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Sydney Thunder 177/5 (20 ov)
Hobart Hurricanes 181/4 (18 ov)
Hurricanes won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Ben McDermott
Do join us tomorrow for more action from the KFC Big Bash League! For now I have been Ankit Sharma, along with Pradeep Somashekar, as we bid farewell! 
With this win, the Hurricanes barge into the top half of the table, sitting at the 4th position, having won all the points on offer, including the bash boost point. Thunders remain second tied on points with the Stars. The business end of the tournament awaits, with the table so evenly poised barring the two teams at the top and bottom of the table respectively. 6 teams have only a difference of a maximum of 3 points between the second position and the second last position. It will be fascinating to see who emerges on top and qualifies. 
Thunders unfortunately not able to capitalize on the early couple of wickets, and gave the game away slowly, letting Malan and McDermott settle in, take their time, and then start the fire show. Apart from the first four overs of the chase, Thunders were dominated all over, the rest of the way. In the first innings too, after losing their top order Thunders did not do enough to get an over par score. Boland got three wickets in an over, but with the batting strength in their contingent, Thunders should have definitely done better with the bat.  
A fantastic batting display from the Hurricanes, two in specific from Dawid Malan along with Ben McDermott. The former started off firing away, but played anchor later in his innings before losing his wicket. McDermott on the other hand, played a sensational innings, knocking the ball all over the part, even outside it at a time. Both of them took their time in the middle, having lose two early wickets in quick succession inside the powerplay, but they know their capabilities and they showed it with a very mature and responsible innings. Handscomb came in late to bat to see off the game with a few boundaries himself, but the damage was already done by then. 
Player of the match: Ben McDermott: It feels good, we started slow but it was nice to get back into it, and get the win. It was slower in the start with Sams coming in with his deliveries, but the latter part of the chase was beautiful with the dew coming in. Massive win for us, the table is so tight and we're up to third fourth now not sure exactly from being second last in the table, so its good to see how tight the tournament is poised and hopeful we continue on wining. 
Peter Handscomb takes his team home with a couple of boundaries. A comfortable win for the Hurricanes after a fragile start. Excellent batting performance from McDermott to take it all the way, he played under pressure, but he triumphed over everything thrown his way and dominated the innings. Hobart Hurricanes win by 6 wickets.
Over: 18 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 4 4 Bowler: Adam Milne Score: 181/4
17.6 Adam Milne to Peter Handscomb, FOUR! DONE AND DUSTED as Peter finishes things off with a boundary and Hurricanes pick up all four points here. That was short on the outside off. Peter gets on top of the bounce and lofted it way over the cover region as it just falls inside the ropes, once bounce into the fence for a boundary!
17.5 Adam Milne to Peter Handscomb, FOUR! Overpitched on the off stump line as Peter smashes that 151kmph delivery down the ground and away from the mid-on fielder as it races away to the boundary
17.4 Adam Milne to Peter Handscomb, overpitched on the fourth stump line as Peter looked to drive that one but his bat turned on his hand as he drills that one back to the bowler, fourth dot of the over!
17.3 Adam Milne to Peter Handscomb, touch fuller on the outside off with 148kmph clicks as Peter gets behind the line of the delivery to block that one out on the off-side, no run
17.2 Adam Milne to Peter Handscomb, another short delivery on the middle and leg. Peter swiveled to pull that straight to the mid-wicket fielder, another dot!
17.1 Adam Milne to Peter Handscomb, OH! Back of a length on the middle and off as it was 150kmph clicks, Peter went on the backfoot to pull that one away but got beaten by pace as he late on the shot and hits it around the corner on the on-side!
Adam Milne, back into the attack. 
McDermott departs for 96! An absolutely brilliant knock comes to an end, unfortunately, just before his century. He went to swing it after being dropped once at the boundary, but this time an edge is caught safely. Handscomb takes over and smashes Sangha for a maximum. 5 runs to win from 18 balls. 
Over: 17 | Summary: 6 2 W 1 1 6 Bowler: Tanveer Sangha Score: 173/4
16.6 Tanveer Sangha to Tim David, SIX! RIGHT OUT OF THE SCREWS THIS TIME! Tossed up, full on the off stump. David goes on his knee and POWERED it way over the deep square leg boundary for a maximum!
16.5 Tanveer Sangha to Peter Handscomb, wrong'un from Sangha as that was short into Peter who goes on the backfoot to punch it down the ground to long-on for a single
16.4 Tanveer Sangha to Tim David, OH! Tossed up, full on the outside off. David goes for the sweep shot and inside edges on to the pads as the ball rolls towards square leg. David might be struggling here he doesn't slide his bat into the crease at the non-striker's end!

Square leg Umpire has gone upstairs to have a check. And it comes out as NOT OUT, David gets in just in time!
Tim David, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
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