Cricketer CC 92/7 (10 ov)
Vienna CC 94/4 (8.5 ov)
Vienna CC won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Daniel Eckstein
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This victory gives Vienna CC their 3rd win and takes to the top of the table with 6 points from 5 games and Cricketer CC remain on 2 points at the bottom of the table.
Vienna CC couldn't get the start they might have anticipated with the bat once as they lost 3 wickets pretty cheaply early on in the innings. Mark Simpson-Parker, the ever dependable, played one more such innings at he caught hold of one end and made sure they weren't any more hiccups in the chase while Daniel Eckstein played a free flowing innings breezing his way to 44 runs from just 18 balls and seeing the match off till the end. As Simpson-Parker got out when 13 runs were required, Quinton Norris came in and struck 2 meaty blows against Waqar Zalmi to finish the match in a fine style giving his team the 3rd victory of the tournament.

Cricketer CC bowlers couldn't hold on to the game after a decent start with the ball brought the game under their control inside the powerplay. Baseer Khan picked 2 wickets right at the start giving just 7 runs from his two overs while Bilal Zalmai and Jaweed Sadran picked a wicket each in their quota of overs. Once Daniel Eckstein came in, all the plans of curtailing the run flow gone down the gutter as the batsmen was severe on anything lose and that put the pressure back on the bowling team. There was no come back since then as Vienna CC looked like they will cruise along to the victory.
Qiunton Norris, the captain, finishes off in style for his team as 11 were required and he hit two maximums to take his team through to cross the line comfortably. This is such a satisfying win for Vienna CC as they had won the crucial moments of the game and finally end up on the right side of the victory. Both the batters and bowlers displayed some outstanding performances in this game and that's a convincing victory for Vienna CC.
8.5 Mohammad Zalm to Quinton Norris, SIX!!! Quinton finishes this one in style, length ball outside off and he waits for this one and dispatches this one again over the deep backward square leg boundary. Vienna chase it with one over remaining!
8.4 Mohammad Zalm to Quinton Norris, SIX!!! What an important hit!!! In the slot outside off and Quinton gets on the one knee and launches this one over the backward square leg boundary.
8.3 Mohammad Zalm to Daniel Eckstein, full length ball on middle and leg, heaves this one to deep mid-wicket but will get only a single.
8.2 Mohammad Zalm to Daniel Eckstein, length ball outside off, should have been put away but Daniel goes for a blind swing and misses to connect and it has started to rain heavily.
That's an untimely wicket for Vienna CC. Mark Simpson-Parker tries to go over the top and ends up chipping it straight to the long on fielder. There was no need to such a shot from him as his partner was taking care of all the hitting.
8.1 Mohammad Zalm to Quinton Norris, full length ball outside off, comes on the front foot and taps this one to point for a single.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1lb 6 0 4 1 W Bowler: Jaweed Sadran Score: 80/4
7.6 Jaweed Sadran to Mark Simpson-Parker, OUT!!! Is there any more twist to this game? Full length ball outside off and Simpson hits this in the air straight to the fielder at long on.
7.5 Jaweed Sadran to Daniel Eckstein, length ball outside off, smashes this one hard off the front foot towards long on and they take a single.
7.4 Jaweed Sadran to Daniel Eckstein, low full toss on middle and leg, stays in the crease and whips this one to the square leg boundary.
7.3 Jaweed Sadran to Daniel Eckstein, the batsman has fallen on the ground after hitting the ball! Length ball outside off, slashes this one hard to the off side but falls immediately as he hits this one.
7.2 Jaweed Sadran to Daniel Eckstein, SIX!!! Bangs in short outside off, Daniel goes back deep in the crease and pulls this one with all the power he has over the deep backward square leg boundary.
7.1 Jaweed Sadran to Mark Simpson-Parker, almost an yorker just going down the leg, tries to smash this one but misses. A huge appeal for lbw and it's not given.
Jaweed Sadran to bowl his 2nd over.

Daniel Eckstein goes after the short slow ball and dispatches over the ropes and that's a good finish for Vienna CC and they need 25 runs from 18 balls.
Over: 7 | Summary: 2 0 1 1 1 6 Bowler: Khanagha Hamdard Score: 68/3
6.6 Khan-Agha Hamdard to Daniel Eckstein, SIX!!! The part time experiment hasn't worked!! Bangs in short outside off and Daniel pulls this one with authority just over the deep backward square leg fielder for a six.
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