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United Cricket Club 130/7 (10 ov)
Baneasa Cricket Club 119/6 (10 ov)
United Cricket Club won by 11 runs.
United Cricket Club beat Baneasa Cricket Club by 11 runs

A quite disappointing end to the inning, the way United Cricket Club they would have felt that they could have got a score past 150. Baneasa were nowhere in the game until the last 3-4 overs. Good comeback from them. Bowled well and managed to keep the opposition down to a  131 for the loss of seven wickets.  UCC were going well but momentum was stalled in the final few overs.

BAC started off their innings with a flyer, scoring 52 runs in 3 overs in their power play. But soon later they lost important wickets at regular intervals and in the end they lost a game they looked set to win. 

Thank you for joining in, we regret the inconvenience caused due to the coverage. This is Azhar along with my colleague Lavil signing off. Until next time, goodbye and goodnight. 
UPDATE: BAC are on 119/6 after 10 overs 
The big over, but we are facing streaming difficulties. We will bring you the updates at the earliest 
BCC are on 112/5 after 9 overs. They need 19 runs in the final over. Will UCC be able to defend their total or will BCC chase it down?
8.6 R.Kumar to S. Hayer full length ball looks to hit towards the leg side and the ball goes between the batsmen legs. No run
8.5 R.Kumar to S. Hayer, full length ball, outside off stump. No wide called. 
8.4  R.Kumar to A. Hanif, short-pitched, hit in the air and dropped. single taken. 
8.3  R.Kumar to S. Hayer, single. R Kumar bowling in wonderfully. Crucial over. 
8.2  R.Kumar to A. Hanif, good ball pushed towards mid on for a single 
8.1 R.Kumar to Waqar Abbasi Hit towards long-off and taken that is a wicket Excellent catch on the mid on region from the fielder and Abbasi has to walk back
The hundred is up! 109/4 after the eight over. 23 runs needed from the final 12. The batting side having the upper hand. Or will the bowling side contain them?
92/3 after the seventh. Fourteen runs of the over. They will back themselves from here on. But it still is a task for Baneasa
6.1 R. Satheeshan to A. Shakoor, FOUR!! Short ball on the legstump and Shakoor hits it hard on the leg side for a boundary
78/3 after the sixth! Whose way is this match going? Both still in the game. Well balanced
5.6 S. Vashisht to W. Abbasi, FOUR!! Stand and deliver from Abbasi as it travels all the way one bounce over the ropes for a four
5.5 S. Vashisht to A. Shakoor, length ball hit on the legside for a quick single
5.4 S. Vashisht to A. Shakoor, FOUR!! Flicks the full length ball on the legside and the ball runs away to the ropes for a four
5.3 S. Vashisht to A. Shakoor, full length ball tapped back to the bowler, no run
5.2 S. Vashisht to A. Shakoor, a bit on the shorter side this time around and the batsmen run a quick single there
5.1 S. Vashisht to W. Abbasi, hit the length ball down the ground for a single
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