Bologna Cricket Club 120/5 (10 ov)
Venezia Cricket Club 121/2 (8.4 ov)
Venezia Cricket Club won by 8 wickets
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VCC win the match by 8 wickets

What a chase this has been for Venezia CC. Chasing 121 for victory, Hosan Ahmed and Nazmul Haque played in perfect tandem as they were striking boundaries at will. They made full use of the powerplay and thumped their opponents for 39 runs in 3 overs.

The carnage did not stop for them as they continued this carnage in the middle over. Nazmul Haque was getting 15 runs every over for his side and in the process, got to his 50 too. Shagar Choquder was dismissed cheaply, but Sojun Islam played a handy 8 ball 22 to help VCC finish the match well before time with 8 balls to spare

BCC bowlers were all over the place as they were carted away for plenty in their respective overs. Suresh Kolli and Khayer Abul picked up a wicket each and their fielding unit kept dropping easy chances, which cost them in the end
8.4 Muhammad Adnan to Nazmul Haque, FOUR! Nazmul Haque hits the winning boundary to deep square leg and VCC win by 8 wickets!
8.3 Muhammad Adnan to Sojun Islam, slaps the length ball to square leg and brings back Nazmul on strike
8.2 Muhammad Adnan to Sojun Islam, SIX! Whatta shot! Islam slaps the shortish delivery outside off over covers for a maximum!
8.1 Muhammad Adnan to Sojun Islam, FOUR! A bouncer on the leg side has been helped on its way over the keeper's head for four runs! Was a wide down the leg side there, Islam gets a chunk of his bat there and the ball will go to the ropes for a boundary
3 back to back sixes in the over from Nazmul Haque has changed the game in the over. Abul gets carted away for 21 runs in the over and teh pressure is back on BCC there. VCC are on 106/2 after 8 overs and 15 runs in 12 balls
7.6 Khayer Abul to Nazmul Haque, SIX! Third six in the row! Similar ball, similar shot and a six over long-on! VCC is in the game!
7.5 Khayer Abul to Nazmul Haque, SIX! Another half-volley from Abul and Haque slogs it cleanly over deep mid-wicket for another six! Full and overpitched from Abul ther, Nazmul plants himself there and helps the ball get the distance all the way to the ropes
7.4 Khayer Abul to Nazmul Haque, SIX! Charges down the track and dispatches the full delivery over deep mid-wicket for half a dozen runs Gets the ball where he wanted to and the ball goes all the way over the ropes for a huge maximum
7.3 Khayer Abul to Nazmul Haque, beats the wild slog with an off-cutter just over the middle stump
7.2 Khayer Abul to Nazmul Haque, misses the big sweep shot and Islam tries to steal a single. Haque says no and Abul has all the time in the world to hit the non-striker's end but he misses
7.1 Khayer Abul to Sojun Islam, miscues the full delivery just outside off behind the bowler and it lands safely
Ankush Kumar comes into bowl the first over and is hit for 11 runs in the over. Does well to stop VCC from scoring but poor fielding allows VCC to get away. VCC are on 87/2 after 7 overs, needing 34 runs in 18 balls
6.6 Ankush Kumar to Sojun Islam, smacks the half-volley to long-on and keeps strike
6.5 Ankush Kumar to Sojun Islam, FOUR! Picks the half-volley over the bowler's head and the ball bounces just inside the ropes before going over
6.4 Ankush Kumar to Nazmul Haque, pulls the short ball to the only man at deep square leg and gets off-strike
6.3 Ankush Kumar to Nazmul Haque, misses a length ball way outside off
6.2 Ankush Kumar to Sojun Islam, carves the short ball outside off to extra cover
6.1 Ankush Kumar to Nazmul Haque, FOUR! Starts with a short ball on the pads and Haque helps it on its way to deep backward square leg!
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