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CHE vs GOA Match Result - ISL 2019-20
3 - 4
A. Schembri 57'
Crivellaro 59'
Crivellaro 90'+1'
26' A. Jahouh
41' B. Fernandes
45'+1' H. Boumous
63' Coro
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the full-time whistle. We come to the end of a highly entertaining contest as it finishes 3-4 in favour of FC Goa here at the Marina Arena in Chennai. Do follow Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian football updates. Till then, here is your host Abhishek Kundu signing off.
And, I am right. Sergio Lobera gets a red card following a second yellow after the referee blows the full-time whistle. Only the guys in the ground know what happened there. 
It looks like there will be another card before we sign off. 
90+5' And, now Sergio Lobera gets the yellow card after the fourth referee spots an infringement from him. 
90+4' Germanpreet Singh with a late, late, late, late challenge on Edu Bedia at the centre circle and goes on the book. The referee Umesh Bora wants to set up some sort of record here. 
90+3' I am losing track of yellow cards here. Anirudh Thapa is now shown one here. 
90+2' Edwin Vanspaul gets a second yellow card and is sent off. 
90+1' GOOOOAAAAAAALLL! Rafael Crivellaro pulls one back for Chennaiyin FC. But, is it too little too late?

Anirudh Thapa wins the second ball after FC Goa defenders clear the corner and gives it to Rafael Crivellaro. He turns with one touch and slams the ball in the far post past Nawaz. 
Five Minutes have been added on. 
90' SAVE! What a save from Mohammad Nawaz! Firtulescu cuts behind Mandar Rao and lays the ball behind for Germanpreet after Thapa dummied the ball. But, his shot is saved following a full-stretch dive by Nawaz and goes out for a corner kick. 
88' FC Goa are now slowing down the game with passes in their own half. Lenny Rodrigues wins a foul from Germanpreet Singh at the centre circle. 
86' FC Goa make their final change.

OFF- Brandon Fernandes
ON- Seiminlen Doungel
85' It looks like both the teams are competing against each other as to who will end the match with the most number of cards. Edwin Vanspaul goes in the book for bringing down Manvir Singh. And, the stretchers are out for the Punjabi lad. 
84' Penalty to Chennaiyin? No, the referee thinks Rafael Crivellaro was playacting and gives a yellow card to him. He was shoved down by a touch from Mandar Rao Dessai but he went down too softly. 
83' Crivellaro takes the free-kick and it is catching practice for Mohammad Nawaz. 
82' Carlos Pena is shown the yellow card now. Crivellaro was running towards the ball and the former La Liga player tugs the pants of the Chennaiyin FC player. 
80' Crivellaro takes the free-kick but the Himalayan figure of Mourtada Fall intervenes and flicks the ball out with his head.  
79' Mohammad Nawaz gets a yellow card for touching the ball outside the box and tripping Lallianzuala Chhangte. Chennaiyin players are complaining for a direct red as that could have been a goal. 
78' CHANCE! Rafael Crivellaro latches on the rebound and takes a shot from distance. But, Mourtada Fall says not tonight my friend. 
77' Chennaiyin FC throws his last throw of the dice. It looks like we have a debutant amongst ourselves.

OFF- Masih Saighani
ON- Deepak Tangri
76' FC Goa make their second change. Do we have a super-sub in our hand?

OFF- Jackichand Singh
ON- Manvir Singh
75' Chennaiyin FC make their second change.

OFF- Andre Schembri
ON- Dragos Firtulescu
75' OFFSIDE! Ahmed Jahouh with a lobbed pass to Brandon Fernandes. But, his run is adjudged offside. 
74' Ahmed Jahouh exploits the high line of Chennaiyin FC again and finds Brandon Fernandes through on goal. Seeing Vishal Kaith come off his line, he chips the ball. But, his attempt is too early and in the end, it turns out to be an easy collection for the 'keeper. 
73' Mandar Rao Dessai has a sniff at goal as he surges forward. But, Vishal Kaith comes off his line to snatch the ball from his foot. 
72' CHANCE! Edu Bedia with a beautiful through ball trying to find Jackichand Singh. But, he was inches behind and the ball rolls out for a goal kick. 
71' CHANCE! Crivellaro with his brilliant dribbling skills goes past three players and makes a pass to Valskis but Lenny sticks out his foot and the ball ends up in the feet of Mohammad Nawaz. 
70' FC Goa make their first change.

OFF- Hugo Boumous
ON- Edu Bedia
69' SHOT! Germanpreet Singh takes an effort from 40 yards out but it is aimed at the heavens. 
68' OFFSIDE! Coro again takes advantage of a high line as he latches to a long ball from Ahmed Jahouh. He is complaining as he thinks he was on. The replays show that it was a tight affair and Jerry on the other flank might have played him on. 
67' CHANCE! Brandon Fernandes with a wonderful inswinging corner kick. Hugo Boumous jumps in the air for it but Lucian Goian gets his head to the ball first and clears the lines. 
66' SHOT! Ahmed Jahouh with a brilliantly taken free-kick and Carlos Pena towers above Lucian Goian to head the ball. But, it is deflected by a Chennaiyin FC player before going out for a corner-kick. 
65' Lucian Goian concedes a foul on Hugo Boumous and gets a yellow card. The Moroccan buys some time for his team by receiving treatment in the pitch. 
63' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! Ferran Corominas scores one for FC Goa.

Chennaiyin FC plays a high line and Hugo Boumous with a defense splitting pass finds Coro. The players are complaining of offside but Edwin had played him on the other end. He is one-on-one with Vishal Kaith and he doesn't miss from there. Vishal Kaith is helpless as the former La Liga player slams the ball in the far post. 
61' SHOT! That was almost 4-2. Coro latches to a long ball from Ahmed Jahouh and takes a shot. But, Vishal Kaith tips the ball away for a corner-kick. The resulting corner-kick is cleared hastily by Chennaiyin FC defenders. 
59' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! Rafael Crivellaro pulls another back in this dramatic encounter.

A long ball from the left flank isn't cleared properly by Seriton Fernandes. He tries to shephard the ball out for a goal-kick but Nerijus Valskis wins the ball and gives a square pass to an unmarked Rafael Crivellaro. There was a lot of Chennaiyin FC bodies up front but his perfect placement got the ball squeezed past the legs of Nawaz. 
58' CHANCE! Chhangte beats the offside trap as Seriton Fernandes laid behind. But, luckily for FC Goa, he fails to get at the end of the ball. 
57' GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL! Andre Schembri pulls one back for Chennaiyin FC. 

Rafael Crivellaro takes an inswinging corner kick and Ahmed Jahouh flicks the ball at the far post instead of clearing it. An unmarked Andre Schembri says thank you very much and heads the ball from a hand-shaking distance. 
56' Chhangte wins a foul off Seriton Fernandes. He is gesturing for a card but the referee doesn't heed. Crivellaro foalts the free-kick but it is cleared for a corner kick. 
55' Chhangte mugs Seriton Fernandes but his square pass is met by no one. Nerijus Valskis had run forward as he anticipated a through ball. 
54' SHOT! Where was Edwin Vanspaul aiming? All of the Chennaiyin FC players are marked by FC Goa players and Crivellaro lays the ball to an unmarked Edwin Vanspaul who came from behind. But, his selfish antics prevail and he goes for goal from a tight angle and that is neither on target. Owen Coyle is frustrated with that effort from Edwin. 
52' CHANCE! Jackichand Singh, free on the right flank, gives a dangerous-looking low cross. But, Lucian Goian sticks his leg out and clears the ball for a corner kick. Brandon Fernandes' effort at the first post is averted by Lucian Goian again. 
51' CHANCE! It is all Chennaiyin so far in the second half. Schembri chests trap a long free-kick and lays it off for Edwin Vanspaul. The local lad gives a low cross but Carlos Pena gets there first and sidesteps the ball for a corner-kick. Crivellaro's corner kick inswings before going out of play wide off the far post. 
49' SHOT! This is the closest Chennaiyin FC have come to getting a goal back. FC Goa fails to clear their line properly and the rebound falls to Anirudh Thapa. The youngster takes a shot from distance and Mohammad Nawaz, blinded by the FC Goa players in front of him, dives to his right and gets a hand to the ball. It kisses the underside before going out of play. 
48' Chennaiyin FC get the ball up front quick and Schembri lodges a cross but Mohammad Nawaz collects the ball from air. 
47' Crivellaro's corner towards the far post is palmed away by Vishal Kaith and Nerijus Valskis fails to angle his body properly to take a first-time shot. Positive intent from Chennaiyin FC here in the second half. 
46' PEEP! We are underway for another entertaining half here in Chennai. 
Chennaiyin FC make a change at half-time.

OFF- Tondonba Singh
ON- Jerry Lalrinzuala
PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle and Owen Coyle needs to channel a lot of positivity into the beleaguered Chennaiyin side who are down by 3-0 after 45 minutes of play. 
45+2' CHANCE! FC Goa almost made it 4-0. Mandar Rao Dessai has the ball inside the six-yard box and Vishal Kaith stays back. But, he goes for a shot at the near post instead of squaring it to an unmarked Brandon or Coro. 
45+1' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! It is raining goals here in Chennai and Hugo Boumous joins the party.

Jackichand Singh with a flat cross from the right wing and an unmarked Hugo Boumous pokes the ball from near range. 
Two Minutes have been added on. 
45' CHANCE! Rafael Crivellaro swings the ball above the wall but it hits the side netting. 
44' Mourtada Fall commits another foul and this time referee dishes a yellow card to him. Chhangte turned past him with his first touch and Chennaiyin FC have a free-kick from a beautiful position. 
42' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL! Brandon Fernandes doubles the lead. 

Lucian Goian, what have you done? He fails to trap a pass from Germanpreet Singh and the FC Goa playmaker rushes towards him, collects the ball, and slams it past the 'keeper. 
41' WASTED! That is a wasted dead-ball chance by Chennaiyin's Rafael Crivelllaro. His cross is high and wide. 
40' Rafael Crivellaro's high cross is met by Lucian Goian at the far post. But, he fails to take a shot from the header. However, Chennaiyin FC have another chance as they win a free-kick at the edge of the box. 
39' Tondonba Singh swings a cross but it is blocked away. Chennaiyin FC have a corner. 
37' PENALTY? Mourtada Fall with a nasty tackle from behind on Lucian Goian. He was nowhere near the ball but the referee doesn't heed to the interest. That is poor refereeing from Umesh Bora. 
35' FC Goa now try to break down the left wing. Brandon Fernandes gets at the end of a diagonal pass but his cross blazes across the face of goal. 
34' Lucian Goian saves the day for Chennaiyin FC again. Hugo Boumous swished past Edwin Vanspaul who again committed early and gives a through pass to Jackichand Singh. Lucian Goian with a fabulous tackle from behind. That was precise to a dot. 
33' Andre Schembri rolls the ball for Nerijus Valskis and he smacks his effort straight at the wall. FC Goa clear the danger on the rebound after some pinball. 
32' Chennaiyin FC win a free-kick from a dangerous position. Rafael Crivellaro tumbles down after Ahmed Jahouh and Mourtada Fall brings him down. He was sandwiched between thee two and went past them but fell down after the  FC Goa duo committed a foul. 
30' FC Goa again try to weave through the right wing but Jackichand Singh fails to cut through Tondonba Singh. FC Goa have pinpointed the space between Masih Saighani and Tondonba Singh as the one to be exploited. 
28' FC Goa's Hugo Boumous and Ferran Corominas pass the ball with ease in the final third and that worries Chennaiyin FC defenders. They lose their shape but Hugo Boumous' final pass is intercepted by Germanpreet Singh. That was a very final interception. Ahmed Jahouh was through on goal again. 
27' GOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLL! Ahmed Jahouh gives FC Goa the lead.

Tondonba Singh mispasses the ball to Coro in the right wing and that proves to be too costly for the home side. The Spaniard lays a square pass to Hugo Boumous who gives a through pass to Ahmed Jahouh. Rather than blasting the ball, he goes for the placement with his instep and fools Vishal Kaith. 1-0 to FC Goa. 
26' Lenny Rodrigues goes in the book for a bad foul on Anirudh Thapa at the centre of the field. 
25' CHANCE! That was a glorious opportunity for Lallianzuala Chhangte to give Chennaiyin FC the lead. Masih Saighani with a long ball to Nerijus Valskis and the Lithuanian flicks it to Chhangte. He runs past his marker but loses his balance before taking a shot. 
24' Carlos Pena fouls Nerijus Valskis and Crivellaro takes the free-kick. But, his effort is headed away by Ahmed Jahouh. 
22' Hugo Boumous wins the ball in the centre circle and wriggles past three players. He lays it off for Ahmed Jahouh whose lobbed ball to Mandar Rao Dessai on the overlap is hit hard and goes out of play. 
20' Schembri gallops down the right flank after receiving a long ball from his own half but his cross in the near post ends up in the hands of Mohammad Nawaz. Nerijus Valskis was signalling for the ball to be floated in the far post. 
19' CHANCE! Chennaiyin FC with some slick one-touch passes inside the penalty box but Chhangte fails to trap the final ball from Nerijus Valskis. 
17' The play is stopped after Brandon Fernandes rolls down the pitch clutching his ankle. The replays show he was cleaned from behind by Andre Schembri but the referee didn't spot it. Let's hope that is not serious. 
15' Jackichand Singh swings in a cross and the ball falls to Hugo Boumous on the far post. He backheels the ball to Brandon Fernandes and after he sways past an early challenge from Edwin Vanspaul, he cuts through. But, his low cross is blocked in time by the captain Lucian Goian. 
14' Nerijus Valskis wins the ball from Brandon Fernandes but the Indian international recovers the ball from the Lithuanian again. 
12' FC Goa try to win their fourth corner in the right flank after Tondonba lunges in time to prevent Jackichand Singh from lodging a cross. But, it rebounds off his feet before going out of play. Goal kick to Chennaiyin FC. 
10' FC Goa's Brandon Fernandes takes the corner-kick again short. But, Ahmed Jahouh's crossfield pass is intercepted by a Chennaiyin FC player. Edwin Vanspaul pops a long ball and finds Nerijus Valskis but his flicked header towards Lallianzuala Chhangte is wayward. 
9' Anirudh Thapa is being cornered by four FC Goa players but he finds his way to give a square pass to Rafael Crivellaro. He has acres of space ahead of him and runs free. But, an onrushing Mourtada Fall averts the danger with a simple clearance. 
7' Chennaiyin FC are trying to pass their way against FC Goa. Something Odisha FC failed to do. 
6' Jackichand Singh rampages down the right flank but his final cross to Coro is wayward and straight to the hands of Vishal Kaith. 
5' Germanpreet Singh with a floating ball but there is no Chennaiyin player to get to the end of it. Chennaiyin FC are not backing down from this fixture. 
3' PENALTY? Ahmed Jahouh pushes Andre Schembri from behind inside the penalty box. But, the referee waves away the protests. That was a 50-50 challenge. The Moroccan needs to be cautious. 
2' Brandon Fernandes wins back-to-back corner kicks after the cross from the right wing is blocked. But, both the efforts are cleared comfortably by Chennaiyin FC defenders. 
Greetings exchanged and photographs clicked. On the other side of the commercial break, we will be back with kick-off. 
Up next is the National Anthem of India!
Both the teams come out of the tunnel. FC Goa are wearing All-Orange and Chennaiyin FC are donning their All-Royal Blues. 
FC Goa's Mandar Rao Dessai has been in a poor-form defensively. Lenny Rodrigues has to man up for the captain and many clubs have diverted their attack through their right wings. If that happens tonight, Andre Schembri might have an assist or goal to his name. 
FC Goa's Ahmed Jahouh has made the most number of tackles. With 67 successful ones in seven matches, the Moroccan has proven himself to be a beast at the centre of the park. Rafael Crivellaro has had a free-run with the ball in almost every Chennaiyin's matches. Can he cut past Jahouh tonight? Let's find out.
Can Ferran Corominas or Nerijus Valskis topple Roy Krishna in the Golden Boot race?

ATK's Roy Krishna leads the Golden Boot race with eight goals from 10 matches. Coro's injury earlier in the season means he has played only six matches. But, has scored a total of six goals. Nerijus Valskis, on the other hand, has rattled the back of the net five times in eight fixtures. Neither of them might overtake Roy Krishna tonight but they can mount pressure on the Fijian by closing the gap down.  
Set-pieces can be a major factor in tonight's encounter.

FC Goa have scored 10 out of 18 goals from set-pieces whereas Chennaiyin FC have conceded 33% of their goals from dead-ball situations. 
FC Goa can regain their position at the top of the table with a win over Chennaiyin FC. They lost their spot after ATK beat Bengaluru FC yesterday and are ahead on them with a better goal difference. 
FC Goa, on the other hand, is keeping up with their winning combination and hasn't made any change. 
Chennaiyin FC has made only one change to the side that defeated Kerala Blasters 3-1. Eli Sabia is suspended and Masih Saighani gets his name in the starting line-up for him. 
FC Goa: Mohammad Nawaz (GK), Carlos Pena, Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Hugo Boumous, Ahmed Jahouh, Brandon Fernandes, Jackichand Singh, Lenny Rodrigues, Mandar Rao Dessai (C), Ferran Corominas

Subs: Laxmikant Kattimani (GK), Chinglensana Singh, Edu Bedia, Amey Ranawade, Saviour Gama, Seiminlen Doungel, Manvir Singh
Chennaiyin FC: Vishal Kaith (GK), Lucian Goian (C), Masih Saighani, Tondonba Singh, Rafael Crivellaro, Germanpreet Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Edwin Vanspaul, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Nerijus Valskis, Andre Schembri.

Subs: Sanjiban Ghosh (GK), Deepak Tangri, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Dhanpal Ganesh, Dragos Firtulescu, Thoi Singh, Rahim Ali
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to Sportskeeda's live blog of tonight's Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa ISL match. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups should be out at any moment from now. 
Chennaiyin FC's last home match against Kerala Blasters was marred with controversy as a goal was disallowed after the referee awarded it. This was because a Kerala Blasters player was fouled but Chennaiyin FC players took it quickly and scored from it. Will we see some high drama like that tonight? Let's find out. 
Want to know the match prediction and predicted line-ups? Read our official preview here.
Three key battles to watch out for:

Mourtada Fall vs Nerijus Valskis- Can the Moroccan stop the Lithuanian from finding the back of the net?

Brandon Fernandes vs Anirudh Thapa- This is poised to be an interesting battle at the centre of the pitch. 

Ferran Corominas- Can the best striker in ISL history have the number of the best defender in ISL history?
Chennaiyin FC's Nerijus Valskis has been booked thrice. One more yellow card for the Lithuanian and he misses the next match. 
What happened the last time these two sides met?

Well, FC Goa thrashed Chennaiyin FC 3-0. Coro, Seiminlen Doungel, and Carlos Pena scored the goals. Will we see another one-sided thrashing this time? Let's find out. 
I learn a lot from every match: Mohammad Nawaz

“I have learned many things from last season as well. I have got confidence to play now. I don’t have any mental pressure to play. The coach gives me confidence and they are working to support and correct me when I make mistakes. I am learning in every match," said the FC Goa goalkeeper.
I just have to keep working hard and trust the coach: Lallianzuala Chhangte

“If you have the trust of the coach, all you have to do is perform better and give extra effort. So, all I have to do is keep working hard, and listen to what the coach told me and perform in the match and help the team win," said Chennaiyin FC's left winger Lallianzuala Chhangte. 
FC Goa taking one game at a time

“I think it’s very important to focus on the next game, and not think about where we can finish in the season. Focus is very important against Chennaiyin. Our next game is against Chennaiyin. Now is not the moment to think about where the team will finish at the end of the season," said FC Goa head coach Sergio Lobera. 
Eli Sabia suspension a crucial factor for Chennaiyin FC.

“We are in a nice place. The disappointment is that Eli (Sabia) is suspended, who is a fantastic player for us. That will be a miss, but that then allows someone to step in. So, we are in a good place and looking forward to the game. We have an outstanding centre-back suspended. Without giving our game plan away, we are not going to change the way we play. We are at home. We are going to attempt and win the game. We know that if we are at our best, we are capable of winning games. That’s what we have to do," said Chennaiyin FC head coach Owen Coyle. 
FC Goa has made the most number of passes in this season of IST. With a combined total of 4276 passes, Ahmed Jahouh leads the pack with 505. Carlos Pena closely follows him with 502. 
Lallianzuala Chhangte takes an average of 2.25 shots per game but has scored only once. Want to know more such stats about Indian forwards failing to score in front of goals but among the ones to assist? Read my article here.
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL 2019-20 Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa match here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai. The match will kick-off at 7:30 PM.
Chennaiyin FC is coming into this match on the back of a four-match unbeaten run where they Kerala Blasters and Hyderabad FC and held Jamshedpur FC and Odisha FC. They are sitting at the eighth position on the points table and a win would spur them two places ahead and put them in touching distance with the teams in top four. 
Chennaiyin FC has the lowest goal per match ratio of 1 and is tied with three other bottom-placed teams.  
FC Goa, on the other hand, is on a three-match unbeaten run having beaten Hyderabad FC and ATK after levelling terms with Kerala Blasters. They have scored 60% of their goals from set-pieces, an uncharacteristic trait they have acquired this season. 
However, their discipline is a major area of concern. FC Goa is the only team in the competition whose players have been given marching orders. They have also picked up 17 yellow cards with Brandon Fernandes, Seriton Fernandes, and Edu Bedia lying on the brink of suspension. 
Brandon Fernandes is the playmaker for FC Goa. Having created 25 chances for his team and topping the assists charts with 5 contributions, he will be a thorn in the flesh of the opposition midfielders. 
Chennaiyin FC's strength lies on the wings. Lallianzuala Chhangte and Thoi Singh are known for their destructive pace and with FC Goa committing too many men forward, there have been times when they struggled in the wider areas of the pitch while defending. 
Nerijus Valskis is on a roll currently having scored five goals in their last four matches. 
Will Sergio Lobera's tiki-taka football stand Owen Coyle's pragmatic counter-attacking approach? Follow this live blog to know more. 
G. Singh
A. Thapa
E. Vanspaul
assist: A. Thapa
S. Doungel
B. Fernandes
E. Vanspaul
M. Nawaz
D. Tangri
Masih Saighani
M. Singh
J. Singh
D. Firțulescu
A. Schembri
Edu Bedia
H. Boumous
L. Goian
assist: H. Boumous
assist: N. Valskis
A. Schembri
H. Boumous
assist: J. Singh
J. Lalrinzuala
N. Singh
M. Fall
B. Fernandes
L. Rodrigues
A. Jahouh
assist: H. Boumous
Goa (4-2-3-1)
Sergio Lobera Rodríguez (Manager)
V. Kaith
N. Singh
Masih Saighani
L. Goian
E. Vanspaul
A. Thapa
G. Singh
L. Chhangte
A. Schembri
N. Valskis
M. Nawaz
M. Desai
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
L. Rodrigues
A. Jahouh
B. Fernandes
H. Boumous
J. Singh
Goa (4-2-3-1)
Sergio Lobera Rodríguez (Manager)
Chennaiyin Subs
R. Ali
D. Firțulescu
D. Ganesh
S. Ghosh
J. Lalrinzuala
T. Singh
D. Tangri
Goa Subs
Edu Bedia
S. Doungel
S. Gama
N. Kumar
A. Ranawade
K. Singh
M. Singh
12 SHOTS 7
12 FOULS 15
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 10
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Match time Thu, 26 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 26, 2019 21:27 PM | Published: Dec 26, 2019 16:43 PM