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BEN vs JAM Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 0
E. Paartalu 8'
S. Chhetri 63'
Here is your host Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) saying good-bye. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian football news. 
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the full-time whistle by the referee Raktim Saha. And, it has ended Bengaluru FC 2-0 Jamshedpur FC here at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium. Erik Paartalu gave the home side the lead in the 8th minute after his glancing header from close range caught the entire defense napping. The home side continued pressing forward and their efforts finally bore fruits in the 68th minute when Sunil Chhetri made a run from behind to connect the previous goalscorer's long ball before sidefooting and slamming the ball past the reaches of the rival goalkeeper. 
90+4' Sunil Chhetri wriggles past two players to cut back the final ball from the byline inside the box. But, Subrata Paul covered the lines as the ball fails to reach Nishu Kumar. 
90+2' Ashique Kuruniyan has been adjudged the Hero of The Match tonight for his lung-bursting effort.  
Four Minutes have been added on. 
90+1' Tiri has surged forward and connects a diagonal long ball at the far post by Amarjit Singh Kiyam with his head. But, the assistant raises his flag. The replays suggest that was marginal. 
90' Paartalu makes a timely interception to clear a dangerous-looking ball by Jamshedpur FC forwards. 
89' Amarjit this time puts a long cross and David Grande rises above Rahul Bheke in an effort to head the ball home. But, the ball ends up going off his shoulder and rolls out of play. 
88' Bengaluru FC's Udanta Singh beats his marker and delivers a trademark cross from the byline. But, Memo closes down Ashique and gets his head to the ball first to clear the lines for Jamshedpur FC. 
87' Jamshedpur FC make their last throw of the dice.

OFF- Noe Acosta
ON- Joyner Lourenco
86' Bengaluru FC makes their full and final change. The workhorse comes off.

OFF- Harmanjot Singh Khabra
ON- Suresh Singh Wangjam
85' Bengaluru FC find themselves in a 3 vs 3 situation on the counter but Udanta tries to do much by himself and ends up losing the ball. 
82' That is a good collection from Gurpreet Singh Sandhu. Farukh Choudhary drives a ball across the face of goal but the Indian custodian sprawls himself on the ground to gather the ball. 
79' SHOT! David Grande almost scored his first goal for Jamshedpur FC in his debut. But, the infectious energy from the Bengaluru FC forwards has spread all the way back to the goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu. Juanan loses his footing and David Grande unleashes a shot from a one-on-one situation but Gurpreet palms it away with ease.  
77' Bengaluru FC make another change.

OFF- Ashique Kuruniyan
ON- Semboi Haokip
75' Dimas Delgado with a beautifully chipped pass to Udanta and the latter bombs down the right flank. He cuts the ball back to Ashique but the latter's first touch is poor and his effort sails over the crossbar. 
73' Sunil has Narender's number again and tries to find Ashique. But, the Jamshedpur FC defender makes up for his mistake by lodging a timely interception. 
71' SHOT! And, Udanta Singh misses another golden opportunity to triple the lead. Sunil Chhetri traps a long ball on the counter from Bengaluru FC and he does a give-and-go with Udanta. After drifting slightly wide, he gives a through ball to Udanta again but the latter's curling effort to the far post with his weaker foot is inches wide. 
70' A dangerous looking diagonal cross is met by Noe Acosta but Serran makes a last-ditch challenge to avert the danger. 
69' OFFSIDE! Sunil Chhetri latches to a long ball from Nishu Kumar on the counter and the captain delivers a good ball to Ashique Kuruniyan. But, he doesn't time his run properly and the assistant raises the flag. 
66' SHOT! Dimas flies a perfect delivery from the corner flag and Rahul Bheke has a free header now. But, his effort is slightly wide. 
65' Jamshedpur FC make their second change. This should have been done a long time back. 

ON- Aniket Jadhav
OFF- Gourav Mukhi
63' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Sunil Chhetri doubles the lead for Bengaluru FC.

Erik Paartalu lobs a long ball and Chhetri makes a run from the blindside catching Narender completely off guard. He controls it with his head and takes it out from the reach of Subrata with his second touch. With an empty net gaping at him, he rolls the ball past the goal-line. 
62' An awful back-pass from Bengaluru FC's Dimas Delgado results in Gourav Mukhi running with the ball inside the box. He has a shot at goal but Juanan sticks out his leg with a timely challenge and preserves their lead. 
60' CHANCE! That was a wasteful effort from Udanta and adequately sums up the Manipuri's lacklustre form this season. He is through at the centre but tries to feed the ball to Ashique Kuruniyan so that a one-on-one situation is created. He just needed to sidestep the ball but failed to even do that. He ends up giving the ball straight to the feet of a Jamshedpur FC defender. 
59' SHOT! That was a sweet shot taken by Aitor Monroy from distance. With a host of Bengaluru FC bodies lying in front of him, the Spaniard files a piledriver at the far post. But, it is agonizingly wide and Bengaluru FC breath a collective sigh of relief as they maintain their lead. 
57' Dimas Delgado curls his free-kick brilliantly but Subrata Paul comes off his line to smother the ball away with his strong palms. 
55' CHANCE! Noe Acosta floats a corner-kick and Gurpreet Singh fails to time his fist. But luckily for him, there is no Jamshedpur FC player lurking at the far post to poke the ball home. The subsequent corner-kick from the other end is wasteful. 
54' Iriondo has shifted his side in a 3-5-2 formation with Farukh and Bikash Jairu covering the wings. There is lots of space opening at the back for the home side. 
53' SHOT! Udanta produces a lovely move here. He does a one-two with Khabra and follows it with another one-two with Ashique. He ends up in the box but his final shot balloons over the crossbar. Like Ashique, he too needs to work a lot on his finishing skills. 
51' Ashique Kuruniyan goes past Narender again but fails to do the same to Memo Moura. He ends up fouling the latter. 
49' Bengaluru FC make their first change.

OFF- Manuel Onwu
ON- Udanta Singh
47' SHOT! Ashique is wreaking havoc for Jamshedpur FC here. He wins the ball and makes a darting solo run from near his own penalty box. He slaloms past four players and does a give-and-take with Sunil Chhetri. But, his final effort is wide and is a sort of anti-climactic to that 75-yard run. The Indian international needs to improve on his finishing skills. 
46' And, the half starts with Ashique robbing the ball from Noe Acosta and winning a foul from Narender Gahlot. The latter goes in the book for that needless challenge. He immediately apologises. 
Jamshedpur FC make a substitution in the half-time.

OFF- Jitendra Singh
ON- Bikash Jairu
45+2' PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle and it ends 1-0 in favour of Bengaluru FC. The home side has dominated every aspect of the field. We saw Udanta Singh warming up in the 30th minute and the team might bring him on board after the sides are switched. Don't go anywhere as we would be back with the second half action live at the other end of the commercial break. 
45+1' Jamshedpur FC are complaining of a handball inside the box from a corner-kick but the replays show nothing. 
Two Minutes have been added on. 
45' Noe Acosta makes a wild drift from the left to the centre but Harmanjot Khabra brings him down with his hands on his knees. The referee has no choice but to give him a yellow card. 
42' Gourav Mukhi nutmegs Rahul Bheke but the subsequent ball is cleared long and hard all the way to the Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper Subrata Paul. 
39' Khabra with some desperate defending clears the line for Bengaluru FC. They are playing total football here. It is 11 men defending and 11 men attacking. 
37' SHOT! David Grande wriggles past two challenges to lay the ball for Farukh Choudhary. The latter is one-on-one with Gurpreet but Ashique tracks back beautifully to stick his leg out and make a wonderful block. 
35' Sunil Chhetri pulls out another piece of sublime skills as he nutmegs Amarjit Singh Kiyam in the middle of the pitch. But, the attack fizzles away after Dimas' diagonal ball to Rahul Bheke on the opposite flank is too long. 
34' Noe Acosta receives a pass from Aitor Monroy and looks to do a one-two with him in the final third. But, Rahul Bheke intercepts it and clears the line. 
32' CHANCE! After two dummies, Dimas does a give-and-take with Rahul Bheke and lobs the ball to Khabra with a forward pass. With no one marking him, Khabra runs at his full speed to get at the end of the ball but it goes out of play. 
30' Jamshedpur FC again succumb to pressure as Tiri fouls Ashique Kuruniyan. We have Dimas and Khabra engaging themselves in long talk as we wait another Bengaluru FC set-piece variation. 
28' CHANCE! Dimas Delgado lobs the ball above the wall but Subrata Paul gets to it first. Sunil Chhetri tried to meet the ball but ended up tripping the former India goalkeeper. He is complaining for a jersey pull but the replays confirm otherwise. 
27' Sunil Chhetri wins a free-kick just outside the box and the home team is remonstrating with the referee as Ashique had the ball in his possession in a dangerous position. They wanted an advantage. And, Aitor Monroy goes in the book for that late-late sliding challenge on the captain after he passed the ball. 
26' Monroy stops in his path to take the free-kick and lobs the ball at the far post. But, the referee blows his whistle for reasons best known to him. 
25' Amarjit Singh wins a foul for Jamshedpur FC in a dangerous position after Erik Paartalu mistimed his sliding challenge. Dimas Delgado earlier tripped him from behind but the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup captain maintained his balance. 
24' Nishu Kumar does some brilliant footwork as Jamshedpur FC's Farukh Choudhary harries him to win the ball. He later gives a pass to Dimas Delgado but the attack fails to materialize. 
21' Manuel Onwu commits a foul on Memo Moura. Looks like the Spaniard is brought in the pitch so that he can disturb the centre-backs and the midfielders. Don't see any other purpose he is fulfilling. 
20' Jamshedpur FC try to release David Grande with a long ball but Gurpreet Singh Sandhu reaches to it first. 
19' Narender Gehlot pings a long ball but Juanan clears the line. Nothing is going in the right direction for Jamshedpur FC. 
15' Jamshedpur FC try to play the ball from the back and Noe Acosta cuts in at the centre circle. But, Harmanjot Khabra commits a tactical foul on him to concede a free-kick. 
14' CHANCE! Dimas inswings the ball and Erik Paartalu flicks the ball with his head to the second post. Harmanjot Khabra dives to make an effort to connect the ball with his head into the empty net but fails. The goal wouldn't have counted anyway as he has been adjudged offside. 
13' Rahul Bheke takes a long-throw and Juanan tries to volley it home after winning the second ball. But, Amarjit closed him down perfectly to block his shot. 
11' CHANCE! Gurpreet Singh Sandhu takes a goal-kick long and Erik Paartalu wins the header. Ashique is released free with the second ball but, Tiri comes up with a timely sliding tackle to avert the danger. 
9' SAVE! That was a beautiful smash by Ashique Kuruniyan from outside the box in quick succession after winning the ball but Subrata Paul produces another top-notch save to deny Bengaluru FC a 2-0 lead. 
8' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL! Erik Paartalu gives the home side the lead.

Dimas Delgado swings the corner-kick and it is a carbon copy of the goal which Bengaluru FC scored against Chennaiyin FC. The Aussie towers above everyone in the near post and heads it past Subrata Paul. 
7' Nishu Kumar dances past Jitendra and Amarjit Singh and delivers a hard cross from inside the box but Subrata Paul's sensible goalkeeping prevents Harmanjot Khabra from getting a free header. The ball goes out for a second Bengaluru FC corner kick. 
6' CHANCE! Ashique lays the ball short for Dimas and Chhetri saunters behind to get a free header at the far post. But, his effort bounces of the pitch before being cleared. 
5' Ashique tries to cut in but Tiri with his no-nonsense defending slides the ball out for a Bengaluru FC corner-kick. 
4' Juanan lodges a long ball and Narender fails to keep track of Ashique's pace on the right flank. The latter floats a cross but Subrata Paul palms it away ending into a Bengaluru FC throw-in. 
2' Both the sides begin with long balls but the opposite sets of defenders have the last laugh. 
Greetings exchanged and photographs clicked. On the other side of the commercial break, we will be back with the kick-off. 
The fireworks are done. Up next is the National Anthem of India!
Coming back to tonight's match. Both the teams are out of the tunnel. Bengaluru FC are wearing their familiar Blues whereas Jamshedpur FC are donning their away white jersey. 
Well, Bengaluru FC's problems with Sree Kanteerava Stadium haven't ended. Now, PBL franchise Bengaluru Raptors are alleging that they won't be able to use the platform this season as "certain officials at Kanteerava Stadium have laid claim to the stadium are doing their very best to sabotage this event from happening."

They have appealed to the Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri B.S. Yediyurappa to use the indoor hall of Sree Kanteerava Stadium.  
This is a tough game to predict. But, for the sake of giving one, I go for a Bengaluru FC win as the home factor tilts the scale upwards slightly in their favour.

Prediction: Bengaluru FC 2-1 Jamshedpur FC
Farukh Choudhary and Ashique Kuruniyan are fighting amongst themselves for a spot in the starting line-up of the Indian national team. That is a good battle to keep an eye on. 
"Every game for us from now is like a final," says Bengaluru FC goalkeeper Gurpreet Sandhu. The custodian also added that their striker David Grande is like a mystery man but is hopeful that he won't spring up any surprises tonight against his team. 
Do watch out for Sunil Chhetri's run from the blindside. He has scored three goals in that fashion this season. You do not expect things like that generally from a 35-year-old. But then, Sunil Chhetri continues to defy his age. 
Gourav Mukhi scored only one goal last season and that was against Bengaluru FC. After that, questions began to be raised on his age and the AIFF Disciplinary Committee slapped a ban on him. 
Manuel Onwu has taken just 4 shots this season and lasted only 32 minutes in Bengaluru FC's last match against FC Goa where he came off after coming on. This is a good platform for the Spaniard to prove his critics wrong.
ISL usually don't allow its officials to criticize the league. Is this a sign of things to change in the near future? Let's see. 
Pradyumn Reddy chimes in and says the number of foreigners in the starting line-up in ISL is 5 whereas in CSL it is 3. This is hindering the growth of the national team. 
Well, we have Kit Symons in the Football United Show and he says the major difference between ISL and Chinese Super League (CSL) is the number of teams present. The latter has 16 as compared to India's 10.
Talking Tactics- Jamshedpur FC

It is tough to predict how Antonio Iriondo will place his players as this is a very new-look outfit. But, Jamshedpur FC have given their line-up as 4-3-3 to the ISL officials. According to that formation, Jitendra Singh has big shoes to fill in the right-back position as he will be marking Sunil Chhetri. Can he take inspiration from Sumit Rathi's performance against Mumbai City FC where he shadowed Modou Sougou and pull something similar tonight? Narender will play in the left-back role with Tiri and Memo guarding the centre. The trio of Amarjit Singh, Aitor Monroy, and Noe Acosta will shoulder the responsibilities in the midfield and Farukh Choudhary and Gourav Mukhi would assist David Grande in the forward triumvirate. 
Talking Tactics- Bengaluru FC

Bengaluru FC would continue from the 4-3-3 that they fielded in the second half against FC Goa. Sunil Chhetri will lead from the left, with Onwu and Ashique attacking from the centre and right respectively. The midfield three of Harmanjot Khabra, Dimas Delgado, and Erik Paartalu will press the Jamshedpur FC midfielders and try to feed the ball quickly to their forward line. The full-backs Nishu Kumar and Rahul Bheke should don an advanced role and venture forward as and when they feel necessary.   
Jamshedpur FC, on the other hand, have made as many as five changes to the side that lost to Odisha FC. India's captain at the FIFA U-17 World Cup, Amarjit Singh, makes his debut alongside David Grande whereas Gourav Mukhi makes his first appearance this season after serving his suspension due to age fraud. Jitendra Singh and Noe Acosta, too, find their way back in the starting line-up. Robin Gurung, Mobashir Rahman, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Sumeet Passi and Bikash Jairu miss out. 
Bengaluru FC has finally benched Udanta Singh for his misfiring performance. That is the only change the defending champions have made to the starting line-up that defeated FC Goa 2-1 in their previous encounter. 
Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul (GK), Tiri (C), Narender Gahlot, Jitendra Singh, Aitor Monroy, Amarjit Singh, Noe Acosta, Memo Moura, Farukh Choudhary, Gourav Mukhi, David Grande

Subs: Rafique Ali (GK), Joyner Lourenco, Bikash Jairu, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Mobashir Rahman, Aniket Jadhav, Sumeet Passi
Bengaluru FC: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK), Rahul Bheke, Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Dimas Delgado, Manuel Onwu, Sunil Chhetri (C), Ashique Kuruniyan

Subs: Prabhsukhan Singh Gill (GK), Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Rino Anto, Kean Lewis, Suresh Wangjam, Udanta Singh, Semboi Haokip
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to Sportskeeda's live blog for tonight's match between Bengaluru FC and Jamshedpur FC. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups should be out at any moment from now.
“We were having problems with scoring goals. We had a chance to sign Grande and took it since Sergio wasn’t recovering fast enough. Gourav was with the reserves, so he has been training with the team. It’s a good idea to have options, especially in the forward area, since we were having problems with scoring goals. Hopefully, they can help," said Jamshedpur FC head coach Antonio Iriondo at the pre-match press conference.
“As everyone can see, Gurpreet is having a very good season, everyone can see that he is one of the best keepers in the ISL. The numbers speak for itself when it comes to Gurpreet. He has been very consistent and is an important part of the team," said Bengaluru FC's goalkeeping coach Javier Pinillos at the pre-match press conference.
“For me, the aim is to get three points. We are here to win the game. We are confident and we will give our best. We will play to win. Bengaluru FC are a good team with good players. We need the points and we will be aggressive," said Jamshedpur FC midfielder Aitor Monroy at the pre-match press conference. 
“We have created many chances from the set-pieces. We have a very good team, where everyone can score. We are all looking forward to the game against Jamshedpur FC as we do for every game. We have been working on the way we play for a long time and we know that Sunil Chhetri is scoring now, so we are happy about that, but we know that a lot of players can score here," said Bengaluru FC midfielder Dimas Delgado at the pre-match press conference.
Bengaluru FC head coach Carles Cuadrat will be missing from the sidelines after he picked up his second yellow card of the season in their previous match against FC Goa. Ashique Kuruniyan and Erik Paartalu need to be careful as they will miss their encounter against Mumbai City FC if they go in the book tonight.For Jamshedpur FC, Sumeet Passi and Tiri need to be cautious as they have been shown the yellow card thrice in this season of ISL already. 
In the absence of Piti, Jamshedpur FC would most likely ping forward long balls from Tiri or Aitor Monroy to breach Bengaluru FC's citadel. Against Odisha FC, the trio of Farukh Choudhary, Sumeet Passi, and Bikash Jairu began the game with high pressing but their energy petered away once the teams changed sides. The introduction of David Grande should give them much needed impetus in the strike force. 
Bengaluru FC tweaked their front line completely against FC Goa after half-time as Chhetri drifted to the left, Onwu started on the front, and Ashique slotted in the right flank in place of Udanta Singh. With the Manipuri speedster out of form this season, we might see the same tactic being deployed in the front with Nishu Kumar and Rahul Bheke pressing the Jamshedpur FC full-backs and surging forward. 
Both Bengaluru FC and Jamshedpur FC have been quite active in the winter transfer window season so far. The former have loaned Ajay Chhetri to Hyderabad FC and signed Jamaican international Deshorn Brown. 
The latter, on the other hand, pursued Carlitos but after the 34-year-old injured himself, Jamshedpur FC signed David Grande. They have deregistered Keegan Pereira and Augustin Fernandes to make way for Gourav Mukhi and Sandip Mandi.  
What happened the last time these two sides met?
Bengaluru FC and Jamshedpur FC played an entertaining 0-0 draw at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. Both the goalkeepers, Subrata Paul and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, produced excellent saves and prevented the strikers from finding the back of the net. Will we see another instance of breathtaking goalkeeping here at the Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru? Stay tuned to find out.
Welcome to the ISL live coverage of Bengaluru FC vs Jamshedpur FC by Sportskeeda here at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru. The match will kick-off at 7:30 PM IST. 
Bengaluru FC are coming into this tie on the back of a confidence-boosting 2-1 win over FC Goa and will fancy their chances against a Jamshedpur FC side who are winless in five matches.
Carles Cuadrat's side, placed third on the table with 19 points from 11 matches, can consolidate their spot in the top four with a win on Thursday. Jamshedpur FC, meanwhile, cannot afford to lose. Given that they are sixth with 13 points from 10 matches, a loss will see them fall further behind in the race for the top-four spots.
Captain Sunil Chhetri, who was instrumental against Goa with two brilliant goals, will once again be the key man for Bengaluru FC. The Indian international has scored seven goals already this season and has been a saving grace for Bengaluru FC’s attack which has scored just 13 goals so far.
Cuadrat will be worried about the poor run of form his wingers Udanta Singh and Ashique Kuruniyan are going through but will hope new recruit Deshorn Brown can make an immediate impact.
“Sunil Chhetri is our top scorer but we are creating chances, but other players should also score. All the attacking players are working hard to score. I am sure they will help us during the next matches. We play in a good way and we create a lot of chances,” said Bengaluru FC goalkeeping coach Javier Pinillos.
Another factor going for Bengaluru FC is their water-tight defence which has shipped just seven goals this season. It will be a huge ask of Jamshedpur FC, who are without their star striker Sergio Castel, to breach the Blues’ backline.
“Jamshedpur FC have shown this season that they play very good football and that they are a very good side. We have to be careful of them and prepare well. We cannot be overconfident,” said Pinillos.
Jamshedpur FC, who are desperate for a win, need to show a lot more application and resolve than what they have shown so far. Antonio Iriondo’s side have missed Sergio Castel and Piti, without whom, the team has looked different.
The form of Farukh Chowdhury and Aniket Jadhav has tapered off as well, all of which have led to a poor run of form for Jamshedpur FC that has seen them pick only three points from the last five games.
“Every match is different, you have to create chances and then finish the chances. Without Sergio Castel, we are creating chances, but we are not able to finish those chances. Obviously, his absence is worrying. He is still not fit to play. Hopefully, he will be able to play from the next match,” said Jamshedpur FC head coach Antonio Iriondo.
Defensive lapses have not helped them either. They’ve shipped in six goals in the last three games with individual errors at the back scuppering Iriondo’s plans. They have to be vigilant throughout on Thursday, given Bengaluru FC often force the issue in the second half.
Iriondo will hope the return of Noe Acosta from injury will help his team.
“We are facing Bengaluru FC. I love to play against great teams. It is a very good chance for me to look at how the team has been improving. We have been improving in the game, but we are not getting the goals due to Sergio’s injury,” Iriondo concluded.
J. Lourenco
Noé Acosta
S. Wangjam
H. Khabra
T. Haokip
A. Kuruniyan
A. Jhadav
G. Mukhi
S. Chhetri
assist: E. Paartalu
U. Singh
B. Jairu
J. Singh
N. Gahlot
H. Khabra
Aitor Monroy
E. Paartalu
assist: Dimas
Jamshedpur (4-4-2)
Antonio Iriondo Ortega (Manager)
G. Singh
N. Kumar
Albert Serrán
R. Bheke
E. Paartalu
S. Chhetri
H. Khabra
A. Kuruniyan
S. Pal
N. Gahlot
J. Singh
Noé Acosta
Aitor Monroy
A. Kiyam
F. Choudhary
David Grande
G. Mukhi
Jamshedpur (4-4-2)
Antonio Iriondo Ortega (Manager)
Bengaluru Subs
R. Anto
P. Gill
T. Haokip
K. Lewis
E. Lyngdoh
U. Singh
S. Wangjam
Jamshedpur Subs
M. Sardar
B. Jairu
A. Jhadav
J. Lourenco
M. Rahman
S. Passi
I. Vanmalsawma
13 SHOTS 8
21 FOULS 10
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
2 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
3 Bengaluru FC 13 6 4 3 6 22
4 Odisha FC 13 6 3 4 3 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 12
Stadium Sree Kanteerava Stadium
Match time Thu, 09 Jan 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 09, 2020 21:27 PM | Published: Jan 09, 2020 09:29 AM