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SRH vs DD Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 36
Delhi Daredevils 163/5 (20.0 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 164/3 (19.5 ov)
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Sunrisers Hyderabad win by 7 wickets
Current Run Rate 8.27
Yusuf Pathan
Kane Williamson
Daniel Christian
Trent Boult
Winning captain Kane Williamson: I don't think there's any secret. Adapt to the surfaces. We were on a different one again. Both teams used the new ball well. We came back really well. In terms of getting more runs, they looked like they would. It was nice to restrict them under a par score. The bowlers responded well. We knew that the middle overs would be tough. Those PP overs, was extremely important. It was great that he was able to give a good start. He (Pathan) hits the ball really well. We still have too many games left. Today was a good team performance, not perfect.
Shreyas Iyer: Very disappointing to be honest. At certain point we were really in the game, on top but the momentum changed completely. It was a really good total to get on the board, even though we got a good start, we didn't capitalize later on, but 10 runs extra would have been nice. It was really hard surface and I knew it wasn't going to turn, I was banking on my seamer Avesh Khan but he didn't turn up that great. It was the perfect decision (to play only one spinner) on this wicket with the ball not turning that much, Mishra bowled really well and got two crucial wickets for us. It was a good chase from them. Catches win matches and we have been practicing really hard on our fielding, but when the nerves are really high, it happens and is part of the game; can't really complain. We didn't give up till the end. They had a good start and they have a good batting line-up, are on top of the table and they backed themselves to chase this down.
With this win, SRH move to the top of the table with 14 points in nine games while Delhi are on the brink of getting knocked out of the tournament. 
Brilliant run chase by the hosts as they become the first team since 2015 IPL to chase down a total of over 150 at this venue. Alex Hales and Shikhar Dhawan gave them a great start before skipper Kane Williamson and Manish Pandey kept the scorecard ticking in the middle overs. Unfortunately, they lost Manish at the wrong time and the batsman who replaced him, Yusuf Pathan, came out all guns blazing and took his side to victory with just one ball to spare. 
19.5 Christian to Williamson, 1 run, yorker on the pads and Kane digs it out to give SRH a win that will send them to the top of the table. SRH win with seven wickets and a ball to spare.
19.4 Christian to Yusuf, 1 run, that was full and Yusuf just drills that past the bowler but Maxwell keeps that to just a single.
19.3 Christian to Yusuf, FOUR, that was a short ball and Yusuf gets a top edge over short fine leg and SRH are within touching distance. Short ball with the fine leg up, why would you do that? Even if that is to Yusuf.
19.2 Christian to Yusuf, SIX, that was full toss outside off and Yusuf launches into that. You don't bowl there to Yusuf. Inside his arc and he makes the most of it. He just heaves that over long on.
12 runs needed off five balls.
19.1 Christian to Yusuf, 2 runs, DROPPED by Christian as Yusuf smashes that towards the bowler. They sneak two and Kane gets in even though Christian hits the stumps.
Thanks to a six and a four off the bat of Yusuf Pathan, Trent Boult concedes 14 runs off the penultimate over. This leaves Dan Christian 14 runs to defend off the last over. PRESSURE!
Over 19 SRH: 150/3(RR 7.89) Bowler: T Boult Sum..: 6 . 4 wd 1 1 1
18.6 Boult to Yusuf, 1 run, full toss outside off and Yusuf miscues another one down to long off. Just a single again and SRH have a tough task ahead of them despite a good 19th over.
18.5 Boult to Williamson, 1 run, full toss on the pads and Kane can just drill that down to deep mid-wicket for a single. Kane can't connect properly with that one and he doesn't take on Maxwell.
18.4 Boult to Yusuf, 1 run, that is a full toss outside off and Yusuf miscues that to mid-off. They are happy with a single.
18.4 Boult to Yusuf, WIDE, that is too wide outside off.
18.3 Boult to Yusuf, FOUR, he goes full Boult but he misses. That is a full toss outside off and Yusuf just slices that past backward point to the boundary.
The batsmen stole a single off the last ball and the run has been cancelled, thanks to the DRS call. In simple words, SRH are robbed off a run in the 19th over. 
18.2 Boult to Yusuf, no run, Yusuf goes for another one and Boult appeals and that is given. They sneak a legbye but they immediately go for a review. That pitched outside leg and SRH's review has been retained.
18.1 Boult to Yusuf, SIX, full from Boult and Yusuf just smashes that  over long on to bring up the first six off Boult's bowling in this IPL. What a shot from Yusuf.
Brilliant over by Liam Plunkett as he concededs just four off his last over and takes the wicket of Manish Pandey. SRH need 28 runs off the last 12 balls. Trent Boult to bowl the crucial 19th over.
Over 18 SRH: 136/3(RR 7.56) Bowler: L Plunkett Sum..: W 1 . 1 1 1
17.6 Plunkett to Yusuf, 1 run, that was a length ball again without much pace and Yusuf can just work it around to deep square leg for a single.
17.5 Plunkett to Williamson, 1 run, Kane dances down the track and Plunkett delivers a brilliant yorker. Just a single to the keeper.
17.4 Plunkett to Yusuf, DROPPED, that was a slower bouncer and Yusuf doesn't connect but he gets a reprieve as he drops that at deep square leg.
17.3 Plunkett to Yusuf, no run, Yusuf welcomed with the short ball and that is a swing and a miss.
17.2 Plunkett to Williamson, 1 run, another slower ball and Kane pulls that and that trickles to deep square leg.
Yusuf Pathan is the new batsman in. The Sunrisers will need the power of the right-hander to clear the boundaries as the DD bowlers are hardly giving any pace on the ball. 
17.1 Plunkett to Pandey, OUT, Pandey goes for a big one and Shaw takes the catch under pressure. Slower ball, he goes for a heave ho but miscues it and Shaw takes the catch to get rid of Pandey.
Brilliant over from Trent Boult as only seven runs were scored off it. The Kiwi hardly gave anything away for the batsmen to attack and reduces the equation to 32 runs off 18 balls. A wicket here will make things interesting. 
Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
Start Time
Saturday, May 5, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 36
Delhi Daredevils won the toss and elected to bat.
C Nandan, Bruce Oxenford
Reserve Umpire
Kartik Manian Iyer
Match Refree
Andrew Pycroft
Sunrisers Hyderabad's PLAYING XI
Alex Hales,
Shikhar Dhawan,
Kane Williamson,
Manish Pandey,
Shakib Al Hasan,
Yusuf Pathan,
Wriddhiman Saha,
Bhuvneshwar Kumar,
Rashid Khan,
Siddarth Kaul,
Sandeep Sharma
Delhi Daredevils's PLAYING XI
Prithvi Shaw,
Naman Ojha,
Shreyas Iyer,
Rishabh Pant,
Glenn Maxwell,
Vijay Shankar,
Daniel Christian,
Liam Plunkett,
Amit Mishra,
Avesh Khan,
Trent Boult