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BEN vs MUM Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 3
Mumbai City
M. Grgić (OG) 58'
S. Chhetri (P) 89'
12' S. Bose
45'+5' M. Larbi (PM)
77' Diego
90'+4' R. Borges
Right, that's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Do join us for the next round of ISL fixtures when NorthEast United host Bengaluru FC on the 18th of December. 

Till then, this is Shashwat Kumar signing off! Goodbye and goodnight!
PEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!!! A dramatic conclusion for an absolutely enthralling game as Mumbai City FC pip Bengaluru FC 3-2!!!!
A manic encounter was eventually decided by arguably the best player on the pitch as Borges popped up in the box to prod home the winner. Apart from that, there were a couple of questionable penalty calls and a raging debate regarding whether Chermiti should have been issued his marching orders. 

However, controversies aside, both teams played out an exciting contest with neither willing to back down. Consequently, Bengaluru kept pegging Mumbai back, although the visitors had the final say. 

The victory means that the Islanders end their 6-game win-less run whereas the defeat consigns Bengaluru to their first loss this season
90+6' Amrinder holds oN!!
Amrinder gathers himself and his bearings and falls onto the ball in the course of a penalty box scramble. And, that should be that!
90+3' Mumbai have a corner deep in stoppage time! And, GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!! Borges scores!!!
Machado swings it into the box and Subhasish wins the header at the back post. He heads it on for Borges who stabs the ball into the back of the net from close range

77' GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! Diego Carlos puts Mumbai ahead!!!
76' Gurpreet again makes a meal of his catch as he oddly comes off his line only to flap at it. Fortunately, Juanan bails him out as Mumbai have another corner. The resulting set-piece is drilled into the box and Pratik gets a clear header but it just flies wide of the post
75' Diego gets in behind his man and waits for the ball to bounce before whipping in his cross. Juanan blocks it and it goes behind for a corner
74' Another period of tippy-tappy football on the left flank but Augusto's pass to Chhetri on the left edge of the box. But, the Indian takes a stray touch and dribbles the ball out of play
73' Sougou comes off and Diego Carlos replaces him!
73' Change for the hosts! Khabra comes off for Semboi!
72' Sougou is down again and he is being checked by the physios for a possible concussion. Not a great sight for football enthusiasts
71' Dimas is again in space on the inside left channel and he whips in a deep cross for Chhetri. But, again, the Spaniard's cross is a tad too heavy and the Indian skipper can't keep it in play
69' Mumbai create another crossing opportunity as Machado plays the ball out to Sarthak. The Indian gets a good cross in to the far post where Larbi, despite being unchallenged, heads it over the bar. The angle was tight though, to be fair
68' A rare error by Chhetri as he expects the ball to go for a goal-kick and eventually makes no attempt to play it. However, it is kept within bounds and Chemriti back-heels it for Sougou, who finds Larbi. The midfielder's shot is charged down and the visitors have a corner
67' Raynier runs into the channel behind the full-back and lays it on for Larbi. The Tunisian smacks a shot at Gurpreet's goal but the Indian is up to the task. Benglauru hit back and Chhetri plays in Ashique but the latter fails in his attempt to nutmeg Sarthak and Mumbai bring the ball away
65' Chhetri pinches the ball in Mumbai's half but Dimas' pass is too strong for Augusto to control. Mumbai bounce back immediately and find Larbi in the left channel. The Tunisian plays in his countryman but Chermiti's cross is palmed away by Gurpreet before the other defenders mop up the danger
64' Chermiti wins an aerial ball and finds Sougou. The Senegalese tries to link up with the Tunisian but the former is miles off-side when the return pass is played. And, the attack comes to nothing!
63' Change for Mumbai! Raynier replaces Bipin!
The latter had been struggling with cramps for the past few minutes but boy, hasn't he been exceptional tonight!
62' A quiet period has followed the goal and both teams have been content to be safe rather than sorry. Another such attempt sees Gurpreet hoof the ball for a throw-in
58' GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!! Bengaluru are level! Grgic puts through his own net!
A monumental scramble ensues in the penalty box as the corner is hoisted high. Grgic loses track of his bearings and inadvertently turns the ball into his own net courtesy his shoulder. What an escape this could be for Bengaluru!
57' Dimas and Machado get into a tangle on the left flank and the former earns his side a free-kick. They take it quickly and ping the ball towards Bheke, whose cross is deflected behind for a corner
55' Dimas picks the ball up 30 yards from goal and curls a beautiful shot that is just palmed away by Amrinder. Top save by the Islanders' keeper
55' Gurpreet nearly makes a mess of a cross but Bheke clears up the danger. Augusto then plays Udanta into space on the right but the Indian is isolated and doesn't have enough options. He takes a couple of touches before the ball is hacked into touch
53' Another short corner routine doesn't work out as planned bu Bengaluru recycle it to get the ball to Dimas wide on the left. But, the Spaniard's cross is too heavy and it sails behind for a goal-kick
52' Ashique advances down the left and gets on the end of a through-ball by Augusto. He drills his cross into the box but Grgic is in the right place at the right time to clear it away
52' Dimas rides a couple of challenges and strides through midfield before an errant touch allows Mumbai to clear. The hosts build up from the back again
51' The corner is hoisted into the box and there seems to be a shove on Chhetri. But, the referee gives a free-kick for handball. Not a whole lot of contact to be fair to the Mumbai defenders
49' Udanta gets himself into a crossing position on the right but again his cross is headed away easily. The resulting passage of play leads to a corner as Subhasish makes a hash of his attempted clearance
48' Chhetri links up with Ashique but the full-back's dribble is stopped by Sarthak who puts it out for a throw-in
Change for the hosts at half-time! Bheke comes on for Nishu!
A slight shuffling of personnel as Ashique seems to have started as the left flank with Bheke at right back and Khabra further ahead in midfield. Also, Augusto seems to be leading the line with Cheetri out on the left
46' Larbi turns in midfield and slides in a through-ball for Bipin. But, the latter's cross is cleared by Serran
PEEEEEEPPPPPP!!! Mumbai get us underway!
Peeeeeeepppppp! The referee blows the whistle and brings a dramatic first half to an end with Mumbai leading 1-0!
The opening 45 minutes witnessed an high-octane period of action wherein both teams refused to back down, with each looking to impose their game-plan on the match. 

The Islanders looked to soak up the pressure and then spring swift breaks whereas Bengaluru kept searching for openings down either flank. Yet, the visitors just managed to stave off the hosts' threat to enter the tunnel with a one-goal cushion. 

Towards the end though, there was plenty of drama with Chermiti first avoiding a possible sending off, then winning a bizarre penalty and Larbi missing the consequent spot-kick. 

Do join us in a short while for the second half of this intriguing encounter!
45+5' Gurpreet saves the day! Justice served!
Gurpreet guesses correctly and jumps to his right to thwart Larbi's penalty. That's poetic justice!
45+4' Penalty for Mumbai City FC! The referee has had a shocker in the past few minutes!
Bipin finds himself on the left flank and his cross is charged down by Serran. The deflection goes high into the air where Chermiti seemingly blocks Juanan but then bizzarely, earns the penalty. That was a rather shocking decision, magnified by the debate of whether the Tunisian should be on the pitch in the first place
45+3' The cards are flying left,right and centre now! Chermiti gets booked!
Chermiti swings his arms rather rashly and catches Serran. My word, there was intent there and it probably should've been red. How big could that decision be?
45+2' Udanta jinks past a couple of challenges but is then tackled brilliantly by a retreating Borges. The latter has been immense in the opening 45 minutes
45+1' Amrinder earns a yellow card for time wasting. Surely we haven't reached that stage of the game yet!
A minimum of three minutes to be added on!
45' Serran steps into midfield and tries to find Ashique with a long diagonal. But, his pass is intercepted by Sarthak expertly
44' Ashique rashly challenges Sarthak and leads with his forearm and clatters into Sarthak. Not the greatest challenge the Bengaluru man would make through his career. Unsurprisingly, he is shown the yellow card!

Ashique the 3rd player to be booked tonight!
43' Machado's pass is intercepted but the deflection finds its way to Chermiti. The cross is bounced off Juanan and the Islanders are appealing for a penalty. But, the referee waives away those claims
42' Mumbai defend another attack brilliantly and Machado cuts out a cut-back by Udanta. He then plays in Sougou, whose cross reaches Larbi. But, the Tunisian razes his shot over the bar
41' Mumbai don't make the most of the corner as the delivery is again disappointing and the ball lands in the keeper's palms. Gurpreet then throws the ball all the way beyond the half-way line looking for Udanta but it just bounces away from 'The Flash'
39' Larbi is behind the free-kick and he clatters it into the wall after a short lay-off by Chermiti. Mumbai recycle the ball and get it to Borges on the left but the midfielder is thwarted by Khabra. Another passage of play develops and Sarthak gets in a cross from the right but the BFC right-back heads it away for a corner
36' Mumbai defend another short free-kick routine well and immediately bomb forward as Borges plays the ball forward. Larbi and Sougou then pass the ball between themselves before the Tunisian is brought down by Ashique 30 yards from goal
35' Augusto turns in midfield and rolls in a pass for Khabra. The full-back returns the favour and the Brazilian tricks Borges into committing another foul. Free-kick for Bengaluru
34' Larbi and Borges create space in midfield and feed the ball to Machado. The Portuguese finds Sougou but Mumbai keep hold of possession until they give it away in midfield and Borges is forced to hack Ashique down as the former is late on his challenge. 

Borges into the book!
32' Sougou wins the ball in midfield and he links up expertly with Chermiti before  the former's cross is cut out by Khabra
There has been an inclination from Mumbai to play the ball forward quickly and exploit the hosts' high defensive line. And, Bipin and Sougou have been crucial to that approach
29' Ashique again goes down the outside and earns a corner off a deflection. Dimas whips in the resulting corner and Paartalu gets to it first, but his header rises well over the bar
27' Mumbai clear another cross from the right flank and instantly counter-attack. Sougou is picked out on the right by Machado and he isolates himself against Juanan. The Spaniard though, does well and cuts down the angle as the forward only manages a shot that is parried behind by Gurpreet. Mumbai's heavy-metal counter-attacking style has caught the hosts off-guard so far
25' Udanta blazes over!
Paartalu opens up the Mumbai defence with one pass as he spots Udanta's run inside the full-back and finds him near the edge of the box. The Indian takes a couple of touches and fires over under pressure from Subhasish
23' Serran and Khabra both go for an aerial challenge with Chermiti and lose out. Bipin is on his bike and gets on the end of the flick on before his cross is cleared by Nishu
22' Dimas leads a foray forward and finds Augusto in the centre of the park. The Brazilian feeds Khabra, whose intended pass to Udanta is cut out by Subhasish
21' Sougou loses his head after Augusto indulges in a couple of fancy step-overs. Absolutely unnecessary from the Senegalese and he goes into the book.

Sougou gets a yellow card!
20' Mumbai continue with their high-press and force Juanan to boot the ball into touch, following a misplaced pass intended for Nishu
19' The game certainly has an edgy side to it as Chermiti slides in on Dimas half-way into Bengaluru's half, only to concede another free-kick. This could become really feisty!
18' Sougou is sandwiched between three other players and the Senegalese is down in a heap. He definitely came off worse but he gingerly gets back on the pitch
16' Dimas tries a cute short free-kick from the left but it is telegraphed by the away side as a promising situation comes to nothing
14' Augusto picks Machado's pocket and earns himself a free-kick. The players amicably resolve the afters proceeding the foul. But, Paartalu, Rowllin and Sougou get involved needlessly before the referee separates them
12' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!! Subhasish opens the scoring!!
After another poor corner from the left, Mumbai recycle the ball as Larbi finds himself in space. He checks inside Chhetri and curls a sumptuous cross towards the back post where Subhasish finds himself in acres of room. He powers a header off Gurpreet's face and into the net. Massive goal for the Islanders!

That's also the first time Bengaluru have conceded at home this season and also the first instance when they've gone behind this term. Wow!
11' Chhetri slides in a wonderful through-ball for Ashique as he makes a run behind the full back. But, Sarthak returns just in time to get in a challenge. Instantly, Mumbai spring a counter and get the ball to Bipin who controls it and lines up a shot. However, Khabra heroically gets himself in the way
10' Khabra and Udanta try to work a crossing position on the right but Larbi slides in and clears the ball for a throw-in
9' The corner is disappointing from Larbi as it is cleared comfortably by Chhetri at the front post. Not the corner Mumbai would've been looking for
8' Bipin again advances down the left and creates a yard for himself against Khabra. He drills in a low cross that is spilled by the keeper but fortunately for the hosts, it trickles out for a corner
7' Amrinder hurriedly clears and it falls to Ashique. But, the latter is dispossessed and Bipin is on his way as Larbi tries to find him. He gets a cross in but it is straight into Gurpreet's palms
6' Ashique leaves Sarthak for dead on the left and whips in a cross that is just about dealt with by Grgic. The resulting passage of play sees Dimas smack a shot off the defender for a throw-in
5' Subhasish tries to clip a pass through for Bipin but it just a tad over-hit as Gurpree comes and collects
4' Sougou tries to progress down the right after being found expertly by Borges. But, his touch lets him down and Nishu clears it into touch
3' Subhashish heads the ball clear from the corner and they pass their first set-piece test effectively. The visitors have conceded 31% of their goals from set-pieces this season
2' A smashing cross-field pass by Dimas finds Ashique and the Indian gets it out of his feet and crosses. The ball takes a deflection and goes behind for a corner
1' Bengaluru are immediately on the attack and Grgic gets a vital clearance when confronted by Augusto. The resulting throw-in causes a bit of helter scelter in the box but Mumbai eventually survive
Peeeeeeepppp!!!! We are underway here in Bengaluru and the hosts start off proceedings!
The players make their way out onto the pitch! We are all set for the Indian national anthem!
Bengaluru FC, on the other hand, have resisted the temptation of fielding Rahul Bheke and have continued with their recent winning formula, with Harmanjot Khabra functioning as the right-back
Mumbai City FC have brought in Bipin Singh at the expense of Raynier Fernandes. That could mean that Mohamed Larbi slots into midfield alongside Paulo Machado and Rowllin Borges. It could be a direct consequence of the Islanders failing to impose themselves in the middle third against Kerala Blasters in the absence of Larbi in midfield.
Team News!!

Bengaluru FC XI: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK), Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Raphael Augusto, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Erik Paartalu, Sunil Chhetri, Ashique Kuruniyan

Mumbai City FC XI: Amrinder Singh (GK), Pratik Chaudhari, Mato Grgic, Subhasish Bose, Sarthak Golui, Mohamed Larbi, Bipin Singh, Rowllin Borges, Paulo Machado (C), Amine Chermiti, Modou Sougou
Consequently, the game at the Kanteerava has morphed into an encounter wherein a side is looking to finally find the elusive part of their machinery while the other is hoping for one of its constituents to function optimally, at least. 

And, though Mumbai enter the contest as underdogs, they wouldn’t particularly mind that tag. After all, most of their magnum opus last term came about when their backs were firmly against the wall.
In 2019-20, the Blues have conceded just 2 goals, with none of them coming at the Kanteerava Stadium. More impressively, they’ve also faced only 23 shots in 3 home games, a number that roughly equates to just a shade under 8 shots for the opposition per match. 

Thus, despite their attack not hitting the heights it is capable of, the defending champions still have several components of their irresistible machine working excellently. Yet, before the season enters its home stretch, Bengaluru would want their offensive weapons firing on all cylinders. And, against a Mumbai outfit that has let in
13 goals, they would be fancying their chances.
Bengaluru, on the other hand, have continued from where they left off last season, albeit slightly scratchily. The defending champions come into the encounter having accumulated 13 points in 7 fixtures and are just a couple of points off the perch. Yet, rather uncharacteristically, their offensive play hasn’t flowed as usual, meaning that goals have been a bit hard to come by. 

A tally of 7 goals in 7 games is certainly not befitting of a side that managed 29 goals in 18 round-robin league matches last season. But, unlike Mumbai, Bengaluru have been able to tighten up elsewhere across the pitch, meaning that they’ve stumbled upon a decent formula for success.
Thus, the much-documented law of averages would tell one that the Islanders’ fortunes are bound to change sometime, especially considering that they’ve gone 7 games without particularly being bestowed with that element.

Yet, the reality of the whole narrative points towards time also running out. With more than one-third of the season done and dusted, Mumbai simply need to start churning out results, with or without the aid of luck. 

And, though they’ve previously showcased a comeback template and the pedigree to adhere to it, they might not want to live too much in the past and would rather be hoping to complete a significant turnaround in the present.
And, while those speaking on those lines aren’t too unfounded in their notions, the other side of the same coin leads one to believe that the Islanders, despite all the mistakes they’ve committed, have just been unlucky so far. 

On several occasions, Mumbai have been punished for their lapses whereas they haven’t had a similar rub of the green when chipping away at the opposition goal. Unsurprisingly, they’ve shipped in 13 goals while they’ve made the net ripple 10 times.
A few days ago, at the Mumbai Football Arena, the Islanders succumbed to another draw against the Kerala Blasters, meaning that their win-less streak extended to 6 games, which incidentally is a third of the ISL group stages. 

Consequently, Mumbai City FC’s tendency to indulge in the odd elementary error came under the scanner, with several opining that that particular aspect would ultimately lead to their downfall in 2019-20.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL fixture between Bengaluru FC and Mumbai City FC! I am Shashwat Kumar and I will be taking you through the build-up and the entirety of the encounter! Sit back, relax and enjoy what these teams have in store for us!
S. Aboue
R. Borges
assist: S. Bose
Raphael Augusto
S. Chhetri, Penalty
S. Golui
E. Lyngdoh
S. Aboue
A. Chermiti
E. Lyngdoh
A. Kuruniyan
assist: R. Fernandes
M. Sougou
T. Haokip
H. Khabra
R. Fernandes
Bipin Singh
M. Grgić (Own Goal)
M. Larbi
A. Chermiti
A. Singh
R. Bheke
N. Kumar
A. Kuruniyan
R. Borges
M. Sougou
S. Bose
assist: M. Larbi
Mumbai City (4-2-3-1)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
G. Singh
N. Kumar
Albert Serrán
H. Khabra
E. Paartalu
A. Kuruniyan
Raphael Augusto
U. Singh
S. Chhetri
A. Singh
S. Bose
M. Grgić
P. Chowdhary
S. Golui
R. Borges
Paulo Machado
Bipin Singh
M. Larbi
M. Sougou
A. Chermiti
Mumbai City (4-2-3-1)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
Bengaluru Subs
R. Anto
R. Bheke
P. Gill
T. Haokip
E. Lalrindika
E. Lyngdoh
S. Wangjam
Mumbai City Subs
S. Aboue
S. Chakraborty
S. Das
R. Fernandes
R. Kumar
M. Rafique
11 SHOTS 17
14 FOULS 19
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 14 5 5 4 -2 20
6 Chennaiyin FC 13 5 3 5 0 18
7 Jamshedpur FC 13 4 4 5 -4 16
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 14 1 3 10 -18 6
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 8
Stadium Sree Kanteerava Stadium
Match time Sun, 15 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 15, 2019 21:33 PM | Published: Dec 15, 2019 17:39 PM