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SRH vs MI Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 7
Mumbai Indians 147/8 (20.0 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 151/9 (20.0 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 1 wicket
Current Run Rate 7.55
Yes, one humdinger of a match, a perfect endorsement for IPL, we need to take a break, we need t lie down... thanks for joining us... we will see you tomorrow. Good night!
Rashid Khan, man of the match: Dot balls is crucial in such a short format. That was the plan to bowl as many dot balls as possible. That was the message from the management to go and enjoy yourself, that's what I did. I just try my best to bowl in good length area and mix it up for the batsman. As he's in his stance, I can see where he's trying to hit. Love to bowl both, the leg-spinner and the googly. People back home love the fact that Afghanistan players are playing here. We want to see their smiling faces, because what's happening there is not so good. That's what all of us are striving for. Want to dedicate this win to my friend whose son is in the hospital. Everything will go to him.
Kane Williamson, SRH captain: One of those games that comes down to the wire. The surface was a bit different than the last one, and we were slow to adapt. Hooda at the end was outstanding. He seems to just turn up and is so world-class in how he operates. He's a great weapon for us. We have a number of very talented local bowlers. Sandeep bowled very nicely tonight. We fought back well after the powerplay. At the halfway stage, I thought it was going to be scrappy because the wicket was slowing up. The last ball can go either way so it was nice to win. It's important we adapt well, learn from some things from this game.
Mayank Markhande (purple cap): It was a great feeling for me, my first season, feeling very happy. He (Rohit) didn't tell me a lot, just asked me to stick to the basics.
Shikhar Dhawan: It feels good. I get it (orange cap) for the first time in 10 years. Very happy about it.He (Mayank Markande) is very good. Look forward to playing against him Very impressive bowling performance.
Rohit Sharma: Still early days. It was a good game. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Being on the receiving end for the second time is tough to digest. It wasn't a good enough total, and our batsmen should have done better, but the bowlers showed a lot of character to get us back into the side. We have a great squad, and for the youngsters to come out and perform, it's amazing. They have a long way to go. Tough luck, we fought till the end, but to lose in the end isn't a great feeling."
A topsy-turvy game that went to extremes finally came to end, not before several junctures when either team looked like it'll come out trumps. The Sunrisers must have been kicking themselves for having made a meal of a straightforward chase, but their decline was accentuated by a consistent, sustained trail of nagging bowling by the Mumbai camp. Manish Pandey played a brain-fade-esque stroke, Yusuf Pathan couldn't hang on till the end, and Williamson also departed against the run of play, negating all the hard work a fluent Dhawan put in. 

By the end, the game became a nail-biter - Mustafizur's 19th over flipped the tables - but Hooda stayed put - fighting a lone battle and walking out of the trap set by the Mumbai side, along with the out-of-nowhere-I'll-hit-a-four Billy Stanlake, who hadn't hit a single boundary in his entire first-class career. Rohit Sharma looks like he has grown a decade older.

The IPL 2018 thrill ride continues!
19.6 Cutting to Stanlake, FOUR... MATCH OVER.... that was right in the slot and big Billy has slogged it over the infield, the crowd has found their voice, Mumbai tried hard, SRH edged ahead, right at the end, what a match!

Stanlake has to just make contact! Or just run!
19.5 Cutting to Hooda, 1 run, slower length ball angled across, Hooda was into his ramp, but he lobbed it up to short fine leg. Bumrah comes forward, does not reach the ball and the batsmen stay with a single
19.4 Cutting to Stanlake, 1 run, slower length ball, Stanlake manages to drop it and then rushes across to give Hooda the strike
19.3 Cutting to Hooda, 1 run, full ball on the stumps, belted down the ground to Pollard who keeps it to a single
19.2 Cutting to Hooda, no run, this time the length ball has beaten the attempted cut
19.2 Cutting to Hooda, WIDE, he has angled one across well past the tram lines, oh dear, Mumbai! The pressure is running on the palms of Cutting.
19.1 Cutting to Hooda, SIX, around the wicket, bowls a full toss angled in the slot perfectly, Hooda stays put and creams it over cover
Over 19 SRH: 137/8(RR 7.21) Bowler: M Rahman Sum..: 1 . . W .
18.6 Mustafizur to Sandeep, OUT, wow, call it a brainfade, call it drama, call it what you want, Sandeep looked to ramp it over short fine leg, he has skied it and Krunal takes the catch there!
18.5 Mustafizur to Sandeep, no run, that was that cutter again, Sandeep looks to guide it away, it beaten all ends up
18.4 Mustafizur to Kaul, OUT, full ball angled away, Kaul looks to punch it across the line, the leading edge goes back and Mustafizur sticks out that hand and gobbles it up!
18.3 Mustafizur to Kaul, no run, and now a full ball, Kaul goes for the booming drive, he is beaten!
18.2 Mustafizur to Kaul, no run, wow, that snaked past the outside edge as Kaul looks to dab it down to third man
18.1 Mustafizur to Hooda, 1 run, fast length ball, Hooda drives it to covers, Kaul is now on strike
Over 18 SRH: 136/7(RR 7.56) Bowler: J Bumrah Sum..: 1 1 1 W W
17.6 Bumrah to Kaul, no run, full and straight, Kaul knows all that and he offers a straight bat to keep it out
Siddharth Kaul to face the hat-trick ball
17.5 Bumrah to Rashid, OUT, two in two for Bumrah, full ball on off, Rashid goes for the drive, outside edge is gobbled up by Ishan Kishan. 
He walks in, takes guard, and his off in a jiffy. Wow, there is still some spice?
17.4 Bumrah to Yusuf, OUT, good bowling this, he suddenly bangs one in, Yusuf late on the pull, he cloffs it to Pollard at short mid-wicket. Pathan trudges back - his team wanted him in the middle till the end - but he can't stretch his innings
17.3 Bumrah to Hooda, 1 run, and another yorker jammed in, Hooda squeezes it out to sweeper cover
17.2 Bumrah to Pathan, 1 run, fires in that yorker, jabs it out to third man
Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
Start Time
Thursday, April 12, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 7
Sunrisers Hyderabad won the toss and elected to bowl.
Nigel Llong, C Nandan
Reserve Umpire
Rohan Pandit
Match Refree
Sunil Chaturvedi