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Brisbane Heat 148/10 (20 ov)
Sydney Sixers 152/7 (20 ov)
Sixers won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Daniel Christian
Well it's been a magnificent game that's gone right down the wire between the Heat and the Sixers! Brilliant finish in that last over from Dan Christian to take the Sixers past the line of the very last ball of the game! it was a really good effort from them to pull the game back during those power surge overs smashing 37 off it! Tilted in favour of the Sixers there and it should have been a lot more easier win for them from there. But it wasn't to be as the heat bowlers made a really good comeback to take the game to the very last ball. There was a missed opportunity of Christian, had that catch been taken it could have been a different result for the Heat. Dramatic end to a thriller of a run-chase as this was! 

The Heat started really well with the ball in the initial overs. Wildermuth and Bartlett were on the money with some brilliant pace bowling. They were getting good shape and movement and got the early wickets as well. Then came on Mujeeb who bowled brilliantly well again, picking up two wickets and keeping it tight as well. The Sixers lost quick wickets and they were in real trouble. Hughes and Christian then joined hands to get them back into the game. They hung in there, absorbed the pressure and when the power surge came on, Christian went bonkers with some ruthless hitting. 

With Wildermuth and Mujeeb bowling out their overs early, the Heat might have missed a trick there to have someone solid to bowl at the death. Although the others put up a great effort to fightback, but Dan Christian, Player of the Match, stood tall in their way. Putting all his experience to use in that chase and what a magnificent knock that was from him! 

Taking all points from this game, the Sixers are now at the top of the table with 25 points. The Heat continue to fight for a top four finish, placed sixth after this loss. They played really well but could get nothing out of the game eventually. This was a cracker of an encounter and an absolute thriller going down the wire! 

That's it from me (Rishab) and my partner Bala. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this game, as much as we enjoyed bringing the high voltage action to you. We'll take your leave until next time. Have a good day! 
Big six from Christian the very first ball and that looked like the game for Sixers. Good comeback from Bartlett though under immense pressure. Had the catch been taken, it could have been a different story for Heat! But Christian has turned out to be the hero tonight for the Sixers! Finishes in style. What a terrific game of cricket this has been! Gotta feel for Heat. They fought really well and till the last ball but in the end, Sixers taking home all points from this contest. Thriller of an encounter this. Christian remaining unbeaten on 61 and it's been a match-winning effort from him. A three wicket victory for Syndey Sixers! 
19.6 Xavier Bartlett to Dan Christian, FOUR! Sixers win the match! Christian gets an absolute gift! Low waist-high full toss on the leg-stump, Christian picks it over the infield on the on-side and finds the boundary
19.5 Xavier Bartlett to Dan Christian, appeal for a runout! And it's not out! Well! Full ball wide of off, he mistimes this to extra cover. It is marginally to his right, they had no right to come back for the second, but they somehow manage to do that. It is a weak throw from the fielder which of course helped the course
19.4 Xavier Bartlett to Dan Christian, DROPPED! Length ball outside the off-stump, Christian tries to go big and gets the top edge. It goes high in the air, the fielder at sweeper cover makes good ground and gets to the ball but fails to hold on to it
19.3 Xavier Bartlett to Dan Christian, nails the yorker outside the off-stump, Christian fails to get any connection on it. Dot ball!
19.2 Xavier Bartlett to Dan Christian, short of a length outside the off-stump, Christian slaps it down the ground to long-off but denies the single
19.1 Xavier Bartlett to Dan Christian, SIX! Absolute gift to start with!  Length delivery at pace, right in the slot for the batsman who is well in, Christian slogs it over the square leg fence for a maximum
This has been an excellent over from Bazley! Good execution and getting another wicket. Although, Dan Christian is still there. Gets the gap and this is his experience in play! He's the key for the Sixers. Keeping it wide and importantly a good finish for Heat. Christian will keep strike. 

It's 11 needed off the last over. Bartlett comes back to bowl. This one can go either way! Edge of the seat action yet again! 
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 0 W 0 4 1 Bowler: James Bazley Score: 138/7
18.6 James Bazley to Dan Christian, full and wide once again, Christian goes across trying to do something fancy, gets an inside edge onto his pads and scampers through for a single
18.5 James Bazley to Dan Christian, FOUR! Goes for the wide yorker but falls short of the right length this time, Christian drives it over the man at extra cover and finds the fence. Fabulous batting from the veteran all-rounder
18.4 James Bazley to Dan Christian, goes for the yorker wide of off-stump, doesn't nail the length but it is low enough to give no timing to the batsman, mistimes it back to the bowler
Another wicket going down! Not a great shot from O'Keefe. Leg cutter and pace taken off! Good catch and this game is getting intense! 

Jackson Bird is the new man in
18.3 James Bazley to Steve O'Keefe, Up in the air! And CAUGHT! Leg-cutter with no pace, O'Keefe steps out and has a go at it, gets the top edge in the process and Steketee takes a dolly at mid-off
18.2 James Bazley to Steve O'Keefe, length ball outside the off-stump, it is there to be hit but O'Keefe has a wild swing across the line making no contact with the ball 
18.1 James Bazley to Dan Christian, low full toss wide of off-stump, Christian throws his hands at it and smacks it straight to sweeper cover
This has been a really good over from Steketee under pressure. Good change of pace, short balls and executed well under pressure. Brilliant over just when the Heat needed it and this game is still on! It's going down the wire. 

It's 17 off 12 now. Bazley to continue
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 1 W 1 1w 0 0 Bowler: Mark Steketee Score: 132/6
17.6 Mark Steketee to Steve O'Keefe, bouncer once again, O'Keefe has another swing and a miss. Just four runs from the over along with a wicket. Big over for the Heat!
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