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ATK vs CHE Match Result - ISL 2019-20
3 - 1
Javi Hernández 10'
Edu García 48'
Javi Hernández 90'+3'
69' N. Valskis
What an entertaining ISL final we just saw at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa. Unlucky there were no fans in the stadium to witness it. Till then, here is your host Abhishek Kundu signing off. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest Indian Football news. 
90+6' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! And, with that, the referee blows the full-time whistle. It has finished 3-1 in favour of ATK and the ISL trophy is coming to Kolkata again baby. Antonio Lopez Habas weaves his magic band once again as Javi Hernandez's brace and a goal by Edu Garcia after the change of sides settle the tie. Nerijus Valskis did score one for Chennaiyin FC but it proved to be a mere consolation as he couldn't inspire his team to mount a comeback. 
90+4' Javi Hernandez gets a yellow card for taking out his shirt. But, who cares?
90+3' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Javi Hernandez scores another for ATK. 

The shirt comes off and celebrations running amok in the ATK bench and frustration in the Chennaiyin FC bench. Lucian Goian is shouting at his teammates.

Pronay Halder scoops a ball down the centre and Javi Hernandez outruns Laldinliana Renthlei to place his ball past Vishal Kaith. 
90+1' ATK's Arindam Bhattacharya goes down and asks for treatment. That will wind down crucial minutes out of play. 
Four minutes added on the clock. Is that four minutes separating ATK from the ISL trophy?
90' Another wave of Chennaiyin FC attack comes up with Lucian Goian having a shot at goal with his head. But, Arindam collects the ball. 
89' Chennaiyin FC break on the counter again after ATK's Michael Soosairaj loses the ball in a crucial position. But, Pronay Halder makes up for the mistake by clearing the ball from the feet of Rafael Crivellaro. 
88' Eli Sabia goes in the book for colliding his knee with the knee of Edu Garcia. The referee gives a yellow card to the Chennaiyin FC centre-back for that professional foul. 
85' ATK's Michael Soosairaj commits a foul on Laldinliana Renthlei. It was a soft one but Chennaiyin FC has a free-kick from a dangerous situation. And, Rafael Crivellaro makes a complete mess of it with his shot-cross going wide. 
84' ATK make their final change. The substitute is being substituted. 

OFF- Mandi Sosa Pena
ON- Victor Mongil
82' SHOT! Nerijus Valskis has another shot, or rather, header at goal after sneaking in between Pritam Kotal and John Johnson. But, his header is inches wide. The Lithuanian has his hands on his head. He knows he should have buried the ball into the back of the net. 
80' CHANCE! David Williams releases Edu Garcia with a defense-splitting through ball. That has been ATK's signature move throughout the season but Chennaiyin FC's 'keeper Vishal Kaith anticipates the danger. He comes out of his line to clear the ball and ensures the margin separating the two sides is only one goal. 
76' Soosairaj loses the ball in the defensive third and Rafael Crivellaro has a shot at goal from inside the box. But, the shot loses its venom after taking a touch from an ATK defender and Arindam slams the ball out for a corner-kick, which is hastily dealt with by the ATK defense. The Kolkata side is living dangerously. 
75' Chennaiyin FC make their second change. And, with that,the time for Maltese international in club football is over.

OFF- Andre Schembri
ON- Dragos Firtulescu
72' CHANCE! Michael Soosairaj wins a loose ball and dances his way into the box. He releases a minus ball into the box but the long legs of Lucian Goian mean ATK don't have a shot from inside the box. But, an onrushing Mandi Sosa Pena tries to capitalize on the rebound and has a shot at goal despite having both the posts at mercy. But, his effort is high and wide. 
70' SHOT! That was almost 2-2 in the game. Eli Sabia crosses the ball from the right flank but Nerijus Valskis' towering header is kept out of bulging the back of the net by a stooping Arindam Bhattacharya. The ATK custodian has done his everything to preserve ATK's lead. 
69' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Nerijus Valskis pulls one goal back for Chennaiyin FC. Game on here in Fatorda.

Laldinliana Renthlei swings a cross from the right flank but ATK's Pritam Kotal heads it away. It only falls as far as Jerry Lalrinzuala whose cross is connected into the goal by a swing of the boot from Nerijus Valskis. And, with that goal, Lithuanian gets his 15th goal of the ISL. 
67' Good interception by Pronay Halder. Nerijus Valskis has the ball in his feet but the Indian international snatches the ball from beneath his nose. He runs with the ball but his final pass towards Edu Garcia is astray. 
66' ATK make their second change.

OFF- Michael Regin
ON- Pronay Halder
65' SHOT! Chennaiyin FC clears the first attempt but ATK's Prabir Das has a go from goal from distance. The piledriver seems to be going in but it ends up inches wide. 
64' SHOT! Prabir Das makes a lung-bursting run from one end of the pitch to the other after going past Lucian Goian but Anirudh Thapa makes up for him. His shot from inside the box is kept out of play by Vishal Kaith and ATK win a corner. 
62' Michael Soosairaj intercepts a ball but his pace isn't on the same stroke with that of the ball and the ball ends up with Chennaiyin FC's Eli Sabia back again. 
61' Mandi Sosa Pena draws a foul from Lallianzuala Chhangte and clocks down crucial minutes from play. 
59' And, ATK's Michael Regin goes in the book for a boot on the shoulder of Edwin Vanspaul. The two Tamil Nadu players have left their friendship out of the field. 
57' ATK are defending in a batch of five and ahead of it is a batch of four. The Chennaiyin FC midfielders, Anirudh Thapa and Edwin Vanspaul, need to step up. But, they haven't been up to the mark yet. 
55' Chennaiyin FC are knocking on the doors of ATK defense but a resolute unit have kept them at bay so far. 
52' SHOT! The ball bobbles at the outside of the box after desperate defending from ATK meant Chennaiyin FC players couldn't pierce in. Chhangte takes a curling shot but it is angled just outside. 
51' And, the substitute Mandi Sosa Pena gets a yellow card for bringing down Rafael Crivellaro at the centre-circle. That was not at all required. 
50' And, ATK have fallen to a flat five in the back. It will be tough for Chennaiyin to penetrate now on. 
48' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Edu Garcia doubles the lead for ATK. Is the trophy coming to Kolkata?

Edu Garcia receives a long ball from the defense and plays a one-two with David Williams before foraying into the box after a free run and placing the ball in the second post. 
47' PENALTY? Crivellaro tumbles just inside the penalty box but the referee says play on. Replays show the decision was right, though. 
46' PEEP! We are underway for the second half-action here in Goa. 
45+3' Chennaiyin FC makes a last foray but Michael Soosairaj intercepts a pass intended towards Andre Schembri. And, with that, the referee blows the half-time whistle. 
45+1' Sumit Rathi walks out of the pitch with ice on his necks. The youngest player on the pitch had a nervy night so far. 
45' Three minutes have been added on. 
44' ATK have taken a more defensive approach after Krishna's withdrawal. They want to see this half out with the same scoreline. And, will rework their plans in the fifteen-minute break. 
42' Chennaiyin FC's striker Nerijus Valskis tries to cut from the left flank but Pritam Kotal intercepts his moves and draws a foul for his team. The India international is wearing the captain's armband in the absence of Roy Krishna. 
41' ATK break even on the counter but Lucian Goian makes a timing sliding challenge to prevent the final pass towards Edu Garcia. 
37' ATK make their first change! Their pied-piper and talisman is going out after his thigh shows a massive swelling. This is not a good sign. ATK without this player is a totally different unit. He receives a pat on the back from the bench. 

OFF- Roy Krishna
ON- Mandi Sosa Pena
36' Rafael Crivellaro keeps the free-kick on the ground but is cleared by the ATK defense. The Kolkata side is just keeping their neck above the water. 
35' Chennaiyin FC win another free-kick outside the box after Andre Schembri sways past Michael Regin and gets tumbled by John Johnson.  
33' Roy Krishna seems to be injured. The cameraman points towards Mandi Sosa warming up. Will Habas be forced to make a change just after the half-hour mark? He comes back on the pitch but he is distinctly uncomfortable. 
31' CHANCE! Rafael Crivellaro dazzles past Pritam Kotal and Roy Krishna inside the box and takes a shot but it is blocked by John Johnson. Chennaiyin FC players try to capitalize on the rebound but the assistant raises his flag for offside. 
30' SAVE! Another top-notch save by ATK's goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya. Rafael Crivellaro takes the free-kick just outside the box and sends a dipping cross towards the penalty spot. Andre Schembri finds himself having a free-header but Arindam dives full stretch to make a scintillating save. Take a bow, son!
29' SHOT! Chennaiyin FC's Crivellaro goes past Michale Regin once again and delivers a cross inside the box. Sumit Rathi intercepts it and Valskis attempts a shot from the rebound but Arindam stops it.
26' SHOT! Chennaiyin FC again attack through the left flank. Schembri sends a low ball towards the centre for Valskis. The Lithuanian dropped down to go a yard behind John Johnson and Pritam Kotal but his first time shot is saved by ATK's 'keeper Arindam. That was a good save by the custodian. 
23' How wasn't that 2-0 for ATK? Roy Krishna makes a swerving run after beating Eli Sabia in the foot race and cutting past Lucian Goian but his shot on target is saved first time by Vishal Kaith. The rebound falls to Javi Hernandez but the goalscorer's booming effort is denied by a foot from Laldinliana Renthlei. 
22' Chennaiyin FC make their first change after the player with yellow card gets injured. A like-for-like change in the centre of the pitch.

OFF- Germanpreet Singh
ON- Edwin VFanspaul
21' SHOT! But, ATK 'keeper Arindam collects the ball with no trouble. Jerry sends a cross from the left flank and Chhangte gets his header on target. But, the effort is a feeble one and Arindam says thank you very much.
20' TACKLE! Chennaiyin FC break on the counter after a poor mispass by Michael Regin. The ball is in the feet of Rafael Crivellaro but Prabir Das makes a sweeping sliding tackle to avert the danger. The Kolkata lad is proving to be useful in both the ends of the pitch. 
19' Prabir Das dispossess Laldinliana Renthlei and gives the ball to David Williams. The Aussie international swings in a deadly cross but Chennaiyin FC players head it out for a corner. 
17' Prabir Das centers the ball from the sidelines after going through the challenge of Chhangte and Goian but Anirudh Thapa rises right in time to head away the danger. Eli Sabia was out of position and David Williams would have nicked the ball in if it weren't for the diminutive Indian. 
15' Chennaiyin's Laldinliana Renthlei crosses the ball but the attempt is wayward and goes out of play. ATK have kept their cool in the centre of the pitch as they are dispossessing every Chennaiyin FC midfielder's passing efforts.
10' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Javi Hernandez draws the first blood for ATK in the final clash.

John Johnson lodges a long ball to Roy Krishna. The Fijian takes the ball to the left flank and cuts a cheeky cross despite Eli Sabia marking him tight. David Williams dummies the ball and Javi Hernandez keeps his volley on target to smash the ball home. The ball looped over the head of Chennaiyin FC's goalkeeper Vishal Kaith, whose tall frame was no match to the venom in the Spaniard's shot.  
6' STRAIGHT TO THE WALL! Javi Hernandez readies himself to take the shot but his effort clatters straight to the human wall. The ATK attack fizzles out with Soosairaj attempting a wayward long-range strike. 
5' Yellow card to Chennaiyin FC's Germanpreet Singh and ATK has a free-kick from a dangerous position in their hand. David Williams collects a mispass from Jerry Lalrinzuala and hurdles past the sliding challenge of Lucian Goian. The Aussie could have gone one-on-one with the Chennaiyin 'keeper but Germanpreet makes a rash sliding challenge from behind. The only reason it wasn't red was it was too early in the game. 
3' CROSSBAR! Chennaiyin FC have targetted ATK's left back once again. Schembri surges ahead and gives the final pass to Nerijus Valskis. The Lithuanian takes a shot after an early touch but his effort clatters the top crossbar. 
2' Brilliant recovery by Prabir Das. Chennaiyin FC knocking on the doors once again but Prabir robs the ball from the foot of a Chennaiyin FC player inside the box. Early scare for ATK here in Goa. 
1' CLEARANCE! Chennaiyin FC break early in the match. The Marina Machans break on the left flank and Crivellaro takes a shot. But, Pritam Kota makes a goal-line clearance to award only a corner. 34 seconds to be precise on the clock. 
1' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! We are underway for this high-octave clash amidst an empty ground. Typing this for the last time this season. Let's Football!
Team photographs clicked. But, no handshakes! "Wish you very well," says the referee Kasimov Sherzod. But, captain of their sides, Lucian Goian (Chennaiyin FC) and Roy Krishna (ATK) proceed to shake hands while posing for photographs nonetheless. 
Both the sides are out of the tunnel. ATK are wearing their traditional red and whites whereas Chennaiyin FC are donning their royal blue. Up next is the National Anthem of India!
Tactical Preview- Chennaiyin FC

Chennaiyin FC will play an attacking 4-2-4 with the ball. The quartet of Rafael Crivellaro, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Andre Schembri, and Nerijus Valskis will form a diamond up front with Crivellaro's rage of passing options hurting the opposition defenders. Chhangte and Schembri would love to cut in with their brisk pace and Valskis will be up there to do his job with his sublime finish. Germanpreet Singh and Anirudh Thapa will provide the defensive screen to Chennaiyin FC in the midfield. The full-backs Jerry Lalrinzuala and Laldinliana Renthlei love to overlap and can be seen helping the attack occasionally. Eli Sabia and Lucian Goian, Chennaiyin FC's centre-back pairing, will provide the solidarity at the heart of the defense. Defensively, they will switch to a 4-5-1 with Valskis as the lone man ahead. The mid-block can prove to be a hurdle for ATK to cross. 
Tactical Preview- ATK

ATK will go all out in the attack with a 3-3-4 formation. Prabir Das and Michael Soosairaj will try to swing crosses from near the corner flags to provide David Williams and Roy Krishna goalscoring options. Edu Garcia will be elemental in feeding through balls whereas the duo of Javi Hernandez and Michael Regin will take charge of the defensive proceedings in the midfield. Pritam Kotal, John Johnson, and Sumit Rathi will form the trio at the back. Defensively, they will switch to a 5-3-2 formation. The wing-backs Prabir and Soosairaj will come down in the same line as that of their back-three in case they take a lead. ATK are also a dangerous counter-attacking side and Williams and Krishna would pounce on every opportunity they would get. 
ATK will lock horns against Chennaiyin in a bid to clinch their third ISL title!
The first goal will be crucial

ATK have scored first in 13 games this season and they have gone on to win 10 (76.92%) of those games. They have lost only one match after scoring first. Chennaiyin have failed to lose a single match after scoring first. They have scored first in 12 matches and won nine times and drawn thrice. The record of both the teams after conceding first this season isn’t very flattering. Chennaiyin FC have lost all 6 matches in which they have conceded the first goal. ATK have won only once out of the 6 matches in which they have conceded the first goal this season. ATK drew 1 and lost the other 4.
Chennaiyin FC has only lost thrice out of fourteen matches they have played after Owen Coyle took charge. 
Late drama expected in this high-octane final clash

Chennaiyin FC has conceded 10 goals in the final 15-minute period of the matches this season. No team has conceded more goals in that period. But, they are also known for striking late in the tie (11). ATK has also scored an equal number of goals in the final quarter of the match. Previous ISL finals have also seen some late goals being scored. There have been 14 goals scored in the finals so far and five of them (35.71%) have come in the 76-90’ period. Last year’s final between Bengaluru FC and FC Goa was decided by Rahul Bheke's winner scored in the 116th minute of the match.
Nerijus Valskis and Roy Krishna go eye-to-eye for the ISL Golden Boot award!

With 15 goals, Roy Krishna (ATK) is joint top with Ogbeche for most goals scored this season. Chennaiyin FC's Nerijus Valskis is one goal behind those two. They have both made 20 goal contributions in this season. Krishna has scored 15 goals and provided 5 assists. Valskis has scored 14 goals and provided 6 assists. Roy Krishna has been in better goal scoring form of late than Valskis. In his last 5 matches, he has scored 5 goals. Valskis has only managed 2 goals in his last 5. However, he has also provided 2 assists in those matches. Valksis and Krishna have both scored a brace on 4 separate occasions this season. However, Krishna has more hat-tricks to his name than Valskis.
ATK have fielded an unchanged side that took down Bengaluru FC 3-1 in the reverse leg of the semi-final. Chennaiyin FC, on the other hand, has made one change to the unit that lost 2-4 to FC Goa in the second leg. Edwin Vanspaul gets relegated to the bench as Germanpreet Singh finds his name in the starting line-up once again. ATK are known for their piercing through balls. That could be a reason to make the change.
And, up next is Chennaiyin FC!

Playing XI:
Vishal Kaith (GK), Laldinliana Renthlei, Lucian Goian, Eli Sabia, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Germanpreet Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Rafael Crivellaro, Andre Schembri, Nerijus Valskis

Subs: Karanjeet Singh (GK), Deepak Tangri, Masih Saighani, Dragos Firtulescu, Edwin Vanspaul, Thoi Singh, Rahim Ali
First up is the Kolkata side ATK!

Playing XI: Arindam Bhattacharya (GK), Pritam Kotal, John Johnson, Sumit Rathi, Prabir Das, Michael Soosairaj, Michael Regin, Javi Hernandez, Edu Garcia, Roy Krishna

Subs: Dheeraj Singh (GK), Victor Mongil, Pronay Halder, Mandi Sosa Pena, Balwant Singh, Jayesh Rane, Jobby Justin
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sportskeeda's live commentary of tonight's ISL Final- ATK vs Chennaiyin FC- once again. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups will be out at any moment from now. 
As per the government guidelines, all sporting activities need to be cancelled or be conducted without spectators to prevent mass gatherings. Hence, the ISL final will be played behind closed doors, meaning no fans, at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa. 
It all boils down to this! ATK and Chennaiyin FC had contrasting paths before they collide for the last time. Read this piece by my colleague Shashwat Kumar
Lallianzuala Chhangte can prove to be the key asset for Chennaiyin FC and ATK's nemesis

Lallianzuala Chhangte (7) has the most goals among Indian midfielders in the league this season and the 3rd most among all midfielders, only behind Hugo Boumous (11) and Rafael Crivellaro (7). He is also the second-highest Indian goal scorer in the league this season, only behind Sunil Chhetri (9). Chhangte has scored in each of the last 3 matches for Chennaiyin FC including both the legs of the semi-final matches, becoming the first Indian to do so. He has the 2nd most shots (41) among midfielders this season, only behind his teammate Rafael Crivellaro (49) and joint first in shots on target (22) with his Brazilian counterpart. Chennaiyin FC has lost only once where Chhangte has scored. Chhangte has established himself as one of the best left-wingers in India with his raw pace and finishing.
Chennaiyin FC need to be wary of ATK's Prabir Das' threat from the wings

Prabir Das played a crucial part in the second leg of the semifinal. He assisted 2 of the 3 goals ATK scored in the 2nd leg and created 5 chances. That was the joint-most chances created by him in an ISL match this season. Over the two legs of the semi-final between ATK and Bengaluru FC, he created 9 chances. No player created more chances over the two legs. His 5 assists are the joint 6th highest number of assists made by a player. Prabir has also made the joint highest assists by a defender this ISL season. Amongst Indians, he has made the 3rd most assists, only behind Brandon Fernandes (7) and Anirudh Thapa (6). With 64 crosses, he has put in more crosses than any other player in the league. Amongst ATK players, he has made the 3rd most tackles (63) in the squad, only behind Javi Hernandez (82) and Pritam Kotal (73). 
Can Owen Coyle's team keep their calm in the final hurdle after a remarkable turnaround?

In the 6 matches before his arrival, Chennaiyin had won only 1 match and scored only 4 goals. Since Owen Coyle’s arrival, Chennaiyin FC have won 8 matches, only FC Goa has won more matches. They have lost 3 matches, joint least by a team since Coyle’s arrival. They have scored 34 goals in 15 matches, only bettered by FC Goa. Before the defeat in the 2nd leg, Coyle oversaw a 9-match unbeaten run which was the longest unbeaten run of Chennaiyin FC in a season
The 2019-20 season of ISL draws its curtains with a mouthwatering final clash- ATK vs Chennaiyin FC- at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa. The match will kick-off at 7:30 PM IST behind closed doors.
Both ATK and Chennaiyin FC have lifted the ISL title twice each but never met each other in the finals. While their first encounter in the league phase ended with the Kolkata side winning the match 1-0, courtesy of a goal from David Williams, the second one was a tight affair. Rafael Crivellaro and Andre Schembri put Chennaiyin FC 2-0 upfront but Roy Krishna got one goal back moments after the play resumed. ATK continued pushing their men forward in search of the equalizer but Nerijus Valskis pierced a dagger on their hopes with a finish from the halfway line at the dying embers of the game. The match finished 3-1 in favour of Chennaiyin FC and ended ATK's ambition to finish the ISL league stage on top.
ATK were one of the favourites heading into this season's ISL after their heavy spending in the summer transfer market. Their head coach Antonio Lopez Habas did manage to swing a change in the club's fortunes but the team has been found guilty of losing their concentration in crunch encounters. ATK lost their first leg encounter against Bengaluru FC in the ISL semi-finals 1-0 but won the return leg 3-1.
Chennaiyin FC, on the other hand, slowly began to script a fairytale when everyone wrote them down. Lying second from the bottom in the ISL points table, they won 10 out of 12 matches since Owen Coyle began helming the affairs. Knowing that FC Goa will be unstoppable in their home leg, Chennaiyin FC battered them 4-1 in the first leg. They survived the 2-4 onslaught in Goa and booked their tickets to ISL finals on the aggregate scoreline.
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Javi Hernández
Javi Hernández
assist: P. Halder
Eli Sabiá
Víctor Mongil
D. Firțulescu
A. Schembri
N. Valskis
assist: J. Lalrinzuala
P. Halder
M. Regin
M. Regin
Edu García
assist: D. Williams
R. Krishna
E. Vanspaul
G. Singh
Javi Hernández
assist: R. Krishna
G. Singh
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
Owen Coyle (Manager)
A. Bhattacharya
S. Rathi
J. Johnson
P. Kotal
M. Soosairaj
Javi Hernández
M. Regin
Edu García
P. Das
D. Williams
R. Krishna
V. Kaith
J. Lalrinzuala
L. Goian
Eli Sabiá
L. Renthlei
A. Thapa
G. Singh
L. Chhangte
A. Schembri
N. Valskis
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
Owen Coyle (Manager)
ATK Subs
P. Halder
J. Justin
D. Moirangthem
Víctor Mongil
J. Rane
B. Singh
Chennaiyin Subs
R. Ali
D. Firțulescu
Masih Saighani
K. Singh
T. Singh
D. Tangri
E. Vanspaul
12 SHOTS 18
10 FOULS 9
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 FC Goa 18 12 3 3 23 39
2 ATK 18 10 4 4 17 34
3 Bengaluru FC 18 8 6 4 9 30
4 Chennaiyin FC 18 8 5 5 6 29
5 Mumbai City FC 18 7 5 6 -4 26
6 Odisha FC 18 7 4 7 -3 25
7 Kerala Blasters FC 18 4 7 7 -3 19
8 Jamshedpur FC 18 4 6 8 -13 18
9 NorthEast United FC 18 2 8 8 -14 14
10 Hyderabad FC 18 2 4 12 -18 10
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Championship - Final
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium)
Match time Sat, 14 Mar 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Mar 14, 2020 21:29 PM | Published: Mar 14, 2020 17:45 PM
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