Brisbane Heat 178/6 (20 ov)
Sydney Thunder 180/6 (18.5 ov)
Thunder won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Daniel Sams
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What an absolutely thrilling game that was! The Sydney Thunder have staged a comeback of monumental proportions to come back in through the back door and win this game! They were in all sorts of trouble after losing 3 wickets inside the first three overs and it wasn't really up until the 12th over that they got going.

It looked like the Brisbane Heat were all over the Sydney Thunder at that stage when Daniel Sams joined Ben Cutting at the crease in the 11th over after the Thunder had just lost a well set Alex Ross.

Cutting and Sams shared a good 69-run stand before Mark Steketee managed to castle his former teammate in the 18th over. At that stage, the Thunder were a 149-6 still needing 30 to win from 16 balls. The story, however, was all about Daniel Sams thereafter! Trusting Laughlin, who'd already gone for plenty of runs in his previous overs, to bowl the 19th over turned out to be a huge blunder as he started with a chest-high full toss that Sams smashed out of the park. The equation turned on its head thereafter as Daniel Sams managed to finish the game off with three more consecutive sixes!

Jack Wildermuth's fantastic efforts of picking up 3-23 (4 overs) went in vain as the Brisbane Heat failed to neutralize Daniel Sams' monstrous hitting. Earlier in the day, the Brisbane Heat had themselves batted out of their skins to reach a total of 178-6 thanks to a 44-ball 69 from skipper Chris Lynn and an impressive cameo of 31 from just 11 balls from Jack Wildermuth.

However it's a day that belongs to Daniel Sams, who's also been named the Man of the Match

Daniel Sams: "I was looking to give myself a chance, play good cricket shots and take it deep. I was trying to keep my hands up higher and give myself a better chance to clear the ropes. We were a little bit rattled after losing three early wickets but we had faith in our deep batting line-up and remained calm. Feels good to pick up these three points."
WHAT A FINISH! DANIEL SAMS HAS PLAYED A BLINDER! Sydney Thunder win by 4 wickets!
18.5 Ben Laughlin to Daniel Sams, SIX! SAMS FINISHES IT IN STYLE! Right in the slot outside off stump and Sams takes a couple of steps across his stumps before plundering that one way over long off for his third successive maximum! What an innings! What a heist for the Thunder! 
18.4 Ben Laughlin to Daniel Sams, SIX MORE! Slower delivery on a back of a length on off stump and Sams climbs into it! He sits deep in his crease and absolutely creams that one over mid wicket for another maximum!
FIFTY for Daniel Sams! What an innings he's played here! He's kept the Thunder in this game after what seemed like a hopeless run-chase
18.3 Ben Laughlin to Daniel Sams, SIX MORE! POOR FROM LAUGHLIN! Another knee height full toss on middle stump and Sams is not going to miss out! He waits for it and then clubs it over deep mid wicket for another six! 
18.2 Ben Laughlin to Daniel Sams, top yorker just outside off stump. Sams shapes to jam his bat down on it and glide it towards point but just can't get any sort of contact on it! Two dots in a row now! 
18.1 Ben Laughlin to Daniel Sams, low full toss that just slides down the leg side. Sams looks to work that one into the leg side but is early into it as the ball goes past the bat and leg stump
18.1 Ben Laughlin to Daniel Sams, SIX! Waist height full toss on middle and leg stump and Sams gets into position early before clattering it way over deep square leg for a maximum! Called a No Ball too! 
Ben Laughlin, right-arm fast medium, back into the attack
Excellent over from Steketee. He knocked the big-fish Ben Cutting over and that might have just tipped the balance in the Heat's favour. Still nothing is certain though. Sydney Thunder need 24 from 12 balls
155 /6 score
cricket ball icon Mark Steketee
17.6 Mark Steketee to Chris Green, DROPPED! NOT REALLY THOUGH! Length delivery on middle stump. Green clears his front leg and absolutely belts that one straight back to the bowler who deflects it towards long on. Green gets a brace
17.5 Mark Steketee to Chris Green, FOUR! Off pace delivery on a back of a length outside off stump. Green sits deep in his crease and bangs it down the ground past long off for a much needed boundary! 
17.4 Mark Steketee to Chris Green, off pace delivery on a short length on middle and leg stump. Green again has a swing at it and this time, he does so too early as the ball dies on its way through to the keeper
17.3 Mark Steketee to Chris Green, banged into the track at the batsman on leg stump. Green looks to heave that one away over cow corner but is awfully late on it as the ball thuds into his body
Chris Green, RHB, is the new man at the crease
17.2 Mark Steketee to Ben Cutting, OUT! CASTLED! Slower delivery on a back of a length on middle and leg stump. Cutting has an almighty hoick at that one but swings at it way too early. He misses the ball and the ball crashes into middle and leg stump! Massive wicket! B Cutting 29 (23) b M Steketee
17.1 Mark Steketee to Ben Cutting, full delivery on middle and leg stump. Cutting brings those long levers into play and drills that one down the ground towards long off for a brace
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