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COL vs ENG Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
3 - 4
AET 1 - 1
Y. Mina 90'+3'
L. Muriel (P) 121'
R. Falcao (P) 121'
J. Cuadrado (P) 121'
C. Bacca (PM) 121'
M. Uribe (PM) 121'
57' H. Kane (P)
121' H. Kane (P)
121' E. Dier (P)
121' K. Trippier (P)
121' J. Henderson (PM)
121' M. Rashford (P)

I'm exhausted after an absolute belter of a World Cup knock-out tie. England are going through to the quarter-finals. Commiserations to Colombia. 

Thanks for reading, Anirudh Menon signing out. 

PENALTY #10: Eric Dier to win it. He drives it into the bottom corner. WOOF! Colombia 3 - 4 England
PENALTY #9: Carlos Bacca walks up for this one. Sudden death is upon is prematurely. And he's saved by Pickford! Superb, superb save! OH ENGLAND! Colombia 3 - 3 England
PENALTY #8: Kieron Trippier, set-piece specialist, needs to score this. And he does. Driving it into the far corner. Colombia 3 - 3 England
PENALTY #6: Jordan Henderson walks up. And it's saved by Ospina! OH MY! HE DIVES TO HIS LEFT AND SAVES BRILLIANTLY. Colombia 3 -2 England. 
PENALTY #5: Luis Muriel will take it. And he will roll it in after sending Pickford the wrong way. Colombia 3 - 2 England. 
PENALTY #4: Marcus Rashford takes. And absolutely drives it into the corner. Colombia 2 -2 England
PENALTY #3: Juan Cuadrado's turn. He absolutely whacks it into the top right corner of the goal. Pickford dived, could do nothing about it. Colombia 2 - 1 England
PENALTY #2: Harry Kane now. He pulverizes it into the bottom far corner. Colombia 1 - 1 England
PENALTY #1: Radamel Falcao steps up. Scores. Straight down the middle. Colombia 1 - 0 England
Colombia will start proceedings. The tension is nerve wracking. As it is in Moscow. 
121' Mojica looks to dribble past Trippier and Dier but the Spurs pair see it through. That will be it. 
120' Trippier shows too much of the ball to Mojica - and that's enough for the Colombian to drive forward and win a throw in. There'll be ONE MINUTE ADDED ON. 
119' Trippier Rory-Delaps a throw into the box but Mina absolutely hammers it clear in the unceremonious manner. Sixty seconds left. Penalties loom. 
118' Cuadrado slams into Danny Rose down the English left - and that's a yellow for the Juve man. Rose swings it in, Ospina charges out and punches it clear. Somehow. 
117' Lingard and Kane try a FIFA-like give-and-go but Barrios reads his intentions perfectly. They launch forward on the counter and a Bacca cross is headed away by Dier. Inexplicably the ref points for a goal-kick. ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS DECISION
116' Cristian Zapata is on for Santiago Arias - who's absolutely run himself into the ground tonight. 
115' OH! DIER! OH! ENGLAND! Trippier takes, Dier flies in the Moscow air and thumps a header well over Ospina's crossbar. That's a golden chance!
114'  A superb Vardy touch kills a Trippier ball dead - Ronaldinhoesque, that - and Vardy's ball into the box is cleared just ahead of Lingard by Barrios. 
113' Marcus Rashford is on for a dead-on-his-feet Kyle Walker. Eric Dier's slipped into Walker's centre-back role. 
112' OH! MY! DANNY ROSE, ART THOU MARCELO IN DISGUISE! The Spurs left-back plays a lovely give and go with Henderson before toe-poking a superb effort just wide. 
111'  England press forward with Henderson flying down the left, no really, but Luis Muriel is back there to slide and stop the Liverpool captain in his tracks
110' Kane, who has been absolutely immense today, slips in Vardy with a neat ball from central midfield but Vardy's pull back from the edge of the box reaches just Barrios. Colombia clear.
109' England are showing, erm, Stones of steal to continue playing out of the back under continous Colombian pressure, and Vardy's run almost has Arias in a whole lot of trouble, but Cuadrado comes back to help 
108' A ridiculous Arias backpass puts Ospina in all sorts of trouble, but as Lingard dallies on his pass, and Vardy his shot... Sanchez and Mina get back in position to smother the Leicester man's shot. 
107' Stones passes a regulation ball out of play; and Colombia can strangulate England into their own box - but Sanchez gives it away, and OH!...
106' OH! OH! Vardy gets free in the box and has a lash that ends in Ospina's arms -- but he was a yard or three offside. And he duly gets called out for it
105'+1' Nada, Nothing. 
105' Colombia move forward with menacing intent... Mojica has five in the box to aim for; but hits naught but thin air. Goalkick. One minute to be added on. 
104' OH! FALCAO! OH! FALCAOOOOOOOOO! Mojica whips it into the box where Radamel Falcao leaps and connects with the header - but directs it well wide. He's been missing quite a bit this tournament. 
103' Walker looks to gallop his way into the Colombian third; but Mojica does well to intercept and then win a foul off Trippier. 
102' Mina wins the header again! But this time, Sanchez gets in his way and puts his mate off! What a let off for England. Southgate sees Young struggling, and takes him off for Danny Rose. 
101' A Lingard mis-control allows Falcao to shift play out wide to Mojica - who then switches play out to the right... where Cuadrado's whip into the box is somehow scrambled away by Maguire.  
99' Colombia are pressing England into their own half, but without Quintero to pick passes hither and thither, they are going nowhere. England are still calmly passing it around the back
97' OH! MY! LORD! Maguire stopped playing football as a ball looked to be thrown in - note the ball never made it onto the field - and Falcao ran onto it and fed Bacca; but the ref called play back; citing the second ball that almost made its way onto the field as the reason.
95' Luis Muriel, a bundle of nervous energy down that left flank, screams past Trippier and plays in a teasing ball that misses Bacca's despairing lunge by a centimetre or two -- and Pickford gathers gratefully
94' Falcao goes down under pressure from Stones, but gets no change from the ref, Cuadrado does well to win a throw-in. 
93' Bacca and Dier smash into each other as this increasingly physical game reaches its peak -- Colombia steam forward
92' Young lifts one into the box and it's headed clear by that half-man, half-mountain Yerry Mina. Luis Muriel races down the left... but is seen off easily by Trippier. 
91' Colombia are energised and they are pressing the men in red all over the park. Young and Barrios then go into a fifty-fifty, Young leaves his boot onto Barrios shinpads - and somehow England win the freekick. 
The players are back on the pitch. 
The madness of this World Cup encapsulated in one image
I need a drink. Amit Mishra, absolutely livid at Trippier here, needs one too. Know a place that's open at 1:30 AM in the Bengaluru?

90'+6' OH! Falcao gets bowled over by a combination of Young and Cuadrado... but nothing happens of it.  
90'+5' THIS IS MADNESS!  As England press forward, Mojica hacks it clear. God knows how much more the ref will add on. 
The corner zones in at Yerry Mina, he smashes it at the far post in trademark style - and it bounces up of Trippier's head and into the roof of the net!
90'+1' Henderson's down after a fifty-fifty with Cuadrado -- and that's going to eat up the first minute. Easy.
90' Mojica swings one deep into the English far post, where everyone misses it. The ref's assistant says there will be FIVE minutes of time added on 
89' Kane muscles his way into another freekick off Davinson Sanchez; England will take their time with this. 
88' Multiple changes as Quintero is taken of for Luis Muriel; and Raheem Sterling is taken off for Jamie Vardy
87' England look a touch shaky as Colombia launch everyone forward, but a weak Falcao attempt at goal - one that gives Pickford enough time to brew a cup of tea, sip it, discard it, and make one more, before collecting it - showcases just how toothless Colombia have been tonight
86' OH! FALCAO! The play doesn't die as Mojica curls a lovely ball into the box - Falcao springs high and handsome but can only power his header well over the crossbar. 
85' Mojica motors down the left and wins a throw in near the corner flag. Quintero swings it in, but Walker sees it off. Arias curls it back in - but Falcao can't get anything behind it. 
83' England come right back, though, and they win a freekick forty yards out, dead centre - Trippier flicks it in, Maguire heads it bacck across the face of goal but Colombia mop up, somehow. 
82' Kane slips in a lovely ball down the line for Lingard... who delays his cross and ends up fouling Davinson Sanchez. 
81' OH! COLOMBIA! OH! CUADRADO! Kyle Walker dawdles on the ball.... Bacca steals it off him, and with Colombia 3 v 3 on the counter, he feeds it to Cuadrado... who proceeds to blast it a million miles away from goal. WHAT A CHANCE! THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 1-1
80' Dele Alli is going off, Eric Dier is coming on. Batten down the hatches, as it were!
78' Mateus Uribe comes in for Carlos Sanchez as Jose Pekerman goes in search of an unlikely equaliser. 
77' Bacca and Cuadrado combine to work their way into the box - where Maguire covers easily. He sets England off on the counter... Alli, to Sterling to Lingaaaaaaaa -- OH! Just as the Mancunian was about to let fly, Davinson Sanchez flies in with a tackle; that misses both ball and man. The ref waves away appeals for a penalty
76' Quintero chips in a lovely little ball into Carlos Bacca in the English box; but Trippier is back there to mop it up... Colombia have to start from the back again. 
75' ... OOO! He whips it in and Kane's an inch away from it with his flying boot - but he was pulled up for offside anyway. Colombia move forward, Cuadrado with a couple of stepovers down the flanks and a cut-in that's easily dealt with by Stones. 
74' Kane goes steaming into the middle again... and wins a freekick thirty yards out, well left of centre. Young stands over it... 
73' Dele Alli and Sterling combine beautifully down the middle... till Alli frees Lingard into the box; where the Manchester United man's cross into the box is blocked superbly by Davinson Sanchez. From the ensuing corner, Maguire loops a harmless header onto the roof of Ospina's net. 
71' A sweet Young ball down the left frees Alli - and England move inexorably forward. Colombia win it back, somehow, and Barrios lumps it forward; where Maguire clambers all over Bacca and wins it back. Legally, says the ref. 
69' Jesse Lingard then goes into the ref's book for stamping (not all that violently, may I add) Carlos Sanchez's right calf. Ouch. 
68' He seems to be alright. 
66' Quintero and Bacca combine well to escape the English press, but Quintero's punt forward is well blocked by an alert Ashley Young. He then motors forward, and crashes a ball across the face of the box - but there's no one in red to get to it. Young's down, though, at that corner and needs some attention. 
65' Dele Alli gets pulled up for a high-foot down the English left flank... from the freekick, Colombia concede another at the mid-line, Barrios going in too hard on Alli.  
64' Carlos Bacca is booked for clattering into John Stones. This is becoming increasingly fractious. 
63' Falcao is booked for protesting the fact that Maguire wasn't booked. Smashing. 
62' Kane wins a foul down the left flank -- and Young curls a lovely ball at the far post. The ball's headed out, Maguire dives, Trippier sends it back in and Kane heads just over. 
61' Colombia need a goal - and they are going to Carlos Bacca in search of it. Jefferson Lerma is taken off in his stead as Pekerman reverts to a more attacking formation that will enable Quintero to move a touch more central. 
60' England are going to see this through if this continues in the same vein... they are by far the superior side in possession of the ball. 
59' Quintero's ball into the box is cleared by Maguire. I'm furious - I won't lie. All those who blame Neymar for his playacting will raise nary a decibel at Kane buying that penalty. Sigh. 
58' Stones smashes into Falcao and then nudges the prone Colombian captain with his boot - freekick foe Colombia, and that's all. 
He smashed it straight, he smashed it hard. Ospina dives out of the way
56' Yellow for Henderson - for talking too loud, i assume... oh, wait - it's for a little nudge into Mina's head. Ugly scenes here. This is threatening to boil over. 
55' Kane fell, took Sanchez with him, and somehow won the penalty. Ridiculous refereeing. Yellow too for Sanchez. 
53' WOOOF! Young curls it in beautifully, and it takes an excellent D.Sanchez header to make sure Maguire doesn't connect at the far post. Corner, England. 
52' Santiago Arias smacks into Harry Kane as the two tussle for an aerial ball - and that's a yellow for the tireless right back. Young will look to whip this one in from the byline
50' Alli looks to dance his way into the Colombian box. There's a container parked there - Colombia look to motor forward through Falcao; but he's once again easily handled by Maguire
48' Absolutely nothing is happening here. How is life, wherever you are? Do you have any must-read books in your list? Ping me @AnirudhMenon89 on twitter with your suggestions please. Everyone at SK will forever be indebted to you
46' Colombia start by hoofing it up the field. As is their wont, the hoofing comes to nothing. 

A rather dull first 45 brings itself to a polite close. Up is the only way. 
45'+3' At the other end, a superb D. Sanchez header ensures Kane doesn't get a sniff of goal - and the rebound is whacked into row Z by Jesse Lingard. That should be that. 
45' +2' He cuts it inside and Quintero has a whack.. that's easily caught by Pickford
45' +1' THREE MINUTES ADDED ON! The first of which leads to Falcao running at Young down the Colombian right... 
45' Kane gets bored. Kane has a shot. It's hopelessly wide. Mina and Sterling have a little philosophical discussion inside the Colombian box - only for Sanchez to push them both away and tell them to grow a pair
44' Lerma lumps a useless ball forward that Pickford gathers with a yawn. Quintero then looks to play in Mojica on the break, but the ball's got too much oomph to it.
43' Colombia press England high as they look to play it out of the back, Pep Guardiola style, but this new generation of English defenders are not be ruffled and they pass it out - till Lingard gets smashed into by Carlos Sanchez and Colombia can do some passing  of their own. 
42' WOOOOOOF! Kieron Trippier curls the ball just wide of Opsina's right hand post. 
41' Finally they are going to take it... 
40' Barrios gets into the book for that silly nudge. He's going to miss the next match. 
39' Trippier stands over it... but Lingard and Cuadrado are at it... Henderson's fallen down after Wilmar Barrios' moved his head in his direction! Oh, come on, Jordan! Grow a pair!
38' Harry Kane drops deep and looks to pick Lingard's run; but nada. Kane then takes matters into his own hands and runs at goal - before winning a smart foul off Jefferson Lerma. That's a freekick 25 yards out, just left of centre. Ideal as ideal comes. David B territory this. (remember '98?)
36' OH! Henderson plays a lovely ball into the box - Arias ducks under it for some reason and inexplicably Kane doesn't bargain on the right-back missing it - and the ball spins harmlessly wide. 
35' Quintero looks to slip in Falcao on the run; but Stones reads it perfectly. Colombia are passing it about nicely now - but there's no real penetration to their forward movement; as evidenced by Mojica's hopeful, useless, chip into Maguire's feet. 
34' Sterling looks to Michael Owen his way past the Colombians but Barrios is having absolutely none of that.. they build from the back slowly till a loose Quintero pass allows Pickford to smash it clear. Once again, the men in Yellow build up from the back
33' Colombia have a shot at goal! But it's a rather horrible one. Falcao lays off Arias' cross into his path, but the playmaker smacks a useless effort well wide. 
32' Colombia suddenly look nervous again on the ball - but England are unable to capitalise on a couple of misplaced passes. Sanchez thumps it ahead - Cuadrado and Maguire go shoulder-to-shoulder down the byline chasing it and there's only winner. That's the barn-door sized defender. 
31' Raheem Sterling does superbly to hold off, and then race past Davinson Sanchez... but he runs straight into a wall of yellow and his shot is easily blocked. 
29' OOO! Lingard and Alli look to connect at the edge of the box; but Sanchez gets an important foot in. Falcao then does superbly to win a foul off Trippier - the Spurs lad doesn't appreciate the fall, the Monaco legend doesn't appreciate the push. 
27' The ref's having a couple of words to ensure there's no argy-bargy in the box. Mina responds to all this by jumping high and thumping the ball out with a mighty header
26' Young whips, Maguire connects - but it's just a corner as Sanchez does enough to put him off. 
26' Dele Alli is brought down by Carlos Sanchez - that's why the hard man's there - and Young will look to whip one in from the byline. 
25' Arias is slipped in by Quintero - he of the lovely slip-in passes - but Stones and Young do just about enough to see him off. Colombia come back - but a loose crossfield from Mojica allows England to win back possession with a throw-in
24' Colombia are looking a little more purposeful on the counter; Cuadrado trying to find Falcao as the two go 2 v 3 vs the Brits; but Maguire does well again. Los Cafeteros are seeing a touch more of the ball now. 
22' OOO! Cuadrado has a whack after some neat interplay in the opposition third; but it's blocked. Falcao seizes onto the rebound, but Maguire does superbly to make sure his shot in anger goes nowhere... the ball bounces out to Mojica - who thumps it into Row Z
21' Falcao tries to hold up play, but Maguir absolutely bullies him off it. The Colombian skipper wins back a measure of retribution by winning a header against the Leicester man, and starting off another spurt of Colombian possession. 
20' Sterling tries to feint and ease past Barrios inside the box, the midfielder is having absolutely none of it as he shepherds him out of play 
19' England are much the superior side at the moment - Kane spreading it wide when it comes to it, but Trippier is stopped by young Johan Mojica down that English right flank
18' Colombia are knocking it amongst themselves for a bit, getting the feel of a ball they are yet to get fully accustomed to, trying to get Quintero on the ball as much as possible. The little magician then tries a clever chip into Falcao's path, but Stones and Walker read it beautifully; and Pickford has no trouble in mopping up. 
16'... and that almost costs them. Kieron Trippier bombs down the right and lifts a lovely ball into the box; where, at the far post, Harry Kane loops a header onto the roof of the net. On to. As in on the outside. Close call, though, for Colombia. They better start moving a little further up the pitch 
15' Young cleverly eases off Arias as the Colombian right back goes for a header. It's all England right now - the 3 defensive midfielders Colombia have fielded ensure that they are sitting deeper than ever...
14' Finally, a Colombian attack - but it's not all that good. Mojica tries to run at, and run past, Trippier - but fails abysmally. 
13' Sanchez clears it easily, but a Barrios miss-kick allows Sterling to smash an effort at goal; which is straight into Sanchez's legs. England look much the more threatening side here. 
12' England are patiently passing it about the back. Till Sterling runs rings around Yerry MIna, and wins a foul off the giant Colombian. Trippier will look to pump this one in, from fifty odd yards out. 
10' Trippier intercepts a loose Mojica touch and England bomb forward; Young and Sterling try a clever give-and-go but Barrios is back there covering and he makes sure it's just a corner. Which leads to nothing as Stones pushes Lerma off the ball. 
8' OH! The England counter leads to another counter - Arias playing a neat one-two off Quintero to motor into the English third; but Walker and Lingard do enough to see the pair off. Colombia have the ball now, though, and are passing it around a bit. 
7' ... who gallops into the English half, but overplays it and Walker clears, moving England inexorably forward. Trippier and Sterling combine to win a corner off Davinson Sanchez.  
6' Young whips it in at goal; Ospina punches it away - Trippier whips it back into the mixer and who else but Yerry Mina to get a head to that. The Corner is collected by Ospina, and he releases Mojica... 
5' A neat Stones ball allows Henderson to release Sterling down the wing, and with Mina diving in, the Man City winger wins a freekick right at the edge of the box, Ashley Young stands over it. 
4' Colombia are not passing it with any real intent or purpose in these opening few minutes; content to let England have it and press them intermittently as the mood seizes them. 
3' The Colombians are shrieking their disapproval everytime England have the ball - the whistling is incessant. What an atmosphere. 
2' England move patiently forward; their new found freedom allowing the lads on the ground to express themselves. No more lump it to the striker and let's see what happens nonsense. 
1' Arias pings one into Falcao; he's bullied off it by Maguire, but Colombia keep possession and play it around a bit - before lumping it aimlessly forward. 

Colombia in their lovely yellow and white will be kicking from left to right as you'd see it on the idiot box. England in their change strips of all red will be aiming to keep the little round thing moving the other way.

The tension is palpable. I love this World Cup. 
The magnificent Colombian anthem has rung out across the vast expanse of the Spartak Stadium, while the English have prayed for their Queen to live long and healthy. Hands have been shaken, photos have been taken, futebol is imminent. 

This is, as the millenials would have it, LIT
There's no James Rodriguez for Colombia - so much will depend on Juan Quintero now. Wilmar Barrios has come in to add steel to their midfield; England are as you were, Dele Alli coming in!

Colombia XI (4-3-3): David Ospina; Santiago Arias, Davinson Sanchez, Yerry Mina, Johan Mojica; Carlos Sanchez, Jefferson Lerma, Wilmar Barrios; Juan Cuadrado, Radamel Falcao, Juan Quintero

England XI (3-5-2): Jordan Pickford (GK); Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Maguire; Kieran Trippier, Dele Alli, Jordan Henderson, Jesse Lingard, Ashley Young; Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane
Colombia vs England - Preview

"It's coming home", anywhere you turn, Croxteth, Walthamstow, Salford, JP Nagar, Murgeshpalya, that's all anyone has to say... "It's coming home". Gareth Southgate - whatever he may say to the contrary - played for defeat against Belgium in his last game, and got his way - the easy way to the final, avoiding Brazil, Spain (back when they were an actual issue), and France. With everything Harry Kane touching turning into gold, with Jesse Lingard in the form of his life, with John Stones assured at the back and Jordan Henderson actually playing like an ersatz Xabi Alonso, the ever-fervent English support just can't get enough. It's like they've already gotten there.

​Except they haven't.​

Colombia - the land of beautiful mountains and charismatic footballers (Fuck the Sun, and their cover page. Just, fuck them) - stands in their path, captained by a man of indomitable will and built upon the talents of one of the most magical footballers of our times, Los Cafeteros are in no mood to play their 'part' in the crowning of Ser Harry Kane as a Knight of the Realm. They are here to create history, and the Three Lions will be damned fools to take them lightly. ​

This should be an absolutely monstrous encounter - please let it be - and you can join me, Anirudh Menon in little under an hour for the confirmed lineups!​

In a bit, then. ​
Colombia vs England- Kickoff time, Venue, TV Schedule, Live Streaming details

Kickoff time: 9 PM Local Time | 7 PM UK | 11:30 PM IST (that's 2330 for you, soldier)
Venue: Spartak Stadium, Moscow
TV Schedule: Sony Ten 2, Sony Ten 2 HD in India, ITV in the UK, SuperSport in Nigeria, Fox in the US
Live Stream: Sonyliv - but why disturb your folk on a working-day late-night and pay the premium on top of it? You could just follow it on the low right here!

Colombia vs England - Team News

For Jose Pekerman, it's all about James Rodriguez. Having built his Colombian side (over the past half-decade) around the inimitable talents of the little magician, he may have to find a way to make it through their toughest test yet without him. James limped out of the Senegal game with a muscular issue - and while scans of his right calf have confirmed it's just inflammation and not a tear, he may not yet be at 100% to face England.

In view of this, Luis Muriel may come in to provide extra pace down the flanks, or Pekerman could opt to batten down the hatches and play Wilmar Barrios.

Gareth Southgate is not going to be resting anyone again this World Cup - not if he wants to take it home - and the English could return to the XI that eviscerated Panama in their second group stage game. Dele Alli's back, though, and he may force himself into the lineup in place of Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Everyone else is fit and firing... and available for selection.

Colombia vs England - Probable Lineups

Colombia Predicted XI (4-4-2):
David Ospina; Santiago Arias, Davinson Sanchez, Yerry Mina, Johan Mojica; Carlos Sanchez, Mateus Uribe; Juan Cuadrado, Juan Quintero, Luis Muriel; Radamel Falcao

England Predicted XI (4-2-3-1): Jordan Pickford; Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Maguire; Kieran Trippier, Dele Alli, Jordan Henderson, Jesse Lingard, Ashley Young; Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane

Colombia vs England - Form Guide

(all competitions - most recent first)

Colombia: WWLDDW

Colombia topped their group - but didn't do so convincingly. They were outplayed by Japan (albeit they were down to 10 for almost the entirety of the match), Poland played like a bunch of hopeless amateurs, and it took a Yerry Mina special to take them past Senegal.

However, they are unbeaten in eight games versus European opposition since head coach Jose Pekerman took charge in 2012 (W6, D2) and that should provide them enough encouragement.

Most recent game: 28/06/18: Senegal 0 - 1 Colombia

England: LWWWWD

England started this World Cup with a bang, playing some lovely football against Tunisia and even better against Panama, but they rested almost everyone against Belgium - a loss that enabled them to get access to the "easier" side of the draw. And they need all the help they can get.

The Three Lions have won just two of their last eight World Cup knockout games. Their last knock-out victory in the World Cup came against South American opposition when they beat Ecuador 1-0 in the round of 16 in 2006.

Most recent game: 28/06/18: England 0 - 1 Belgium

Colombia vs England - Head to Head

Games Played:

Colombia Wins: 0

The Three Lions beat Colombia 2-0 in their only previous World Cup encounter thanks to goals from Darren Anderton and David Beckham in the group stage of the 1998 tournament.

England Wins: 3

England are unbeaten against Colombia in five previous meetings. Michael Owen scored a hat-trick in the most recent match, which England won 3-2 in New Jersey in 2005.

Draws: That is but elementary [math], my dear Watson. Really, really, elementary

Colombia vs England - Prediction

Radamel Falcao's lethal finishing vs Harry Kane's lethal finishing. The old-school guile of Juan Quintero and James Rodriguez vs the new age movement of Jesse Lingard and Dele Alli. The stoic-ness of the England back-three vs the power of the Colombian defense. This is going to be fun! 

My prediction, though? Colombia 1 - 1 England aet; winner to be decided on pens (and it's cruel to ask anyone to predict how a shootout will play out -- unless England are involved)​
M. Rashford, Penalty
J. Henderson
M. Uribe
K. Trippier, Penalty
C. Bacca
E. Dier, Penalty
J. Cuadrado, Penalty
H. Kane, Penalty
R. Falcao, Penalty
L. Muriel, Penalty
J. Cuadrado
C. Zapata
S. Arias
M. Rashford
K. Walker
D. Rose
A. Young
Y. Mina
assist: J. Cuadrado
L. Muriel
J. Quintero
J. Vardy
R. Sterling
E. Dier
D. Alli
M. Uribe
C. Sánchez
J. Lingard
C. Bacca
R. Falcao
C. Bacca
J. Lerma
H. Kane, Penalty
J. Henderson
C. Sánchez
S. Arias
W. Barrios
England (3-1-2-2-2)
Gareth Southgate (Manager)
D. Ospina
J. Mojica
D. Sánchez
Y. Mina
S. Arias
J. Lerma
W. Barrios
C. Sánchez
J. Quintero
R. Falcao
J. Cuadrado
J. Pickford
H. Maguire
J. Stones
K. Walker
J. Henderson
A. Young
K. Trippier
D. Alli
J. Lingard
H. Kane
R. Sterling
England (3-1-2-2-2)
Gareth Southgate (Manager)
Colombia Subs
A. Aguilar
C. Bacca
J. Cuadrado
F. Díaz
J. Izquierdo
L. Muriel
O. Murillo
M. Uribe
C. Vargas
C. Zapata
England Subs
T. Alexander-Arnold
J. Butland
G. Cahill
E. Dier
P. Jones
R. Loftus-Cheek
N. Pope
M. Rashford
D. Rose
D. Welbeck
J. Vardy
14 SHOTS 16
23 FOULS 13
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - 8th Finals
Stadium Otkrytiye Arena
Match time Tue, 03 Jul 2018, 11:30 PM
Updated: Jul 04, 2018 02:24 AM | Published: Jul 03, 2018 21:30 PM