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SRH vs KXIP Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 25
Sunrisers Hyderabad 132/6 (20.0 ov)
Kings XI Punjab 119/10 (19.2 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 13 runs
Current Run Rate 6.16
That's it from us at Sportskeeda for today's clash between SRH and KXIP, who played out yet another last over finish in this season's IPL. Their fifth  win in seven matches has taken them to the second spot on the table. They might even occupy the top spot lest CSK lose their next match, but cannot be moved from the second place irrespective of other results. Do catch us tomorrow for the DD vs KKR clash, with the hosts to play under new captain Shreyas Iyer for the rest of the tournament. Goodbye and goodnight!
Ankit Rajpoot, from KXIP, is the MoM for 5/14, though that went in vain: I don't think IPL is easy. Everybody works hard and does well. I was getting help from the wicket and was bowling it full. I planned and stuck to it. I was aided by the pace that I found. It was my day today so I got five wickets.
Kane Williamson, the winning captain: We haven't really played on surfaces where 180 was par. We want more from our batting unit, but often only 15-20 more. Today, 145 would have been competitive here. But Kings XI bowled well to restrict us. Our bowlers fought hard, and though they [KXIP] ran away in the Powerplay, we knew our spinners could pull things back. It's nice to defend these totals, but we want to be smarter with the bat. It's not about getting 180 always - get 145, 155 and we can use our bowling to put them under pressure. The bowlers have been operated really smartly. And our fielding and energy is great. We are fortunate with our bowling depth, with bowlers going out with injury but the back ups coming good. The guys have been fantastic, the way they've managed to fight. A lot of credit goes to the bowlers, the lengths they hit to get their wickets.

AB - 8 sixes
Rayudu - 8 sixes
Dhoni - 7 sixes


Whole match: 6 sixes
SRH bowling out an opponent most times:

2 times ~ Mumbai Indians
2 times ~ Pune Warriors India
2 times ~ Kings XI Punjab 
Ravi Ashwin, the KXIP captain: From where we were, we should have put this game away. It's disappointing, it was not the greatest of wickets, the ball stuck in it. It can happen in this format, we've been on a roll, but these kinds of things happen. We let ourselves down in the field as well. We could have been chasing 20-25 runs lesser. It is always difficult to catch under lights, but there are no excuses. We are professionals, we have to work harder to get back in. There are seven days off, and looking at the loss, it's probably a good thing. Rashid bowled very well, you have to expect it from him and on a wicket like this, he is a handful.
All took five wickets haul against SRH and ended up in losing side!

James Faulkner
Adam Zampa
Ankit Rajpoot
A second consecutive inspirational win by SRH. They defended 119 against Mumbai, winning by 31 runs, and today found the confidence to upset KXIP by 13 runs to defend 133 – all this, without Bhuvenshwar Kumar. It all began with the visitors dropping Manish Pandey thrice, but nothing must be taken away from the latter, whose patient 54 took them to132. Rashid Khan bagged 3/19 in a fantastic comeback against KXIP, as their entire top four threw away starts to succumb to him and Shakib al Hasan. But what a display from an outfit full of bowling depth and skill! They just need good runs in the next game, and that will complete their domination.
19.2 Thampi to Rajpoot, OUT...BOWLED...SRH have scripted another heist. Full ball angled in, Rajpoot looks to ramp it over, the pace is just too much and it clatters the stumps. Yes, bowlers win you matches, they have done it again, they have marched all over Punjab and trampled them... 
19.1 Thampi to Mujeeb, LEG BYE, that was a full ball angled in, Mujeeb backs away, hit on the pads, a single is all that they can get
15 needed off the final over. Thampi to bowl
Over 19 KXIP: 118/9(RR 6.21) Bowler: S Kaul Sum..: b 1 1 1 4 .
18.6 Kaul to Rajpoot, no run, that was a knuckle ball, and Rajpoot swung himself off his feet, the ball eludes the stumps by a whisker!
18.5 Kaul to Rajpoot, FOUR, he swings again, this time the ball meets the bat and gets the inside half of the bat and the ball scoots past short fine leg
18.4 Kaul to Mujeeb, 1 run, stays put and the belts it down to long off
18.3 Kaul to Rajpoot, 1 run, backs away and then looks to slog, bottom end of the bat taken to long off
18.2 Kaul to Mujeeb, 1 run, shuffles across to outside off stump, flicks the ball away to mid-wicket
18.1 Kaul to Rajpoot, BYES, closes his eyes and slogs, the ball is somewhere else, Saha fumbles and allows a bye
Over 18 KXIP: 110/9(RR 6.11) Bowler: R Khan Sum..: 1 W . 1 4 4
17.6 Rashid to Mujeeb, FOUR, perhaps this is how to deal with Rashid? He flips the stance, and lifts the ball over short point. Right, sting in the tail? Mujeeb Ur Rahman is showing his batsmen the best way to bat against Rashid Khan.
17.5 Rashid to Mujeeb, FOUR, wow, the reverse, the full length on the stumps is met with disdain from Mujeeb
17.4 Rashid to Rajpoot, 1 run, goes for the slog again, the ball lobs over short fine leg
17.3 Rashid to Rajpoot, no run, full ball aimed at the stumps, Rajpoot goes for the slog, stumps also missed
17.2 Rashid to Ashwin, OUT, the skipper takes the catch, he shows how it is done, Ashwin takes the bat and swipes across the line, the ball takes the outside half of the bat and captain Kane takes the catch at cover. 
17.1 Rashid to Rajpoot, 1 run, again swipe across the line, the ball goes up high and falls in the gap
Rashid Khan vs tailenders is going to be fun. Grab some popcorn, peeps. 
What's with this match and the quality of fielding in it? A lot of dropped catches from both the teams.
Over 17 KXIP: 100/8(RR 5.88) Bowler: S Kaul Sum..: . 1 1 . W 1
16.6 Kaul to Rajpoot, DROPPED, 1 run also, someone blink, end this already, proper facade. Rajpoot's turn to mow across the line, gets the top edge and Nabi shells the catch at long on
Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
Start Time
Thursday, April 26, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 25
Kings XI Punjab won the toss and elected to bowl.
Yeshwant Barde, C Nandan
Reserve Umpire
Kartik Manian Iyer
Match Refree
Javagal Srinath