THCC Hamburg 62/7 (10 ov)
VFB Fallersleben 63/3 (9.2 ov)
VFB Fallersleben won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Sunny Rai
That would be all from the coverage of this match! But the ECS action continues as these two teams take on each other once more in the second game of the day! So stick around for more cricket action. For now this the commentary team of Prakhar Sachdeo and Sooryanarayanan Sesha taking your leave! Goodbye! 
Sunny Rai's 44 from 35 balls has ensured that VFB Fallersleben are safe home with 7 wickets in hand and four balls to spare. This just was not THCC Hamburg's day! The team tried hard to defend the total of 62 but too many extras and misfields meant that Fallersleben had little problems in registering the win. Aswin Sivakumarr was the pick of the bowlers for THCC Hamburg as he picked 3 wickets from his 2 overs. But no other bowler could come up with a performance to support Sivakumarr. 

Earlier, THCC Hamburg ended with a total of just 62/7. It was not a total that the team would be happy with.  But the troubles started early for the batting side as Fallersleben bowlers restricted Hamburg to just 13/2 after the three Powerplay overs. There was a big blow for Hamburg in the fourth over as Angus Pickering was caught behind off the bowling of Ram Bhumireddy. Once Pickering walked back, the others batters struggled against some pretty good bowling. The struggles of the Hamburg batters could be highlighted from the fact that in the entire innings there was not a single six and only four fours. Hamburg skipper Abhik Jana scored a steady 28 from 22 balls but no other batter was able to score in double digits. The second-highest scorer in the innings was extras as there were 16 of them. Rama Chandra Bhumireddy and Sunny Rai were the picks of the bowlers as they picked two wickets each.

For some strange reason, this match did not see even a single hit over the boundary rope! 
9.2 Surya Narayanan to Sunny Rai, and that is that! Picks up a good length delivery on off-stump and swings over the mid-wicket region. They cross over for the run that gives them a comfortable victory! What a clinical performance it has been from VFB Fallersleben - they have dominated from start to finish to register a win by 7 wickets with 4 deliveries to spare!
9.1 Surya Narayanan to Sunny Rai, starts with a very full delivery that dips in outside off, Rai looks to drive down the ground but ends up chopping it onto his boots instead. Good start from the bowler
Surya Narayanan to bowl the last over. 
With a wicket and just 3 runs from the over, Hamburg has somehow stretched the match all the way down to the last over. But it is very unlikely that will pull off a win from here! Is there a twist in the tale?
62 /3 score
cricket bat icon Satish Kumar Muthyala *
2 (3)
cricket bat icon Yogesh Sajikumar Pai
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Aswin Sivakumarr
8.6 Abhik Jana to Sunny Rai, on a length and width on offer outside off, Rai shuffles across and opens the face of the bat as he guides it past the dive of backward point. They think of returning for the second run but then decide against it! The wait goes into the last over then!
8.5 Abhik Jana to Yogesh Pai, on a length and angling into the off-stump, walks across and turns his bat towards mid-wicket to open his account with a single
Yogesh Pai walks out to bat! 
8.4 Abhik Jana to Kumar Muthyala, OUT! NICKS BEHIND! Back of a length and width on offer outside off, Muthyala looks to cut it late behind square but he gets a little tickle behind to the keeper who makes to mistake. A bit of a comeback here from the bowling side but it all seems too late to make a difference though!
8.3 Abhik Jana to Sunny Rai, full on off-stump, Rai drives straight down the ground before long on cuts across to his left. Brings Muthyala back on strike
8.2 Abhik Jana to Sunny Rai, full and angling into the fourth-stump line, Rai drives on the up but straight to mid-off. Another dot!
8.1 Abhik Jana to Sunny Rai, on a good length and right around the off-stump channel, Rai is hurried back in his crease as he defends
Abhik Jana to bowl. 
A wicket and eight runs from the over. Fallersleben now need 4 runs in 12 balls. The next over should in all probability be the last over of this match! 
59 /2 score
cricket bat icon Sunny Rai *
41 (29)
cricket bat icon Satish Kumar Muthyala
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Aswin Sivakumarr
7.6 Aswin Sivakumarr to Sunny Rai, sends down a dipping loopy slower delivery on a full length outside off, Rai gets across and waits for an eternity for the ball to pitch before he mistimes his swing along the mid-on region for a single in the deep
7.5 Aswin Sivakumarr to Sunny Rai, FOUR! Nearly carries all the way! On a good length and angling into the stumps, Rai helps it over backward square leg and picks his spot with no man out there in that region. The ball nearly travels the distance but the wait for the game's first maximum continues!
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