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Perth Scorchers 167/6 (20 ov)
Sydney Sixers 168/1 (17 ov)
Sydney Sixers won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: James Vince
This has been myself (Rishab) and my partner Pradeep taking your leave for the moment! More action coming your way. Stay tuned and have a great day!
The Sixers bowled well at the top and towards the death to restrict the Scorchers to a modest total first. And then the way their batsmen came out to chase it down was simply marvelous! A complete effort and it couldn't have been any better a game for them to make it to the finals! They are on their way to get that trophy once again! A trashing win and a dominant display, outplaying their opponents and this has been a cracker of a game, even if it turned to be one-sided!
Not for once did the Scorchers look like they were in the game! They needed to start well and get wickets at the top, which they failed to get. The openers just took them to the cleaners and the bashing only ended as the Sixers overhauled the target! They were under pressure and the bowlers just couldn't get their act right! Sloppy fielding as well making it worse for them. It's going to be a game they would want to simply forget. Nothing went their way as it was a completely one-sided chase.
James Vince missing out an a well deserved hundred there! Tye bowling that wide! Was that intentional to deny him the ton? We'll leave that one to you! But what a magnificent knock it has been from Vince! Unbeaten on 98 and helping the Sixers enter the final in a grand fashion! He started brilliantly with Josh Philippe, who also continued his dream run in this BBL. Falling short of a fifty but he did his job at the top! 92 run-stand for the first wicket that set the tone and put the Sixers in the drivers' seat! Took the game totally away from the Scorchers and it was simply a dominant display as to how they went about that chase! Daniel Hughes then joining Vince and the duo put together another unbeaten stand to see them through without any trouble! Nine wickets and three overs to spare, you could imagine the dominace of this win just based on this.
Oh dear lord! Tye bowls a wide and that stare from Vince! He can't believe it! 98 not-out and he deserved that ton! Nonetheless, a thrashing win for the Sixers this has been! He's played a match-winning knock and it's been some terrific entertainment in this chase! Three overs and nine wickets to spare! Sheer dominance and they are through to the big final in style! 
17.1 Andrew Tye to James Vince, WIDE! OH DEAR! Unbelievable. Vince is denied of a hundred here, not sure if it was intentional from Tye as he bowls a short delivery, sprayed down the leg side and Umpire signals that a wide. More importantly Sydney Sixers storm into the finals, that's all that matters. Vince has been outstanding, doesn't get his century but what a knock, TAKE A BOW, JAMES VINCE! 
Right so some light drama towards the end! Hughes getting that boundary and then he's played three dot balls as they need just a single run! Oh my! Applause from the crowd and they are loving it too! Can Vince get the hundred? 1 needed

Tye to continue. Vince on 98*

Over: 17 | Summary: 4 1 4 0 0 0 Bowler: Jason Behrendorff Score: 167/1
16.6 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, OH! Back of a length, tailing away from the left-hander as he sways away from the lets this one go to the keeper's gloves. Now Vince has his chance to score his hundred in the next over, he's on strike!
16.5 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, low full toss on the off stump, angling away from Hughes as he just casually taps it on the off-side, another dot. Crowd is ecstatic as they want to see Vince's hundred tonight!
16.4 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, excellent yorker on the off stump as Hughes manages get his bat on time and digs this one out in the end, dot ball!
16.3 Jhye Richardson to Daniel Hughes, FOUR! Short delivery into Hughes on the middle and leg as he pulls that one awkwardly as that races away to the boundary. Scores are level and Vince is stranded on 98 at the other end!
16.2 Jhye Richardson to James Vince, full again on the outside off. Vince backs away and pushes this one between the cover and point as they scamper through for a quick single
16.1 Jhye Richardson to James Vince, FOUR! Brilliant, just brilliant! Vince hammers that full length delivery back past the bowler and that races away to the fence in no time. He's just three away from another T20 hundred!
Nice and easy for the Sixers at the moment. Good over this! Surprisingly a one where there has been no boundary! Won't worry the Sixers though. Just a matter of time now before they cross the line! 10 more off 24

And they will take the Power Surge! Richardson into the attack
Over: 16 | Summary: 1 1 1 1 1 2 Bowler: Liam Livingstone Score: 158/1
15.6 Liam Livingstone to Daniel Hughes, tossed up, full again on the outside off. Hughes dances down the track and creams the cover drive through the extra cover region but the fielder does well to stop it with a dive as they run a brace
15.5 Liam Livingstone to James Vince, tossed up, full, half-volley and in the slot for Vince on the off stump as he waits for it and absolutely hammers that one down the ground to long-off fielder for just a single
15.4 Liam Livingstone to Daniel Hughes, overpitched on the off stump. Hughes backs away and drills this one down to the long-off region for a single
15.3 Liam Livingstone to James Vince, tossed up, short on the middle and off as Vince on the backfoot whips this one away to the deep square region for another single
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