Hampshire 154/7 (20 ov)
Sussex 155/1 (16.2 ov)
Sussex won by 9 wickets
Game .set. match. An astonishing 116-run partnership between Philip Salt and Ravi Bopara guided Sussex Sharks to a commanding win over Hampshire Hawks. The only way Hampshire could've made this contest interesting was getting rid of Philip Salt early, but they failed to that. Salt was in imperious touch yesterday, and he set the tone once again for his team by firing on all cylinders inside the powerplay.

His Partner, Travis Head looked promising for his 25 off 13 balls before losing his wicket in the fifth over. After that, Ravi Bopara joined hands with Philip Salt and the duo didn't any leave Hampshire bowlers to settle down in the middle overs. Due to Philip Salt's onslaught and Ravi Bopara's classy batting, boundaries were coming thick and fast in every over.

With mid-off up in the circle, Bopara particularly targeted his favourite extra-cover region and scored a couple of boundaries. His batting was in full flow right from the word go and the pull shot over mid-wicket was perhaps the shot of the day. Both Salt and Bopara registered their respective half-centuries and eventually, Sussex Sharks got the job done with 22 balls to spare. On the bowling front, everyone had a forgettable day for Hampshire Hawks and they will look to put a much better show in the next match.

Sussex Sharks maintain their 100% winning start in this tournament and proving to be the team to beat in this tournament already. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, until then, this is Pragadeesh, signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague, Ankit Sharma. Goodnight everyone
16.2 Brad Wheal to Ravi Bopara, full on the pads, flicked away to square leg for the winning runs. A single will do it for Sussex who have completely dominated proceedings with the bat. An excellent batting display from the home side. Sussex win by 9 wickets. 
16.1 Brad Wheal to Ravi Bopara, FOUR! Wheal coming in hard, bowls a good length delivery just outside off stump. Bopara wants to go big towards mid wicket but instead picks up a thick edge that sends the ball sailing to the third man boundary. No third man there and the ball goes over the ropes unharmed. 
150 /1 score
cricket bat icon Philip Salt *
72 (44)
cricket bat icon Ravi Bopara
51 (40)
cricket ball icon D'Arcy Short
0 /17
15.6 D'Arcy Short to Philip Salt, full on the middle stump turning away from Salt. Salt manages to find the gap through cow corner and jostles the ball there for a couple. 
15.5 D'Arcy Short to Philip Salt, SIX! HUGE! Salt wants to wrap this up quick. He's gifted with an overpitched delivery in his slot. He goes down on his knee and launches this one deep over the fence of mid wicket. 
15.4 D'Arcy Short to Ravi Bopara, fuller this time on middle and off. Bopara is happy to work it away to mid wicket for a single. 
15.3 D'Arcy Short to Philip Salt, tossed up delivery on off stump that is driven towards cover for a single. 
15.2 D'Arcy Short to Ravi Bopara, tossed up delivery turning into the right hander. Bopara stands his ground and gives this a slight push towards long on for a single, and a fifty for him! 
15.1 D'Arcy Short to Philip Salt, from around the wicket, full on the leg stump. Salt tickles it away to square leg for a single. 
D'Arcy Short to bowl

Philip Salt show just entertains this rapturous Sussex crowd. From slow off-cutters to quick yorkers, Chris Wood threw everything in that over, but still couldn't get any rewards.
138 /1 score
cricket bat icon Philip Salt *
62 (40)
cricket bat icon Ravi Bopara
49 (38)
cricket ball icon Chris Wood
0 /34
14.6 Chris Wood to Philip Salt, good length delivery, tucked away towards long on for a single. 
14.5 Chris Wood to Philip Salt, full length delivery, outside off stump, drilled past cover for the ropes. But the fielder from wide long off dives in to save two. 
Everything he touches is turning to gold. Feel sad for the bowler as it's not a bad ball from Wood but Salt is in the mood to attack everything coming in his way.
14.4 Chris Wood to Philip Salt, FOUR MORE! Full on the pads in search of the yorker. Salt is in good touch and has no problem in flicking this fine enough to beat the man at square leg for another boundary. 
14.3 Chris Wood to Philip Salt, FOUR! Shortish ball outside off stump. Enough width on it for Salt to open the face of his bat and guide this towards the boundary at third man. 
14.2 Chris Wood to Ravi Bopara, short of a good length delivery outside off stump. Bopara slaps it towards deep point for a regulation single. 
14.1 Chris Wood to Philip Salt, good length delivery outside off stump, with some width on offer. Salt punches this one to cover for a single. 
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