Zimbabwe 152/10 (19 ov)
Bangladesh 153/2 (18.5 ov)
Bangladesh won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Soumya Sarkar
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Bangladesh won the match by 8 wickets.
When we compare both the innings, we come to know that even Zimbabwe got a great start. In fact, they were 92-1 after 10 overs, whereas, Bangladesh were 76-0. This tells you that, Zimbabwe didn't end their innings well as they would've liked to. They lost wickets in bunches and that's a region they need to maybe work on. 
Surprisingly, Mahmudullah came in to bat as he promoted himself up the order. He probably came early just to accelerate the innings a little bit in order to finish it early. That's the reason, he started off his innings with a four. Interestingly, Bangladesh struggled to get a boundary after that for 3 straight overs. That built some pressure on the batsmen. Nonetheless, Nurul Hasan managed to get a couple of boundaries off his bat in the end to secure the victory. 
Soumya Sarkar was scoring at least a boundary in each over and Naim was keeping the scorer busy with his strike rotations. Both of them didn't face any difficulty whatsoever till the 12th over wherein Muzarabani shocked them with a couple of fantastic deliveries. He almost got Naim's outside edge. And in the very next over, Soumya Sarkar, being reckless, lost his wicket. 
The openers in Soumya Sarkar and Mohammad Naim didn't get a convincing start before the 4th over. They were struggling to time the ball well. Naim took the charge in the 4th over and got some solid strokes off the bat. His 3 boundaries against Richard Ngarava led the foundation and did give enough confidence to him as well as Sarkar to kickstart the chase. Since that, it was no looking back! 
Right then, Bangladesh clinch a victory in the end and in some style! They were never out of the contest in this innings, right from the record-breaking opening partnership till the end. Zimbabwe did manage to bring things back in the last couple of overs and it was never going to be enough. 
18.5 Blessing Muzarabani to Mohammad Naim, FOUR! WINS IT IN STYLE! Full on off stump, Naim lofts this over mid-off, he doesn't get it cleanly but enough to go over the circle and for four! Bangladesh win! 
18.4 Blessing Muzarabani to Mohammad Naim, length ball on middle stump, Naim stays leg-side of the ball and dabs it behind backward point for a couple of runs. Bangladesh need just 1 to win! 
18.3 Blessing Muzarabani to Nurul Hasan, slower ball full outside off stump, gently dabbed towards cover for a quick single.
18.2 Blessing Muzarabani to Nurul Hasan, SHOT! SIX RUNS! POOR DELIVERY! Full toss on leg-stump, Nurul gets inside the line and flicks it off his pads and over the backward square-leg fence! 
18.1 Blessing Muzarabani to Mohammad Naim, full on middle stump, mistimed slog goes towards wide midwicket and they get a single. 
Blessing Muzarabani to bowl the penultimate 19th over. 
This is very disappointing to see Ngarava giving away too many extras at this crucial stage. He was really good from over the wicket angle and equally disappointing from the other end. Huge 16 runs coming off the over. Bangladesh need 11 runs from 12 balls.
141 /2 score
cricket bat icon Naim Sheikh *
58 (48)
cricket bat icon Nurul Hasan
9 (6)
cricket ball icon Richard Ngarava
0 /45
17.6 Richard Ngarava to Mohammad Naim, length ball outside off stump, guided towards backward point for a single. 
17.5 Richard Ngarava to Mohammad Naim, COMEDY! Slower full ball outside off stump, slapped back to the bowler who fumbles, they get a single first. Next there's an overthrow and it allows them to come back for two! Free runs for Bangladesh! 
17.4 Richard Ngarava to Mohammad Naim, SHOT! FOUR! Overpitched on middle stump, Naim clears his front-leg and drills this through the midwicket region for the boundary! Bangladesh are getting closer! 
17.3 Richard Ngarava to Nurul Hasan, length ball on middle stump, clobbered to deep midwicket for a single. 
17.3 Richard Ngarava to Nurul Hasan, slower length ball that sneaks down the leg-side. WIDE! 
17.3 Richard Ngarava to Nurul Hasan, length ball on leg stump, Nurul looks to back away and pull this but he misses and cops a blow on the body. It's a NO BALL! 
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