151/5 (20)
155/4 (17.1)
MS won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Andre Russell
Melbourne Stars won by 6 wickets

Right then, with 7 points and 2 wins from 3 games to their name, the Stars now move up to 3rd place on the points table. Its still early days in BBL 11 but the Stars have bounced back strongly after that dismal show against the Sixers in their first game. Their bowling unit performed really well tonight and they were backed up nicely by the power-packed batting order as they secured their 2nd win against the Thunder this season. 

Not a lot went the Thunder's way tonight except that fantastic knock from Alex Ross. Their batters struggled throughout the innings and if not for some rearguard action, they would have ended up well short of a par-total. In the end, 152 was just not enough to defend against a star-studded Stars batting line-up. 

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Andre Russell (Player of the Match): I got a few days here in quarantine, so that went well. Did some pushups and the basics to stay in shape. It was fun to get to the party tonight. The boys have been quite fun to be around, despite the social distancing protocols. We bowled first and so we had an idea about the shots that could be played on this pitch. It's all about backing yourself and looking to do properly what you were planning to do. Joining the bubble tomorrow night, so looking forward to joining the guys and some big hugs coming up for everyone. Pleased to to contribute to the side.
And that will do just fine as the Melbourne Stars get over the line in comfortable fashion! What a show Andre Russell put up at the Sydney Showground Stadium today! 42 not-out from just 21 deliveries as he helped the Stars secure their 2nd win of the season. So then, they make it two in two against the Thunder this season and they'll be mighty pleased with that win. 

Chasing a 152 for victory, the Stars started off relatively slowly as they lost two quick wickets early on in the innings. But a 59-run stand between the experienced duo of Marcus Stoinis and Glenn Maxwell steadied the ship for the Stars and they were in complete control of the game. 

There was a bit of a turning point in the 12th over as the young leggie Tanveer Sangha managed to dismiss both the set batters in consecutive deliveries. However, it was the Dre Russ show thereafter as he decimated the Thunder bowling attack to seal the deal for the Melbourne Stars. 
17.1 Gurinder Sandhu to Hilton Cartwright, FOUR! Cartwright wraps it up with a boundary! Back of a length slower delivery angling into Cartwright, swivels to pull this into the deep square leg ropes and finish things off in style. Back-to-back wins for the Stars and their latest marquee signing, Andre Russell came to the party tonight to help them over the line. Melbourne Stars win by 6 wickets (with 17 balls remaining).
17.1 Gurinder Sandhu to Hilton Cartwright, wide. Looking for the slow and wide delivery outside off. Missed out this time, on the wrong side of the tramline. Scores are level.
Well, we'll just have to wait another over for this to be wrapped up but its safe to say that the Stars have got this one in the bag! Cartwright got in on the action there as well with two sixes of his own! Melbourne Stars need 2 runs to win from 18 balls
150 /4 score
cricket bat icon Andre Russell *
42 (21)
cricket bat icon Hilton Cartwright
19 (12)
cricket ball icon Nathan McAndrew
1 /37
16.6 Nathan McAndrew to Andre Russell, it's Russell's lucky day! Short of a length delivery angling across, looks to swat this across the line but he's only got a thick inside edge that bounces into the boot and trickles away past the off-stump. 
16.5 Nathan McAndrew to Hilton Cartwright, short of a length delivery angling into Cartwright, looks for the another pull across the line to finish it off in style but he's got a top-edge that ballooned towards fine leg for a single 
16.4 Nathan McAndrew to Hilton Cartwright, nice sharp and well-directed bouncer angling into Cartwright, sways away from this one
16.3 Nathan McAndrew to Hilton Cartwright, SIX! HE GOES AGAIN! Short slower delivery angling down the leg side. That was a freebie for Cartwright and he's launched it over the fine leg ropes. Getting into the act and towards the finish line in a hurry!
16.2 Nathan McAndrew to Hilton Cartwright, SIX! He's got all of that! Godo length delivery angling into Cartwright once more. This time he has room to free his arms and dispatch it over the square leg ropes. What a sound of the bat!
16.1 Nathan McAndrew to Hilton Cartwright, good length delivery skidding into middle and leg, Cartwright looked to stand and deliver as he went across the line, skew an inside edge onto his pads, no run
Nathan McAndrew [3-0-24-1] back into the attack
Was a very good over from Sandhu right up until that last delivery that just went for six! Was a fantastic grab from Sams out in the deep but he could not reel himself back inside the boundary and throw it to his teammate before stepping on the ropes! Unfortunate sequence of circumstances for the Thunder! Melbourne Stars need 15 runs in 24 remaining balls
137 /4 score
cricket bat icon Andre Russell *
42 (20)
cricket bat icon Hilton Cartwright
6 (7)
cricket ball icon Gurinder Sandhu
0 /22
15.6 Gurinder Sandhu to Andre Russell, IS THAT A SIX? Judging from Sams' reaction, he's touched the ropes. Short of a length delivery climbing onto Russell, looks for the hammering pull but he's found Sams at the cow corner ropes, who did extremely well to hold onto the catch but his boot had made contact with the ropes. The umpires are checking this. Sams tried to flick it back into play to the long-on fielder but he was down and in disbelief, knowing that he's touched the ropes. The TV umpire is still just making sure. Not out, is the decision. Six, it is!
15.6 Gurinder Sandhu to Andre Russell, wide. Looks for another full and wide yorker but he's gone a bit too wide this time. Will have to reload.
15.5 Gurinder Sandhu to Andre Russell, dishes out a full toss outside off-stump, Russell slices this one towards deep point but a little bobble bounce results in a fumble from the fielder, allowing Russ to get back for the second run