Barbados Tridents 148/7 (20 ov)
Trinbago Knight Riders 149/8 (19.5 ov)
Trinbago Knight Riders won by 2 wickets
Player of the match: Kieron Pollard
Trinbago Knight Riders win the match by 2 wickets.

An absolute snatch of victory from the jaws of defeat. After winning the toss and fielding first, Barbados Tridents set them a target of 149 in 20 over. In reply, TKR started slowly and lost 4 wickets in the powerplay, making their powerplay score at 27/4, courtesy, some brilliant fast bowling from Jason Holder and spin wizardry from Rashid Khan and Mitchell Santner picking a wicket each. They continued to languish in their scoring rate, making 48 runs in 10 overs, In came the 13th over and out came Pollard and smashed each and every ball from the middle of the bat taking them from 69/5 in 13 overs to 108/7 in 17 overs when 41 runs were needed off 18 deliveries. Pollard continue to smoke each and every delivery as he took the chase to 15 runs needed off 6 balls. He got run out on the second delivery, but Khary Pierre held his nerve and finished it off in some style, with TKR winning the match by 2 wickets and with a ball to spare

Kieron Pollard has been awarded the man of the match award for his brilliant blitz on 72 runs in 28 balls comprising 2 fours and 8 monstrous sixes

That's all we have from the live coverage of his match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekhar, sign off. Hop,skip and jump tabs on Sportskeeda to check out the second match of the day. Until next time, it is goodbye from our as we start cleaning our nails! CIAO!!
19.5 Raymon Reifer to Khary Pierre, FOUR! Full delivery and Khary Pierre is the HERO as he slashes that one hard and pierces the gap between short third man and backward point region for a boundary! GAME OVER! Knight Riders stormed back to win this match, what a game of Cricket we've had here! Breathtaking stuff from Khary Pierre to finish the game for their team! With this win TKR have qualified for the CPL 8 playoffs
19.4 Raymon Reifer to Khary Pierre, SIX! Oh Raymon what have you done! Full toss and Pierre slices that one hard and that goes sailing over deep backward point region for a maximum! Khary Pierre you beauty! SCORES ARE LEVEL! What a heart attack for both the teams fans as this goes down absolute down the wire !! 
19.3 Raymon Reifer to Jayden Seales, full on the off stump, Jayden tries to hoick it, just didn't get the timing right, they take a single! 7 off 3 balls now!
19.2 Raymon Reifer to Kieron Pollard, RUNOUT! Full toss outside of off stump, Pollard fetches that from there and hits to long on, he goes back for a second and he's short of his crease! Holder fires a match winning throw there, Pollard goes! It's all but over for TKR, but can Seales power a hit here and win it for them?
19.1 Raymon Reifer to Kieron Pollard, SIX! On the good length, POWERED that one over long on boundary, stand and deliver stuff from Pollard here, WHACKED that one really! Reifer under immense pressure as he gets whacked of the very first ball of the last over. 
A big last over coming your way as 15 runs are required off the last over. Keep your nails ready as some exciting, nail biting action awaits. TKR are on 134/7 after 19 overs. Reifer vs Pollard, who wins this battle? Find out.
18.6 Jason Holder to Kieron Pollard, around the wicket this time, bowls outside of off stump Pollard had to reach for it and gets some bat on that, squirts away to long on for a single! He's on strike next over! 15 off the final over required! 
18.5 Jason Holder to Khary Pierre, slower delivery, back of a length, Pierre flicks that one on the on side and gets Pollard back on strike! Can he finish big?
18.4 Jason Holder to Kieron Pollard, full delivery again, but this time Pollard doesn't get much bat on that and a relief for Holder as it just costed a single!
18.3 Jason Holder to Kieron Pollard, SIX! CARNAGE! Pollard sends that one sailing over long on again, SIX again! Marvelous hitting this is from Pollard! Full length again and smokes it over long! 2 in 2 for the Nth time in the innings and Pollard continues to whack each and every bowler in the opposition ranks
18.2 Jason Holder to Kieron Pollard, SIX! WHAT BRUTE POWER from Pollard! That was some shot, full delivery and Pollard powers that one over long on boundary, all the way for another maximum! Huge hit from the big man and he hits it fine over the ropes for a 6
18.1 Jason Holder to Khary Pierre, slower delivery, back of a length, Pierre gets Pollard back on strike here!
2 brutal fours to cap of the over as Pollard Power continues to make carnage at the Sabina Park. TKR are on 118/7 after 18 overs as 10 runs and a wicket came from the previous over. They need 31 runs in 12 balls and Pollard's wicket is now the difference in both the sides
17.6 Raymon Reifer to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! Splendid hitting this, one man show, Pollard smacks that full length delivery, picks that one from off stump and hits it towards deep mid wicket boundary! With Pollard's rampage here, this is very much gettable now! 31 off 12 balls! Fifty up for Pollard by the way in no time! 2 in 2 for Pollard as he continues playing the captains knock for his team
17.5 Raymon Reifer to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! Short delivery, change of pace, Pollard tries to pull that one and gets a top edge, it was away from the keeper as well, flies to the boundary! 
17.4 Raymon Reifer to Khary Pierre, back of a length, Pierre did well to work it away on the on side for a single! Pollard back on strike!
17.3 Raymon Reifer to Kieron Pollard, full delivery again, in the block hole outside of off stump, Pollard drills this one towards extra cover, only a single!
17.2 Raymon Reifer to Kieron Pollard, full delivery on the outside of off stump, Pollard swings hard and misses!
17.1 Raymon Reifer to Sikandar Raza, OUT! Back of a length delivery and Raza cuts it away but straight to point fielder who stops it, Pollard has taken off on the other side and Raza sacrifices his wicket here, he's out, RUNOUT! Raza continues to run back to the dugout and will have to sacrifice his wicket for teams sake. He departs for 3
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