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Excelsior 20 95/3 (10 ov)
Voorburg Cricket Club 70/8 (10 ov)
Excelsior 20 won by 25 runs.
VCC's struggle finally comes to an end as EXC finish off their 10 overs and win the game by 25 runs!

Nobody from the VCC line-up looking like taking the game away from the opposition and at no point of time in the innings, they looked in control of the run-chase. Aryan Dutt got a start scoring 18 runs off 14 balls but he played too many dot balls. Vivian Kingma scored 21 off 14 balls and kept the scoreboard ticking.

He could not get any support from his teammates and 7 batsmen remained in single digits. Yasir Hamid is the only other batsman to score more than 10 but it was too late by then.

Sohail Bhatti put the pressure on VCC with figures of 2/7 and Van Troost picked 2/8 in his only over. Salman Yaqub also chipped in with 2 wickets while Lorenzo Ingram and Umar Baker picked a wicket each.

VCC now find themselves at the bottom of the table losing all three of their matches while EXC are second on the table with both of their wins coming against the same opposition in as many games!

That's it from Match #5 then and I, Sameer Deodhar sign-off on behalf of my colleague Abhinav Singh and myself!
9.6 Umar Baker to Sajjad Kamal, another flighted delivery on middle and leg stump, the batsman comes down the track and whips the ball to deep midwicket for a single to complete the formalities! 
9.5 Umar Baker to Y Hamid, fuller length delivery bowled from around the wicket, driven down the ground to long off for a single 
9.4 Umar Baker to Y Hamid, SIX! tossed up delivery on middle and leg, the batsman held his pose and tonked the ball into the orbit over long on for a huge maximum! Hamid had nothing to lose and went absolutely bonkers with the shot. The fielder at long-on could do nothing but watch the ball sail over his head!
9.3 Umar Baker to Sajjad Kamal, flighted delivery way outside off from the batsman who looks to launch the ball whilst sitting deep in his crease. Keeper fails to collect the ball and the batsmen steal single of bye 
9.2 U Baker to T Nota, TIMBER! tossed up delivery on leg stump, the ball drifted in front of the batsman who played down the wrong line and paid the ultimate price for it! Brilliant bowling from Baker in the final over!
9.1 U Baker to Y Hamid, low fulltoss, the batsman advances down the track and clips the ball to sweeper cover for a single only 
VCC are 60/7 at the end of the penultimate over of the innings. They now need 6 sixes in the over to win their first game in the tournament!
8.6 Sohail Bhatti to T Nota, fuller pitched delivery on stumps and hit ferociously back to the non-striker's stumps which is uprooted completely. Single taken nevertheless
8.5 Sohail Bhatti to T Nota, slow fuller length ball outside off, Nota makes some room for himself but fails to connect the bat with the ball!
8.4 Sohail Bhatti to T Nota, length ball pitched on stumps, defended off the frontfoot to short cover for no run
8.3 Sohail Bhatti to T Nota, back of length delivery outside off and the new batsman misses the line of the ball 
8.2 Sohail Bhatti to Ali Qasim Ahmed, OUT! length ball outside off, the batsman goes for the drive but gets an inside edge and the ball chops onto the stumps! Tough luck for Ali! It most probably not have a huge impact on the game but Bhatti has picked up his second wicket of the game!
8.1 Sohail Bhatti to Ali Qasim Ahmed, short of length delivery outside off, cut away to the right of backward point to deep for a single 
The danger man Kingma fell in that over and now EXC have a game to lose here. VCC need 39 runs in the last 2 overs with No. 7 and No. 8 batsmen on the crease!

VCC 57/6 (8.0)
7.6 Salman Yaqub to Ali Qasim Ahmed, slow overpitched delivery on offstump, driven straight to extra cover for a single
7.5 Salman Yaqub to Y Hamid, length ball on the middle and legstump, chipped uppishly to deep square leg area for a single 
7.4 Salman Yaqub to Vivian Kingma, OUT! slow delivery banged in short and Vivian while attempting to go over covers gets the toe end of the bat to hole out to the fielder who takes a diving catch to send him packing. Kingma was looking dangerous an EXC will now be revealed to see the back of him!
7.3 Salman Yaqub to V Kingma, full ball outside off and batsman misses on a scoring opportunity
7.2 Salman Yaqub to V Kingma, SIX! another ball banged in short that rises upto the ribcage of the batsman who stands tall and pulls the ball in front of square for a big maximum! That will put some pressure back on the bowling side. 15 runs off the first 2 balls!
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