Uttar Pradesh 312/4 (50 ov)
Mumbai 315/4 (41.3 ov)
Mumbai won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Aditya Tare
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Prithvi Shaw: Everyone contributed in this tournament, it wasn't an individual. From the support staff, the players, this trophy goes to everyone. Tare batted so well today. It could have gone any way in that situation and everyone was happy for him because finishing isn't easy. I have been captaining from a very young age. I have captained under-14s, under-16s, India A and I enjoy this process. It impacts my batting and hence I have to be more focused and this comes out positively. It was difficult in Australia, and the only thing I wanted to do was go back and work hard, fill the gaps and come back strongly.
Karan Sharma: We were like 30-40 runs short. It was just a bad day for our bowlers. We learnt a lot from this game because they batted really well. I want to thank our coaches and our support staff, the players and my family.
Time for the presentation ceremony
What a convincing victory for Mumbai. They seal the victory by six wickets and 51 balls to spare. As mentioned earlier, this is a beat feat given how weakened Mumbai were and the kind of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy they had. The coach Ramesh Powar should be elated now. Uttar Pradesh did really well to post 312-4 courtesy an unbeaten 158-run knock but Prithvi Shaw took the attack to them and demoralised the team very quickly. He smacked 73 off 39 balls before falling victim to a bouncer from Shivam Mavi.

After that, Mumbai didn't give up the intensity as Aditya Tare came out and looked ominous from the word go. Despite losing the impatient Yashasvi Jaiswal, Tare combined with Shams Mulani to form a 98-run partnership. They scored runs freely as the UP seamers struggled to find their line and length. Mulani eventually fell for a well-made 36 off 43 balls in the 31st over but Tare carried on to register a comprehensive maiden List A century. At the other end, Shivam Dube produced a fantastic 42 off 28-ball cameo to help Mumbai reach the target sooner than later. In the end, Tare dabbed the ball to third-man for a boundary and helped Mumbai lift the Vijay Hazare Trophy.
41.3 Yash Dayal to Aditya Tare, THAT'S IT! FOUR! Mumbai are the Vijay Hazare Trophy winners of 2021! Not that short on the outside off, angling away as he opens the face of the bat and dabs that one in the gap between short third-man and backward point and Mumbai does a complete annihilation and are the CHAMPIONS here and win it for the FOURTH TIME!
The Mumbai camp is just outside the fence awaiting this memorable victory. Meanwhile, UP have brought the field up.
41.2 Yash Dayal to Aditya Tare, back of a length into Tare on the middle and leg as he gets behind the line of it and taps it straight to the mid-wicket fielder for no run
41.1 Yash Dayal to Aditya Tare, FOUR! Short delivery on the leg-stump line. Tare swivels and pulls this one away over the backward square leg and picks up a boundary. Mumbai need 2 runs to win!
Six runs to win for Mumbai now. Sameer Choudhary got Dube but it is too late in the piece.
Over: 41 | Summary: 1 W 1 0 1 2 Bowler: Sameer Choudhary Score: 307/4
40.6 Sameer Choudhary to Sarfaraz Khan, good length on the outside off. Sarfaraz lunges forward and sweeps that one away to the deep square leg fielder in the gap as they come back for a brace
40.5 Sameer Choudhary to Aditya Tare, full this time on the middle and off as Tare sweeps hard but not out of the middle of the bat to the deep backward square leg for a single
40.4 Sameer Choudhary to Aditya Tare, short and wide outside off. Tare waits for it and looks to cut it hard but misses, beaten in the end
40.3 Sameer Choudhary to Sarfaraz Khan, good length delivery on the middle and off as Sarfaraz lunges forward to drive that one down the ground to long-on for a single
Wicket!! Looked like Dube got good enough connection but he could only hole out to long-off. 
40.2 Sameer Choudhary to Shivam Dube, OUT! CAUGHT! Dube perishes trying to finish things off. Full delivery on the outside off, in the arc for him as he goes down on his knee and whacks that one but there's no distance and too much elevation as he hits that one straight down the long-off fielder's throat who didn't have to move an inch in the end, pouches it quite easily!
40.1 Sameer Choudhary to Aditya Tare, full delivery on the middle and leg as Tare slightly comes on the front foot drives that one down the ground to long-on for a single
Six runs off the latest Yash Dayal over. Mumbai require 11 runs off 60 balls.
Over: 40 | Summary: 0 0 1 2 1w 1 1 Bowler: Yash Dayal Score: 302/3
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