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BEN vs CHE Match Result -
1 - 0
N. Fedor 41'
That's all for tonight, a very enjoyable game overall with the game largely even between both sides. A win that will I'm sure sit well with Bengaluru fans while Chennaiyin's supporters might be having a case of 'what if?' as they travel back home.

Tomorrow it's NorthEast United taking on FC Goa in Guwahati.

Join us back for that game tomorrow evening. Until then this is Virendra signing off and wishing you all a good night!

Take care!

No Joy at Kanteerava for Chennaiyin tonight!

Bengaluru's win tonight marks the first time that the home team has won in an encounter between these two teams. Chennaiyin triumphed both times here last season, but today it wasn't to be as they failed to grasp their chances, some very good ones at that.

Bengaluru were not at their best in the first half, but that moment of quality from Miku against the run of play got them going and they put in a much better showing in the second half to emerge victorious on the night.

3 points to the Blues from Bengaluru!

Miku provides the telling moment of the match as his goal gets last year's runners-up off to the best possible start in their new campaign.
His strike just before half-time proved decisive in the end.

FINAL SCORE: Bengaluru 1-0 Chennaiyin
90+4' Whistles from the crowd as they want the final whistle to be blown. Not too far I'm sure.
90+3' The hero of the match, Miku walks off to a standing ovation

OFF: Miku
ON: Semboi Haokip
90+2' Nothing comes off the corner though as Gurpreet gets to it first again
90+1' CFC force the save!

Nelson cuts in from the left and unleashes a powerful shot that forces a save from Gurpreet.
Corner to Chennaiyin.
90' Gurpreet has gotten to every single cross into the box today from Chennaiyin. Another assured claim from the BFC custodian as the clock ticks down.
88' Udanta chant rings out across the Kanteerava as he's taken off after a good showing

OFF: Udanta
ON: Boithang Haokip
87' Chennaiyin are having all the possession here, but aren't really making any inroads. Bengaluru seem comfortable defending crosses into the box.
86' Chennaiyin pushing numbers forward as they look for that elusive goal, Calderon the latest to join the forward ranks
85' Chance for Chennaiyin on the break, but Jeje disappoints again. He did very well to get the ball under control, but failed to read the runners around him and gives the ball away.
85' Bengaluru 5 minutes away from opening their campaign with a win. They're looking to seal the deal with a second goal as they win another corner.
83' Chennaiyin are playing with a back-three here since the Mailson substitution as Salom has expectedly pushed ahead alongside Jeje
82' Eight minutes of regulation left and it's still Bengaluru leading 1-0
It's been a very good game this one despite the lack of goals
81' Calderon steps up to take the free-kick but it's high and wide
80' Another free-kick for Chennaiyin right outside the box. Nelson kept the ball and stayed patient and eventually drew Serrat into a foul as he tugged the jersey.
77' Bold substitution here from Gregory. He's yanked his skipper Mailson off for a forward player in Carlos Salom

OFF: Mailson
ON: Carlos Salom
76' The ball evades everyone!

Jerry's delivery almost went in direct  and Gurpreet seems upset as he felt there was a foul there
75' Meanwhile substitution for BFC

OFF: Xisco
ON: Chencho
75' Free-kick to Chennaiyin down the right as Nishu brings down Francis

74' Bengaluru have dominated the last 15 minutes here

Chhetri is found in space with a peach of a pass and the Bengaluru skipper has just his man to beat, but the veteran Calderon does a great job of not giving him space. Stays on his feet to deny Chhetri and what was certainly likely the second goal
The BFC faithful still chanting 'Rahul Bheke'
Hopeful plea for no more gaffes 
71' Chennaiyin have got hemmed inside their own half a lot here in the last 10 minutes as BFC have done an excellent job of pressing up

From the corner, BFC's big central defender gets his head to the ball and his attempt goes just wide of Karanjit's right post

Eli Sabia puts in an excellent tackle to stop Khabra as Bengaluru build a menacing move with Chhetri and Miku.
Corner to BFC
67' Bengaluru have been much better in this half. They've not allowed Raphael and the rest of Chennaiyin's midfield to dominate and have done a better job of finding their forwards
65' Bengaluru create an opening!

Udanta switching on to the left bursts down the flank and puts a low cross back into the box. Miku had the wherewithal to see Xisco behind him and let's the ball go for the Spaniard to take the shot. But the attempt is blocked down by Chennaiyin.
The subs of both teams are out and about doing their best to try and get in on the action 
63' Jerry living dangerously here

He's kicked Udanta in the foot, but he was a touch unfortunate as the ball moved just as he was about to make contact and ended up striking his India teammate instead. The ref seems to have taken a lenient view of it.
60' As we reach the hour mark, the game has definitely picked up pace and I think we're in for a cracking last 30 mins as Chennaiyin will leave gaps at the back as they hunt for a goal and BFC with Udanta and Chhetri will have chances to pick them off.
59' OFF: Isaac
ON: Anirudh Thapa

Isaac's first stint in a Chennaiyin shirt lasts an hour as Gregory brings on Thapa as CFC go in search of the equalizer

Bengaluru set Udanta off and running on the counter and as he is eating up the grass, Jerry comes across and takes him out. The BFC players and fans are baying for blood here. But no sending off as the ref deems Udanta was going away from goal and it's a yellow to Jerry.

A big letoff there for Chennaiyin.
57' Gurpreet comes out and saves well again. The BFC keeper has been very proactive today from set-pieces
56' Paartalu with a flat-out clothesline to take Raphael out as they look to launch a counter. CFC eventually get the ball wide and Nelson wins a corner.
55' It's been a much more pedestrian start to the second half as compared to the first
53' Mailson and Miku entangled again, that's been a familiar theme today. A picture of them would fit right in with a team at 'Dancing With the Stars'
The BFC fans are chanting 'Rahul Bheke'
Quite strange considering he's been responsible for two of Chennaiyin's chances.
Propping up the lad I'm sure!
51' After a really long time, BFC manage to get Chhetri away down the left. Calderon however is not about to let him get away easily and puts the ball out. Chennaiyin defend well and force Bengaluru back.
49' Gurpreet gets to the delivery again, but fails to get good distance. Chennaiyin get the ball back in the box and Calderon attempts a cheeky backheel attempt on goal, but Gurpreet is alert to the danger and gathers.

48' Chennaiyin with the possession in the early minutes here
It's a free-kick on the right as Nelson lines one up
Mailson and Serrat are having a right royal wrestling match in the box
47' The BFC fans have got the thunderclap going here early in the second half looking to buoy their team on
Gregory's message must have been simple to his guys: "Next time you get a chance, PLEASE put it in the back of the net"

Cuadrat must have kept it simple: "Get that man Miku the ball"
Welcome back. it's time for the second half with Bengaluru leading 1-0

Off we go
Plenty to work on for both sides

Bengaluru looked flat before Miku's goal with their main men being shut out of the game and defensively there have been some horrendous errors

For Chennaiyin, John Gregory will want his team to finish the chances they get for otherwise they might end up losing this game despite being better.
Join us back in a bit for the second half
It's ultimately come down to the two sides' lead strikers.

Jeje presented with two fantastic goal-scoring opportunities, fluffed his lines both times, while Miku took the one chance that came his way and settled it with a bit of quality
Miku's fabulous strike just before half-time is the difference between the two sides at the interval

The Venezuelan took it brilliantly and has given his side the advantage.

Chennaiyin will have to bounce back from that blow, having arguably had the better of the opening half.

We've had our 2 designated added minutes and that will be it.

There goes the whistle for half-time and it's Bengaluru who go into the break with the lead

45+1' Into added time here and free-kick to Chennaiyin on the right after a Chhetri foul
Again, the ball is met by Gurpreet firmly and almost launches an instant counter down the other end
45' Chennaiyin trying to get back on level terms. Jerry with a long-flighted ball from the left, but it's too long and easy for Gurpreet to gather
44' That goal has come at just the right time for Bengaluru. A quality strike from Miku sees the hosts ahead with half-time just a few minutes away
Well, that was completely against the run of play, but it was always likely after Chennaiyin missed those chances. Bengaluru get their ace marksman on the ball and he delivers
41' MIKU! Who else?

The ball is lost in midfield and Xisco with a quick pass to Miku who beats Mailson and lashes in a powerful shot that Karanjit has no chance to get to

1-0 Bengaluru
39' The free-kick is taken by Nelson which misses everyone and goes towards goal. Gurpreet is alert to it and beats it out though
38' Chennaiyin come again down the left and Bheke brings down Raphael as the Brazilian gallops past him
The visitors are getting a lot of joy down this right flank of Bengaluru's
37' SAVE

Germapreet with a left-footed shot from outside the box that calls Gurpreet into action and the Bengaluru punches it away strongly
35' BFC's Khabra becomes the first to go into the book after a string of rash challenges nets him a yellow
33' Jeje with another glorious chance and he lets it slip!
Bheke with a horrendous back-pass that gifts the ball to Jeje who rounds the keeper, but just couldn't get the ball under control
He was literally ping-ponging the ball between his two feet and the chance is gone!
32' Calderon meanwhile is back looking assured in that right-back position for Chennayin
30' At the half-hour mark, the game has settled down a bit from the high tempo earlier. Chennaiyin have looked comfortable after those opening 10 minutes and have had the two best chances so far.

Bengaluru will want to get Miku more on the ball a bit more and test this new centre-back pairing of Chennaiyin
Jeje's still probably wondering how they are not 1-0 up. Either with the shot himself or with a good pass to Germanpreet, that chance in the 19th minute has been the biggest talking point so far.
27' Meanwhile, Calderon is down on the ground here for Chennaiyin. Seems to have rolled his ankle and is moving gingerly.
26' Raphael with some fancy footwork on the ball for Chennaiyin, but the move is prematurely cut short as Francis out wide runs offside
      Probably didn't expect the dancing feet from Raphael and went early.
After those opening exchanges, the fans seem to also be grabbing a breather as the noise levels in the Kanteerava dip a little
24' 0-0 here not for a lack of chances though

      It's been a bright start 
22' Good battle in midfield between the two dynamos, Xisco and Raphael, but the Spaniard emerges with the ball as Raphael feels he should have had a free-kick there. Nothing doing says the ref.
The two best chances have fallen to the away side here

19' The counter-attack from Chennaiyin is brilliant, but they miss a guilt-edged chance. Nelson plays Jeje through on goal with an outstanding dink, but Jeje with just the keeper to beat, looks to tee up Germanpreet who can't get to the pass on time. Another chance goes begging for Chennaiyin, this one a far better one at that.
18' First corner for Bengaluru now as Udanta forces Jerry into a tackle but nothing comes off it
17' Well, well, another error from the Bengaluru backline
      Francis steals the ball from Bheke and gets into a dangerous position in the box before feeding Jeje
      Bengaluru's central defenders converge in time to block the Jeje shot
15' First corner of the game goes to Chennaiyin and Raphael has missed an open header from the Nelson delivery
      Big chance there to take the lead
15' Bengaluru eventually get the ball into the box and it takes a bit of a scramble before Chennaiyin can clear the danger
14' Paartalu with a lovely ball to Nishu, but the Indian is unable to get the better of Calderon
11' A moment of worry there as Bheke with an errant pass gifts the ball to Chennaiyin
     Could have been worrisome there, but Chennaiyin's attempted attack fizzles out on the left flank
10' Chennaiyin launch their first attack
      The ball is shifted quickly from midfield out to Francis who gets it to Raphael on the overlap
      The cross though is cut out

9' Bengaluru building from the back through Serrat and Juanan. No John Johnson anymore, but judging by how ATK went last night in defence, don't think BFC fans will be complaining
8' Play back underway after Raphael has been treated to and Chennaiyin look to bring some composure to proceedings

Raphael is felled by a meaty challenge from Juanan and he needs medical attention
5' Miku with a wonderful turn to get past his man, but his pass is cut out.

Down the other end, Nelson attempts a daring run of his own before he is crowded out by the Bengaluru defence
You can sense the tension here, Chennaiyin look keen to not gift an early goal here
It's only been 3 minutes here, but Mailson is already puffing some deep breaths in
3' SHOT!

An early tester for Karanjit in the Chennaiyin goal as Paartalu lashes a shot from inside the box. Karanjit blocks well.
1' A scent of an early opening as Nishu breaks into space down the left. No early cross though which allows his cross to be dealt with.
Bengaluru doing some early pressing here.
And we are underway as Miku and Chhetri get us started
Any rustiness on offer will be punished, any brilliance served will be celebrated

We're all set for kick-off
Talk about facing one of your main rivals in your very first game, nice way to get the juices flowing
Will the home team be triumphant for the first time in this fixture?
Here come the teams, Bengaluru v Chennaiyin for the first time this season
Last year's Emerging Player of the Year, Anirudh Thapa of Chennaiyin, is on the bench tonight

The Bhutanese Ronaldo, Chencho, is also one to look out for from the bench for Bengaluru
The teams are just about ready to walk onto the pitch

We are minutes away from kick-off
Plenty of intriguing battles all over the pitch today

Chennaiyin's full-backs Jerry and Inigo will be tested against the pace and guile of Udanta and Chhetri

The new central defensive combination of Mailson and Sabia will have to contend with the dangerous Miku
Dhanapal Ganesh's injury was a big blow to Chennaiyin and coach John Gregory has opted to go with Germanpreet Singh in that role for today.

Jeje will lead the line, flanked by Francis Fernandes and Nelson either side of him
It's a familiar front three of Miku, Udanta and Chhetri for Bengaluru, which is amongst the best in the league.

The midfield sees Paartalu, Xisco and Khabra take up the charge.

Team news is in and it is along expected lines...

Bengaluru however are without their captain Dimas Delgado. Chennaiyin give their new signing, Isaac Vanmalsawma, a start on opening night

Bengaluru: Gurpreet Sandhu, Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Albert Serran, Harmanjot Khabra, Erik Paartalu, Xisco Hernandez, Nishu Kumar, Udanta Singh, Miku, Sunil Chhetri (c)

Subs: Rino Anto, Bidyananda Singh, Boithang Haokip, Semboi Haokip, Soiram Poirei, Chencho Gyeltshen, Gursimrat Singh

Chennaiyin: Karanjit Singh, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Inigo Calderon, Eli Sabia, Mailson Alves (c), Gregory Nelson, Raphael Augusto, Germanpreet Singh, Francisco Fernandes, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Jeje Lalpekhlua

Subs: Tondonba Singh, Carlos Salom, Andrea Orlandi, Thoi Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Laldinliana Renthlei, Sanjiban Ghosh
Hi and welcome to Matchday 2 of the 2018/19 Indian Super League season!

The champions, Chennaiyin FC, are in action against the team they beat in the final last year, Bengaluru FC.

Chennaiyin's quest to become the first ISL side to retain the trophy begins here while for Bengaluru it's a case of going one better and finishing top of the lot come the end of the season.

I, Virendra, will be with you for this evening's clash bringing you the latest from the Sree Kanteerava Stadium.

Kickoff 30 mins away!

Let's Football
We're about 90 minutes away from kick-off in Bengaluru.

As we wait, take a look at what the two coaches had to say ahead of this encounter, a meeting that is very much a 'clash of styles'

Bengaluru FC v Chennaiyin FC | PREVIEW

The Indian Super League (ISL) season 5 got kick-started in Kolkata yesterday with the Kerala Blasters achieving their first ever victory in Kolkata. Today the scene shifts to the southern part of the country with the Southern derby, a repeat of the 2017-18 final, as Bengaluru FC meet defending champions Chennaiyin FC at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore.

The Marina Machans are going into the season with the aim of retaining the cup, while Bengaluru FC will be eyeing their first ISL cup in their very second season. BFC, who came very close to the cup last season will have revenge on their minds.

Interestingly enough, each of the three meetings between these two sides last season saw the away team winning on each occasion.

Bengaluru enter the new season with some notable changes in the squad. Coach Albert Roca himself has left the club, paving the way for assistant Carles Caudrat's promotion to the head coach's role. The Blues also lost important defenders in John Johnson and Subhasish Bose. New faces in the side see Kean Lewis on the wings, Albert Serran and Rino Anto in defence and Chencho Gyeltshen up top.

Champions Chennaiyin under John Gregory are among the favourites this season as well. There have been some notable departures, but the total outlook remains the same with players who are familiar with Gregory's tactics. The absence of Rene Mihelic, Henrique Sereno and Jaime Gavilan will be drawbacks for CFC. However, the midfield will still have Raphel Augusto and Gregory Nelson to create opportunities with young gun Anirudh Thapa offering support. New international signing Andrea Orlandi will add depth to the midfield. The attack gains strength with Carlos Salom joining Jeje and Mohammed Rafi.

Defensive midfielder Dhanapal Ganesh will miss a major portion of the season though after a knee injury.

Probable Line-ups
Bengaluru FC: Gurpreet Sandhu, Nishu Kumar, Juanan, Rahul Bheke, Rino Anto, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Xisco Hernandez, Sunil Chhetri, Miku, Udanta Singh

Chennaiyin FC: Karanjit Singh, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Eli Sabia, Mailson Alves, Inigo Calderon, Anirudh Thapa, Germanpreet Singh, Gregory Nelson, Raphael Augusto, Francis Fernandes, Jeje Lalpekhlua
T. Haokip
N. Fedor
B. Haokip
U. Singh
C. Salom
C. Gyeltshen
Xisco Hernández
A. Thapa
I. Vanmalsawma
J. Lalrinzuala
N. Fedor
assist: Xisco Hernández
H. Khabra
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
John Gregory (Manager)
G. Singh
N. Kumar
Albert Serrán
R. Bheke
H. Khabra
E. Paartalu
S. Chhetri
Xisco Hernández
U. Singh
N. Fedor
K. Singh
J. Lalrinzuala
Eli Sabiá
Inigo Calderon
I. Vanmalsawma
G. Singh
G. Nelson
Raphael Augusto
F. Fernandes
J. Lalpekhlua
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
John Gregory (Manager)
Bengaluru Subs
R. Anto
G. Gill
C. Gyeltshen
B. Haokip
T. Haokip
S. Anganba
B. Singh
Chennaiyin Subs
S. Ghosh
Andrea Orlandi
L. Renthlei
C. Salom
T. Singh
N. Singh
A. Thapa
6 SHOTS 10
18 FOULS 9
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Bengaluru FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Chennaiyin FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 FC Goa 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Hyderabad FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 Jamshedpur FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Kerala Blasters FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Mumbai City FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 NorthEast United FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 Odisha FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
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