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DEN vs AUS Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
1 - 1
C. Eriksen 7'
38' M. Jedinak (P)
That sets the final round of group games nicely. The Aussies have to beat the Peruvians and the Danes need to get something out of their clash against the French! We're assuming all this and France beating Peru in their upcoming game, though.

As for the game, well, it was a pretty good end to end clash. The goals never came, though, and the Aussies will be itching to get rid of the stats of not scoring from open play yet.

Hope you liked the coverage of the game, fellas! Until next time, this is
Amit Mishra signing off! Do enjoy the rest of the games with Arvind Sriram covering the France vs Peru game and Shambhu Ajith covering the Argentina vs Croatia clash!
And it's all over! Full time as the ref blows his whistle! The teams settle for an entertaining draw!
90+3' Nothing doing as the breaks comes to nothing. Dalsgaard did well to get the block it...
90+3' AH. Braithwaite just drifted offside and the move comes to an end. The Aussies break...
90+2' OOOOH. The way Braitwaite shaped up after controlling the cross told a story. But his shot told another. Didn't really connect well and the grateful Ryan collects it safely. 
90+2' A late corner kick for Denmark...
3 minutes have been added on...
90' Late pressure by the Aussies but the Danes manage a shot of their own courtesy Eriksen. Just wasn't in control while taking it and Ryan watches it drift wide for a goalkick...
89' From one end to the other as Schmeichel saves twice in the span of seconds to keep the score at 1-1! First shot off Arzani who twinkle-toed his way down the left to find room for a shot. The rebound was won by the Aussies and it ended with a cross that was connected by Leckie. An outstretched Schmeichel did well to collect it...
88' No No No Delaney! Denmark do really well to get in behind the Aussie defence and Delaney is there with time and space on the left. His cross is hit to no man's land and Australia break...
87' Sisto does everything there to applaud him yet give him an earful at the same time. Brilliant touch to receive Schone's pass but gives it away immediately, trying to do too much...
86' Australia have done ever so well but have just lacked the final pass or the finish. They've got into some good positions, but that goal from open play still eludes them...
85' Booking for Sisto for excessive complaining...
84' Freekick to Australia as the ref didn't like Delaney's challenge on Irvine. In fairness, he had too much of the man and very little of the ball...
83' Goalkick to Denmark after a good spell of possession from the Aussies. Irvine, the big man he is, did well to hold off Schone and find Leckie on the right. He took too long though and the Danes manage to get a deflection and thereby a goalkick...
82' Substitution for Australia

Rogic is OFF
Irvine is ON
81' Arzani with delicate control on the right and salvages the situation from what was a overhit pass. Brilliant pace and trickery to put in a cross, but it evades every damn player and the Danes get away with it!
80' The game has promised a lot. Quite a few chances. Almost like having a bottle of Chablis yet all you can do is show it without ever opening it...
79' Arzani takes a touch or two on the let and decides to put in a pretty good cross into the box. Leckie just isn't able to get a good enough contact on the cross and it comes off his shoulder for a goalkick...
78' The Aussies pass it around at the back as the Danes have pushed forward, ting not to make it all one way in the final few minutes remaining...
77' The Danes had half a decent move going on as Cornelius combined well with Sisto. The latter's attempted pass is woeful and is easily intercepted by Jedinak who sends his team on the counter...
76' Leckie again with space and time on the right but he decides to go for glory and it's safely collected by Schmeichel...
74' Substitution for Denmark

Jorgensen is OFF
Cornelius is ON
74' Substitution for Australia

Nabbout is OFF
Juric is ON
73' Nabbout looks like he is in a lot of pain. Wasn't a full fledged fall but it looks like he fell and managed to stay on his feet using his right shoulder and that could be bad for the forward...
73' And the Danes do the same with Sisto! A good move ends with a curler from the Celta man, but it's just wide!
72' Rogic again with a driving run from the midfield. Does well to keep the ball, cut in and get a shot away. Just didn't get enough purchase and curl on it to test Schmeichel who collects safely!
Substitution for the Aussies

Kruse is OFF
Arzani is ON
71' Mooy with a brilliant shit from the edge of the box! Just wide!
70' It's getting to a point where the two teams will press and try to find the winner. Australia will go hell for leather, but the Danes won't mind a point...
68' Brilliant chance for the Aussies! Right after Dalsgaard's interception, they win the second ball and Kruse puts in a good cross that was half cleared by Schmeichel. The loose ball was put right back into the box by Nabbout, with Schmeichel out of position, but Dalsgaard is there to get his foot to it first and get it away to safety!
67' The Aussies this time play it patiently but Rogic's pass to Kruse is nicely intercepted by Dalsgaard!
66' Another neat little move from the Danes is broken up by a awful pass by Jorgensen. Has to do better there. The Danes manage to win the second ball and keep it in the attacking half...
65' The games is on the edge here as both teams are defending well. They have been helped with some bad touches and awful passing in the attacking third as well...
64' Jorgenson with a nice little touch to dins Braithwaite with a first time pass. The return ball from the latter is overhit though and the Danes aren't able to make much use of what could have been a really good attacking move...
63' Leckie makes inroads down the right but Larsen is there to keep him under the wraps and the Aussies manage to get a throw in There's no space, though, and they are forced to play it backwards...
62' Nearly a good break from the Socceroos! Rogic with a fantastic turn to send his man back to Denmark but again, Leckie isn't able to make the most of the former's pass as his first touch gets away from him...
61' Patient this from the Danes who try to find an opening by going wide. The Aussies do well to keep their shape...
60' The Aussies in possession of the ball in midfield but every time they don't have a man making the run on the wide areas, the move peters out to nothing but sideways passes...
59' Substitution for Denmark

Poulsen is OFF
Braitwaite is ON
58' The Danes do well to pass it around but Australia manage to press in their own half and Rogic marauds forward. His pass to Kruse is again overhit and the Danes get the ball away...
57' Not the worst bit of build up play there as Eriksen's floated cross was headed back into the box by Schone. Jorgensen, however, puts an end to the move with a high boot. 
56' Corner for Denmark as Poulsen's attempted cross is blocked. End to end this!
55' Leckie again drifts to a central area and there is space for Risdon to run into on the far right. He had time to pick out a man in the Denmark box but his cross is overhit! They've got to make use of these chances...
54' Brilliant from Rogic to find Behich on the left who hasn't quite made too many forward runs. This time, though, he nearly finds Nabbout with a smashing cross. Larsen did well to get his head on it and put it out for a throw in!
53' Dalsgaard's pass to Jorgensen is cleared by Mooy. A lot of half chances for the Danes so far...
52' The Aussies manage a spell of possession but Denmark do well as they keep their shape. Leckie needs to be found more often in the attacking third as he is clearly their brightest spark at the moment...
51' Schone with a brilliant flick to find Poulsen and his pass to Sisto under pressure is brilliant! Sisto gets at the end of it but his shot is deflected! Looks like the final touch came off him as the Aussies get a goalkick...
50' Solid defending from the Aussies who intercept Eriksen's pass to Sisto and break forward. The Danish defence is up to the mark, though and they smother the chance...
49' Nearly! Brilliant chest control from Delaney and then to find the pass for Jorgensen. The touch lets the forward down and Milligan mops it up in the penalty areas...
49' End to end as Sisto this time breaks on the left. He cuts in but that touch got him away from the ball and Sainsbury intercepts.
48' Early pressure from the Aussies as Leckie this time finds at the end of a pass down the middle. Kruse was there to be played but Leckie's touch is just a bit heavy and Kjaer clears it...
47' The Aussies in possession on the left as Rogic did well to control and win the throw in...
Peeeeeeeeeeeeep! Second half is underway as Australia get us started! And immediately, they get forward on the right with Leckie involved again! The Danes get it away!
Peeeeeeep! Half time! The game is nicely poised here, as is the group! Eriksen gave the Danes the lead before Jedinak equalised from the penalty spot.

Second half in a bit, fellas...
45+2' Nabbout and Leckie combine well in the attacking half but they take too long and the Danes get it away. And that's that as the ref blows the whistle for half time...
45+1' The Danes keep the ball in injury time, looking to see out the first half...
2 minutes have been added on...
45' Sisto nearly gets on the end of a driving pass by Schone. The Danes have been more active in the last few minutes but Ryan hasn't had a big save to make yet...
44' A bit of confusion in the Danish box as the Aussies wanted the use of VAR again as Sainsbury took a tumble in the box. Nothing doing this time. 
43' Cross put in by Eriksen and Larsen makes a run from the left to head it. Just a shot on target as it lacked power or conviction and Ryan collects safely. The game is much more open now as the Danes can't sit back...
42' Nearly an own goal as Eriksen played it on the deck for Poulsen. The latter totally missed it and it nearly ricocheted into the back of the net by Sainsbury! Ryan collects safely, however. 
41' Freekick to Denmark in a dangerous area as Eriksen was fouled. The man's on the ball, Aussies have be on their toes...
39' Australia want more here and Leckie nearly back-heeled it into the net after a pretty good cross by Rogic! Jeez, that would have been some goal!
Poulsen was booked for the handball and will miss the game the next game against France. Big blow that...
38' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Jedinak converts it by sending Schmeichel the wrong way!
37' PENALTY to Australia! Poulsen adjudged to have handled the ball! WOW! The Socceroos have a chance to level it up!
36' The corner is cleared barely by the Danish defence and it seems like we'll have a VAR referral here! Potential handball in the Danish penalty box!
35' Australia again push forward before Larsen puts in a top tackle on Nabbout. The Aussies win the second ball and get a corner via a deflection...
34' Leckie again shows brilliant feet and control in midfield and drags away two midfielders. He looks for options and sadly doesn't find anyone in a good position and is forced to play it back. Real shame, that...
32' The Danes have been extremely patient tin their approach and aren't pushing forward in numbers. Australia are there for the taking considering they are much more proactive now. Denmark, though, have been a little too reactive...
31' Sisto shows brilliant feet to get out of a tricky situation but the long pass isn't as good as the little fake he managed in his own half. The Aussies have played well in the last 15 odd minutes...
30' Leckie shows good feet to get away from two Danish defenders on the right and finds Kruse with a nicely weighed ball from the right. Kruse's shot is blocked well by Christensen, though and the Danes get it away...
29' AH! Jedinak tries to find Nabbout with a long ball but it's nowhere close to the forward and the Danes regain possession. 
28' And still they keep the ball despite the majority of it being in their own half. The Danes have dropped back, asking the Aussies to bomb forward, waiting for the countering opportunity when they do...
27' Good spell of possession this from the Aussies who have managed to keep the ball despite the Danish press. Can they create an opening here?
26' Better from the Aussies as they exploit the wings this time! Risdon's cross was put into a dangerous areas but no one was there to get on the end of it!
25' The Socceroos make their move forward but again, the cutting edge is lacking the the Danish defence is not troubled...
24' Brilliant build up play from the Denmark team again and Jorgensen should have made it two. Schone started the move down the middle before Poulsen drifted in, received the pass and squared it for the on rushing Dalsgaard. The fullback's cross was delicious and Jorgensen had a clean header. Just lacked the direction!
23' Shot by Rogic at the end of the set-piece routine but nothing to trouble Schmeichel who sees it roll out for a goalkick. The crosses have been defended well by the Danish defenders so far...
22' Sisto with a shot from the edge of the box! Saved pretty easily by Ryan. To be fair, it was straight at him. The Aussies then break forward before Rogic is fouled. 
21' Freekick to the Aussies for a foul om Kruse. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a blinding game as the obvious lack of quality in the final third for the Aussies have seen them give the ball away too many times while attacking...
20' Half a decent run by Rogic on the left but he is well marshalled by two Danish players who crowd him out before he can pass it to Kruse. Goalkick to the Danes...
18' Better from the Aussies as Mooy finds Kruse on the left with a nice little pass. The former Leverkusen man just isn't able to find Nabbout on the edge of the box and the Danes get it away...
17' The Aussies again rush it after building up from the back. They haven't really managed a spell of passing in the final third as the Danes have been ever so good when the ball is in their own half.
16' Safely cleared by the Australian defence. Denmark, though, win the second ball and once again knock it around in the middle...
15' Freekick to Denmark in a dangerous area. Always is when you have someone like Eriksen standing on the dead ball...
14' Australia try to break forward but the Danes this time show good transitioning and smother the chance. They need to make more use on the wide areas and stretch play a bit. A lot of the chances have come through the middle.
13' No pressure again as the centre-half duo of Kjaer and Christensen slowly play it out from the back before Schone's attempted pass to find Poulsen is intercepted by Behich. 
12' Better from the Danes who knock it around in the midfield. Australia have refrained from pressing in the last two minutes but have kept their shape pretty well.
11' Again, Leckie manages to get his head on the ball but not as cleanly as he managed in the previous corner. Australia are doing well in the attacking third. Denmark can't afford to switch off like they did against Peru...
10' Australia get something down on the right flank as Leckie and Risdon combine well to keep the ball. Leckie puts a cross in that is woefully cleared by Christensen for a corner. 
9' Midfield control now is key for the Danes who have an early goal. They have a freekick at the half way line here...
8' The Aussies manage to maraud forward immediately but Kruse is crowded out and they can only get a corner. The Danes clear it without any fuss though...
That, ladies and gentlemen, has got to be the best bit of play in the penalty box so far this World Cup. The Aussies though they got the ball away, but Schone managed to win it back for Jorgensen. The forward's control and nice deft little pass with the outside of his foot found Eriksen, and boy did he leather it! What a pass, what a finish! Damn! This is what the World Cup about!
6' GOOD CHANCE! But Leckie puts it over. Jeez, Mooy can take a freekick! Leckie did well to leap and got a good connection. Should have made the keeper work by the very least. The Danes get away with a goalkick...
5' Good tackle that by Milligan to start the break and his long pass to Rogic results in a shot that is deflected for a corner! The first to the Aussies!
4' Denmark pass it well on the opposite flank with Sisto managing a couple of stepovers. But they can't find the final pass and the Socceroos break forward!
3' Good start by Denmark this as they play a few good pass down  the right. Confidence seems supreme after that opening win but the Aussies stay on their toes and get it away...
2' Sisto this time puts in a pretty brilliant cross into the box as Denmark take it short. Delaney's header, though, is misdirected as he was off balance. Goalkick to Australia...
1' Early freekick to Denmark and it's Eriksen on the ball on the right. A good ball as well and Kjaer just isn't able to time his jump properly as Milligan clears for a corner! Good start this!
Peeeeeeeeeeeeep! Kickoff! Denmark get us underway, shooting from left to right in their white top and red shorts. Australia are in their changed green kit!
The teams are out on the pitch and it's time for the National anthems! Kickoff is moments away...
“I came to football through my father. He played regularly but not as a pro. That was a bad time for me and my family. We had to learn to live without him. Today I associate every game with him.”

That was Yussuf Poulsen, by the way. A few journalists and fans alike were wondering why the forward took to the pitch with Yurary printed on the back of his jersey. The story is again inspiring. Poulsen did well to take Eriksen's pass in his stride and give Denmark the lead. Quite a few prominent forwards have failed to deliver so far this World Cup, including Poulsen's club mate, Timo Werner. Denmark have a brilliant team with players featuring regularly in the top five leagues.

Australia, on the other hand, have shown every time that they don't make the World Cup to just make up the numbers. Sure, they haven't impressed for the neutrals to really consider them a top side, but the fight and team spirit they showed against France should make the upcoming game an interesting watch.

This is Amit Mishra and I'll be your host for the game! As always, Let’s hope for an open game, fellas!
Denmark vs Australia - Confirmed Lineups

Denmark confirmed XI: Schmeichel, Larsen, Christensen, Kjaer, Dalsgaard, Delaney, Schone, Sisto, Eriksen, Poulsen, Jorgensen

Australia confirmed XI: Ryan, Behich, Milligan, Sainsbury, Risdon, Kruse, Mooy, Jedinak, Leckie, Rogic, Nabbout
Denmark vs Australia - Kickoff Information

Date: 21st June 2018
Kickoff time: 13:00 (BST), 17:30 (IST)
Venue: Samara Arena

Denmark vs Australia - Team News

The Danes were handed a blow against Peru when William Kvist came off after a clash with Jefferson Farfan. Let me tell you, if Farfan leaves a mark on you, it can hurt and Kvist felt the full force of the challenge. He tried to soldier on but could last more than a few minutes and had to be taken off. It’s unlikely he’ll play in the coming game or even in the rest of the games and that’s a real shame cause he added a lot of balance to that midfield.

Australia don’t have any injury concerns and the fans will hope they can replicate the performance the team mustered against France to push Denmark. Tim Cahill still awaits his appearance and if he scores, he’ll join the elite list of scoring in four World Cups.

Denmark vs Australia - Key Players

Against Peru, the Danes huffed and puffed to a win. Kasper Schmeichel made some brilliant saves to deny the Peruvians and he’ll be expected to put in another stellar display as the game will be pretty open against the Socceroos. Christian Eriksen is obviously a player we can never exclude as it was his defence splitting pass on the counter that allowed Poulsen to break the deadlock.

The Australian midfield of Mooy and Jedinak were study against France and they’ll once again have to be on the top of their game to ensure the creative spark Denmark possess in Eriksen and Delaney is kept under wraps.

Denmark vs Australia - Probable Lineups

Denmark probable XI: Schmeichel, Larsen, Christensen, Kjaer, Dalsgaard, Delaney, Schone, Sisto, Eriksen, Poulsen, Jorgensen
Australia probable XI: Ryan, Behich, Milligan, Sainsbury, Risdon, Kruse, Mooy, Jedinak, Leckie, Rogic, Juric

Denmark vs Australia - Form Guide

Denmark: WDDWW
Australia: LDWWL
P. Sisto
J. Irvine
T. Rogić
T. Jurić
A. Nabbout
D. Arzani
R. Kruse
A. Cornelius
N. Jørgensen
M. Braithwaite
Y. Poulsen
M. Jedinak, Penalty
Y. Poulsen
C. Eriksen
assist: N. Jørgensen
Australia (4-4-1-1)
Bert van Marwijk (Manager)
K. Schmeichel
J. Larsen
A. Christensen
S. Kjær
H. Dalsgaard
T. Delaney
L. Schöne
P. Sisto
C. Eriksen
Y. Poulsen
N. Jørgensen
M. Ryan
A. Behich
M. Milligan
T. Sainsbury
J. Risdon
R. Kruse
M. Jedinak
A. Mooy
M. Leckie
T. Rogić
A. Nabbout
Australia (4-4-1-1)
Bert van Marwijk (Manager)
Denmark Subs
M. Braithwaite
A. Cornelius
K. Dolberg
V. Fischer
M. Jørgensen
J. Knudsen
M. Krohn-Dehli
L. Lerager
J. Lössl
F. Rønnow
J. Vestergaard
Australia Subs
D. Arzani
T. Cahill
M. Degenek
J. Irvine
B. Jones
T. Jurić
M. Jurman
M. Luongo
J. MacLaren
J. Meredith
D. Petratos
D. Vuković
10 SHOTS 13
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
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GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - Week 2
Stadium Samara Arena
Match time Thu, 21 Jun 2018, 05:30 PM
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