no connection
9.3 Rashedul Islam to Jabbar, big hoick on the occasion and missed by a countrymile
9.2 Rashedul Islam to Jabbar, the batsmen tries to heave it over the park again, gets only a couple
9.1 Rashedul Islam to Abdullah, bowls it straight and fast, the batsmen plays all over it and the stumps are shattered!
Only 3 runs coming from it, Alby Zalmi needed much more than that, flurry of wickets as well. AZ-U23 are 84/7 at the end of the 9th over!
8.6 Faruk Ahmed to Faseeah, hits it straight to the cow corner fielder who takes it calmly. OUT!
8.5 Faruk Ahmed to Abdullah, straight and he plays it uppishly to the short cover region fielder
8.4 Faruk Ahmed to Abdullah, another RUN OUT!, Alby team is folding like a pack of cards here
8.3 Faruk Ahmed to R Stanikzai, in the slot but Stanikzai skies it up, the batsmen try coming back for a suicidal third run but falls short
8.2 Faruk Ahmed to R Stanikzai, again, short of length delivery and the batsmen makes a meal of it yet again
8.1 Faruk to R Stanikzai, a wild heave from the batsmen and he misses it spectacularly 
13 runs coming from it, still not enough. AZ-U23 are 80/4 after the 8th over! They need 35 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 Kawser to R Stanikzai, slow and short delivery, pulls towards the fine leg fielder for a single
7.5 Kawser to R Stanikzai, overpitched and the new batsmen coasts it over the cover region for a handsome boundary
7.4 Kawser to Munib Safi, length ball which jacks in, the batsmen misses it but runs a bye
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