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Excelsior 20 108/6 (10 ov)
Voorburg Cricket Club 99/3 (10 ov)
Excelsior 20 won by 9 runs.
Excelsior 20 beat Voorburg Cricket Club by 9 runs!

What a game of cricket we've witnessed, it's not over until the last ball is bowled but Voorburg fell short of just 9 runs in the end! Some excellent late hitting from Kingma and Bas de Leede still couldn't save them from a defeat in this match as they themselves have got to blame as they were too slow at the start and in the middle overs, Bas been there till the end and saw their team crash into defeat. It wasn't a lot of runs for Voorburg Cricket Club to chase but they made a mess of this one as some spirited bowling from Excelsior meant they win their first match of the tournament and Voorburg losing both their matches today. Aryan Dutt who looked in great touch against Sparta 1888 in the first match struggled and managed to score just 29 from 21 balls. Vivian Kingma had too much to do in the end, they needed 29 runs off the last over and they scored 20 off it and it's always a struggle when you leave the game till the end and Voorburg would be disappoint as they didn't plan their chase very well.

Excelsior, well, they are delighted as they managed to sneak in a win here, they didn't put up a commanding total but their bowlers did a splendid job by containing the Voorburg openers in the power-play and later getting crucial wickets by jamming the scoring at the end. Sohail Bhatti 15/0 and Lorenzo Ingram 13/1 pegged back the chase and were economical, the other bowlers just did their job really well by sticking to the plan by not letting them off the hook with the chase. They move on to another match later tonight to win back to back matches and be in contention to reach the finals!

We hope you enjoyed our live coverage as I, Pradeep Somashekar and my colleague, Sameer Deodhar sign off. Catch up with all the latest that's going on cricket world and until next time, its goodbye from our side.
Vivian Kingma striking one big in that over but they needed much more from that over and Bas needed to click which didn't happen, singles of the first three balls. Just 11 runs from it! It looks like it's almost over for Voorburg as they need 29 off the last over, only a miracle from Bas can save them here!

VCC are 80/2 after 9 overs!
Voorburg are shooting it to their foot at the moment by not scoring heavily in the power-play or in the middle overs, they lost another wicket as Tahir Bajwa goes trying to accelerate the scoring! They need a miracle here to pull this one off, Bas is their man and is the key to the result of the match for Voorburg, can he be the Hero?

VCC are 68/2 after 8 overs! They need 41 runs in 12 balls!
Aryan Dutt goes trying to up the antee, tricky situation for Voorburg as they lose their first wicket, credit to some good bowling from Excelsior here! Just 7 runs coming from that over, Bas will need to get going here, they need 15 runs every over technically here!

VCC are 63/1 after 7 overs! They need 46 runs off 18 balls!
Another boundary from Aryan and Voorburg are just ensuring they are meeting the asking rate at the moment! I think something's going to happen in the next over, Bas will try to take on the bowler!

VCC are 56/0 after 6 overs! They need 53 runs off 4 overs!
Aryan managing to pick up another boundary from that over, keeping up with the require run rate at the moment. Voorburg would be happy with the score half way mark here!

VCC are 48/0 after 5 overs! They need 61 runs off 30 balls!
Alright here we go, a maximum of that over from Bas, we all know how dangerous Bas can be when he decides to step up and start belting around the park, at the moment he's being smart here, if he stays for another over or two, things will all be over for Excelsior in no time! They need a wicket along with some dot balls against him! 15 runs coming from that over!

VCC are 39/0 after 4 overs! Voorburg need 70 runs off 36 balls.
Excelsior are keeping things tidy at the moment, good over for them as only 9 runs coming from it! Voorburg need a big over some where to keep up with the required run rate as well, nothing to panic though at the moment!

VCC are 24/0 after 3 overs! Voorburg need 85 runs in 42 balls.
Voorburg keep their cool here, another over went by which was quiet, managed to pick up another boundary! Voorburg just need that one over to get this innings going!

VCC are 16/0 after 2 overs!
We're facing technical difficulties with the live stream and we will be back with the live coverage as soon as the stream comes back!

Stay tuned for further updates!
1.1 T. Heggelman to A. Dutt, shuffles across and dabs the ball on the leg side for a single
Voorburg would be quite content with the start they've got, they've managed to pick up a boundary as well! Decent first over one would have to say for Excelsior as they've not let Voorburg off the hook!.

VCC are 7/0 after the 1st over!
0.6 S. Bhatti to B. de Leede, another swing and a miss on a length delivery outside off
0.5 S. Bhatti to B. de Leede, advances and misses the heave over extra cover
0.4 S. Bhatti to B. de Leede, FOUR! Leede absolutely smokes the ball past mid-wicket for the first boundary of the innings!
0.3 S. Bhatti to B. de Leede, shuffles across to scoop the ball over the keeper, but pulls out of the shot at the last moment
0.2 S. Bhatti to A. Dutt, taps the length ball on his pads to square leg and gets off the mark with a single
0.2 S. Bhatti to A. Dutt, bowls a length ball well outside off-stump, called wide
0.1 S. Bhatti to B. de Leede, dances down the track and pushes the full delivery to mid-off for a single
Sohail Bhatti to open the bowling for Excelsior!
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