PSV Hann Munden 124/5 (10 ov)
THCC Hamburg 76/7 (10 ov)
PSV Hann Munden won by 48 runs.
Player of the match: Awal Khan Safi
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THCC started the match on the backfoot as they lost two batsmen, Mithun Jakati and Asad Malik, in the first over. Their downfall continued in the fourth over as Rahul Kumar and Rohan Phadhe went to the pavilion in quick succession. Angus Pickering tried to pick some solace but his 16-run knock off 12 balls failed to inspire his teammates. 

Bakhtiar Safi hit the only six in the innings but his effort went in vain as THCC were able to post a paltry score of 76/7 after 10 overs. 
And, that's that. THCC Hamburg posts a total of 76/7 in the second innings and lose the match by 48 runs. 
76 /7 score
cricket bat icon Abhik Jana *
16 (11)
cricket bat icon Aswin Sivakumarr
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Gulraiz Mustafa
1 /11
9.6 Gulraiz Mustafa to Abhik Jana, full and outside off, Jana punches that one towards deep cover region and the batters come back for a second to end the innings
9.5 Gulraiz Mustafa to Aswin Sivakumarr, tossed on the full outside off, Aswin pushes that one towards covers and takes a quick single to get off the mark 
9.4 Gulraiz Mustafa to Abhik Jana, tossed on the full and on the stumps, Jana works that one towards mid-on and scampers through for a single
Aswin Sivakumarr is the next batsman on the crease. 
9.3 Gulraiz Mustafa to Abhik Jana, FOUR!! Tossed on the full, Jana slog sweeps that one towards deep mid-wicket region and finds the boundary ropes
A simple catch by the cover fielder as the captain Mustafa takes a wicket. 
9.2 Gulraiz Mustafa to Bakhtiar Safi, CAUGHT!! OUT!! SIMPLE CATCH IN THE FIELD!! Tossed on the full outside off, Safi looking to go down the ground slices it towards extra cover fielder who completes that catch
9.1 Gulraiz Mustafa to Bakhtiar Safi, full and straight on the stumps, Safi works that one away towards mid-wicket and takes a couple of runs
Gulraiz Mustafa to bowl the final over of the innings. 
Bakhtiar Safi hits a six in the over. But, it is too little too late. Twelve runs from that over. 
66 /6 score
cricket bat icon Abhik Jana
9 (8)
cricket bat icon Bakhtair Safi *
9 (9)
cricket ball icon Wahid Muhammad
1 /20
8.6 Wahid Muhammad to Bakhtiar Safi, full and just outside off, Safi tries to be too cute and scoop that one misses and is hit on the leg as the ball rolls towards third man region, the batters sneak through
8.5 Wahid Muhammad to Bakhtiar Safi, SIX RUNS!! Full and straight in the slot, Safi belts that one over cow-corner and sends the ball sailing over the ropes
8.4 Wahid Muhammad to Abhik Jana, DROPPED!! Back of a length outside off, Jana looking to pull that one gets the top edge which flies towards fine leg fielder who is not able to hold on to that one
8.3 Wahid Muhammad to Bakhtiar Safi, full and outside off, Safi pulls that one away across the line towards deep mid-wicket and take a single
8.2 Wahid Muhammad to Abhik Jana, full and just on the leg stump this one, Jana plays across the line towards square leg and takes ingle 
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