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CHE vs ATK Match Result - ISL 2019-20
0 - 1
48' D. Williams
90+5' There is the full-time whistle and ATK take all the three points from the Marina Arena. Here is your host, Abhishek Kundu, saying goodbye. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian football updates. 
90+4' Yellow card to Nerijus Valskis. And, given the remonstration and the type of challenge he indulged, that should have been a straight red. A nasty stomp on Augustin Iniguez off the ball. You could have broken the leg of the defender there, man. 
90+3' David Williams collects the ball in the attacking third and he gives it to Carl McHugh. The Irishman takes the ball to the corner line and wastes precious minutes.
90+1' We see some cramped legs down on the field. Anirudh Thapa being one of them. 
90' Five minutes added on. 
90' Arindam punches it straight in the path of Anirudh Thapa who takes a long ranger but it takes an unlucky deflection from Lucian Goian and the ball whizzes away for ATK goal-kick. 
90' A good free-kick this time and Goian nicks a deft header but an ATK player gets the last touch for a corer. 
89' Chennaiyin win a free-kick from an identical position after Roy Krishan pulls down Rafael Crivellaro. 
88' No, no, no! You can put five goalposts on top of that and still the ball would not have gone in. That was how poor Rafael Crivellaro's shot was. 
87' Chennaiyin win a free-kick in a dangerous position after Augustin Iniguez nudges the back of a Chennaiyin player. A golden opportunity for the Marina Machans to come back. Will they make the most of it?
86' Schembri fools four ATK players to win the ball inside the penalty box but his shot is wayward and Chennaiyin are still a goal down. 
84' ATK breaks through on the left wing after Carl McHugh gives a delicious pass to Edu Garcia. He tries to play a square pass to Roy Krishna across the face of the goal but the Fijian fails to reach at the end of it and the ball trickles away. 
82' Chennaiyin take a free quick and Chhangte finds himself free in the right wing. He beats Jayesh Rane and gives a cross but no Chennaiyin player attacks it and ATK clear their line. 
80' ATK make their final change.

ON- Sehnaj Singh
OFF- Pronay Halder
76' Edu Garcia is clutching his ribs after Schembri kicked him straight in the midriff. That looks dangerous and the Spaniard is being stretchered off. Not a good news for ATK and their fans. 
75' Nothing! Pritam Kotal clears the header and Edwin Vanspaul takes a shot from distance on the rebound but it is nowhere close to the goal. 
74' Crivellaro is through on the left flank and goes for the near post of Arindam. But, the goalkeeper is alert and parries away the shot for a corner kick. What can Chennaiyin get from here?
73' ATK make an attacking intent with that change.

OFF- Javi Hernandez
ON- Edu Garcia
72' Anirudh Thapa wins the ball in a dangerous position. He does a one-two with Nerijus Valskis and Thapa releases Schembri on the left flank. The Maltese Falcon goes for the far post but the shot is inches wide and Chennaiyin remain goalless. 
71' Schembri takes a beautiful free-kick aiming for the big guys. Eli Sabia gets to the end of it but his header is miscued. Sums up the night for Chennaiyin. They are lacking the cutting edge. 
70' Chennaiyin recycle possession and the stat box will show that they have around 60% of it. But, it all counts to nothing if they can't create chances and score goals. And, for Chennaiyin, so far it looks like that is going to be the case. 
68' ATK make their first change.

OFF- Michael Soosairaj
ON- Jayesh Rane
65' Soosairaj is down clutching his groin. Replays show he landed awkwardly on his groin after a challenge from Eli Sabia. That's not a good news for ATK fans. 
61' How does that not go in? Chhangte releases Crivellaro on the right flank and the Brazilian gives a deadly ball across the face of the goal. But, substitute Schembri fails to get at the end of it and Soosairaj fumbles but ultimately clear the line for ATK. Chennaiyin's barren run in the league continues. 
60' Chhangte wins a corner for Chennaiyin after he gets the ball clip the legs of Pritam Kotal. The corner is flat but Vanspaul takes a venomous shot from 35-yards out. It takes an unlucky bend in the last moment and ATK breathes a sigh of relief. 
58' Edwin Vanspaul goes for glory from distance but gets everything wrong at the end and it becomes easy pickings for Arindam. 
57' Chennaiyin make their first change. They bring on a striker for an attacking midfielder.

ON- Andre Schembri
OFF- Dragos Firtulescu
52' Tondonba Singh cleans Prabir Das in the touchline but doesn't get an inch of the ball. Lucky to not go into the book, the Chennaiyin youngster. 
48' GOAL! And, David Williams scores the 1000th goal of ISL history. 

Augustin Iniguez gives a long pass to Prabir Das on the right-wing after Tondonba Singh fails to close him down. He lays it off to Javi Hernandez whose first-time shot is deflected by Chennaiyin's Goian. But, it falls only as far as David Williams, who was waiting in the far post to knock it home. It is ATK 1-0 Chennaiyin. 
47' Williams wins the ball in the attacking third and he passes it to Javi Hernandez. Goian slides in dangerously on the Spaniard but the referee doesn't give away the foul and ATK are furious with it. 
46' We are underway for the second half here in Chennai. 
HT| There is the half-time whistle and it is still 0-0 at the Marina Arena. 
45+1' Ganesh gets at the end of a looping corner in the far post. But, his effort is poor and Arindam picks the ball to take a goal-kick.  
45' 1 Minute added on. 
44' Anirudh Thapa makes a short pass from the free-kick and Chennaiyin players try to do a training move but ATK defenders are strong and clear their lines. 
42' FOUL! Edwin wins the ball after Pronay Halder makes a misspass. The Tamil Nadu lad makes a mazy run in the opposite half and Carl McHugh eventually brings him down and Chennaiyin have a free-kick from a dangerous position. 
40' ATK have got nothing in the left-wing and the reason is Chennaiyin's right back Edwin Vanspaul. There, he proves his mettle once again by putting in a brilliant tackle just when ATK was beginning to look dangerous on the counter. 
38' Krisha dispossesses Anirudh Thapa and passes it to David Williams quickly. The Aussie finds Javi Hernandez on the right-wing and he is one-on-one with the 'keeper. The assistant raises his flag but the replays suggest Goian played him on. Another refereeing error to cost ATK the game?
37' There are three Chennaiyin players in the left-wing but Chhangte goes for a square pass to no one and Augustin Iniguez initiates an ATK counter. 
34' CHANCE! Krishna flies past Eli Sabia and unlocks the Chennaiyin defense with his sublime pace. There is an arm by Eli Sabia on the Fijian inside the box and Krishna goes down. But, the referee doesn't give a penalty and Krishna isn't complaining either. 
32' Williams-Krishna duo give a glimpse to Chennaiyin! On the right-wing, the Aussie lays a pass to the Fijian and he takes a shot from outside the box. But, Goian gets a deflection to it and the ball goes out for an ATK corner. 
31' Seeing no one challenging him, Edwin gives a cheaky pass to Firtulescu. He cuts in and takes a shot but it is a soft one in the end and Arindam collects it extremely comfortably. 
29' Rafael Crivellaro tries to lob one pass in the penalty box but his cross is askew and Arindam happily sees it go away for a goal-kick. 
27' OFFSIDE! ATK take a free-corner from the halfway mark and Agus makes a run down the blindside and takes a shot. But, the assistant is spot on here and he raises his flag. 
25' End to end stuff here! Soosai whizzes past two Chennaiyin defenders on the left flank and gives a go-and-take from David Williams. He takes a shot from inside the box but Goian stands in his way and on the rebound, it even hits his hand. On the counter, Chhangte races down everyone in the left flank and delivers a cross. But, ATK's Agustin Iniguez is alert to clear the danger. 
24' A brilliant one-two between two Indian internationals- Lallianzuala Chhangte and Anirudh Thapa. The latter takes a shot from outside the box but Arindam collects it comfortably. 
21' Carl McHugh collides into Rafael Crivellaro to stop Chennaiyin's counter. Chhangte is still the most lively player on the pitch but don't think Chennaiyin will get a goal anytime soon. 
16' Chhangte takes a shot for Chennaiyin! The Mizo lad goes into the box, drops his shoulder, beats Pritam Kotal and takes a shot as the rest of the Chennaiyin forwards are marked heavily. But, Arindam had positioned himself perfectly and the ball lands safely in his hands. 
15' PENALTY DENIED? Yes, ATK have been robbed of a penalty again. Nerijus Valskis clips the legs of Roy Krishna from behind but the referee decided to overlook it and Chennaiyin breathes another sigh of relief. 
13' CHANCE! That is the first serious threat from ATK and should have been a goal. Javi Hernandez with a brilliant one-two with an ATK player and the Spaniard delivers a lobbed cross at the other end of the box. Pritam Kotal blocks the path of Chennaiyin goalkeeper and Roy Krishna only has to head the ball into the back of an empty net. But, the ball strikes at the face of Fiji international and Chennaiyin are lucky to see the scoreline level. 
11' CHANCE! Chhangte is extremely quick down the left wing and he finds himself in the box. But, there is no Chennaiyin player to meet his backpass and ATK defenders rescue the day. 
8' MISS! How did Chennaiyin miss that? Lazy defending from ATK as Anas and Soosairaj fail to move ahead to play the offside trap. Goian's clearance lands straight in the feet of Chhangte on the left-wing and the Mizo lad cuts into the penalty box with no one challenging him. He squares the ball across the face of the goal but both Valskis and Crivellaro fail to get a touch to it and the ball rolls out for a goal-kick. 
6' A crisp passing from ATK turns defense into attack in just three passes. Roy Krishna tries to release Javi Hernandez on the right flank but Vishal Kaith comes out of his line to collect it but fumbles it and the ball goes out for a corner-kick. 
3' CHANCE! Anirudh Thapa gives a brilliant diagonal pass to Firtulescu on the right-wing and he takes the ball near the edge of the penalty box. He gives a backpass to Edwin Vanspaul and the Tamil Nadu lad delivers a deadly cross. Nerijus Valskis towers the highest and gets a free header but it is angled inches wide and ATK breathe a sigh of relief. 
1' ATK get us going here at the JLN Stadium in Chennai. 
Chennaiyin are wearing their Royal Blue colours whereas ATK are donning their traditional Red and White stripes. 
Both the teams are out of the tunnel. Now, it's time for the national anthem!
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Chennaiyin have now failed to find the net in over 500 ISL minutes stretching across the end of last season and the beginning of this, and despite having their share of chances in their last game, they had to share to spoils in a goalless draw with Mumbai City FC.

ATK, meanwhile, smashed Hyderabad FC 5-0, with a brace each for David Williams and Edu Garcia. Roy Krishna, too, got on the scoresheet.

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Chennaiyin FC head coach John Gregory heaped praise on the duo of David Williams and Roy Krishna for ATK and accepted that they can be a major goalscoring threat this season.

"ATK had an amazing victory the other night. They scored with every chance they had. With Williams and Krishna, they are difficult to keep quiet. They come from the A-League where they have done particularly well."

Read more on his pre-match thoughts here
Chennaiyin FC Starting XI: Vishal Kaith (GK), Edwin Vanspaul, Eli Sabia, Lucian Goian (c), Tondonba Singh, Dhanpal Ganesh, Anirudh Thapa, Dragos Firtulescu, Rafael Crivellaro, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Nerijus Valskis

ATK Starting XI: Arindam Bhattacharjya (GK), Augustin Iniguez, Pritam Kotal (c), Prabir Das, Anas Edathodika, Pronay Halder, Carl McHugh, Javier Hernandez, David Williams, Roy Krishna, Michael Soosairaj
Hello and Welcome to today's ISL match centre between Chennaiyin and ATK. This is Abhishek Kundu, your host for the day, and I will bring you the updates of the game as and when it occurs. The line-ups should be out at any moment. 
N. Valskis
S. Singh
P. Halder
Edu García
Javi Hernández
J. Rane
M. Soosairaj
A. Schembri
D. Firțulescu
D. Williams
ATK (3-5-2)
Antonio López Habas (Manager)
V. Kaith
N. Singh
L. Goian
Eli Sabiá
E. Vanspaul
A. Thapa
D. Ganesh
L. Chhangte
D. Firțulescu
N. Valskis
A. Bhattacharya
A. Edathodika
P. Kotal
M. Soosairaj
P. Halder
C. McHugh
Javi Hernández
P. Das
R. Krishna
D. Williams
ATK (3-5-2)
Antonio López Habas (Manager)
Chennaiyin Subs
R. Ali
J. Lalrinzuala
Masih Saighani
A. Schembri
T. Singh
K. Singh
G. Singh
ATK Subs
Edu García
J. Johnson
D. Moirangthem
A. Mukherjee
J. Rane
S. Singh
B. Singh
19 SHOTS 9
15 FOULS 18
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 FC Goa 18 12 3 3 23 39
2 ATK 18 10 4 4 17 34
3 Bengaluru FC 18 8 6 4 9 30
4 Chennaiyin FC 18 8 5 5 6 29
5 Mumbai City FC 18 7 5 6 -4 26
6 Odisha FC 18 7 4 7 -3 25
7 Kerala Blasters FC 18 4 7 7 -3 19
8 Jamshedpur FC 18 4 6 8 -13 18
9 NorthEast United FC 18 2 8 8 -14 14
10 Hyderabad FC 18 2 4 12 -18 10
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 3
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Match time Wed, 30 Oct 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Oct 30, 2019 21:23 PM | Published: Oct 30, 2019 18:32 PM