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CHE vs KER Match Result - ISL 2019-20
3 - 1
Kerala Blasters
A. Schembri 4'
L. Chhangte 30'
N. Valskis 40'
14' B. Ogbeche
Full Time: Chennaiyin FC 3-1 Kerala Blasters 

Four goals in the first half separate the two sides as Chennaiyin pick up their first win in the Owen Coyle era. Chennaiyin and Kerala Blasters swap positions amongst themselves as the former moves to the eighth spot and the latter slips to the ninth one. That's all from your host Abhishek Kundu. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian football updates. 
90+5' Sahal Abdul Samad with another defense-splitting pass but no Kerala Blasters player is there to whack the ball home. 
90+4' Chennaiyin FC break on the counter through the left wing by Dragos Firtulescu but they lose the ball. 
90+3' And, Eli Sabia is sent off for tripping Messi Bouli from behind near the sidelines. That is the second yellow card of the game and he takes all the time to walk off the pitch. One minute down the clock is winded down. 
90+2' Dragos Firtulescu gallops down the left wing but Prasanth tracks back to make a timely sliding tackle. 
90+1' Lallianzuala Chhangte is adjudged the Man of The Match. 
90' Four Minutes have been added on. 
90' Chhangte with a dangerous-looking low cross down the left flank but Moustapha Gning blocks the attempt to Rahim Ali. The Chennaiyin players are complaining of a penalty but the referee is not interested. 
89' Chennaiyin FC makes their final change.

OFF- Andre Schembri
ON- Rahim Ali
88' Kerala Blasters again goes for the route-one football trying to find Messi Bouli. Not a good idea when you have the likes of Samuel and Sahal on the pitch. 
86' The cameraman pans his instrument across the fans and we can see jubilant Chennaiyin fans and gloomy Kerala Blasters fans. 
85' Drobarov punts a long ball to find Messi Bouli. But, Vishal Kaith says thank you very much. 
84' Chhangte has the ball in his feet at the left wing but substitute Samuel recovers the ball from him. This change should have been made in the first half itself. Chhangte had Rakip's number in the first half. He was directly involved in two goals of Chennaiyin. 
83' Kerala Blasters make their final change.

ON- Samuel Lalmuanpuia
OFF- Mohamed Rakip
82' Messi Bouli swindles the ball from the feet of Lucian Goian and goes inside the penalty box. But, his curling effort is inches wide. Vishal Kaith was beaten completely on this occasion. 
81' Jessel Carneiro takes a free-kick but Chennaiyin finds themselves on the counter with the brisk pace of Dragos. He lays it backward for Germanpreet Singh but he takes too much time in taking a shot and gets robbed of the ball eventually by Moustapha Gning. 
80' Kerala Blasters are taking too much time in building up the attack. They need to look for one defense-splitting pass, which Sahal can do. But, they are committing too much men forward and are being vulnerable in the counter. 
79' Firtulescu skedaddles down the right wing before cutting inside and taking a shot. But, it is blocked by Raju Gaekwad and the danger is averted. 
77' OFFSIDE! Chennaiyin is on a 3 vs 2 situation on the counter. Dragos tries to feed Thoi Singh inside the box but his attempt is saved by Rehenesh TP. The assistant raises his flag but the replays confirm he was marginally on after Drobarov fell back from the line. 
76' CHANCE! That is a wonderful chance missed by Lallianzuala Chhangte. The Mizo speedster has the ball at his feet inside the six yard box after the entire Kerala Blasters defense was caught napping. However, he tries to dribble past the players and gets robbed off eventually. 
75' SHOT! Jessel with a ground pass to Mario Arques and he lays it off for Sahal Abdul Samad outside the box. His attempt to guide the ball into the second post is inches wide. 
74' Jesel Carneiro with a brilliant floating free-kick but Vishal Kaith comes off his line again and gets a hand to it before taking the ball out for a corner. 
73' SHOT! Dragos could have found his name in the scoresheet with his first touch of the ball. Edwin chips the ball past the Kerala Blasters defenders and Raju Gaekwad's mistimed clearance fails straight to the feet of Dragos. He turns and takes a shot but it blazes above the crossbar. The assistant had raised the flag nonetheless. 
72' Crivellaro looks injured and takes all the time in the world to come off the pitch.

OFF- Rafael Crivellaro
ON- Dragos Firtulescu
71' Sahal Abdul Samad with a peach of a pass but Messi Bouli is slightly late to get at the end of it and Vishal Kaith comes off his line to collect the ball. That is some good goalkeeping from Vishal Kaith. 
70' Chennaiyin release a long ball trying to find Andre Schembri, the lone man up front. Raju Gaekwad shields the ball before Rehenesh TP collects the ball. 
68' That looks to be the tactic for Kerala Blasters to get a goal back. This time Vishal Kaith punches the ball to safety after Messi Bouli again outran Eli Sabia. 
66' Jeakson Singh with a beautiful chip and Messi Bouli outruns Eli Sabia to try to get at the looping ball first. But, Vishal Kaith with his fearless goalkeeping flaps the ball midway in the air. 
64' After some good five-six passes in the defensive third, Sahal Abdul Samad with his peripheral vision tries to release Jessel on the overlap. But, the Goan lad was off-guard and he fails to get a hold at the ball. 
63' Rakip with a long ball and Mario Arques heads it backwards trying to find Messi Bouli. But, Edwin Vanspaul cleans it up. 
62' Kerala Blasters make their first change. But, this should have been done way early.

ON- Sahal Abdul Samad
OFF- Seityasen Singh
61' Prasanth with a brilliant inside-outside and lodges a curling cross. But, the ball hits the body of two Chennaiyin players before going out of the final third. 
60' Raju Gaekwad takes a long throw and it skims the head of Moustapha Gning before going to the far post where Edwin Vanspaul averts the danger. 
58' After an eventful first half, the game is turning out to be scrappy in the second one. Some relief for live bloggers like me. 
57' Chennaiyin make their first change. Owen Coyle wants pace on both the wings.

OFF- Nerijus Valskis
ON- Thoi Singh
54' Gning releases Messi Bouli but he doesn't go for the kill first time and Anirudh Thapa falls back in the defense line to make a vital interception. 
52' OFFSIDE! Chhangte is looking dangerous in the left wing and goes past Rakip. However, the assistant raises the flag. 
50' Chhangte mugs Drobarov and lays it off for Valskis. Instead of going for goal, he tries to lay it off unselfishly for Schembri on a plate. However, the pass is misdirected and the shot eventually comes from Germanpreet but it is misconnected and the effort is wide. That was a cardinal mistake by Drobarov. 
48' MISS! Kerala Blasters' Messi Bouli takes the free-kick but his shot is straight at the block. Drobarov has a brilliant chance at the follow through after a back-heel from Mario Arques but his effort is misconnected and the ball goes wide out of play. 
47' The Senegalese almost scored with his first touch. But, he doesn't get a proper foot to the ball and his effort is blocked by Eli Sabia ultimately. 
46 Kerala Blasters make their first change.

OFF- Bartholomew Ogbeche
ON- Moustapha Gning
46' We are underway for the second half here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. 
Halftime: Chennaiyin 3-1 Kerala Blasters

High drama here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Andre Schembri gave Chennaiyin the lead in the fourth minute of the match before Bartholomew Ogbeche equalized. Nerijus Valskis saw a goal disallowed but the celebration continued as Lallianzuala Chhangte restored the lead for them. Nerijus Valskis finally found his name in the scoresheet with a simple tap-in. 
45+8' Chennaiyin take the free-quick quickly and Kerala Blasters are caught off-guard again. Chhangte takes it, gives it to Crivellaro, and takes the return from him. He has a look at goal from the left flank but then, his effort blazes across the face of goal before rolling out for a goal-kick. 
45+7' Chennaiyin break on the counter but Schembri's whizzing cross from his own half is headed away by a Kerala Blasters player before Chhangte can get at the end of it. 
45+6' Kerala Blasters are taking too much time in the build-up. The stats will show they have 66% possession but then, they haven't made the most of it. 
45+4' The game hasn't restarted yet as Ogbeche limps off the field on a groggy fashion. This is a major blow for Eelco Schattorie and his team. Things have turned from bad to worse for Kerala Blasters. 
45+1' Ogbeche concedes a foul after bringing down Anirudh Thapa But, in the follow through, he gets injured.
45' Five minutes have been added on. Enough time for Chennaiyin to score another one. 
44' Germanpreet Singh goes in the book for tugging Seityasen Singh. That was needless, boy. 
39' GOAAAAAAAALLLLLL! Nerijus Valskis adds another one for Chennaiyin.

Anirudh Thapa with another wonderful long ball and Lallianzuala Chhangte is through on goal. Rehenesh rushes off his line but Chhangte chips the ball above him. Vlatko Drobarov tries to make a goal-line clearance but it hits the post and falls to Valskis in the rebound at a hand-shaking distance from goal. That is a poacher's delight for the Lithuanian.  
36' The first yellow card of the game goes to Messi Bouli. He clips the heels of Anirudh Thapa and the Indian international is rolling on the floor holding his left foot. The Cameroonian follows it up with a sarcastic clap. 
35' Chhangte runs like a deer in the right wing running past Rakip and finds Schembri. But, he is robbed off the ball and Kerala Blasters survive a scare. 
34' Kerala Blasters have lost their defensive shape completely. Eelco Schattorie is on the stands and has his hand on his cheek. He knows the game is running out of his hands. 
32' OFFSIDE! Andre Schembri now finds Rafael Crivellaro through on goal. But, the assistant raises the flag. Replays suggest he was played on though. 
30' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! Lallianzuala Chhangte scores a goal for Chennaiyin FC.

A brilliant series of passes ends with Chhangte slamming the ball from inside the box after Nerijus Valskis lays a lateral pass for him. The Lithuanian backheeled the ball and collected a chipped pass from Crivellaro. The Brazilian has been on fire tonight. 
29' Yes, the goal has been overturned. Not for offside but because the foul was on Kerala Blasters player, Seityasen Singh, and not on Anirudh Thapa. And now, the entire Chennaiyin FC players are agitated with the referee. 
28' The game hasn't started yet. Kerala Blasters players are remonstrating and it looks like they are overturning the goal. 
25' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL? No, Nerijus Valskis does find the back of the net but it is cancelled later by the referee. 

Actually that is offside and the Kerala Blasters players are agitated with the referee's decision. Chennaiyin take the free-kick quickly after the entire Kerala Blasters team was switched off. Schembri is one-on-one at goal but he lays it off unselfishly for Valskis and he bundles the ball into the back of the net with his volley.
24' Prasanth dazzles down the right wing before seeing a host of Chennaiyin players. The ball goes all the way back as Kerala Blasters retry their attack. 
23' And, Nerijus Valskis is warned by the referee. He knew he was not getting the ball and tried to clash his head with Vlatko Drobarov. The referee says do that one more time and you are going in the book. 
22' Raju Gaekwad attempts a shot at goal from outside the box but it is high. His effort dinked a tad late. 
21' Chhangte is released in the left-wing but his heavy touch lets him down again. The youngster needs to improve on that aspect if he wants to cement his position in India's national team. 
20' Edwin Vanspaul with a flying cross from the byline trying to find either of Valskis, Schembri, or Crivellaro. But, Vlatko Drobarov heads away the danger. 
19' SHOT! Bartholomew Ogbeche snapshots a first-time volley towards the second post following a quickly taken free-kick from Arques. But, the ball hit the inside of his boot and it trickles away for a goal-kick. 
18' OFFSIDE! Rafael Crivellaro tries to release Lallianzuala Chhangte inside the box but he is too quick for the Kerala defenders. Schembri was waiting at the six-yard box for a tap-in. 
15' GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! Bartholomew Ogbeche with a screamer to restore parity for Kerala Blasters.

Mario Arques gets the ball rolling for the 2002 FIFA World Cup player and his outside of the boot attempt from 25-yards outswings before rippling the back of the net. Vishal Kaith fails to react in time to get a hand to it. No blame put on him actually. That was too good a shot to be saved. 
14' Kerala win a free-kick in a good position. Eli Sabia pushes Ogbeche from behind. What can Blasters get from here?
12' Kerala is finding it tough to penetrate Chennaiyin through the midfield. They are going the direct route to Messi Bouli but Eli Sabia and Lucian Goian have had the upper hand so far. 
10' A long ball towards Messi Bouli is fisted away by Vishal Kaith. The subsequent long throw by Raju Gaekwad is cleared by Chennaiyin. 
8' Another corner-kick to Chennaiyin. That is the fourth one for Chennaiyin in the first eight minutes. Goian's attempted header is blocked by Raju Gaekwad. His subsequent corner-kick is cleared in the first post by Raju Gaekwad. 
7' Chennaiyin with another corner-kick. Germanpreet has been lively so far in this contest and wins one for the team and Crivellaro is ready to take it. 
4' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Andre Schembri gives Chennaiyin the lead.

That is poor defending from Kerala Blasters. No one is marking Schembri and Rafael Crivellaro feeds a low cross to him which the goalscorer makes no mistake in poking past Rehenesh TP. That should be the easiest way to score a goal in ISL 2019-20 but all the credit should go to Crivellaro. He wriggled past four players and got lucky to keep the ball with himself after Drobarov's interception went to him again. 
3' Early exchanges of the game are positive for Chennaiyin FC. They had won a corner before and wins another one after Germanpreet Singh's shot at inside the box is blocked. 
1' PEEP! We are underway here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai. 
National Anthems done, hands shaken, and photographs clicked. It's time for kick-off at the other end of the commercial break. 
Both the sides are out of the tunnel. Chennaiyin are wearing their royal blue jersey and Blasters are donning their lemon yellow kit. 
Chennaiyin is resuming their ISL action after a 10-day gap. Will the ruggedness affect the outcome of the game? Let's find out. 
Individual battles to watch out:

Bartholomew Ogbeche vs Lucian Goan
- The skipper will be up against one of the most formidable defender in ISL history, Lucian Goian. The Romanian's performance has dipped slightly and he would be raring to make a statement by keeping the Nigerian at bay.

Rafael Crivellaro vs Jeakson Singh- This should be an interesting contest. Jeakson has even drawn praise from the national team coach Igor Stimac and it remains to be seen whether he can stop the outlets of Chennaiyin's attacking midfielder Crivellaro. 
Prediction: The return of Bartholomew Ogbeche has certainly made Kerala Blasters look the stronger side on paper. I expect this to be a high-goal affair with a 3-2 win for the Blasters. 
Kerala Blasters, on the other hand, has made only one change to the side that rallied from behind to hold Jamshedpur FC 2-2. Captain Bartholomew Ogbeche returns to first-team action following his prolonged injury and Halicharan Narzary gets relegated to the bench. 
Chennaiyin FC have made two changes to the side that were held 1-1 by Jamshedpur FC. Masih Saighani makes way for Germanpreet Singh in the defensive midfield position. And, Andre Schembri joins in the right wing in place of Thoi Singh. 
Kerala Blasters: TP Rehenesh (GK), Mohamad Rakip, Raju Gaekwad, Jessel Carneiro, Vlatko Drobarov, Jeakson Singh, Mario Arques, Seityasen Singh, Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, Raphael Messi Bouli, Bartholomew Ogbeche

Subs: Bilal Khan (GK), Abdul Hakku, Lalruatthara, Halicharan Narzary, Moustapha Gning, Sahal Abdul Samad, Samuel Lalmuanpuia
Chennaiyin FC: Vishal Kaith (GK), Edwin Vanspaul, Lucian Goian, Eli Sabia, Tondonba Singh, Germanpreet Singh, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Andre Schembri, Anirudh Thapa, Rafael Crivellaro, Nerijus Valskis

Subs: Sanjiban Ghosh (GK), Laldinliana Renthlei, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Masih Saighani, Dragos Firtulescu, Thoi Singh, Rahim Ali
Hello and welcome again to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Hero ISL 2019-20 match between Chennaiyin FC and Kerala Blasters. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups should be out at any moment. 
Individual mistakes due to lack of concentration are hurting us: Ishfaq Ahmed

“Some of the teams that we’ve played against, say for example Goa or Bengaluru; we dominated them. Goa’s one of the best teams in the league when it comes to keeping the ball, but we dominated them as well. However, we have to work on our individual errors and hopefully overcome that.”
Nerijus Valskis hopes to continue his hot-streak form in front of goal

“I am always happy when I score, and the team is also doing good. It’s good that we didn’t lose (against Jamshedpur) and this gives everybody confidence, and for sure, we will try and win the next game. I hope we win against Kerala. We will come in very serious and focused.”
Owen Coyle banking on home support

"The first home game for myself is very exciting against a very good side in Kerala Blasters. In terms of preparation, the players have worked very hard.”
For Kerala Blasters, Jessel Carneiro has been their most consistent player. With 30 crosses and 6 shots to his name, the Goan lad doesn't fear to surge forward in search of goals or creating chances. He has conceded just 2 fouls in the competition and has made 34 clearances and 14 interceptions. 
Edwin Vanspaul has been the most consistent Indian player so far. The right-back has made 27 tackles, 22 interceptions, 9 blocks, and 27 clearances in the seven matches he has played. Averaging cumulative passes of 31.29, the right-back has also made the third most touches of the ball, only behind Anirudh Thapa and Rafael Crivellaro. 
Kerala Blasters has scored eight goals this season only. Of those eight, four have come through Raphael Messi Bouli. In the absence of Ogbeche, the Cameroonian has ensured his team doesn't lack goals up front. 
Chennaiyin FC has scored only five goals this season. Of those five, four have come through Nerijus Valskis. All hopes lie on the shoulders of the Lithuanian to ensure his side gets goals. 
Where do the teams stand on the table?

Kerala Blasters, on the other hand, are just a place ahead of them with seven points from eight matches. They have one win and four draws in their collection. Moreover, their last three matches have ended in a tied result. 
Where do the teams stand on the table?

Chennaiyin FC is sitting on the ninth spot at the points table with six points from seven matches. Their match against NorthEast United got cancelled and they are the only side in the competition to have played seven matches. They have one victory and three draws. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL 2019-20 match between Chennaiyin FC and Kerala Blasters here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai. The match is scheduled to kick-off at 7:30 PM IST.

Both the teams are struggling at the bottom half of the table with a solitary win. While Kerala Blasters won the curtain-raiser in Kochi, Chennaiyin's came through a late-goal drama against Hyderabad FC.

This will be Owen Coyle's second assignment with Chennaiyin FC after his debut ended in a 1-1 draw which saw Jamshedpur equalizing through a handball. Nerijus Valskis scored the goal for the Marina Machans on that occasion.

Dragos Firtulescu was stretchered off in that encounter and it remains to be seen whether he has recovered in time. Chennaiyin is most like to play themselves in a 4-1-4-1 formation with Masih Saighani providing the screen in front of the back-line. Do watch out for the blistering pace of Lallianzuala Chhangte and Thoi Singh on either side of the wings but their final delivery has been lacklustre so far in the season. Rafael Crivellaro remains the most creative midfielder for Chennaiyin FC so far.

Kerala Blasters, on the other hand, have distributed themselves with a new formation almost every time based on the players available with them. Assistant coach Ishfaq Ahmed confirmed in the pre-match press conference that some players have resumed training with the squad. So, we might see the likes of Gianni Zuiverloon, Bartholomew Ogbeche, and Rahul Kannoly Praveen make their comeback. Sergio Cidoncha, however, remains doubtful for their match against Chennaiyin FC.

Kerala Blasters' constant source of inspiration has been Jeakson Singh. The 18-year-old has been rock solid in the defensive midfield area and wins almost all the second balls. Their full-backs Jessel Carneiro and Mohammed Rakip love to overlap and Chennaiyin should be wary of their crosses.

If either of the teams wants to finish inside the top four by the end of the season, they cannot afford to drop points any longer. Will it be Owen Coyle or Eelco Schattorie who end their string of draws first? Follow this thread to find out. 
Eli Sabiá
R. Ali
A. Schembri
S. Lalmuanpuia
M. Rakip
V. Kaith
D. Firțulescu
S. Samad
Seityasen Singh
T. Singh
N. Valskis
Eli Sabiá
M. Gning
B. Ogbeche
G. Singh
N. Valskis
B. Ogbeche
L. Chhangte
assist: N. Valskis
B. Ogbeche
assist: Mario Arqués
A. Schembri
assist: Crivellaro
Kerala Blasters (4-4-2)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
V. Kaith
N. Singh
L. Goian
Eli Sabiá
E. Vanspaul
G. Singh
A. Thapa
L. Chhangte
A. Schembri
N. Valskis
R. Paramba
J. Carneiro
R. Gaikwad
V. Drobarov
M. Rakip
Mario Arqués
Seityasen Singh
J. Thaunaojam
P. Karuthadathkuni
B. Ogbeche
R. Bouli
Kerala Blasters (4-4-2)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
Chennaiyin Subs
R. Ali
D. Firțulescu
S. Ghosh
J. Lalrinzuala
L. Renthlei
Masih Saighani
T. Singh
Kerala Blasters Subs
M. Gning
A. Hakku
B. Khan
S. Lalmuanpuia
H. Narzary
S. Samad
10 SHOTS 11
19 FOULS 9
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 9
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Match time Fri, 20 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 20, 2019 21:32 PM | Published: Dec 20, 2019 17:20 PM