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CHE vs ODI Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 2
N. Valskis 51'
N. Valskis 71'
54' Xisco Hernández
82' Aridane
The Line-ups are here :

Bengaluru FC : Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK), Albert Serran, Juanan, Harmanjot Khabra, Nishu Kumar, Erik Paartalu, Raphael Augusto, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Ashique Kuruniyan, Sunil Chhetri (C)

Hyderabad FC : Kamaljit Singh (GK/C), Sahil Panwar, Rafael Lopez Gomez, Matthew Kilgallon, Gurtej Singh, Mohammed Yasir, Marko Stankovic, Laldanmawia Ralte, Nikhil Poojary, Bobo, Marcelo Pereira.

Right! Chennaiyin move level on points with Mumbai City and Kerala whereas Odisha are just a couple of points off FC Goa, having played a game more! Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest news, scores and updates from the ISL and we hope you enjoyed our coverage! We will be back tomorrow when Hyderabad FC host Bengaluru FC!

Till then, this is Shashwat Kumar signing off! Goodbye and goodnight!
PEEEEEEPPPPPPP! It ends all square at the Marina Arena! Both sides finish deadlocked at 2-2! And, tempers are flaring after the whistle! Goian and Diagne get involved and that just sort of mars what has been an exceptional second half!

After a goalless first period, the game burst into life almost instantly after the break when Chennaiyin nudged ahead. However, Odisha pegged them back minutes later. That trend continued through the half as the hosts again surged ahead only to be brought back on level terms by the visitors. 

In the end, the game became extremely stretched as both sides searched for the elusive equaliser. However, on the balance of play, a draw was probably a fair result, considering Odisha's dominance in the first half and Chennaiyin's fightback after the restart. 

Yet, a stalemate wouldn't have been what both coaches would've been hoping for, especially considering the predicament both find themselves in
90+4' Into borrowed time, and Chhangte's effort is charged down by Odisha!
90+3' The hosts come again after a poor corner routine but Chhangte takes too long to release his cross. Dargos does so after a few moments but it is straight into Arshdeep's palms. And, we still play on!
90+3' Into the final minute of stoppage time and the rain is absolutely pouring down now. Chennaiyin come again but Dragos can't find Chhangte on the right as Diagne clears. However, the hosts earn a corner from the resulting phase of play. Surely not another late goal
90+2' Germanpreet gets the better of SHubham on the left flank but the full-back pulls him back blatantly. The hosts have a free-kick in a promising position. Dragos whips it in and Valskis nearly pulls off a magical victory. He arches his neck just a little too much to send his header wide of the far post
90+1' The corner causes no major mishaps as Odisha clear the ball and Chennaiyin come again after a foul by Bikramjit near the centre-circle
A minimum of 3 minutes to be added on!
90' Goian finds Dragos with a superb long pass on the left but he can't make the most of it. Odisha though, give it away and the hosts come again. Chhangte has the ball on the left but is cross is charged down by Narayan. A corner for the home side
88' Bikramjit switches play and finds Jerry. But, he can't progress as the move is recycled to the opposite flank where Nandhakumar's shot deflects towards the centre-backs. They try to play it out but SHubham intercepts on the inside right channel and pulls the trigger. Unfortunately, it flies well into the stands
86' Chhangte runs clear on the right flank and he clips in a left-footed cross in Valskis. But, Diagne just does enough to put him off and ensure that the striker doesn't get a free header in. The game is getting extremely stretched
85' Dragos shoots over!
Dragos displays brilliant footwork on the edge of the box and makes space to unleash a left-footed shot. He strikes it purely but it just sails over the bar
82' GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! Aridane brings Odisha level!!!!
Nandhakumar dances past a couple of challenges and plays the ball to Daniel. Daniel finds Guedes on the edge of the box who lays it into Aridane's path. The Spaniard swivels on his shot beautifully and thumps the ball past Vishal into the bottom corner. What a goal by Odisha!
81' Odisha again work the ball towards Jerry on the right and he curls in a cross. Vishal though, comes out and punches it away to Nandhakumar, who tries to clip in a delivery of his own, only to hit it straight at Edwin
80' Nandhakumar progresses down the left flank and tries to carve out an opening. But, eventually, he runs out of space as he dribbles the ball into touch. The winger hasn't been at his best today
78' Change for Chennaiyin! Crivellaro is replaced by Rahim Ali!
77' My word, what has the referee done here!
Vishal kicks another long goal-kick forward and he finally get it right. The ball bounces above Narayan and Valskis is onto it. The full-back brings him down and there seems to be enough contact. Could he have given a free-kick and a potential booking there? Could have and probably should have. Odisha have dodged a bullet there. But, what were they doing in the first place?!
76' Crivallero has come into his own in this half and he again picks out the perfect pass to Germanpreet. The latter finds himself just outside the box and tries to curl it into the far corner. But, he just lays back and skies it over the bar
74' Change for Odisha! Daniel comes on for Tebar!
And, Odisha have switched to a back three with Diagne, Narayan and Shubham as the central defenders. Boy, that is risky!
72' GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!! Valskis at the double! Chennaiyin surge ahead!
Valskis rises above everyone in the penalty box and guides his header into the far corner to bring the Marina Arena to its feet. That was such a good finish. And, he caps it off with a Ronaldo-esque celebration!
71' Tebar and Guedes give the ball away in midfield and Thapa capitalises. He strides forward and picks out Chhangte, who takes a couple of touches and shoots at goal. Unfortunately, his shot is blocked by Shubham
69' Crivallero takes on a challenge too many and Bikramjit tracks back to get the ball off the Brazilian
68' Change for Odisha! Delgado comes off for Martin Guedes!
That'll mean that Tebar would most likely slot in alongside Diagne in the heart of the defence
67' Germanpreet hunts Shubham down on the left flank and picks his pocket. But, the former's delivery is dreadful as Diagne boots it away. It falls to Aridane who is fouled and Odisha have a bit of respite
66' Delgado gets booked!
The Spaniard hacks down Delgado and gets booked. Chennaiyin whip in a good cross from the resulting free-kick but Valskis' header lack any real power to trouble Arshdeep
64' Crivallero spreads play and finds Chhangte on the left. He feeds Tondonba who bites off a bit more than he can chew. Odisha clear the ball towards Aridane who can't hold it up, for once and Chennaiyin are on the attack again. They work the ball through midfield and Crivallero picks out Germanpreet on the edge of the box. The substitute fires a left-footed shot at goal that is spilled by Arshdeep. But, there is no one around to take advantage
Change for Chennaiyin! Dragos comes on for Thoi!
62' Anirudh picks out Chhangte on the edge of the box and he slides in Crivallero. The Brazilian sits Shubham down on the floor, cuts inside and whips in a devilish cross that is headed high up by Narayan. Arshdeep gets into a tangle with Valskis and the referee blows the whistle
60' Thoi is on his bike again on the right flank and it needs a crunching challenge from Delgado to stop the flying winger. Brilliant defending
59' Aridane drops deep and feeds Nandhakumar on the left. The Indian though puts in a poor cross as it sails over everyone and Tondonba out-jumps Jerry to clear it
58' Thoi picks up the ball on the edge of the box and lays on the ball for Germanpreet. However, the latter produces a contender for the worst shot of the season with a strike that is well wide of the goal. He hasn't gotten to grips with the game so far
57' Odisha have the wind in their sails after the equaliser as Nandhakumar pushes forward on the left flank. But, he can't deliver an adequate cross as the ball is handled easily by Vishal
54' GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!! It's all square in Chennai! Xisco scores!
Nandhakumar finds Jerry on the opposite flank with his cross and the latter picks out Xisco via a deflection off VIshal. Xisco holds his nerve and drills the ball powerfully into the back of the net
53' Odisha attack now and Jerry slides in Xisco on the right edge of the box. The Spanirad cuts the ball back for Aridane, who is not on the same wavelength
51' GOOOOAAAALLLL!!! Valskis puts Chennaiyin ahead!
Crivallero pounces on Bikramjit's mistake and strides forward before finding Anirudh. Anirudh waits for Thoi to overlap on the right flank before playing him in. The winger squares the ball for Valskis and he stabs the ball into the back of the net
49' Crivallero strides forward and picks out Thoi on the right. He clips in a cross to the far post where Chhangte meets it but heads it straight onto Shubham. Odisha bring the ball away but Germanpreet hacks Jerry down and gets booked
48' The hosts have started the second half better as Anirudh finds himself in a crossing position in the inside right channel. But, his delivery is too deep and Arshdeep collects it easily
Germanpreet comes on for Chennaiyin in Saighani's stead!
Change for Odisha! Bikramjit comes on for Vinit Rai!
PEEEEEPPPP! Chennaiyin get us underway!
PEEEEEEPPPPPP!!! The teams enter the tunnel deadlocked at 0-0!!!
Odisha started the brighter of the two sides and immediately imposed their passing style on the game. They dominated possession and carved out quite a few openings for themselves. However, they failed to find the clinical edge in front of goal, meaning that they spurned those chances. 

As for Chennaiyin, they looked second best for the majority of the first period but began growing into the encounter slightly as the half drew to a close. Yet, if they are to get something from the game, they need to improve massively after the break. 

Do join us in a while for the second half!
45+1' Jerry fluffs his lines!
Aridane again drops deep and slots in a perfect through-ball for Jerry. The angle is acute for Jerry and the keeper is also out in a flash. The winger tries to just clip it to the right of the keeper and it agonisingly misses the far post. Could he have passed to Xisco? Could have
A minimum of one minute to be added on!
45' Goian is back on his feet as Chennaiyin come forward again. Chhangte tries to find Tondonba but the former's pass just lacks a yard of pace, thereby allowing Shubham to slide in and clear it
43' Lucian Goian is down clutching his left leg! And, that is not a good sign for Chennaiyin! Looks more of an impact injury though!
42' Thoi dances past a couple of challenges and gets his cross in. Diagne, though, clears it and it falls to Edwin, who strikes it on the volley. The ball swerves and dips but is just over the bar. Decent attempt
40' Unfortunately, the corner is just as bad as the free-kick as it is too deep and it flies over everyone and into touch for a goal-kick
39' Xisco wins the ball in midfield and tries to play in Aridane. But, his pass is easily intercepted by Goian. Chennaiyin spring a counter but can't find the requisite conviction until the ball reaches Anirudh outside the box. He lines up his shot and it takes a massive deflection to go out for a corner
38' Anirudh goes for goal and Tebar clears it easliy. That was a wretched free-kick and no wonder, Chennaiyin have not scored too many goals from set-pieces this season
37' Saighani threads the ball forward for Chhangte but he has to retreat for a lack of support. However, Chennaiyin move forward again and draw a free-kick when Vinit handles the ball on the left edge of the box. A big set-piece coming up for Chennaiyin
35' Xisco blasts over! 
Vinit switches play towards the left flank and finds Nandhakumar. His initial cross is blocked but he gets in ahead of Edwin to win the second ball. He picks out Xisco, who instinctively stabs at the ball and puts it over the bar
34' Tebar finds Jerry with a wonderful cross-field pass but the Indian's cross is blocked by Tondonba. The following passage of play sees Odisha over-play another pass as the attack comes to nothing
33' Chennaiyin on the attack now as Thoi finds himself in space on the right flank. He curls in a cross towards the near post but it just eludes Valskis. That's probably the first time we have mentioned the latter's name. He has been anonymous so far
32' Xisco again dribbles past his marker with ease and is fouled in the process. Odisha work the ball well from the free-kick and keep possession before Diagne finds Aridane between the lines. He tries to play in Jerry but is thwarted
30' Crivallero's free-kick is initially cleared by Delgado but it falls to Thoi in the box. However, the Indian's acrobatic attempt is well off target
28' Jerry gets the ball to his feet on the right flank and cuts inside before playing it back for Shubham. The right-back miscues his cross woefully but it causes Vishal a problem as it dips at goal at the last moment. Eventually, the keeper puts it behind for a corner
27' Tebar clips the ball forward for Jerry on the right channel but just overcooks his pass as the ball bounces behind for a goal-kick. The idea was good but the execution wasn't quite so
26' Diagne is accorded plenty of space in midfield and Chennaiyin continue to back off. The defender takes matter into his own hands and takes a pop at goal, which rises well over the bar
24' Xisco's corner is gathered easily by Vishal and he tries to release Chhangte early. But, he only ends up finding Arshdeep with his hurried clearance
24' Aridane gets on the end of Xisco's corner and his header takes a slight deflection off Eli Sabia. The ball goes out for another corner
23' The resulting corner takes the faintest of touches and goes out again for a corner on the other side. Odisha are turning the screw here
23' Aridane finds himself in between the lines and he picks Xisco on the edge of the box. The latter tries to find Jerry with the outside of his left boot but the ball is cleared for a corner by Vishal
21' Vinit Rai is booked!
The Indian is booked for an arm that caught Saighani in the centre of the park
20' Aridane's shot takes a massive deflection off Goian and nearly falls into Nandhakumar's path. But, Vishal is brave enough to dive at the winger's feet and gobble up the loose ball
19' Diagne heads wide!
The resulting free-kick is whipped into the box and Diagne finds himself relatively unmarked in the six-yard box. However, he somehow heads it wide, with Delgado just behind him. Chance for Odisha. Their clearest sight of goal so far. The alarm bells are tolling for Chennaiyin though
18' Tebar helps the ball into Jerry's path and the Indian battles tooth and nail with Goian before the latter brings him down on the right flank. Odisha have a free-kick in a promising position
16' Diagne picks out Nandhakumar with an ambitious cross-field pass but the ball is just a touch too ahead for the winger to control. Instead, he whips it in first time and that allows Eli Sabia to pass his way out of trouble
14' Xisco glides his way past Saighani effortlessly and sets up Nandhakumar. The Indian cuts inside his man and pulls the trigger but Edwin blocks it wonderfully. Chennaiyin bring the ball away courtesy Anirudh as he strides through midfield. But, his final pass misses its mark and the ball rolls out for a goal-kick
12' Diagne gives the ball away in midfield and Odisha are under strife instantly. Crivallero brings it forward and with the help of Chhangte, finds himself inside the box on the left edge. However, Tebar comes storming back and pinches the ball off Crivallero
10' Anirudh finds Thoi on the right side who in turn picks out Edwin. But, the hosts overcomplicate things and Odisha come away with it. A smashing pass finds Aridane in space on the right and he brings Xisco into play. The Spaniard then plays in Nandhakumar whose cross is cleared by Eli Sabia
8' Top save by Vishal!!
Jerry and Aridane combine before the ball falls to Xisco inside the box. The Spaniard strikes it on the volley first time and Vishal does extremely well to fling out his right palm and parry the ball away from the danger area

7' Xisco fires over! 
Xisco picks up the ball 25 yards out, takes a couple of touches and creates himself a shooting opportunity on his left foot. He strikes it cleanly enough but it just sails over the bar. Early warning sign for Chennaiyin. They can't afford him such space
6' A rash tackle by Saighani leaves Xisco in pain near the centre circle. That wasn't a great challenge. Could've been a yellow had it been committed a little later in the game
5' Xisco feeds Jerry on the right flank and the Indian cuts inside to play in a left-footed shot towards Aridane. The Spaniard tries to swivel and get his shot away but the ball is cleared by Chennaiyin
3' Vishal gives the ball away to Aridane but Odisha can't make the most of it as Chhange tracks back to steal the ball off Shubham
2' Chhangte goes past a couple of challenges but is stopped by Shubham on the left edge of the box. The resulting phase of play results in a Chennaiyin foul and Odisha have a free-kick
1' Chennaiyin press the ball high up the pitch and pinch the ball in midfield through Edwin. And, they win a throw-in in the Odisha half
PEEEEEPPPPP! Odisha FC get us underway!
The Indian national anthem is sung with fervour at the Marina Arena and the players greet each other before the contest! We are just moments away from the start! Here we go!
Xisco Hernandez has returned to the starting line-up after being benched for the encounter against ATK. That should help Odisha find that bit of creative edge in the offensive third, especially with the pace of Jerry and Nandhakumar on the flanks
Team News!! 

Chennaiyin FC XI: 
Vishal Kaith (GK), Tondonba Singh, Masih Saighani, Lucian Goian (C), Eli Sabia, Rafael Crivellaro, Anirudh Thapa, Edwin Vanspaul, Thoi Singh, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Nerijus Valskis

Odisha FC XI: Arshdeep Singh (GK), Carlos Delgado, Narayan Das, Shubham Sarangi, Marcos Tebar (C), Nandhakumar Sekar, Vinit Rai, Diawandou Diagne, Xisco Hernandez, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Aridane Santana
However, at this juncture, they seem slightly ahead of their rivals in terms of what qualities they bring to the fore, meaning that they start as marginal favourites. Yet, as the ISL has shown countless times before, the tag of favourites isn’t something most teams revel in. 

After all, on Thursday, two outfits specialising in counter punching will take the field against each other and though that might paint a prospectively cagey picture, it could also conversely, set the stage for as fascinating a contest as any. And, just for that fact, one would be extremely naïve to miss out on, this titanic tussle.
As for Odisha, they’ve endured a strange tournament, wherein they’ve either been a refreshing side to watch or an outfit that have made their fans pull their hair out. 

Akin to Chennaiyin, they also started their campaign with two straight losses, although Odisha arrested that slide emphatically by sticking 4 past Mumbai at the Mumbai Football Arena. 

Since then though, their free-flowing football has flickered intermittently but not sparkled regularly enough, meaning that they’ve failed to make the net bulge in each of their two previous encounters. 

Thus, Josep Gombau’s men, despite not having as many alarming problems as their southern counterparts, still have a few ailments to cure. While they’ve looked good in possession, they’ve often failed to stitch together an end product, an aspect that could come under the scanner if the likes of Ardiane Santana and Xisco Hernandez are not fit to start against Chennaiyin.
Having said that though, there are problems aplenty on the pitch, none more grave than their inability to constantly keep troubling the scorers. And, to add to their woes, they’ve shipped in 8 goals in five matches, a record that represents the 3rd worst tally in the league and one that doesn’t suit a team that once prided itself on keeping things tight at the back. 

Thus, on paper, Chennaiyin seem to possess enough chinks in their armour to slip into the ISL oblivion rather swiftly over the upcoming weeks and be consigned to mediocrity.

Yet, in football, one can never rule out the effect of pure optimism embracing a club. And, though it would seem a stretch to label things as sanguine at the Marina Arena currently, even a narrow victory against Hyderabad was enough to fuel that particular fire, especially after the Chennaiyin faithful had seen its team slump dreadfully in the opening weeks.
Consequently, the Marina Arena broke into raptures with fans rejoicing every moment of an improbable triumph, a victory made sweeter in light of the woes that had engulfed the club before the international break. 

To put things into perspective, John Gregory had crestfallenly admitted in a press conference that his time at Chennaiyin might be up, thereby indicating a severe breakdown in the working mechanism of the outfit. 

But, the positive result against Hyderabad has reinforced a bit of belief among the Chennaiyin ranks, not just because they posted their first victory of the campaign but also because they portrayed enough resilience to not wilt under pressure.
A few days ago, Chennaiyin FC locked horns with Hyderabad FC hoping to cast aside their wretched start to the season and embark on a slightly more fruitful adventure. However, for large swathes of that encounter, they looked as listless and lackadaisical as their previous matches, meaning that pressure on John Gregory and his players kept mounting gradually. 

Yet, in a rather dramatic turn of events, the Marina Machans made the net ripple twice in the space of five stoppage time minutes, a rather startling stat considering they’d managed a grand total of 0 goals in their first four fixtures.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL fixture between Chennaiyin FC and Odisha FC! I am Shashwat Kumar and I will be taking you through the build-up and the entirety of the encounter! Do stay tuned for a compelling contest!
assist: M. Pérez
R. Ali
D. Lalhlimpuia
Marcos Tébar
N. Valskis
assist: D. Firțulescu
M. Pérez
Carlos Delgado
Carlos Delgado
D. Firțulescu
T. Singh
Xisco Hernández
N. Valskis
assist: T. Singh
G. Singh
B. Singh
V. Rai
G. Singh
Masih Saighani
V. Rai
Odisha (4-2-3-1)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
V. Kaith
N. Singh
L. Goian
Eli Sabiá
E. Vanspaul
Masih Saighani
L. Chhangte
A. Thapa
T. Singh
N. Valskis
Arsh Saini
N. Das
Carlos Delgado
D. Diagné
S. Sarangi
V. Rai
Marcos Tébar
N. Sekar
Xisco Hernández
J. Mawihmingthanga
Odisha (4-2-3-1)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
Chennaiyin Subs
R. Ali
D. Firțulescu
J. Lalrinzuala
A. Reamsochung
L. Renthlei
K. Singh
G. Singh
Odisha Subs
A. Bhuyan
M. Dhot
R. Gharami
D. Lalhlimpuia
S. Manchong
M. Pérez
B. Singh
18 SHOTS 17
17 FOULS 12
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 7 4 2 1 10 14
2 Bengaluru FC 7 3 4 0 5 13
3 FC Goa 7 3 3 1 5 12
4 Jamshedpur FC 6 3 2 1 2 11
5 NorthEast United FC 7 2 4 1 -1 10
6 Mumbai City FC 7 1 4 2 -3 7
7 Odisha FC 7 1 3 3 -1 6
8 Kerala Blasters FC 7 1 3 3 -2 6
9 Chennaiyin FC 6 1 2 3 -6 5
10 Hyderabad FC 7 1 1 5 -9 4
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 6
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Match time Thu, 28 Nov 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Nov 29, 2019 18:47 PM | Published: Nov 28, 2019 18:00 PM