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BEN vs GOA Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 1
S. Chhetri 59'
S. Chhetri 84'
61' H. Boumous
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! It has finished 2-1 here at the Kanteerava Stadium as Bengaluru FC beat FC Goa. The curse of Kanteerava continues as FC Goa fail to beat them for the third year running. I had predicted 2-1 after the line-ups were out and the captain Sunil Chhetri ensured so with his brace. Here is your host Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) signing off. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian Football news. 
90+5' Edu Bedia with another long shot but Gurpreet palms it away for a corner kick. Brandon takes it short and Jahouh has a stride at goal from distance but it is agonizingly wide. 
90+4' Bengaluru FC try to sneak a goal in the counter after Dimas' long ball to Ashique sees him one-on-one but Nawaz comes off his line to avert the danger. 
90+3' Jahouh pings a long ball to Doungel on the left wing but he fails to keep the ball in play. 
90+1' Hugo Boumous wins the second ball from Brandon's corner but his shot is high and wide. 
Four Minutes have been added on. 
90' SAVE! That was a top-notch save from India's #1. Edu Bedia's piledriver is straight at the top corner but Gurpreet's height turns out to be his advantage as he sways the ball away. 
89' Bengaluru FC have fallen flat and are holding their lines. FC Goa looks clueless here as Mourtada Fall tries to centre the ball but it is wayward and Gurpreet says thank you much. 
88' FC Goa throws the kitchen sink as Sergio Lobera watches the match from the sidelines.

OFF- Carlos Pena
ON- Edu Bedia
87' Ashique is down and is struggling to rise to his feet. That is not good news for Bengaluru FC. 
85' FC Goa make their second change.

OFF- Lenny Rodrigues
ON- Seiminlen Doungel
83' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL! Sunil Chhetri scores another goal and is this game, set, and match?

Bengaluru FC breaks on the counter and Ashique zips a brilliant pass to the captain. Chhetri runs with the ball and stabs the ball past Nawaz in the near post to put the home side's noses upfront. FC Goa committed too many men forward. Seriton had intercepted Ashique's turn but gave the ball again to him. 
82' And, Hugo Boumous gets in the nerve of Serran. The referee awarded a free-kick to FC Goa after Suresh tugged the shirt of the former. Hugo Boumous takes it quickly but realizing the plan isn't working, holds it in his hand. FC Goa retake the free-kick but it is poor. 
79' FC Goa make their first change.

ON- Manvir Singh
OFF- Jackichand Singh
78' Mandar with a long ball but Juanan fails to reads the bounce in front of him and he fails to trap the ball. Coro is lurking from behind. But, Nishu Kumar comes in time to clear the ball out for a corner. Brandon latches to a second ball from the flag kick but his shot blazes above the crossbar. 
77' Bengaluru FC make a double change. The substitute comes off. Carles Cuadrat has played all his cards. 

OFF- Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Manuel Onwu
ON- Suresh Singh Wangjam, Semboi Haokip
76' Dimas' free-kick meets nobody and goes out of play. Looks like Suresh Wangjam is coming on. 
75' Well, Manuel Onwu wins a foul near the sidelines after the referee thinks Carlos Pena brought him down. What can Bengaluru FC get from here?
73' Bengaluru FC are trying to slow things down there. Manuel Onwu has been proved to be totally useless down the middle. He has had only 4 touches in the game so far since coming at half-time. 
71' CHANCE! Jackichand receives a long ball from behind and with his brilliant one-touch hoodwinks Nishu Kumar on the flank. He cuts in and takes a shot at the near post but it is agonizingly wide. 
70' Nishu Kumar is rolling on the floor holding his ankle after Lenny made a lunging mistimed tackle on him. The stretchers are out but Lenny survives a card there. 
68' OFFSIDE! Ferran Corominas timed his run perfectly to latch to a through ball but the referee thinks otherwise. Man, he was one-on-one with Gurpreet on that occasion. 
65' Jackichand Singh with a low cross but there is no one in the centre to ram it home. Rahul Bheke plays it safe and the ball goes out for a corner. And, the flag-kick proves to be no danger for Bengaluru FC. 
63' Carles Cuadrat gets a yellow card as in the build-up, Hugo Boumous swept the ball off the referee's feet after Bengaluru FC had the ball. He will miss the next match as he picked up two yellow cards. 

Brandon to Coro to Boumous and the French-Moroccan is one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The Bengaluru FC players are complaining of an offside but that is not the case at all. Boumous takes three touches of the ball, takes a look at Gurpreet and the goal before smothering it at the far post. 

The captain rises for the big occasion. Dimas Delgado takes the corner and an unmarked Chhetri gets his head to the ball first and smothers the ball into the back of the net. The FC Goa players are arguing with themselves as to who was supposed to mark him but the Bengaluru FC players are busy celebrating it. 
58' CHANCE! Nishu Kumar lodges a low cross tries to find Onwu in the centre but the lanky figure of Mourtada Fall comes in between and the ball is out for a corner. 
55' Sunil Chhetri tries to do what Brandon Fernandes did before in the first half, trying to find Ashique with a peach of a pass. But, Jahouh intercepts it. However, the Keralite has a second bite at the cherry after his backpass to Nawaz is miscued but the young goalkeeper does brilliantly to prevent Ashique a one-on-one opportunity with a sliding tackle. 
53' And, Juanan goes in the book. That was a professional foul by the Spaniard. Hugo Boumous was looking dangerous down the centre after receiving a pass from Brandon but he is halted at the centre circle itself. 
52' Rahul Bheke takes another long throw in and Erik Paartalu leaps above his marker to head the ball towards the far post. But, Nawaz despite his short stature rises to his fullest to get a hold at the ball first. 
51' A long ball by FC Goa isn't cleared properly by the FC Goa players and Jackichand Singh latches to a loose ball. He drifts in the centre and takes a shot. His low effort was on target but couldn't trouble Gurpreet. 
50' CHANCE! Rahul Bheke takes a long-throw but Serran fails to latch at the second ball. Ashique swings a wild cross at the far post from outside the box but it runs out of play. 
47' Sunil Chhetri concedes a foul on Seriton Fernandes. The captain is frustrated as he thinks the latter was playacting. That was a good free-kick taken by Ahmed Jahouh and it almost found the target-man Mourtada Fall but Gurpreet Singh Sandhu flapped his hand in the air to parry the ball away for a throw-in. 
46' The second-half kicks off. 
Bengaluru FC have made a change in the half-time.

OFF- Udanta Singh
ON- Manuel Onwu
And, there is the whistle by the referee CR Srikrishna! The first half has ended the same way it had started. Don't go anywhere as we would be back with our commentary in the second half. 
45' One Minute has been added on. 
44' CHANCE! Brandon with a wonderful curved through ground ball and it almost finds Lenny. But, Gurpreet comes out of the D and sticks out his leg to clear the danger. That pass reminds me of Kevin de Bruyne. We have seen lots of passes like that from the Belgian in the Premier League. But, have never seen something like that here in the ISL. 
41' Brandon feigns an injury by going down following an elbow from Harmanjot Khabra inside the box but the referee is not to be fooled. He cautions both the players. 
40' A meaningful FC Goa attack comes to an end after Lenny's attempted shot from inside the box after taking hold of a pass from Jacki blazes over the crossbar. FC Goa looks like have only two ways to surge forward. Give the ball to Jacki on the right wing and expect a cross to him or give it to Boumous and expect him to feed a beautiful pass. Both of them, however, have failed. 
36' End-to-end action here. Hugo Boumous runs around 40-yards with the ball after no one closes him down abut his final shot is tame and lands safely between the hands of Gurpreet. 
35' That's a good variation. The captain plays it short and there is a long-range attempt by Nishu Kumar from distance but Nawaz saves the day. Juanan tried to latch to the rebound but the FC Goa defenders turn it into a counter. 
34' Sunil Chhetri takes a corner and points two fingers. What does that mean?
33' That's a vital interception by Serran. Hugo Boumous was one pass away from finding Coro through on goal. But, the Spaniard sticks out his leg and clears the danger. 
31' FC Goa's most of the attacks have been diverted through their right flank but Brandon's through pass to Jacki goes out of play. 
29' SHOT! And, just as I type that there was a wide gap between Serran and Juanan and Jacki tries to exploit it. Dimas Delgado comes back to make up for it and closes the angle brilliantly. Jacki was through on goal but his shot didn't pose any danger to Gurpreet as he sees it go past the touchline. 
27' Bengaluru FC's flat back-four has foiled FC Goa's all attacking plans so far. Apart from one instance where Rahul Bheke went on the overlap and took a shot, the full-backs have stayed true to their lines. 
26' This time Hugo Boumous is adjudged offside. The French-Moroccan tried to be cute by hanging at the sidelines while the attack was going on the opposite flank. But, he was right in front of the assistant and he spotted his cleverness. 
24' Jackichand Singh, looking ever so threatening from the wing, finally lodges in a high cross that is met by Brandon in the near post. But, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu got to the ball first and the assistant referee adjudges a foul by the FC Goa player on the latter. 
22' CHANCE! How did FC Goa miss that? Coro does the tough part of wriggling past two Bengaluru FC players inside the box but his final touch is a tad heavy and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu palms the ball out of play. The resultant corner is cleared away by the defenders.
20' Hugo Boumous dances past two markers in the left flank but seeing no one to pass the final ball to goes back and they lose the ball. 
18' A brilliant chipped effort from Ahmed Jahouh releases Mandar. He scorches down the left wing and gives the ball to Brandon. He takes a shot from distance but it is blocked by Harmanjot Singh Khabra. FC Goa showing a lot of gumption here. 
17' CHANCE! A long ball down the right punted by Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is chased down by Udanta Singh. But, Carlos Pena manages to match his speed and prevents him from taking a shot. 
16' Ashique Kuruniyan tries to cut through Seriton Fernandes but the latter blocks his path and shephards the ball out of play. 
14' FOUL! That is a dangerous tackle on Brandon Fernandes by Rahul Bheke. A behind-the-man challenge actually, nowhere close to the ball. That should have been a straight red. But, the referee is lenient on this occasion. 
13' OFFSIDE! Hugo Boumous again feeds the ball to Jackichand Singh near the byline but he failed to time his run as Serran held his line wonderfully. 
12' Erik Paartalu becomes the first player to go in the book in this end-to-end contest. He shoves Coro in the centre circle and the referee says that's enough. 
11' SAVE! That's magnificent save from Nawaz. Rahul Bheke barges on the overlap, cuts back, and takes a shot from inside the D. It had the perfect amount of dip in it but Nawaz read the trajectory wonderfully to tip it above the crossbar.
10' Jackichand Singh takes a shot at goal but Nishu Kumar's long legs prevent it to reach Gurpreet. The rebound hits the FC Goa player's leg before going out of play. 
8' Seriton Fernandes treading heavy waters here. This time, he brings down Ashique Kuruniyan. He needs to be careful. He gets one more yellow card and he sits out a match. 
7' CHANCE! Mandar breaks through on the left flank after collecting a through pass from Hugo Boumous but his final pass is blocked by Rahul Bheke. FC Goa are trying to exploit the wings and with one incisive low cross break the Bengaluru FC defense. 
5' Serran is the one to man-mark Ferran Corominas. The latter drops in the centre-circle to receive a ball but Serran tugs alongside him and pulls him down.  
3' And, Bengaluru FC almost win the ball in the final third of FC Goa with their high-press but Hugo Boumous rescues them with some good footwork. 
2' And, the captain gets a not-so-gracious welcome to the game. Seriton Fernandes had a stud show on Chhetri but the referee only awarded a foul to Bengaluru FC. The players are complaining of a yellow-card on him. 
1' PEEP! FC Goa gets us underway from the right to left of our screen. And, they surge forward through Jackichand on the wing. But, his low cross to Coro is cut out by Serran. Man, that would have been the earliest goal in the history of ISL had Coro connected that ball. 
Hands shaken and photographs clicked. All the pre-match rituals are done and dusted as we wait for kick-off at the other end of the commercial break. 
A club milestone for Dimas Delgado! The Spaniard makes his 50th appearance for Bengaluru FC. 
Welcome to the Match #50 of the 2019-20 Indian Super League. Both the teams are out of the tunnel. Bengaluru FC are wearing their home blues whereas FC Goa are donning their away whites. Up next is the National Anthem!
Today also happens to be the birthday of Rino Anto and Seiminlen Doungel. Will either of them turn out to be the super-sub for Bengaluru FC or FC Goa? Stay tuned at this live blog to find out. 
They say you can understand the strength of a team by looking at the bench. Well, FC Goa has Seiminlen Doungel, Manvir Singh, and Edu Bedia in it. The trio would have been in the starting line-up of any other team in ISL but when you sign a deal with FC Goa, you have to be content with warming the bench. 
Manuel Onwu is back for the home side. The Bengaluru FC fans would be delighted at his rehabilitation from injury. But, he starts the game from the bench. Deshorn Brown will be available for selection from their next game. 
Where do the teams stand on the points table?

Bengaluru FC are sitting at the third spot in the points table with 16 points from 10 matches. They are ahead of Mumbai City FC on account of better goal difference. FC Goa, on the other hand, is clear three points at the top with 21 points from 10 matches. A win tonight would widen the gap against ATK. 
Prediction: Well, looking at the starting eleven of both the sides, it is tough to say who will come out on top. But, with Sergio Lobera absent at the sidelines and the twelfth man backing Bengaluru FC, the scales are tilted 19-20 in favour of the home side.

Bengaluru FC 2-1 FC Goa
FC Goa being FC Goa make no change to the side that defeated Chennaiyin FC 4-3. They don't like to make changes to their winning combination and have stayed true to their words. 
Well, Bengaluru FC has made one change to the side that lost 0-1 marginally to ATK. Raphael Augusto doesn't find himself even in the bench as Ashique Kuruniyan regains his place in the starting line-up. Looks like the Brazilian is injured. It could prove to be a blessing in disguise as he has been proved guilty to lag their attack numerous times. 
FC Goa: Mohammad Nawaz (GK), Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Carlos Pena, Mandar Rao Dessai, Lenny Rodrigues, Ahmed Jahouh, Hugo Boumous, Brandon Fernandes, Jackichand Singh, Ferran Corominas

Subs: Naveen Kumar (GK), Amey Ranawade, Chinglensana Singh, Saviour Gama, Edu Bedia, Seiminlen Doungel, Manvir Singh
Bengaluru FC: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK), Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Albert Serran, Nishu Kumar, Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Dimas Delgado, Erik Paartalu, Ashique Kuruniyan, Sunil Chhetri, Udanta Singh

Subs: Prabhsukhan Singh Gill (GK), Rino Anto, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Kean Lewis, Suresh Wangjam, Manuel Onwu, Semboi Haokip
Welcome again to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Bengaluru FC vs FC Goa match here at the Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The starting line-ups would be out at any moment from now. 
Bengaluru FC and FC Goa have clashed against each other six times and the former has come out on top on four occasions. The latter had the upper hand in their first-ever contest but since then have failed to get a desirable contest. One bout between the two has ended in a draw. 
FC Goa captain Mandar Rao Dessai was confident his side can come out as a better side as he believes the pressure is on Bengaluru FC. 

“As the coach said, (Bengaluru) have pressure on them because they are third on the table and we are five points ahead. If we win this game, it will be a good points difference and it will motivate us more to be top of the table. At the starting of the season, we did not have a full squad because of injuries. But the team was doing good. In the last four games, we are doing well," said Mandar. 
FC Goa's assistant coach Jesus Tato was all praise for his Indian contingent. He took pride in their performances and hopes there are more players from his team who don the national team jersey of India. This is what he said in the pre-match press conference:

“Brandon, Mandar (Rao Dessai), Nawaz, there are a lot of players that are improving. They are enjoying themselves with this club. We want more players (from our team) in the Indian national team. We work a lot to improve these players and now a new generation is pushing hard to play. They have high quality as well"
Here is a stat that could worry the Bengaluru FC fans. The team has lost both the times when they trailed in the competition. Against ATK, the Blues' original plan was to play on the counter but with the opposition taking the lead, it backfired. 

“When you are leading, it becomes simple because all you need to do is defend and hit the opponents on the counter. With very good players and coaches, it is a very psychological game; even against ATK, we controlled them although they have been strong at home. We waited for them to tire out and hit them on the counter. But after they scored at the beginning of the second half, we tried different things but unfortunately, we were unable to score. The team was fighting for the points. It was a top match in a top league," said Bengaluru FC head coach Carles Cuadrat. 
FC Goa's head coach Sergio Lobera will not be present in the technical area after he saw a red card in their previous game against Chennaiyin FC.

He ranted against the fourth official on Twitter but took it down later. Here is an excerpt of it. 

"Mr Harish Kindu's has shown by his acts they kind of he is. But the most important thing is that with "professionals" like him is not possible to improve the standards of the ISL and Indian Football. Tomorrow I will be watching the game from the stands and I won't be able to be on the bench with my team thanks to this gentleman and thanks to everyone allowing him to keep lying. I have never spoken a bad word against the referees during my interviews and press conferences. I have always been supportive of their work despite their numerous mistakes but today I cannot keep quiet about it."
FC Goa's late goals can hurt Bengaluru FC

Well, the Gaurs have already punished the hosts with a late penalty strike in their reverse fixture. FC Goa have bundled the ball into the back of the net 13 times out of 22 after the teams switched sides. Bengaluru FC have conceded four of their six goals in the last quarter of the game with three of them coming in the extra time of second half. 
Three key battles to watch out for:

Ferran Corominas vs Albert Serran- The duo played together at Espanyol and are childhood friend. This would be the first time they would be on the opposite end of the pitch.

Udanta Singh vs Mourtada Fall- Udanta Singh got the better of the Senegalese mountain last time and sneaked in a goal. Sunil Chhetri is likely to drop down to help his team keep the ball freeing him up front when Udanta is not barging down the right flank.

Brandon Fernandes vs Harmanjot Singh Khabra- The Goan native has been the most instrumental attacking midfielder this season and the job will be on Bengaluru FC's defensive midfielder Khabra to stop him and ensure he doesn't have a free passage. 
Both Bengaluru FC and FC Goa like to play a passing type of football. Watch out for Dimas Delgado and Ahmed Jahouh as they lead the passing charts for their respective teams. 
Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Seriton Fernandes, and Brandon Fernandes have been booked thrice in the competition so far. For Bengaluru FC, Ashique Kuruniyan has seen the sunny colour being flashed to him the same number of occasions. These five players need to be careful not to go in the book one more time as they would serve a one-match suspension. And, in the business end of the league, no manager would want that. 
Brandon Fernandes proving to be the magician for FC Goa

One player for FC Goa who has improved leaps and bounds this season is Brandon Fernandes. Not only has he contributed for the attack of the team but also made his pennyworth by helping out the defense. His number of tackles count is only behind Ahmed Jahouh and Seriton Fernandes and he has created the most number of chances and bagged the most number of assists. 
Can Deshorn Brown solve Bengaluru FC's goalscoring woes?

Misfiring Udanta Singh and Ashique Kuruniyan in the front-three has forced Bengaluru FC to bring on board Jamaican international Deshorn Brown. The Blues have the third-worst record in front of goal having rippled the back of the net only on eleven occasions. 
What happened in the last meeting between the two sides?

Bengaluru FC took the lead in the 62nd minute after Udanta Singh wriggled past Mourtada Fall to squirm the past the FC Goa goalkeeper. However, Ashique Kuruniyan tripped Ferran Corominas inside the box at the extra-time of the second half and the ISL record goalscorer made no mistake in slotting the ball past Gurpreet Singh Sandhu to level things. 
A cracker of a contest is in the offing with the first game of Indian Super League (ISL) Season 6 in 2020, as defending champions Bengaluru FC cross swords with table-toppers FC Goa at the Sree Kanteerava stadium here on Friday.
FC Goa will look to extend their lead at the top while Bengaluru will look to cut the gap between them and Goa to two points. Ever since the first game between the two sides finished in Goa’s favour, Bengaluru has had the upper hand in this fixture, remaining unbeaten in five matches against the Gaurs.
“We are going to face one of the best teams in the ISL. It's a big match for us but I think in the situation right now, the pressure is on them. We have five points between us. We can go to Bengaluru with confidence and if we can get three points, the gap will increase to eight points,” said Goa assistant coach Jesus Tato.
Goa’s task of turning their fortunes around against Bengaluru FC will be that much harder as they will be without coach Sergio Lobera on the touchline after he was sent off in their last game against Chennaiyin FC. A lot would depend on star striker Ferran Corominas, who has been in form lately. 
However, the Spanish striker hasn’t really come to life when pitted against Juanan and Albert Serran. Another key player will be Brandon Fernandes who comes into the tie on the back of two goals in as many games and also has five assists to his name. In fact, no Indian has a better goal involvement number than the 25-year-old Goan.
“I think we're doing well this season, quite similar to last season in the way that we're missing our striker for nine games (Miku). We're missing Onwu for 7 games. If you see the top scorers table, every team has a foreigner with goals. In the end, football is about balance and we have been balanced enough to have been fighting for the playoffs in the last two seasons,” said Bengaluru FC coach Carles Cuadrat.
Bengaluru FC has struggled this season against fellow play-off contenders, losing to ATK and Mumbai City FC, while they could only manage a draw against FC Goa in the reverse fixture. Cuadrat will be desperate to ensure they take everything at stake in a potential ‘six-pointer’. 
Set-pieces could play a big role in deciding the outcome of the match. Both teams make the most of offensive set-pieces - FC Goa’s 11 out of 22 goals have come from dead-ball situations while six of Bengaluru’s 11 goals have stemmed from setpieces. Both teams have the best records in defending set-pieces as well.
“They concentrate more on setpieces, which I know from when I was playing for them. They had a special session on setpieces. We have to take care of the fast players like Udanta (Singh) and Ashique (Kuruniyan) but most importantly we have to play our own game the way coach wants us to play,” said Goa’s Mandar Rao Dessai, who has played for Bengaluru in the past.
It should make for an exciting battle at the Sree Kanteerava, a place Bengaluru calls their Fortress.
Edu Bedia
S. Doungel
L. Rodrigues
S. Chhetri
assist: A. Kuruniyan
M. Singh
J. Singh
T. Haokip
S. Wangjam
H. Khabra
H. Boumous
assist: Coro
S. Chhetri
assist: Dimas
U. Singh
E. Paartalu
Goa (4-2-3-1)
Sergio Lobera Rodríguez (Manager)
G. Singh
N. Kumar
Albert Serrán
R. Bheke
H. Khabra
E. Paartalu
A. Kuruniyan
U. Singh
S. Chhetri
M. Nawaz
M. Desai
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
L. Rodrigues
A. Jahouh
B. Fernandes
H. Boumous
J. Singh
Goa (4-2-3-1)
Sergio Lobera Rodríguez (Manager)
Bengaluru Subs
R. Anto
P. Gill
T. Haokip
K. Lewis
E. Lyngdoh
S. Wangjam
Goa Subs
Edu Bedia
S. Doungel
S. Gama
N. Kumar
A. Ranawade
K. Singh
M. Singh
10 SHOTS 20
13 FOULS 6
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
2 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
3 Bengaluru FC 13 6 4 3 6 22
4 Odisha FC 13 6 3 4 3 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 11
Stadium Sree Kanteerava Stadium
Match time Fri, 03 Jan 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 03, 2020 21:26 PM | Published: Jan 03, 2020 17:29 PM