Venezia Cricket Club 75/7 (10 ov)
Bergamo United Cricket Club won by 39 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Lavil Saldanha, signing off. 
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, BUCC did not get the start they could have wished for. Reeling on 10/4 after the first 3 overs, BUCC looked in deep trouble. The batsmen were finding it difficult to get going and the bowlers were dominating the proceedings until it was time for Ravi Paul to come in and show how it's done. He blazed all around the park and scored an unbeaten 43 runs from just 17 balls and simply turned the tide. Ibna Hossain also accompanied him well scoring 39 runs from 14 balls. Rizwan Tahir also chipped in with a knock of 13 runs. From the bowling department, Choquder took 3 wickets while Mahmudul Islam and Biplob Miah took 2 wickets and 1 wicket respectively.BUCC made a strong recovery and finished with 114/7 from their 10 overs.
Chasing 115 against a strong bowling line-up, VCC needed to be extra cautious. But they started to crumble under the pressure from the very beginning. At the halfway stage they were 23/4 and from there on, there was no way back. Mahbub Khan scored 23 runs from 18 balls while Choquder also contributed 16 runs from 10 balls. Sojun Islam produced a late flurry of boundaries scoring 12 runs from 5 balls but it was very well over by that time. From the bowling department, Ahsan Akram took 3 wickets for just 16 runs. Ravi paul and Ibna Hossain took 1 wicket each. VCC toiled hard in there and finished way short of the target. They managed 75/7 from their 10 overs.

BUCC thus complete a resounding performance and win the match by 39 runs while recording their 3rd victory of the tournament.
End of the innings 
VCC 75/7 from 10 overs

BUCC win the match by 39 runs.
9.6 Mubashar Hossain to Mahmadul Islam, CAUGHT!! Length ball from Hossain there, Islam has a wild hoick, gets the outside edge and the keeper circles under it and takes a safe catch. With that, VCC finish on 75/7 and hand BUCC a 39 run win
9.5 Mubashar Hossain to Mahmadul Islam, SIX! Length ball from Islam there, he stands strong, give sit a strong whip and the ball travels all the way over the ropes for a huge maximum. A little to late for VCC
9.4 Mubashar Hossain to Sojun Islam, length ball hit on the leg side for a single
9.3 Mubashar Hossain to Sojun Islam, length ball tapped back to the fielder. No run
9.2 Mubashar Hossain to Sojun Islam, SIX!! Short again from Hossain there, Islam gets under the ball and gives the ball a had whack to help it travel all the way over the ropes for a maximum. Colossal Hit. High and handsomely out of the park.
9.1 Mubashar Hossain to Sojun Islam, FOUR!! Short and into the batsman, Islam moves away and cuts it hard to help the ball run to the ropes for a boundary. Too little too late in the context of the match 
End of the penultimate over
VCC 58/6
Extras Given : 10
57 runs needed from 6 balls
The last over is only a mere formality.
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At the end of the 8th over
VCC 52/5
And it seems the match can go only one way from here. VCC need a miracle from here on.
63 runs needed from 12 balls
7.6 Ahsan Akram to Shagar Choquder, CAUGHT!! Full pitched delivery from Akram there, Shagar has a wild swing. Expected the ball to go all the way but hands the fielder an easy catch. Choquder departs scoring 16 runs from 10 balls and that is half of the team back in the hut.
7.5 Ahsan Akram to Mahbub Khan, full toss on the leg stump hit to mid on for a single
7.4 Ahsan Akram to Mahbub Khan, SIX!! Over pitched from Akram there, Khan gets down on one knee and absolutely smashes the ball to help it sail over the ropes for a maximum. Bashed out of the park over the bowler's head!
7.3 Ahsan Akram to Mahbub Khan, length ball outside off, play and miss from Khan. No run
7.2 Ahsan Akram to Mahbub Khan, FOUR!! Full and wide outside off, Khan swings his bat wildly, gets and outside edge and it runs to the third man boundary for a four. It doesn't matter how they come until they keep coming!
7.1 Ahsan Akram to Shagar Choquder, back of length delivery, zips past the batsman outside edge. No run 
End of the 7th over
VCC 41/4
Mahbub Khan is batting on 11 runs from 11 balls along with Shagar Choquder who is unbeaten on 16 runs from 9 balls.
74 runs needed from 18 balls
6.6 Rayhan Iban Hossain to Mahbub Khan, length ball outside off, tapped back to the fielder. DOT BALL
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