217/10 & 203/10 (83.4)
253/10 & 168/9 (56.5)
West Indies won by 1 wickets
Player of the match: Jayden Seales
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Kraigg Brathwaite, the West Indies skipper: Remarkable test. We never gave up hope. It was absolutely incredible. Pakistan bowled really effectively, in my opinion. It's all about patience; the one with the most patience will win. [For the second Test], the pitch will be different]. The bowlers performed admirably. They were also exhausted at times. As a batting group, we've been putting in a lot of effort. Blackwood has been on the lookout for runs, especially at home [here]. It was a terrific cricket wicket, with something for pacers and plenty of opportunities for runs.
Jayden Seales, the Player of the Match: After those five wickets, there are no words to explain how I feel. The Almighty is to be praised. Roach and I spoke about how we wanted to be more optimistic, and we ultimately got there. For me, playing Test cricket has been a lifelong ambition. [In between, he's at a loss for words] The team's good spirit is brought by all of the bowlers. [Plan while batting today?] For me, it was about giving the strike to Roach.
Babar Azam, The Pakistan Skipper: With the bat, we made a strong showing. Before our bowlers took the wickets, the West Indies bowlers limited them. We fought with the bat again in the second innings, but the bowlers responded. In the second inning, it was swinging and seaming all the way. However, we persevered in our efforts to form partnerships. Abbas and Shaheen, in particular, were outstanding bowlers. The outcome may have been different if we hadn't dropped those catches.
The West Indies have won in the most remarkable manner! Kemar Roach has been the hero for the night! A valiant effort from Pakistan bowlers, they were so close yet so far. West Indies go 1-0 up! A fantastic spectacle for Test cricket and cricket fans all around the world.

The session started with West Indies requiring 54 runs having 3 wickets in hand. Joshua Da Silva and Kemar Roach added 25 runs between them before the keeper-batsman eventually nicked one to Rizwan. Warrican departed later with 16 runs left on the board after Rizwan took a stunner running all the way to fine leg.

Jayden Seales, the 19 year old held his nerves tight, surviving 13 deliveries and adding 2 vital runs. Roach stood out throughout the session possibly playing one of the greatest knocks by a number 9. Pakistani players will have a tough time catching sleep tonight after dropping Roach twice and eventually losing to him.
56.5 Hasan Ali to Kemar Roach, full and slow, Roach drives it through covers for two runs. WEST INDIES SEAL A REMARKABLE 1-WICKET VICTORY! WHAT A GAME, WHAT A FINISH!
56.4 Hasan Ali to Kemar Roach, short of a length delivery, Roach defends it to backward point. No run
56.3 Hasan Ali to Kemar Roach, length delivery, Roach defends it to short mid-on. No run
OH MY WORD! That one just goes between the keeper and first slip! It runs away for four, West Indies need just 2 more runs!
56.2 Hasan Ali to Kemar Roach, full and wide, Roach looks to drive and gets an outside-edge. However, the ball falls short of Mohammad Rizwan and runs away to the fence for a boundary. WEST INDIES ARE TWO RUNS AWAY NOW!!
56.1 Hasan Ali to Kemar Roach, short of a length outside-off, Roach works it to mid-wicket. No run
Hasan Ali to continue.
Seales survives a dangerous bouncer to bring an end to Shaheen's over. 6 more runs to get.
162 /9 score
cricket bat icon Kemar Roach
24 (47)
cricket bat icon Jayden Seales *
2 (13)
cricket ball icon Shaheen Afridi
4 /50
55.6 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jayden Seales, short delivery, Seales fends and misses it while Mohammad Rizwan jumps high to collect the ball. All action drama at Kingston, Jamaica
55.5 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jayden Seales, full outside-off, Seales leaves it alone
55.4 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Kemar Roach, full outside-off, Roach comes forward and gets an outside-edge on his defensive prod. The wid-ish slip fielder deflects the ball to third-man while a single is taken
7 more to get and Roach is back on strike. 
55.3 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jayden Seales, full and angling in, Seales plays it to fine-leg off the inside-half of the bat. Single taken
55.2 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Jayden Seales, length delivery, Seales looks to defend and gets an inside-edge onto his pad. Shaheen with a big LBW appeal but the umpire turns it down
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