Victoria Waves 169/6 (20 ov)
Surrey Shines 175/4 (18 ov)
Surrey Shines won by 6 wickets
Surry Shines manage to reach the finals of the BC Cricket Championship as they manage to win this game by 6 wickets and 13 balls to spare!!

What an entertaining thriller encounter this was a well worth semifinal match as Surrey Shines chase the score of 170 runs in under 18 overs. The Surrey Shines with the bat had just the start which they needed as both the openers Manpreet and Bhullar took them to a flier and laid the foundation. Manpreet managed to score 34 runs in 19 balls before he was dismissed and then all eyes were on Bhullar who was the main man who led Surrey Shines to the win in yesterday's game and he scored 47 runs in 31 balls.

Bhullar's demise created an opening for Victoria Waves as they 3 overs post his wicket gave only 15 runs and looked like could have taken the game but a dramatic over from Sarb changed the game as there were a couple of drops catches as well misfield let to boundaries in that over hit by Yuvi who stayed till the end and scored 46 runs along with Dilbag who scored quickfire 23 runs in 9 balls and make their side cross the finish line as they reach to the finals which will be played tonight at 10 PM IST!!!

That's it from the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the 2nd semi-final in BC Cricket Championship between Surrey Shine and Victoria Waves. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Prashanth Satish singing off till then take care and stay safe!!!
17.5 Rajbir to Yuvi, SIX! Full delivery smoked over the bowler's head to take Surrey Shines into the finals of the BC T20 Championship
17.4 Rajbir to Yuvi, short delivery pulled into the hands of midwicket for another single. SCORES LEVEL!
17.3 Rajbir to Yuvi, short of a length ball punched to long on for another single. Two runs needed now!
17.2 Rajbir to Dilpreet, they get three more with some excellent running to get closer to the total as they now need just 3 runs!!
17.1 Rajbir to Dilpreet, FOUR! Fuller delivery in the slot and Dilpreet lofts it over the infield for a boundary to bring the runs required to just one hit away.
At the end of the 17th over SS is 160/4. What a game-changing over this turned out be as both the batters manage to hit 3 huge sixes in the over and have scored 21 runs in this over. SS now needs just 10 runs to play for the finals!!!
16.6 Sangha to Yuvi, SIX! Short delivery once again and Yuvi with absolute ease pumps that over midwicket for six more.
16.5 Sangha to Dilpreet, short ball pulled one bounce into the hands of the fielder at long-on.
16.4 Sangha to Yuvi, slower ball played to deep square leg for a single
16.3 Sangha to Yuvi, SIX! Fuller delivery lofted over covers for a maximum by Yuvi. That gave us Yuvraj vibes for sure. This brings the equation down to 18 runs for SS.
16.2 Sangha to Dilpreet, short delivery outside off and cut away for a single into the off-side.
16.1 Sangha to Dilpreet, SIX! Short delivery on the legs and Dilpreet with ease pulls that over the square-leg boundary. Now 25 runs needed in 23 balls!!
At the end of the 16th over SS is 139/4. A dramatic over this one was as both the sides now seem on edge. Yuvi trying to go big in this over to accelerate mistimes twice in the over and was dropped on both the occasion and the fielders collied as well to stop a boundary. Will these fielding hazards hamper VW's chances to reach the finals??
SS now needs 31 runs in 24 balls.
15.6 Sarb to Dilpreet, full delivery punched on the rise by the batsman to deep covers for a single.
15.5 Sarb to Dilpreet, full delivery is driven hard to the fielder at covers for a brace.
15.4 Sarb to Dilpreet, FOUR! Fuller this time and Dilpreet drives hard with power down the ground for a boundary. Fielders collided at the boundary line and look to be in pain.
15.3 Sarb to Yuvi, DROPPED! Shorter this time and Yuvi looking to pull gets a top edge and the catch is put down and they take three off the overthrow. 
15.2 Sarb to Yuvi, DROPPED! Fuller this time and the batsman lofts it straight to long-on who puts that one down. The same fielder messes it up again!!
15.1 Sarb to Yuvi, fuller delivery lofted to long-on and the batsman come back for two due to mis-field by the long-on fielder!!
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