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ATK vs BEN Match Result - ISL 2019-20
1 - 0
D. Williams 47'
It has finished 1-0 in favour of ATK at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. The home side picks up their first win against Bengaluru FC as the champions bite the dust for the second time this season. Here is your host, Abhishek Kundu, saying good bye. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian football news. 
90+5' Dimas' effort is cleared in the near post by Jobby Justin and the rebound cross from Harmanjot Singh Khabra is collected by Arindam. And, the referee blows the final whistle. 
90+4' Ashique Kuruniyan swings a cross-shot at the far post but Arindam Bhattacharya palms it away for Bengaluru FC. This should be the last opportunity for Bengaluru FC. 
90+3' Soosairaj to Roy Krishna to Jobby Justin to Javi Hernandez in a swift counter move. He cuts in before losing the ball to Dimas Delgado. Gurpreet recycles the attack for Bengaluru FC. 
90+2' ATK make their second change.

OFF- Jayesh Rane
ON- Sehnaj Singh
90+1' ATK take the free-kick short as Javi lays a square pass to Jayesh Rane. The man who gave the assist tries to go for glory from distance but his shot is nowhere near the frame of goal. 
Four Minutes have been added on. 
90' ATK makes their first change. The goalscorer receives a standing ovation from the fans.

OFF- David Williams
ON- Jobby Justin
89' Nishu Kumar goes in the book for bringing down David Williams. The Aussie was waiting for him to commit a foul. 
88' Udanta Singh latches to a forward pass from Harmanjot Singh Khabra but his eventual cross fails to go past the host of ATK defenders. 
87' Nishu Kumar with a low cross from the left flank as the entire Bengaluru team surged forward. Pritam Kotal miskicks the clearance but Erik Paartalu fails to trap the opportunity. And, ATK has the ball amongst themselves in the defensive third. 
85' Udanta Singh goes past his marker and swings a cross down the centre. But, Agus extends his leg this time and ensures neither of Ashique, Haokip, or Chhetri gets to the end of it. 
84' Ashique Kuruniyan breaks past Pritam Kotal but Prabir Das blocks his pass. He breaks through the far end once again after going past David Williams but there is no one to poke the ball home. 
83' SHOT! Udanta with a beautiful center down the right flank. Thongkhosiem Haokip takes an effort from the outside of his boot as Agus closes him down. But, his effort is wide. Carles Cuadrat is not happy with that.
81' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA-OFFSIDE! Roy Krishna latches to a long ball by Agus from his own half, controls it with his chest, and flies the ball past Gurpreet at the far post with his next touch. But, the assistant raises the flag although the replays suggest it was onside. 
80' Udanta Singh tries to dribble past the tightly-knit ATK defense but after going past two players in front of the penalty box loses the ball. Roy Krisha breaks on the counter but it fizzles away. 
79' David Williams takes another shot from distance but his too optimistic effort is not at all harmful for Gurpreet Singh Sandhu. 
78' Jayesh Rane wins a foul from Ashique Kuruniyan. ATK are trying to slow down the pace of the game. 
77' Javi Hernandez with a brilliant long diagonal ball after he takes the free-kick near the centre circle. Agus Garcia who was up on the pitch heads it but his feeble effort falls safely between the hands of Gurpreet Singh Sandhu. 
76' Bengaluru FC make their second change.

OFF- Raphael Augusto
ON- Thongkhosiem Haokip
75' ATK win a corner after Michael Soosairaj's long looping throw is headed by Serran. Javi Hernandez gears up to take it again. His effort at the centre is cleared by a stooping header from Serran. 
74' Ashique Kuruniyan canters down the left wing and beats Prabir Das in the foot race. But, Jayesh Rane tracks back and prevents him from cutting inside by winning the ball inside the box. 
73' Javi's swinging effort towards the near post is flicked by an ATK player but there is no one on the second ball and Bengaluru FC break on the counter. 
72' Javi Hernandez turns and takes a shot from a tight angle. But, Harmanjot Singh Khabra with an outstanding block to avert the danger for a corner-kick. 
71' An ATK official is booked for reasons best known to the referees. 
70' Roy Krishna tries to break on the counter by dispossessing Juanan. But he instead brings him down. 
68' The referee stops the play and gives a yellow card to Ashique Kuruniyan. He cleaned the heels of Agus Garcia in a completely off the ball incident. ATK players are complaining of a foul at the edge of the box as Roy Krishna is down clutching his ankles after Dimas tripped him. However, the referee is right not to award that foul as the replays suggest he got the ball first. 
66' Javi Hernandez takes an inswinging effort but Gurpreet comes out of his line to palm away the ball. Roy Krishna gets the ball in the rebound after Jayesh Rane headed it but he is judged offside. 
65' Prabir Das wins another corner for his team after his cross is blocked by Sunil Chhetri. 
64' Bengaluru FC has a plan to stop Soosairaj now. Whenever he gets the ball both Khabra and Udanta are closing him down. On this occasion, a corner is conceded. It comes to absolutely nothing. 
63' Prabir Das is down the right flank and outswings a cross. But, it goes out of play. 
61' ATK are complaining of a corner as the ball hit Serran before going out of play. However, the referee awards a goal-kick to Bengaluru FC. 
60' Bengaluru FC make their first change.

ON- Ashique Kuruniyan
OFF- Rahul Bheke
59' SHOT! Harmanjot Singh Khabra again down the left flank lodges a cross. Agus gets his head to the ball first but it falls to Dimas on the far post. He goes for a first-time shot but it is inches wide again. That was a glorious opportunity for Bengaluru FC to level things up here. 
58' Pritam Kotal fails to get his header properly and the ball is almost through to Udanta Singh. But then, Arindam comes off his line again to recover the ball. 
57' CROSS! David Williams with a swinging cross at the centre. Roy Krishna and Serran tussles for the ball but the latter gets his head to the ball first and flicks it past the former. That waas almost 2-0 for ATK. 
56' Bengaluru's slow build-up isn't helping them breach the ATK defense. The latter is also committing fouls on the other end of the pitch. 
54' SHOT! Rahul Bheke dummies a Harmanjot Singh Khabra pass and Sunil Chhetri takes a first-time shot from the edge of the box. But, his effort is inches wide. Arindam was completely beaten there. 
53' Mandi Sosa Pena goes in the book for a bad foul. 
52' SHOT! That was the best chance for Bengaluru FC players. Rahul Bheke floats a ball near the corner flag and Arindam fails to collect the looping ball. Nishu Kumar takes a shot at the empty net but it is blocked by Pritam Kotal before going out of play. However, the referee adjudges a foul by Sunil Chhetri as he elbowed Arindam when he jumped in the air to collect the ball. 
51' Rahul Bheke concedes a foul this time on the left wing on Javi Hernandez. The latter takes the free-kick and takes it short to Roy Krishna. But, his subsequent ball is intercepted by Bengaluru players. 
50' Harmanjot Singh Khabra break on the right flank but his final cross is awful. ATK break on the counter but Roy Krishna's attempt to sidestep past Albert Serran is blocked. The replays suggest that it was a foul by Serran. 
48' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! David Williams gives ATK the lead.

ATK break on the counter and are on a 3v3 situation at the centre circle. Roy Krishna lays a through pass for David Williams. It is intercepted by Juanan but Jayesh Rane snatches the ball from the foot of Rahul Bheke. He extends his leg and gives it to David Williams again. The Aussie turns out as the Santa Claus for the home fans as his shot from the edge of the box ripples the back of the net. 
47' Javier Hernandez swings in a free-kick and Agus falls down. The latter claims a foul but the referee is not interested. 
46' PEEP! We are underway for the second half. 
45+1' The referee blows his half-time whistle. The scoreline remains 0-0 but there was no lack of entertainment. Don't go anywhere in the second half as we will be back to cover the end-to-end action of this match. 
One Minute has been added on. 
45' Prabir Das mugs the ball from the foot of Nishu Kumar and he runs down the right flank before swinging a low cross. But, it is intercepted by Serran and the attack breaks down after Mandi Sosa fouls Erik Paartalu. 
44' What is Gurpreet Singh Sandhu doing here? He receives the ball and takes it behind for further trapping. David Williams pressurizes him and gets a foot to his clearance. But, Gurpreet is lucky to not see the ball in the back of the net as it is out for a goal-kick. 
42' Harmanmjot Singh Khabra with a beautiful cross in the air to the box. But, Arindam with an equally beautiful collection and he ensures Udanta Singh doesn't get a head to it. 
41' Dimas Delgado goes behind to Nishu Kumar and the attack is diverted through the left flank. ATK concede a corner. Bengaluru FC takes it short again and Nishu Kumar tries to find players on the right flank this time. But, Roy Krishna does his defensive duties and keeps hold of the ball. 
40' Raphael Augusto wins a foul in the right flank as Soosairaj trips him. Will this prove to be costly for ATK?
39' Udanta Singh breaks inside the box from the left side and whips in a cross to Sunil Chhetri. But, Sumit Rathi gets a head to the ball first and Arindam jumps in the air to collect the buoyant ball. 
37' Rahul Bheke is having some trouble playing as a left back tonight. His forward pass to Nishu Kumar from his weaker foot is again mishit. 
36' ATK with a press at the centre circle but Bengaluru FC are keeping the ball amongst themselves in their own box. This is turning out to be a good tactical game. 
34' SHOT! Javier Hernandez takes the corner-kick at the near post and Agus leaps ahead of Serran. He flicks the ball but his effort is agonizingly wide. 
33' Soosairaj again breaks on the left flank after Sumit Rathi lodged a long ball. But, his cross is cut out by Juanan. Bengaluru FC are finding it tough to hold the pace of Soosairaj. 
32' Roy Krishna got the ball from the feet of Raphael Augusto but the referee thinks otherwise. He remonstrates with the referee but he keeps the card on his pocket. The Fijian needs to be cautious from now on. 
31' Michael Soosairaj is released on the left wing as ATK break on the counter again. David Williams with a brilliant through ball there but Soosairaj's cross to the far post is too fast for Roy Krishna. Gurpreet had come out of the line but failed to collect it. 
30' CHANCE! A long cross from Dimas Delgado and ATK's high line is exploited here as the ball falls behind the defense and ahead of the goalkeeper. But, Udanta's touch is slightly heavy and Arindam comes off his line to get a hold off the ball. 
29' ATK break on the left wing and a cross is swung high on the air. But, Roy Krishna is unmatched to the height of Gurpreet. 
28' Dimas Delgado with another beautifully swinging cross that blazes across the face of goal but Arindam comes out of his line to fist it away. Sunil Chhetri tries to win the rebound but he clatters with David Williams and the referee gives a free-kick to ATK. 
27' Rahul Bheke takes another long throw but it is headed away for a corner kick by Sumit Rathi. 
26' Dimas Delgado takes a brilliant free-kick and lodges the ball into the penalty post. Two Bengaluru FC jumps for the ball but neither of them gets a head to it. But, the ball falls to Harmanjot Singh Khabra who came unmarked from behind but his final cross is cleared. 
25' Yellow card to Pritam Kotal. Udanta Singh with a heavy touch breaks through him on the left wing in the counter. He knows he would have outpaced him and been through on goal and took one for the team. 
24' OFFSIDE! Bengaluru FC are overloading their right wing trying to capitalize on the fragility of Sumil Rathi and Michael Soosairaj. Raphael Augusto floats a cross this time but Nishu is offside. Prabir Das had it covered nonetheless. 
23' MISS! Juanan feigns his run-up and Dimas Delgado takes the free-kick. But, his effort is wide. No trouble whatsoever for Arindam. 
22' Bengaluru FC have a dead-ball situation just from the outside of the box. Agus fouls Erik Paartalu and the referee doesn't hesitate to award the free-kick. Augusto and Chhetri come up and say something to Juanan and Dimas. Let's see what is up here. 
20' Javier Hernandez dives down trying to win a foul from Raphael Augusto on the left wing but the referee spots his acting and gives a free-kick the other way. 
19' Bengaluru FC break on the right side but the attack breaks down after Erik Paartalu fouls Mandi Sosa. 
18' ATK break on the counter-attack and Jayesh Rane releases David Williams on the left flank. The Aussie tries to return the ball back to an unmarked Jayesh Rane in a beautifully crafted move but Gurpreet Singh comes off his line to collect it. 
17' Rahul Bheke takes a long throw but Mandi Sosa gets his head to the ball first before Juanan can get at the end of it. The subsequent cross is blocked by Jayesh Rane. 
16' Dimas takes it short to Raphael Augusto and takes the ball back from him. He tries to attempt a chipped effort but Roy Krishna blocks the effort. 
15' HANDBALL! Raphael Augusto's chipped effort hits the hand of Mandi Sosa at the centre of the pitch. Dimas gets ready to take it. 
15' Prabir Das tries to cut past Nishu Kumar but is blocked and the ball runs out of play. 
13' Roy Krishna tries to do a one-two with David Williams but the Fijian's final pass is blocked by Rahul Bheke. The rebound falls to Jayesh Rane and he tries to release Prabir Das on the wide side of the field. But, it is overhit and the ball goes out of play. 
12' OFFSIDE! Albert Serran takes a shot from distance but it falls straight to Sunil Chhetri. He is through on goal but the referee blows his whistle before he can take a shot. 
11' Javi Hernandez tries to do a lot of insteps after getting a pass from Mandi Sosa and he eventually loses the ball. He should have gone for a one-two with Roy Krishna but became selfish there. 
8' Raphael Augusto handles the ball and ATK wins a free-kick near the sidelines. That was a brilliant floating ball from Javi Hernandez but both David Williams and Agus Iniguez fail to get their head to it after they beat their marker. 
7' David Williams is infuriated with his referee. He got the ball from Harmanjot Singh Khabra but referee says that is a stud show. 
5' Bengaluru FC try a variation from their free-kick but Erik Paartalu is closed down by Agus Iniguez and his header off Dimas Delgado's cross is wayward. 
3' That was close! Roy Krishna presses Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and his clearance gets a touch of Roy Krishna's boots and Javier Hernandez collects the ball. But, the referee stops game after the ball goes out of play as Gurpreet is down clutching his knee. 
2' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA-OFFSIDE! Roy Krishna's shot from close range hits the side-net after connecting David Williams' pass. But, the referee raises his offside flag. There is the intent of ATK. 
1' PEEP! Bengaluru FC gets us going from the right to left of the screen. 
National Anthems done, Hands shaken, and Photographs clicked. We will be back with kick-off on the other end of our commercial break. 
It's time for the National Anthem of India. 
Both the teams are out of the tunnel. ATK is donning their Red and White stripes. Bengaluru FC, on the other hand, is wearing their familiar Blues. 
The ISL experts say Bengaluru FC would field themselves in a 3-4-1-2 formation. Hmm, let's see if it pans out like that. 
ATK has trained intensively to ensure they don't concede through set-pieces. Bengaluru FC are very threatening through that route. Bengaluru FC, on the other hand, has also prepared for the contest in a manner to ensure they aren't susceptible in the counter-attack. ATK doesn't like to keep hold of possession much. 
ATK have to bring their intentions to this game. Against Hyderabad FC, that was missing. They cannot be complacent against Bengaluru FC. 
Well, all the tickets for tonight's clash have been sold out. The local police authorities restricted the stadium entry to only 21000 people. 
Talking Tactics- Bengaluru FC

Bengaluru FC looks to have fielded themselves in an unsymmetrical 4-3-1-2 formation with players most likely to overload their right wing. The back four of Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Albert Serran, and Nishu Kumar will guard the defense from right to left and Dimas Delgado and Erik Paartalu will try to get the ball rolling ahead. Harmanjot Singh Khabra is likely to have a free role in tonight's game and Raphael Augusto would be responsible to change the complexion of the game with his defense-splitting passes. Udanta Singh will take charge of the right wing and Chhetri leading him centrally. If the necessity arises, he might drop at the left flank and allow the likes of Augusto and Paartalu to move centrally. 
Talking Tactics- ATK

ATK looks set to be back on their 5-3-2 formation. Wing-backs Prabir Das and Michael Soosairaj will take charge of the wide areas of the pitch leaving the likes of Pritam Kotal, Agus Iniguez, and Sumi Rathi to do the job in the centre. Mandi Sosa Pena and Jayesh Rane will be tasked to stop Bengaluru FC's midfield with Javier Hernandez taking charge of the attacking prospects of the game. The effervescent duo of Roy Krishna and David Williams will take charge of the striking abilities. 
Bengaluru FC, on the other hand, has made only one change to the side that got the better of NorthEast United FC. Ashique Kuruniyan sits at the bench and Raphael Augusto finds his name in the starting line-up. 
ATK have made three changes to the side that held Hyderabad FC 2-2. Jobby Justin, Salam Ranjan Singh, and Sehnaj Singh are relegated to the bench as Prabir Das, Michael Soosairaj, and Jayesh Rane make their way back in the starting line-up. 
Bengaluru FC: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK), Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Albert Serran, Nishu Kumar, Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Dimas Delgado, Erik Paartalu, Raphael Augusto, Udanta Singh, Sunil Chhetri

Subs: Prabhsukhan Singh Gill (GK), Rino Anto, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Kean Lewis, Suresh Wangjam, Ashique Kuruniyan, Semboi Haokip
ATK: Arindam Bhattacharya (GK), Prabir Das, Pritam Kotal, Agustin Iniguez, Sumit Rathi, Michael Soosairaj, Mandi Sosa Pena, Jayesh Rane, Javier Hernandez, David Williams, Roy Krishna

Subs: Dheeraj Singh (GK), Ankit Mukherjee, Salam Ranjan Singh, Sehnaj Singh, Balwant Singh, Jobby Justin, Komal Thatal
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to Sportskeeda's live coverage of ATK vs Bengaluru FC match. It is set for kick-off at 7:30 PM IST. This is your host, Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups should be up next. 
It is the battle of Best Striker vs Best Defender as ATK's Roy Krishna will leave no stone unturned to go past Bengaluru FC's Juanan. 
Wondering what is our prediction and the team news from the camp? Read our official preview here.
“I was with ATK and I didn’t get to play much because of injury. With BFC, the moment I got back there, I felt at home. I was welcomed. It’s always a bit nice to go to a team where you feel happy. After the loss against Mumbai, we were a bit down. Against NorthEast, we came back and we are pumped up now. We are all hungry,” Eugeneson Lyngdoh said at the pre-match press conference. 
“I have a lot of respect for ATK. It’s a club with a big history. They have two championships which means a lot in the league because it’s only in the sixth edition. So, if you have two trophies, it means you have been competing very well," said Benglauru FC's head coach Carles Cuadrat at the pre-match press conference. 
“We have a very hard game against Bengaluru, but we can win the game. Every team has good players. Not only Bengaluru, but all the teams are difficult to beat. We must get the three points. We have to play to win the match," Spanish midfielder Javier Hernandez at the pre-match press conference. 
“For us, it’s a very important match because we can know what is our level, playing against the champions. It’s very important for my team and my players. I can say one thing: the team is showing good attitude, good work and good discipline. From now on, we have to be competitive," said Antonio Lopez Habas at the pre-match press conference. 
Bengaluru FC's Dimas Delgado has made the most number of passes in this season of ISL so far. He has made 588 successful attempts. ATK, on the other hand, has made the least number of passes as a team. Javier Hernandez has made the most number of passes for them (300).  
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu has the most number of clean sheets this season. But, much of that credit goes to their defense. The opposition has taken only 23 shots at goal. ATK has a tighter defense actually. They have allowed their opposition to take only 16 shots at goal. 
Bengaluru FC has taken 116 shots so far this season, only behind FC Goa. But, only eleven of them have been converted into goals. This is a major sign of worry for Carles Cuadrat's team.
Sehnaj Singh and Agustin Iniguez are down with three bookings. If either of them picks up another yellow card, they will miss their next match against Mumbai City FC. 
ATK's defense has become slightly shaky of late. The two-time defending champions have conceded six goals in their last four matches and much of that can be attributed to the departure of Carl McHugh and Pronay Halder owing to injury. John Johnson is reeling from injury too and the likes of Mandi Sosa, Sehnaj Singh, and Salam Ranjan Singh needs to step up in their absence. 
ATK have scored only once against Bengaluru FC. And, the goalscorer was Komal Thatal when he became the youngest player in ISL history to score a goal. Will the ATK forwards be able to breach the Bengaluru FC defense tonight?
ATK vs Bengaluru FC Live Score

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL 2019-20 match between ATK and Bengaluru FC here at the Yuva Bharati Krirangan Stadium in Kolkata. The match will kick-off at 7:30 PM.
ATK are coming into this match after insipid performances against FC Goa and Hyderabad FC. They lost 1-2 to the Gaurs before rallying from behind to hold the bottom-placed 2-2 in back-to-back away encounters. They are sitting at the third place on the points table but a win would spur them to the summit, albeit having played a game more than the league leaders. The same case stands for the second-placed Bengaluru FC as well. 
ATK is the only team that has maintained its unbeaten home run intact. Moreover, their tally of ten goals in three home matches is sure to make the away sides wary of their attacking prowess. 
Bengaluru FC, on the other hand, is yet to lose an away match in this season of ISL. Their rock-solid defense has conceded only five goals and amassed six clean sheets. 
But, their problem lies in the attacking unit. Apart from Sunil Chhetri, the forwards are struggling to score goals. Ashique Kuruniyan is yet to open their account whereas Udanta Singh has one goal and no assists. The likes of Erik Paartalu and Serran have to step up to find goals.   
ATK's strength undeniably lies with the duo of Roy Krishna and David Williams. The former is leading the goalscoring chart with eight goals in nine matches whereas the latter has the most shot on target in the competition.   
Bengaluru FC's Juanan has been on a splendid form of late. The Spaniard is making a strong case of himself with 66 clearances, 10 interceptions, and 13 blocks. He also has a passing accuracy of 80.81% and has a goal to his name. 
In this Christmas clash between Spanish managers- Antonio Lopez Habas and Carles Cuadrat- whose festive season will turn out to be Merry? Follow this live blog to know more. 
S. Singh
J. Rane
J. Justin
D. Williams
N. Kumar
T. Haokip
Raphael Augusto
A. Kuruniyan
A. Kuruniyan
R. Bheke
D. Williams
assist: J. Rane
P. Kotal
Bengaluru (4-2-3-1)
Carles Cuadrat (Manager)
A. Bhattacharya
S. Rathi
P. Kotal
M. Soosairaj
Javi Hernández
J. Rane
P. Das
D. Williams
R. Krishna
G. Singh
R. Bheke
Albert Serrán
Raphael Augusto
E. Paartalu
N. Kumar
U. Singh
H. Khabra
S. Chhetri
Bengaluru (4-2-3-1)
Carles Cuadrat (Manager)
ATK Subs
J. Justin
D. Moirangthem
A. Mukherjee
Salam Singh
S. Singh
B. Singh
K. Thatal
Bengaluru Subs
R. Anto
P. Gill
T. Haokip
A. Kuruniyan
K. Lewis
E. Lyngdoh
S. Wangjam
20 FOULS 18
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 10
Stadium Yuba Bharati Krirangan (Salt Lake Stadium)
Match time Wed, 25 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 25, 2019 21:25 PM | Published: Dec 25, 2019 13:28 PM