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ATK vs NOR Match Result -
0 - 1
NorthEast United
89' R. Borges
After that much-deserved win for NorthEast, ATK lie rock bottom as they have two losses in two games. NorthEast have their first win of the season, and their first win for Kolkata since 2015.

We move from Kolkata to the sea of yellow in Kochi tomorrow. Manjappada, are you ready? Kerala Blasters take on Mumbai City tomorrow at 7:30pm IST. Do join us for that one. Until then, this is Aaditya Narayan bidding adieu. Good night!
90+6' PEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP! NorthEast United FC have their first win of ISL 2018-19

That is a completely deserved win for NorthEast against an ATK side that, once again, didn't create enough or even try to create enough. They made things difficult for themselves, after Sena Ralte was sent off midway through the first half with a couple of stupid bookable offenses. 

After the break, the theme was rather constant. NorthEast dominated possession, but never enough to threaten ATK enough. Johnson was also repelling everything that went towards him. But Rowllin Borges stepped up, moved away from El Maimouni who was marking him from a corner, and got the goal that decided the game. 

Two losses in two for ATK and plenty for Steve Coppell to worry about. 
90+6' Chance for Johnson! Uche holds it up really well and puts it into the box, where the big Englishman is waiting. But his looping header is comfortable for Rehenesh to claim.
90+4' We've just gone past the four added minutes, but some time will be added on. Play is stopped for an injury to Reagan Singh, during that scrap which happened from the corner. 
90+3' Free-kick for ATK, that El Maimouni will take. He puts it in, but it is deflected away for a corner. The corner is into the box, and there's an almighty scrap for it after Rehenesh fumbles his catch. Pronay Halder got the final shot on it, but it was blocked at close range. 
90+1' That was a chance for ATK. Komorski clears a hoof into the box with Everton just lurking around him. That corner is taken by Ricky, but there's nothing that comes off it. 
90+1' Final substitution for ATK, as Balwant goes off. 

ON - Hitesh Sharma
OFF - Balwant Singh

That is awful defending from the corner. Borges was being marked, but got away from El Maimouni far too easily, and this is a deserved goal for them. They are heading for their first win of the season. 
88' NorthEast are moving it around at a snail's pace now. They need to move it faster if they want to trouble this ATK defense. Just two minutes to go. 
87' NorthEast have well and truly run out of ideas in the second half. When they have managed to string together any meaningful attacks, they have found an English man-mountain one step ahead of them in their way. 
85' What a chance for Ogbeche from the corner! Puitea floats it in, and Arindam comes but gets underneath it. Ogbeche just has to put his header on target but he puts it well over the bar.
84' Puitea cuts in and looks to play Ogbeche through on goal. Johnson is in the way again. This routine of Johnson being the Wall is not uncommon in the southern part of India. The home of Indian football is seeing it today. 
82' Almost! Who denies NorthEast? It's that guy Johnson again! A couple of lucky ricochets mean Gallego is free on the right flank. He plays it across the box, and from right underneath his own net, Johnson clears it behind for a corner. Ogbeche was lurking just behind him and would have tapped it in if Johnson had not made contact. 
81' NorthEast make their final change, as Puitea comes on for Nikhil

ON - Lalthathanga Khawlhring
OFF - Nikhil Kadam
79' Once again, NorthEast just cannot get past Johnson. Gallego gets past two men in midfield and runs towards the byline. He looks to cut it back for Ogbeche but Johnson is there to put it away for a corner. 
78' Stop the press! ATK have a shot on target! Stop the press! Balwant strides forward on the break and plays it through to Uche. His left-footed shot dribbles through to Rehenesh, who has to wake up from his ATK-induced sleep to catch that ball. 
76' Lanza is booked, for taking too much time to leave the pitch.
76' Attacking change from ATK, as Kalu Uche comes on for the last 15 minutes.

ON - Kalu Uche
OFF - Manuel Lanzarote
75' Another NorthEast attack breaks down, as Gerson heads Nikhil's cross away. Everton holds it up really well, and plays it through to Lanza, but his attempted pass to Balwant is easily read by Grgic, and NorthEast can go again. 
73' That is another awful final ball from NorthEast. They really look bereft of ideas. Johnson and Gerson have largely held firm at the back, and NorthEast aren't getting enough men forward. Despite all their possession, Ogbeche has been the only man in the box almost always. They need to get more bodies in the box and grab this winner, because this ATK side is there for the taking. 
71' Now Johnson is a lucky lucky boy. He dwells on the ball for too long, and then gets it caught under his feet. Nikhil pounces on the error and the ball ricochets to Ogbeche, but Arindam is alert off his line, and he's thumped that clear. 
69' "Their supporters really expect a lot from ATK," says John Helm on air. If their expectation is a cure for insomnia, they are getting it in good measure out here. 
68' HOW HAS JOHNSON MISSED THAT? Brilliant free-kick from Lanzarote into the middle of the six-yard box. The Englishman is there and in space, but his flicked header is just wide of the target. It would have been the most undeserved goal ever had it gone in, but he should really have scored. 
67' Second NorthEast change of the day, as Robert goes off. 

ON - Provat Lakra
OFF - Robert Lalthlamuana
67' ATK have a free-kick. Komorski brings Lanza down. Another opportunity from a dead-ball to bring the big boys like Johnson and Gerson into the action. 
66' Why, NorthEast, just why? They are gifted the ball in the final third, but they're just too slow to spring at the ATK defense. Gallego runs in towards the box, but he shows too much of it to Johnson who has cleared that into Row Z.
65' NorthEast look rather bereft of ideas. ATK's only idea here has been to lull NorthEast into sleep with a most boring brand of football. 
64' Another decent passage of play for NorthEast, and they find Okrah on the left flank. He puts in a low cross but that man Johnson is there again to clear it away easily. 
61' NorthEast make their first change of the day, and it's an offensive one. They bring a winger on for a defensive midfielder. 

ON - Augustine Okrah
OFF - Jose Leudo
61' Fantastic from Everton! He decides to take matters into his own hands, given the awful passing around him. He strides away 60 yards on the right flank and wins a throw-in, as Komorski puts in a brilliant tackle. 
59' You know what ATK need the most here? Not Steve Coppell, not Wally Downes. Someone who tells these players that the ball is meant to be passed to someone wearing the same colours as you are. It's been painful to watch them again. 
56' Decent pressure from NorthEast, who look to release Reagan on the right side. Ricky is alive to his presence and takes no chances, as he concedes a throw. 
54' Johnson is booked. Nikhil looks to spring away on the counter, but he is unceremoniously taken down by Johnson on the halfway line. Clear booking. 
54' El Maimouni takes, and it's cleared away easily. ATK can build again. 
53' This time Lanza's corner dips straight towards goal, but Rehenesh gets just enough on it. Or did he? It looked like it hit the bar, but the referee gives another corner, on the left side this time. 
53' Another corner for ATK, as Lanza's corner towards Balwant is cleared behind by Leudo.
53' Lanza almost! Brilliant ball over the top from Ricky and Lanza stretches at the far post to get something on it, towards goal. Rehenesh diverts it away for a corner. Lanza strides across to take it. 
52' El Maimouni takes an in-swinging corner from the left. Rehenesh punches out. 
50' Nikhil takes the corner but it's easily cleared by the ATK defense. ATK then spring on the counter with Lanza. He plays Balwant through, but Gallego tracks back brilliantly and denies Balwant and concedes a corner. 
50' Chance! Gallego gets in behind the ATK defense, after he took Johnson down. That should be an ATK free kick, but the referee gives a corner after Gerson plays it behind. That is an awful decision. 
48' NorthEast keeping possession decently again. But you know that ATK will now put everybody behind the ball. In general, you'd rather watch paint dry than a Steve Coppell side. It's only amplified now that they're down to ten men. 
46' PEEEEEEEEEPP! And we're off with the second half. 
That was a very weird half. Both teams had considerable spells where they were decent in possession, but both teams have been rather pathetic in the final third. Rehenesh should've seen red early in the game for a slap on Gerson. Sena Ralte saw red for two daft challenges. The referee has been card happy too, dishing out a total of five bookings in the half. It was a stop-start half, and for the neutral, it is more hope than optimism that the second-half would be better as a spectacle. 

We'll be back in a bit with the second half from the Salt Lake. 
47+2' PEEEEEEEEEEP! Mr. Nagvenkar's whistle goes to his mouth, and that signals the end of the first period. It is still goalless in Kolkata. 
45+2' NorthEast have a corner now, they play it short to Leudo. It goes back to Gallego, but his cross is charged down by Khongjee. 
45=1' There's two minutes to be added on at the end of the first half. 
45' Saved! The free-kick, from 25 yards out is struck well by Lanza, who gets his shot on target. But that's a comfortable save for Rehenesh. 
44' ATK have a free-kick as Grgic hacks Lanza down. The centre-back is booked.
43' Good pressure from NorthEast. Ricky wants too much time on the ball deep in his own half, and the pressure from Tlang and Reagan forces him out of play. 
41' Right now, ATK need Johnson and Gerson to stand tall. They have for most of the 130 or so minutes in the league thus far, but with a man down, it's important the two centre-backs take command and keep the opposition at bay.
39' Nothing comes off the corner, as Leudo fouls Khongjee.
38' NorthEast have a corner, Gerson with the block this time. Brilliant possession-play from NorthEast, they put it wide to Robert, who crosses it to the edge of the box. Ogbeche volleys it towards goal, but it hits Gerson and goes out for a corner. 
37' The red card means Jayesh has to be taken off. Ricky, the left-back comes on.

ON - Ricky Lallawmawma
OFF - Jayesh Rane
35' What a chance for Ogbeche! Gallego does brilliantly to put Tlang away on the right. He reaches the byline, and pulls it back for Ogbeche who steers it towards goal. Johnson steps in and blocks the shot brilliantly, and the referee has given ATK a goal-kick. That is a certain goal saved by the big Englishman. 
34' Now NorthEast will be the ones tasked with forcing the issue. ATK need a lift, and they've got the players to help them. But they are up against it again. This is the 12th Red Card that referee Tejas Nagvenkar has issued in 22 ISL games that he has officiated. 
33' Sena Ralte is sent off! That is absolutely stupid from the left-back again. Kadam receives the ball on the right flank for NorthEast, but then Ralte goes straight over the ball and stands on him. It is a well-deserved second yellow card. 
31' El Maimouni will take the free-kick. It's towards the far-post, but there's no one there for ATK, and Rehenesh can catch. 
30' Another soft-free kick given away, this time ATK have it. Reagan Singh with a silly challenge on Jayesh on the left flank. 
28' NorthEast have been impressive in taking the sting out of this game with their ability to keep possession. But once again, nothing in the final third. Komorski the latest culprit, as he tries to force a raking diagonal to Tlang, but the ball races straight out for a goal kick. 
26' Remember, the home team has won only one of the five matches of this ISL so far - Bengaluru emerging 1-0 winners against Chennaiyin. Does that give NorthEast more hope? I wouldn't read too much into it though. 
25' Rowllin has been guilty of a few awful give-aways in midfield in the last couple of minutes. That is just irresponsible and lazy from the midfielder. 
24' After a spell of ATK pressure, NorthEast are now holding on to possession, with minimal penetration. This was what they did against Goa in their last game too, to take the sting out of the game. 
23' ATK have looked much better in midfield today, but they still cannot get things clicking in the final third. After a promising start, Jayesh has gone a little invisible in the last few minutes. 
21' El Maimouni takes the free-kick, which is too flat and easy to deal with for the NorthEast defense. 
21' Leudo is booked for a bad challenge. He tries to stop Sena Ralte advancing down the left wing, but holds him back illegally. 
20' What a chance for Ogbeche! Fantastic ball to the far post from Gallego, and it is begging for the Nigerian to at least hit the target. Instead his header goes high, wide and not so handsome. 
19' Drama! The referee is right. Sena Ralte is wrestling with Tlang in an attempt to not let him through, but that is an awful attempt. The contact happens just on the edge of the box, but Tlang goes to ground inside it. The referee isn't fooled, and gives NorthEast only a free kick, which Gallego will take. Ralte is booked. 
17' Chance for Lanza! He misses the target, but ATK will be encouraged that he's getting into the box. It was he who started off the move with a clever pass to Balwant on the left flank, and then he continued his run into the box. Balwant found him well too, but his volley on the swivel is nowhere near testing Rehenesh.
17' Gallego plays the free-kick down the line to Tlang, who puts a good cross into the box, but Arindam comes out and fists it away
14' Free kick to NorthEast in a promising position on the right flank. Another 50-50, this time between Sena Ralte and Gallego. Both have got a fair chunk on the ball before the collision. The ATK man gets penalised. That's harsh.
14' Lanza has misplaced another pass. He's been a peripheral figure in this opening quarter of an hour. ATK need their skipper to step his game up. 
13' Free kick to ATK on the left flank. Balwant and Grgic fight for the ball, and the ATK man gets to it first. He then gets caught. 
11' For the first time, Lanza has the ball in some kind of space. He looks to find Balwant's run in behind, but he overhits the pass.
9' Pronay Halder is booked. That is daft and unnecessary again. NorthEast just regain possession and play it to Gallego, but with the Uruguayan going nowhere, Pronay hacks him down. 
8' This is much better from ATK. Balwant is playing central today, as opposed to on the right flank. He is causing the NorthEast defence problems, even as Jayesh and Everton have looked bright. They need that man Lanza on the ball more though. 
5' Corner is cleared by Leudo, but Gerson is down. That is lucky for Rehenesh! He has punched Gerson in the face. That is stupid, unneeded and daft from Rehenesh. Should have been sent off. 
5' Good defending from Robert. Jayesh takes a quick throw and sets Balwant away on the left. He gets to the byline, and puts in a cross into the six-yard box. Robert read it and concedes a corner. 
4' Opportunity on the break for ATK, but the final ball is lacking. Everton was sent on his way by Pronay, and he looked for a low ball down to Jayesh on the edge of the box. Komorski reads it and belts it away. 
3' Gallego takes the corner, but Johnson stands tall to smash it away
3' Chance for Gallego! Fantastic pass from Leudo to set NorthEast on the way. Sets Kadam on his way on the left flank. His cross is touched down by Tlang, and towards Gallego, who capitalises on Arindam;s uncertainty. Gallego's shot is blocked by Gerson. Corner. 
2' Nice ball out of the back from Gerson towards Everton, but the forward runs the ball out of play under barely pressure. Bizarre. 
1' ATK have started in much the same way as the last game went for them. Not being able to string a couple of passes together. Please don't put us through some excuse of a performance disguised as football again, please?
1' PEEEEEEEEEPP! And we're off
We're all set to go, as ATK will get us underway!
Anthem played and sung, hands shook, Lanza and Ogbeche line up alongside the officials for the toss. Kick-off next!
Time for Jana Gana Mana in Kolkata...
The two teams walk out onto the hallowed turf of the Salt Lake. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Let's Football!
A half-full Salt Lake Stadium will greet the players, when they walk out to the pitch, with Lanzarote and Ogbeche ready to lead their respective teams out very soon. 
Steve Coppell stat alert!

Kerala Blasters in 2016, faced 8.6 shots per game on average. That number rose to 9.2 with Jamshedpur last season. ATK conceded 22 shots in their last game. Twenty-two. Blimey. 
Just about half an hour to kick off at the Salt Lake. ATK need the win, NorthEast would love to spoil another party. Players out warming up on the pitch. 
Just the one change for NorthEast, which was expected given Keegan's injury in the last game. Robert comes in at left-back, but the principal threats will obviously come from Gallego and Ogbeche, their goalscorers from the last game. 
Surprise, surprise! ATK go into this one absolutely unchanged from their previous game. Huge show of faith in those who started the previous game from Coppell, but to live up to that faith might now be an additional burden for a few of the players. 

ATK Starting XI:
Arindam Bhattacharja, Aiborlang Khongjee, John Johnson, Gerson Viera, Sena Ralte, Pronay Halder, Noussair El Maimouni, Manuel Lanzarote, Everton Santos, Jayesh Rane, Balwant Singh

Subs: Debjit Majumder, Ankit Mukherjee, Ricky Lallawmawma, Cavin Lobo, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Hitesh Sharma, Kalu Uche

NorthEast United Starting XI: TP Rehenesh, Reagan Singh, Mato Grgic, Mislav Komorski, Robert Lalthlamuana, Jose Leudo, Rowllin Borges, Redeem Tlang, Nikhil Kadam, Federico Gallego, Bartholomew Ogbeche

Subs: Pawan Kumar, Gurwinder Singh, Provat Lakra, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Rupert Nongrum, Augustine Okrah, Juan Masica
We've got just about half an hour to team news being announced. What are the changes you'd make? Get in touch with me on Twitter @Aaditya_LFC and tell me what you think. 
Steve Coppell's teams are known to be notoriously slow starters in the ISL. Sample Jamshedpur last year, for example. The Miners needed four games to score their first ISL goal last season, even if they were solid defensively. ATK were just abject in all aspects on opening day, so work needs to be done. And quickly.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's ongoing coverage of ISL 2018-19. In a little less than two hours, we will be underway at the Salt Lake Stadium, as the hosts look to breathe life into their campaign, which got off to the worst possible start. An upbeat NorthEast United come to Kolkata hoping to pile the misery on ATK. Can they? You will find out with me, Aaditya Narayan, as I take you through all the action, from what promises to be an interesting evening in the City of Joy. 

Arindam Bhattacharja, Aiborlang Khongjee, John Johnson, Gerson Viera, Sena Ralte, Pronay Halder, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Manuel Lanzarote, Everton Santos, Kalu Uche, Balwant Singh

NorthEast United: TP Rehenesh, Reagan Singh, Mato Grgic, Mislav Komorski, Robert Lalthlamuana, Jose Leudo, Rowllin Borges, Redeem Tlang, Nikhil Kadam, Federico Gallego, Bartholomew Ogbeche
ATK v NorthEast United FC Preview

So, one round of fixtures of ISL 2018-19 is over and done with. Tonight, we're back to where it began - the cathedral of Indian football, the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, as ATK host NorthEast United FC, looking to make amends for an abject performance in their opening day defeat to Kerala Blasters. 

Eelco Schattorie's NorthEast side put in a fabulous display at home in their opener against FC Goa, as a performance filled with grit and determination earned them a point against a Coro-inspired Goa. They do have a little concern over Keegan Pereira's fitness, after the full-back hobbled off during their opener. 

But, in Federico Gallego, Nikhil Kadam and Redeem Tlang, there were plenty of positives for the Highlanders, who would love for their goalkeeper TP Rehenesh to not keep making schoolboy errors. 

ATK have problems of their own, after their opening day defeat. That was a sorry excuse of a performance for a team filled with such quality, and one that spent so much money in the off-season. John Johnson and Gerson Viera stood firm at the back, for large parts, but that was all the positives they could take. 

Manuel Lanzarote needs to play higher up the pitch for him to be at his destructive best, and that could prompt a start for Eugeneson Lyngdoh, the man once seen as the best midfielder in the country. It was also surprising that Kalu Uche didn't start on Saturday, so whether the Nigerian comes in for Everton Santos could also be an interesting proposition. 
H. Sharma
B. Singh
R. Borges
assist: F. Gallego
L. Khawlhring
N. Kadam
K. Uche
P. Lakra
R. Lalthlamuana
A. Okrah
J. Leudo
J. Johnson
M. Grgić
R. Lallawmawma
J. Rane
L. Ralte
J. Leudo
L. Ralte
P. Halder
NorthEast United (4-2-3-1)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
A. Bhattacharya
L. Ralte
J. Johnson
A. Khongjee
J. Rane
P. Halder
N. El Maimouni
Éverton Santos
B. Singh
R. Paramba
R. Lalthlamuana
M. Komorski
M. Grgić
R. Singh
R. Borges
J. Leudo
N. Kadam
F. Gallego
R. Tlang
B. Ogbeche
NorthEast United (4-2-3-1)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
ATK Subs
R. Lallawmawma
E. Lyngdoh
D. Majumder
A. Mukherjee
C. Lobo
H. Sharma
K. Uche
NorthEast United Subs
L. Khawlhring
Pawan Kumar I
P. Lakra
J. Mascia
R. Nongrum
A. Okrah
Gurwinder Singh
6 SHOTS 11
9 FOULS 15
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1 ATK 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Bengaluru FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Chennaiyin FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 FC Goa 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Hyderabad FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 Jamshedpur FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Kerala Blasters FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Mumbai City FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 NorthEast United FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 Odisha FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
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