Vienna Afghan CC 122/7 (10 ov)
Indian CC Vienna 91/5 (10 ov)
Vienna Afghan CC won by 31 runs.
Player of the match: Noor Ahmadzai
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Vienna Afghan CC win the match by 31 runs and are the champions of the ECS Austria T10 2021 edition

A dominant victory for the Vienna Afghan CC. They have bowled really well post the powerplay to pull back things in their favor and have been crowned worthy champions of the tournament. They barely looked out of color anytime in this league stage and a collective performance from all the members of the group has to lead them to win this elusive silverware, which they will be holding in their arms.

It was a good powerplay for the Indian Vienna CC as they did pretty well to get bat to ball and spot the gaps in the field to run the ball away in the gaps. Cheema fell early in the innings, but Joshi handled the mantle post his dismissal and did the bulk of the scoring in the powerplay. With not much support from the other end, he fell looking to play the big shots. He was later succeeded by Gopalakrishnan and Daud Zadran, who struck the few boundaries, but that was not enough as they ended pretty much short of the target.

The bowlers did a pretty good job out in the middle. For starters, it was Sahil Zadran who was bowled out immediately post the powerplay. He gave away only 9 runs in 2 overs and set the platform for the other bowlers. Noor Ahmadzai, Zain Mohammad, and Ishaq Safi accounted for a wicket each and shared the 5 wickets among themselves as they too kept the batsmen under a tight check and bowled good overs to take their side home and bring home the trophy 
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 6 0 W 1 0 Bowler: Ishak Safi Score: 91/5
9.6 Ishaq Safi to Adaikkalaraj Kumaran, full length delivery, aimed at the stumps, but was a bit wide towards the leg side. Kumaran did his best to connect his bat on it, but can only sense the ball carry to the keeper. VIENNA AFGHAN ARE THE CHAMPIONS!
9.5 Ishaq Safi to Abhishek Gopalakrishnan, good length delivery, angled into the right hander worked away to point for an easy run. 
9.4 Ishaq Safi to Daud Zadran, OUT! CAUGHT & BOWLED! Quicker delivery again, as Zadran swings at it but only manages a top edge. Safi calls it and runs to get under it for a simple sitter.

Adaikkalaraj Kumaran is the new man in and will be at the non strikers end as the batsmen crossed while the catch was taken
9.3 Ishaq Safi to Daud Zadran, good length delivery, quick one too, that goes through to the keeper. No run taken. 
9.2 Ishaq Safi to Daud Zadran, SIX! Too late in the game, but they'll take what they get. Full pitched straight on the stumps dispatched straight over the bowler and over the fence for a maximum. 
9.1 Ishaq Safi to Daud Zadran, a low full toss that is chipped into the air on the off side towards long off. The batsmen rush back for the second and make it by the narrowest of margins. Looked out to the naked eye but the replays show it was not. 
Ishaq Safi will bowl the last over of the final, from over the wicket 
A few boundaries on the last few deliveries of the over, but that won't worry the VIA much as they have held the game from the scruff of the neck. They bowled exceptionally well post the powerplay to pull back things in their favor and have been the worthy champions after dominating the league stages and the finals too
Over: 9 | Summary: 1w 1 1lb 0 1 4 4 Bowler: Itibarshah Deedar Score: 82/4
8.6 Iftibarshah Deedar to Abhishek Gopalakrishnan, FOUR MORE! Past square leg this time. Full on the pads, punched with enough force for the ball to rush to the fence and beat the fielder. 
8.5 Iftibarshah Deedar to Abhishek Gopalakrishnan, FOUR! He gets it right this time. Full on the pads, such has been the over. Zadran was in a nice position to face this and flicks this fine enough for the man at fine leg to do anything about it. 
8.4 Iftibarshah Deedar to Daud Zadran, full length delivery on the pads pushed to mid wicket region for a comfortable single. 
8.3 Iftibarshah Deedar to Daud Zadran, good length delivery, outside off stump, whiskers past the bat for nothing. 
8.2 Iftibarshah Deedar to Abhishek Gopalakrishnan, yorker this time, outside leg stump again, takes a deflection off the pads and runs away to fine leg. Batsmen cross over for a run. 
8.1 Iftibarshah Deedar to Daud Zadran, full length delivery, just outside leg stump, hits Zadran on the pads, but his non striker wants the single and they take it. 
8.1 Iftibarshah Deedar to Daud Zadran, wide ball, or was it? It seemed to be inside the tram line or over it, but the umpire decides it's a wide. 
Itibarshah Deedar to bowl the last over of his spell from over the wicket
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