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BRA vs MEX Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
2 - 0
Neymar 51'
Roberto Firmino 88'
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! That's it. It's all over. And Brazil are deservingly through. They played some eye-catching football to get the better of the Mexicans and they can be proud of this performance.

Mexico had a good run and their exciting brand of football will not be forgotten fast.

Anyway, that's that from the yap centre. We'll be belting out the post-match prose and all that jazz in a bit.

This is me, Shambhu Ajith, signing off. Hope y'all had a ball.

95' We are into the final minute of the game and Brazil seem set to go through.
94' Layun sends one more into the box from the right flank but Miranda gets to it first and lofts it in the air and it falls kindly for Alisson.
94' Dos Santos tries to sent one in from the left flank but Casemiro hoists it clear.
93' Layun whips in a curler from the right wing but Thiago Silva heads it clear.
92' Layun struggles against the wrestling Firmino on the left wing and somehow wins a goalkick.
91' Lozano takes a shot straight at the advertising hoardings and Alisson is yet to make a save today.
90' Substitution for Brazil.

The absolutely brilliant Willian steps out and Marquinhos replaces him.
90' 6 minutes added on!
89' Can Mexico pull 2 rabbits out of their hats in the dying embers of the game? Got to say, it looks highly unlikely.

Fernandinho breaks and feeds a delightful ball, perfectly weighted, for Neymar who ventures into the box on the left side and he tries to send it past Ochoa who still gets a touch on it. However, the ball still rolls across the goal and falls for Roberto Firmino at the far post and he taps it in and it's almost settled here now.
86' It's a bit awkward inside the box but the flag is raised as Vela tries to get to a looping ball before Alisson and fails.
85' Substitution for Brazil.

Philippe Coutinho off. Roberto Firmino on. Meanwhile, Mexico have won a corner.
84' Brazil are still pressing high, thereby forcing Mexico to go back as far as Ochoa. But they spring forward immediately afterwards but their move ends at the edge of the area where Gimenez goes to the ground after failing to trap Lozano's ball. 
83' Meanwhile, Roberto Firmino looks all set to come on for Brazil.
82' Guardado fouls Thiago Silva inside the area and the defender is on the ground and receiving medical attention.
81' Salcedo tries to feed Vela deep into the final third on the right wing but it's a bit too much to ask of the veteran. Brazil have a goalkick.
79' Substitution for Brazil.

Paulinho off. Fernandinho on.
77' You can't keep Coutinho keep quiet even when he's on the ground. He feeds Neymar who can't get his shot away however, and Mexico break on the ccounter and Lozano labours his way into space on the left side of the box and tries to send one across goal but Fagner's spectacular sliding tackle sends the ball out. In fact, it takes a touch off Lozano and it goes out for a goalkick.
76' Salcedo gets a yellow card for kicking Neymar from behind.
74' Gabriel Jesus puts a dent on Layun's career with an array of tricks produced one after the other before dragging the ball to Neymar on the edge of the area. But the Mexican defenders hold it out and quell the danger.
74' Mexico giving away silly freekicks. Hector Herrera needs to be careful.
73' Guardado spreads it out to the left wing and Lozano checks a couple of times and sends it back before Gallardo is found in space on the left flank. However, his cross is easily cleared by Miranda.
72' VAR checks and ridiculously lets him go. What is happening?!
71' Neymar was slithering on the ground like a fish taken fresh out of water.
70' Absolute chaos near the tactical area as Neymar is on the ground (obviously). OH MY GOD! Replays just revealed that Neymar's ankle was stepped on by Layun. Criminal that. Red card offence. 
69' Herrera crosses it in from the right side of the box which is cleared momentarily and it falls to Guardado who runs up to it and leathers it back but Casemiro puts his boot in the way and clears the danger.
68' Corner is taken short and the subsequent cross goes straight out for a goalkick.
67' Some samba delight on show as Willian continues to be a menacing presence in the centre. He combines well with Coutinho and Paulinho and finally feeds Neymar on the edge of the area. His shot is deflected out for a corner though. 
65' Neymar is felled near the halfway line by Herrera.
64' You just can't write Mexico off. Vela protects the ball on the right flank and sends it back to Guardado who plays a delightful ball for Lozano on the edge of the area. He drags the ball across the face of the goal but Gimenez is not waiting at the far post to poke it in.
63' Filipe Luis finds Willian on the right side with a crossfield pass and Willian, as enterprising as ever, he drops his shoulder and finds some space past Salcedo and goes for it from inside the box but once again Ochoa is up to it and parries it for a corner. Corner is once again poor and offers nothing of note.
60' Gimenez plays a delightful outside of the boot ball that finds Lozano in space. He cuts in and tries to leather one home but the Brazilian defenders block it and it falls for Vela. Vela also goes for goal and it's a very good effort and Alisson has to palm it out for a corner. Corner comes to nothing though.
59' Substitution for Mexico.

Chicha off. Gimenez on.
59' Casemiro fouls Lozano and gets a yellow card. He'll miss the next game.
58' Neymar pulls off a lovely exchange with Gabriel Jesus but can't get his shot away. No worries, Fagner collects the ball and cuts it back from the right wing and Paulinho tries to sidefoot it home but once again Ochoa's positioning skills shine through and parry it out of danger. 
57' Alisson's poor clearance gifts Mexico a throw-in on the left flank.
55' The freekick is floated into the danger area but Ayala sees it clear. The ball eventually falls for Neymar who goes for goal from outside the area but it's a rather awkward shot that neither has the pace or the direction to trouble the goalkeeper and it sails over the crossbar and into the stands.
55' Substitution for Mexico.

J. Dos Santos on. Alvarez off.
54' Brilliant, brilliant stuff from Willian as he gallops past 2 players and tries to charge on ahead to the right side of the box. Hector Herrera tugs at his shirt and pulls him back and gets a yellow card for that.
53' Lozano works his magic once again but his pass to Chicharito on the edge of the area isn't trapped well and Brazil thwart the danger.
52' Mexico have a corner now. Vela takes it but Brazil clear their lines. Hector Herrera receives it on the right side of the box and he smashes it across and it misses all the bodies in the centre and Vela wins a corner once again. He takes the corner which falls to Layun on the edge of the area. He goes for goal but it takes a deflection and ends up being an easy catch for Alisson.

Neymar drifts inwards from the left flank and just as we thought he was teeing himself up for a shot, he plays a backheel and Willian pounces upon that and forays into the left side of the box and sends it across the face of the goal with pace and Neymar has already made his run to the far post and he touches it in! The superstar has arrived!
49' He drives it to the edge of the area for Neymar who can't bring it under his control and Mexico break. Gallardo charges ahead and shifts inwards and into the centre and tries to curl it into the top corner. But his shot sails over the crossbar. 
48' Fagner is released deep into final third on the right and he tries to dink it into the area but the Mexicans head it out for yet another corner. Willian will take it.
47' Neymar takes it short to Coutinho, who darts past the Mexican defenders at the edge of the area and into the box. He lets one rip but Ochoa makes a good save to his right and sends it out for another corner. This corner comes to nothing.
47' Brazil break again. Neymar has the beating of Salcedo on the edge of the box and gets the better of him momentarily before the defender catches up and sends it out for a corner.
46' Paulinho spreads it out to Neymar on the left wing. He sends it in to the area and Jesus collects it. He holds it up well but his shot is blocked as Mexico clear the danger immediately.
PEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off in the second half.
Who else is longing for a goal now? In-house pseudo tactician Amit Mishra just figured out that it's been a whopping 161 minutes since we've last seen one of those in this World Cup. It hasn't been mind numbing dulldom but let's give the netting the cuddling it deserves, yeah?

The players are walking out on the ground and we'll kick off in the second half shortly. Meanwhile, Miguel Layun comes on for Rafa Marquez!
45' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! No added time at the Samara Arena. A fairly entertaining half with adequate amount of entertainment and goooood football.

As it stands, Brazil 0-0 Mexico. All to fight for in the second half. I'll be right back. 

Meanwhile, you can send me your thoughts, prediction and whatevertheheck on Twitter- @goddamnhunter or you can mail me-
44' Mexicans are 'ole'ing every pass now as their team try to break Brazil's momentum and conjure something of their own in the final third. Lozano slaloms past 2 or 3 before he is stopped right outside the box. He has been so impressive in this World Cup.
42' Guardado swings it into the box but it's taken long and straight into the hands of Alisson.
41' The Mexican defence sends the corner clear and Hector Herrera spreads the ball out wide to Vela. Vela reaches the ball first and Filipe Luis acknowledges his presence with a mean foot stamp. Gets a yellow for that.
41' Brazil have grown into the game and Mexico look rattled. Gallardo concedes a corner after blocking a Fagner cross from the right flank. Willian will take this.
40' Coutinho and Neymar play one more delightful one-two and the former tries to swing one into the box but he gets too much behind it and it falls to Willian on the right flank. Willian motors inwards and drives it low but Ochoa gets down and gathers it.
39' As a result of that infringment, Brazil have a freekick 35 yards out and Neymar strikes it. It's not a bad strike but it flies a bit too high and wide off the top corner.
37' Coutinho tries to set up his typical top corner strike but he doesn't catch it right. Shortly afterwards, Edson Alvarez shoves the ugly side of his boot onto Ney Ney's thigh and gets a well earned yellow card.
37' Gallardo nudges Willian to the ground from behind and there's yet another stoppage of play near the halfway line.
35' Freekick against Fagner. He kicks Lozano's calf to force him to the ground and the ref gives him a warning.
34' Willian delivers a dangerous ball but nobody can nod it home and the ball sails away to the other side from where the Mexicans retrieve it and try to launch something of their own.
34' Coutinho plays a lovely give and go with Neymar and unleashes a shot straight after receiving the return ball but his left-footed shot takes a deflection and goes out for a corner. Willian is standing by it.
32' Coutinho gets the ball on the left side of the box and cuts it back for Gabriel Jesus who dances past 2 defenders into space and gets his shot away! But Ochoa has it covered and palms it clear but Coutinho sends it into the 6 yard box again but it does not fall to a Blue shirt and Mexico clear the danger! 
31' Paulinho releases Willian on the right flank and the Chelsea winger tries to whip it in but his attempt is blocked and he will have to content with a throw-in.
29' Fagner plays a spectacular cross and it sails over the head of Alvarez and falls for Neymar. Neymar motors into the box but Alvarez does not give up and gives him chase and puts in a last-ditch tackle to save the day for Mexico. Top top tackle from the fullback.
29' Carlos Vela goes for glory from the edge of the box but it is not even close.
28' Neymar has one more chance to run into the box from the left side but his attempt at finding Coutinho on the edge of the area is not executed well as it falls behind the Barcelona midfielder and Mexico deal with it.
27' Carlos Vela is found on the left flank by a delightful diagonal, from I think Alvarez, and the former dances his way intot he box but Silva charges out to send it away from the danger zone.
26' Brazil have a freekick on the left flank and Neymar crosses it in and forces the box into a scramble at the end of which Jesus gets a shot away. But it is cleared by Ayala and it still falls to Brazil and Coutinho goes for goal from outside of the box but sends it for a rendezvous with the floodlights.

Filipe Luis releases Neymar on the left flank. Bread and butter stuff for him. He drops a shoulder and sends Alvares and Ayala to their resignation papers before going for goal from the edge of the 6 yard box. But Ochoa makes himself big and saves it with his body.
23' Mexico try to work their way forward but an awkward pass from Hector Herrera sends the ball to the advertising hoardings and Brazil have a goalkick.
21' Carlos Vela cuts the ball back to the edge of the box from the left flank with perfection and Hector Herrera receives it and checks his shot and cuts past Miranda but his shot is blocked by Silva as Mexico let slip of a golden opportunity.
20' Neymar loses the ball outside the area and Hector Herrera wins the ball and shimmies past Coutinho before playing it out to Guardado on the left wing. Once again, support is late to arrive and Mexico have to go back.
19' Mexico have looked better than Brazil so far and an upset is very much on the cards as the teams battle it out in midfield.
17' Corner by Willian is headed clear and a a ridiculous couple of passes played by Chicharito and Vela help release Lozano on the right side of the box but Lozano's shot is blocked by Miranda. Mexico have looked intense in the opening 15 minutes.
16' Willian rushes down the right flank and tries to whip one in but Salcedo gets in the way of that and heads it clear for a corner.

Paulinho labours his way into possession in midfield and wins a throw-in but Fagner's terrible throw-in gifts Mexico the possession. Guardado plays a sumptuous diagonal ball that falls sharply for Lozano and the youngster brings it down like a sack of sand and dances past Filipe Luis and tries to whip one into the far post but Chicharito hadn't arrive. Goes a-begging.
12' Vela plays a beautiful early in-swinger from the left flank and Hector Herrera is clear through on goal but he just can't reach it and Brazil see it out for a corner. Corner, once again, comes to nothing.
10' Casemiro plays a lovely diagonal pass and finds Willian on the right wing. He dances past one but can't replocate the same against the next and Mexico break. Vela plays a spectacular through ball that walks through the touchline and reaches Hernandez. Chicharito tries to cut in but he is halted at the edge of the box and Mexico recover.
9' The freekick is met in the air by Ayala and it drops like a chute between Chicharito and Alisson and the former tries to kung fu kick it homewards but ends up getting cautioned for a dangerous challenge. Brazil have a freekick.
8' Freekick is floated in by Neymar but it is headed away by Ayala and mexico break. Guardado dances past Fagner and tries to feed Gallardo on the wings but there was no one arriving in the box in support and Mexico are force to travel back. But Vela gets on the ball on the left wing and eases past Fagner but his cross is deflected out for a corner.
7' One for infringement from Chicharito's side as he claws Neymar from behind. Brazil have a freekick on the left wing. Neymar will swing this in.
6' Mexico trying to pass the ball out from the back and set the rhythm but they run it straight out as they almost crumble under Brazil's high press.
4' Ayala puts his body between himself and the ball and prevents a Brazilian attack from burgeoning. But Brazil are at it again and this time, Neymar has space to exploit outside the area and he goes for goal. It's hit straight at Ochoa but the goalkeeper spills it but Mexico see off the danger.
3' There we are. Alvarez has disturbed Neymar with a shoulder barge and he has hit the floor for the first time in this game. Let the bodies hit the floor by Drowning Pool should be this man's life's soundtrack.
2' Brazil have a freekick on the right side as Fagner is hacked to the ground by Chicharito. They take it short but the Mexicans deny them a route into the box and Brazil have to go back and try again.

Vela feeds Guardado on the left side of the box and the latter dinks it in and Alissson punches it clear but it falls for Lozano. Lozano tries to go for goal straight away but it is blocked and sent out for a corner. Corner comes to nothing though.
0' Dropped straight into action as Guardado is found in space out on the left wing but he eventually loses out to a resolute Fagner who forces the Mexican into making a mistake and letting the ball roll out for a goalkick.
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And here we go. Chicharito kicks off and Mexico will attack from right to left on the TV screen.
And we're about to start here at the Samara Arena. Did you guys know that Hernandez and Salcedo have executed their amazing idea of dyeing their hair white? The horror, mate.
Shortly before the World Cup started, we were all talking about how this World Cup could go to any side. There were so many 'favourites'. 5 star teams, the lot of them. Packed to the gills with superstars and suffocating with an excessive amount of talent. Well, that was in the early days of June. It's July now.

Our heads are spinning now. Germany have fallen. Argentina have fallen. Portugal have fallen. The mighty have been dispatched and even dismantled.

The spotlight is now on Brazil. Dubbed as the favourites going into the World Cup, it's hard to say that they've truly hit their strides. But who really has anyway?

Mexico clotheslined Germany into a state of shock. Can they do the same today against the mighty mighty Brazilians? Let's sit back and see.

The teams are walking out the tunnel. Brazil are in their classic Yellow and Blue kit.

The Mexicans are in their Green and Whites.

Game freaking on! Get in.
Brazil vs Mexico: Confirmed lineups

Brazil XI:  Allison, Fágner, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Filipe Luis; Coutinho, Casemiro, Paulinho; Willian, Gabriel Jesús, Neymar

Mexico XI: Álvarez, Ayala, Salcedo, Gallardo; Rafa Márquez; Vela, Héctor Herrera, Guardado, Lozano; Chicharito
Brazil vs Mexico: Kickoff information

Date: 2nd July 2018
Kickoff time: 15:00 pm (BST), 1930 pm (IST)
Venue: Samara Arena

Brazil vs Mexico: Team News

Douglas Costa, who missed out on the game against Serbia due to a thigh injury is still unavailable and thus backup options are at a premium for the Brazilians.

Worse yet, Marcelo could also not feature tonight after not fully recovering from a back spasm he got in the opening minutes against Serbia.

However, team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar has confirmed that Danilo has recovered from a thigh injury and is ready to play against Mexico. He said, "Danilo is fit to play. He trained today and is available for Tite".

As for the Mexicans, Hector Moreno, who picked up a second booking against Sweden in their last group stage game, will miss out.

Brazil vs Mexico: Probable lineups

Brazil XI: Alisson; Fagner, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Filipe Luis; Casemiro, Paulinho; Willian, Philippe Coutinho, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus

Mexico XI: Ochoa; Layun, Ayala, Salcedo, Gallardo; Herrera, J. Dos Santos, Guardado; Carlos Vela, Javier Hernandez, Hirving Lozano

Brazil vs Mexico: Form guide

Brazil: W-W-D-W-W

Brazil are yet to fully get into their stride and the sooner they do that, the better for them because this World Cup has had no reservations about sending the big dogs home. Shape up or ship out.

Mexico: W-L-W-W-L

Mexico have the ability to blow hot and cold like it's nobody's business. They showed us in the game against Germany that they could shock even the cream of the crop. But an abysmal showing against Sweden in the last game of the group stage has left us doubting again.

Brazil vs Mexico: Head to Head

Games played: 40
Brazil wins: 23
Mexico wins: 10
Draws: 7

Brazil vs Mexico: Key Players

Neymar is great but Philippe Coutinho is Tite's most important weapon. He has proved to be the difference on several occasions and lord knows, they'll need his creativity in abundance if they are to break down the Mexicans and tear them a new one.

Hirving Lozano has lit up this World Cup as far as Mexico are concerned. His pace on the counter can upend defences entirely and if he gets the right kind of service from around him, he could set the stage on fire yet again.

Brazil vs Mexico: Prediction

Predicted scoreline: Brazil 1-1 Mexico (Penalties- Brazil go through)​
A. Guardado
Roberto Firmino
Roberto Firmino
Philippe Coutinho
C. Salcedo
R. Jiménez
J. Hernández
J. dos Santos
E. Álvarez
H. Herrera
assist: Willian
M. Layún
R. Márquez
Filipe Luis
E. Álvarez
Mexico (4-3-3)
Juan Carlos Osorio Arbeláez (Manager)
Filipe Luis
João Miranda
Thiago Silva
Philippe Coutinho
Gabriel Jesus
G. Ochoa
J. Gallardo
C. Salcedo
H. Ayala
E. Álvarez
A. Guardado
R. Márquez
H. Herrera
C. Vela
J. Hernández
H. Lozano
Mexico (4-3-3)
Juan Carlos Osorio Arbeláez (Manager)
Brazil Subs
Roberto Firmino
Pedro Geromel
Ederson Moraes
Renato Augusto
Mexico Subs
J. Aquino
J. Corona
J. Corona
M. Fabián
É. Gutiérrez
R. Jiménez
M. Layún
O. Peralta
A. Talavera
G. dos Santos
J. dos Santos
20 SHOTS 14
6 FOULS 17
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - 8th Finals
Stadium Samara Arena
Match time Mon, 02 Jul 2018, 07:30 PM
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