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Zurich Nomads CC 112/6 (10 ov)
St Gallen CC 69/10 (9.3 ov)
Zurich Nomads CC won by 43 runs.
Key Points
  • The second last day of te match promises to be a close contest. Both teams have enough firepower to power through any tough situation. ZNCC will be relying on the opening Nazir duo who has been as proficient in the bowling department too. Batters like Lalit Dubey and Hassan Ahmed will also be looking to come to the party. Meanwhile, STCC will rely on Nasir Mahmood and Muhammad Waqar to deliver the goods.
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    Abhinav Singh
    ZNCC had set the tournament rolling with an incredible performance with both bat and ball in the first match. Pillaging runs in batting and being miser in the bowling department. However, the second game of the day came as a reality check as they were brought back to Earth. Cricket is a great leveler, innit? They will be looking to get back on their winning ways. As for STCC, the team will be looking to put a combined team effort in front of the mighty ZNCC side.
    And that is curtains for the SGCC inning who couldn't even play the full quota of 10 overs. Folding on the paltry score of 69, thereby losing by 44 runs. A massive margin in context of T10 games. Shijo Joseph, the standout bowler with astonishing figures of 4 wickets in his quota of two overs, giving away only three-runs. Joseph single-handedly broke the back of SGCC's batting line-up. A superb all-round performance from ZNCC. The batters clicked and the bowlers clicked, fielding could have been touch better. Meanwhile, SGCC will go back to the strategy table and contemplate where did they fall short. A one-sided contest in the end.
    That's it from our side, until next time, my partner Shashwat Kumar and I Abhinav Singh signing off. Stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands. See you all very soon, Cheers fellas!
    9.3 Farid Din to Nithurshan Shivaneshwaran, OUT! Short and wide and Nithu looks to slash it over point. But, he gets a thick outside edge that arrows to short third man, where the fielder makes no mistake. That's all over then!
    9.3 Farid Din to Nithurshan Shivaneshwaran, a wide delivery that hits the edge of the pitch and is called a No Ball. This was the fourth time! A wider mat probably?
    9.2 Farid Din to Nithurshan Shivaneshwaran, slower delivery outside off stump and YET ANOTHER swing and miss. SGCC should get as many runs as possible under their belt, otherwise the Run Rate will take some beating!
    A bit of a delay, the final batter was attending his call of nature
    9.1 Farid Din to Musa Ahmadzai, OUT! Length delivery and Musa throws the kitchen sink and in fact, the entire house at it. He gets a thick outside edge and that flies away to third man, who gobbles up that chance. Bowler steams in, batsmen edges, fielder says Thank you so much! 
    Final 6 deliveries remaining, SGCC need an impossible 45 runs!
    8.6 Shafqat Hussain to Musa Ahmadzai, length outside off and driven to covers for a single. It has been one sorry batting performance from the SGCC batters
    8.5 Shafqat Hussain to Musa Ahmadzai, tossed up on leg stump and Musa steps down the track and swings all across it. Seems to be stumped for all money but the square leg umpire deems otherwise.
    8.4 Shafqat Hussain to Haroon Khan, OUT! Length at the stumps and Haroon slices it horribly. The ball goes high up in the air towards third man where the fielder holds onto the chance. Course correction from ZNCC fielders here! Making up for the lost chance!
    8.3 Shafqat Hussain to Haroon Khan, edged down to third man and a couple of runs for the batsman. Khan getting a brace on that occasion easily 
    8.2 Shafqat Hussain to Nithurshan Shivaneshwaran, DROPPED! Nithu mistimed that one towards deep point but the fielder drops an absolute soda. ZNCC have had a mixed bag in the field today, catching some rippers and dropping some dollies!
    8.1 Shafqat Hussain to Haroon Khan, back of a length outside off and flat batted down the ground for a single. Zampa back in attack! 
    After 8 overs, SGCC sluggishly reaching 63/7, needing 50 off 12 deliveries
    7.6 Hassan Ahmad to Haroon Khan, another flighted delivery and Haroon is down the track. He does not get to the pitch though and ends up getting a top edge that falls just short of the fielder at third man.
    7.5 Hassan Ahmad to Haroon Khan, FOUR! In the slot and Haroon gives it all he has. He smashes it into the leg side and fetches himself four runs.
    7.4 Hassan Ahmad to Haroon Khan, another loopy delivery outside off and the batsman can't come to grip with that one. Was trying to overhit that
    7.3 Hassan Ahmad to Haroon Khan, flighted outside off and driven to covers. Ahmad might have got hit around but that isn't stopping him from flighting the ball
    7.2 Hassan Ahmad to Haroon Khan, FOUR! Slow delivery at the stumps and Haroon absolutely hammers it away for four.Christmas has come early for the batsman there. Probably too little too late?
    7.2 Hassan Ahmad to Haroon Khan, another delivery that hits the edge of the pitch. And, called a No Ball. It's happening quite often now! Bowlers need to get their radar right
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