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Indian Super League 2020 Live Scoreboard: SEB vs CF Live Score

Matti Steinmann 59'
Matti Steinmann 68'
13' Lallianzuala Chhangte
64' Rahim Ali
Here is your host Abhishek Kundu signing off. Do tune in to Sportskeeda to get the live text commentary of tomorrow's ISL match Kerala Blasters vs Hyderabad FC. Goodbye and take care. 
90+6' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the final whistle by the referee Anish Kundu and the match ends 2-2. Lallianzuala Chhangte gave Chennaiyin FC the lead in the 13th minute of the match through a dashing run from the left flank. Matti Steinmann equalized once the team changed sides after glancing his header to the far post. Chennaiyin FC took the lead once again through Rahim Ali, but the joy was short-lived as Steinmann equalized once again. Both the sides had numerous opportunities to take the lead in the last quarter of the game, but failed to capitalize on them. 
90+5' Chennaiyin FC make their final change.

OFF- Rahim Ali
ON- Dhanpal Ganesh
90+4' Chhangte dashes in the left flank and twists to get the ball in his shooting foot. But, his final shot is blocked. 
90+2' SC East Bengal could have scored the all-important goal here. Jacques Maghoma drills a low cross from the left flank this time. The ball misses two East Bengal players before Enes Sipovic clears the danger. 
90+1' CHANCE! Enes Sipovic almost cost his side a loss as his backpass to Chennaiyin FC goalkeeper is intercepted by Jacques Maghoma. However, Vishal Kaith clears the line and gets punched in the face in the follow-through. The referee shows a yellow card to him. 
Five Minutes added. 
90' MISS! Another beautifully curled corner-kick from Bikash Jairu and Scott Neville sneaks past two Chennaiyin FC defenders to find himself unmarked. However, unlike Steinmann's effort, his header is inches wide. 
89' SC East Bengal win a corner-kick this time as Jerry Lalrinzuala had the last touch of the ball. 
88' MISS! Edwin Vanspaul swings a beautiful cross from the right flank. Jakub Sylvestyr jumps past Danny Fox, but his final header is inches wide. That could have sealed the deal for Chennaiyin FC. 
88' SC East Bengal make a change.

OFF- Mohammed Rafique
ON- Rana Gharami
87' Chennaiyin FC win another corner as Rohen Singh blocks Chhangte's cross. 
86' Chennaiyin FC win another corner-kick. This time Bikash Jairu clears Lallianzuala Chhangte's cross to the far post. Fatkhulo's attempt is headed out by the near post defenders. 
85' OFFSIDE! Mohammed Rafique is judged offside as he tries to break through from the right flank. 
84' SC East Bengal survive another scare. Chennaiyin FC swings a corner-kick to the far post, but Memo's shot is blocked by Scott Neville who put his body on the line. 
82' Chennaiyin FC make another substitution.

OFF- Rafael Crivellaro
ON- Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev
81' SC East Bengal once again targets Deepak Tangri. Jeje holds him and lays a pass to an onrushing Maghoma. However, he is stopped in his tracks by Chennaiyin players and Milan Singh steps up. However, his effort from outside the box sails high and wide. 
80' Chennaiyin FC make a substitution.

OFF- Anirudh Thapa
ON- Edwin Vanspaul
79' CHANCE! Jakub Sylvestyr wins the ball in the attacking third after Milan Singh makes a meal of his back-pass. He aims his shot to the far post, but it is off target. 
76' CHANCE! Rafael Crivellaro with a brilliant crossfield diagonal pass to send Lallianzuala Chhangte one-on-one with the goalkeeper from the right flank. But, a last-ditch tackle from Danny Fox prevents him to take a shot. 
74' Scott Neville has produced a much better performance in the second half. This time the Aussie checks Chhangte's run and clears the danger. 
73' An East Bengal fizzles as Sipovic takes down Jeje. But, the referee was right there and doesn't award a foul to SC East Bengal. Replays show that Jeje went down too cheaply. 
69' The action is coming thick and fast as Maghoma slides past Deepak Tangri and takes a shot. But, his effort hits the side-netting. SC East Bengal almost took the lead there. 
68' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL! Matti Steinmann equalizes once again for SC East Bengal.

Bikash Jairu crosses the ball from the corner-kick to the far post. Danny Fox heads it goalbound. Vishal Kaith palms it, but it falls straight to Steinmann who makes no mistake in extending his foot and slotting the ball into the back of the net. 
67' That's hit the crossbar! 

Rafael Crivellaro's corner-kick finds Enes Sipovic in the near post, who sneaks between two SC East Bengal defenders, to head the ball home. However, his shot hits the upright. 
66' SHOT! Jakub Sylvestyr traps Crivellaro's past with his right foot and takes a shot with his left. But, strong wrists from Debjit saves the day. 
64' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Rahim Ali gives Chennaiyin FC the lead once again.

Jerry to Rahim to Crivellaro to Jakub Sylvestyr to Rahim and the youngster twists past Bikash Jairu to slot the ball home past the SC East Bengal goalkeeper. Rahim has now scored on two consecutive matches for Chennaiyin FC.  
60' SC East Bengal make a change.

ON- Milan Singh
OFF- Tomba Singh
59' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Matti Steinmann with a cracking header equalizes for SC East Bengal.

Bikash Jairu swings the corner-kick and Steinmann comes out of nowhere to take advantage of Chennaiyin's zonal marking and glances his header from the near post to the far post. 
58' SHOT! Bikash Jairu goes ahead on the overlap and feeds a low cross. Daniel Fox takes a shot but Sipovic's sliding challenge ensures SC East Bengal only have a corner.  
57' Pilkington runs down the left flank and tries to drill a low pass to Jeje, but Sipovic makes a timely interception as he just comes on the field. 
56' Sipovic limps off the field and looks like Chennaiyin FC will be forced to make a change. 
55' Both Sipovic and Maghoma are down on the pitch receiving treatment as the referee stops the play. 
53' Chennaiyin FC complain of a penalty but the referee points towards the corner kick. Chhangte outruns Rohen Singh, but the referee deems Rohen got his foot to the ball. Chhangte falls into the ground but receives just a warning from the referee. 
52' Frustration creeping amongst SC East Bengal players as Anthony Pilkington tugs the shirt of Memo. That was needless. 
51' Crivellaro again runs towards the byline and crosses the ball. Sylvestyr gets at the end of the ball and heads it for Anirudh Thapa. But, Scott Neville clears the danger for SC East Bengal. 
49' Bikash Jairu swings a hopeful long ball, but it lacks direction and the ball runs out of play for Chennaiyin FC goal-kick. 
47' Crivellaro turns past his marker, feeds a pass to Sylvestyr but his final shot takes a deflection from Neville before ending safely in the hands of an SC East Bengal player. 
46' PEEP! We are underway once again at the Tilak Maidan in Vasco and Jeje's first impact on the game is a foul on Eli Sabia. 
SC East Bengal make a double change at half-time.

OFF- Surchandra Singh, Sehnaj Singh
ON- Rohen Singh, Jeje Lalpekhlua
SC East Bengal has conceded nine out of their twelve goals in the second half. Can Chennaiyin FC make the most out of their opportunities as teams resume play?
Anthony Pilkington should play as a False #9 and drop in the midfield, a role Jakub Sylvestyr is donning with perfection for Chennaiyin FC. The runs aren't coming from the midfield. So, it needs to come from wings from Maghoma and Rafique.  
Mohammed Rafique and Jacques Maghoma have proved to be threatening for SC East Bengal. Chennaiyin FC's right-back Deepak Tangri is the weak link in the defense line. Maghoma needs to exploit him as he is playing as a left winger. 
Scott Neville isn't stepping up in the right moment. In the build-up to the first goal, the Aussie didn't cover Sylvestyr properly. He stepped out later when Sylvestyr had already made the run. Chhangte got space to cut in and sneaked a goal. 
45+3' PEEP! PEEP! The referee Anish Kundu blows his half-time whistle as the half-time scoreline reads 1-0 in favour of Chennaiyin FC, courtesy of a goal from Lallianzuala Chhangte. Chennaiyin could have doubled their tally on numerous occasions but fumbled in the final third due to poor decision making. 
45+2' Scott Neville again in the fault as Chennaiyin FC miss a golden opportunity to double the lead!

Rafael Crivellaro completes a one-two with Jakub Sylvestyr as Neville is caught ball-watching. But, Debjit comes out of his line to handle the ball. The Brazilian with a nasty punt on Debjit in the follow-through. No malice intended, but the East Bengal goalkeeper is down receiving treatment. 
45+1' CHANCE! Anirudh Thapa is one-one-one with SC East Bengal goalkeeper but rather than going for glory, he feeds a back-pass. However, there is no one at the end of it. 
Three Minutes added on. 
45' Chennaiyin FC get it all wrong. Rafael Crivellaro turns past his marker and feeds a pass to Jakub Sylvestyr. Rahim Ali cut inside, but the Slovakian gives a through ball on the far side to no one. 
44' Surchandra Singh makes a foul throw and the referee is distraught with it. A throw-in is awarded to Chennaiyin FC now. 
43' Thapa pings another long ball towards Rahim Ali, but he shoves Surchandra and SC East Bengal win a free-kick in their own half. 
41' Rahim Ali goes past two East Bengal players and passes the ball to Crivellaro. The Brazilian returns the favour to him, but it is intercepted by Daniel Fox once again. 
39' Lallianzuala Chhangte and Rahim Ali have exchanged positions now. Chhangte is playing in the left wing and Rahim Ali in the right. 
36' MISS! How on earth did Mohammed Rafique miss that opportunity? Robbie Fowler has his hands on his hips.

Rafique breaks the offside trap as he receives a pass from Steinmann. He is one-on-one with Chennaiyin FC goalkeeper but rather than taking a shot first time, he tries to dribble past Vishal Kaith. Rafique is able to make a fool out of him, but Deepak Tangri lunges a sliding tackle at the last moment to prevent Rafique from unleashing a shot. 
35' SHOT! Anthony Pilkington takes a shot from inside the box, but his attempt is feeble. 
34' That was a good interception by Sehnaj Singh! Chennaiyin break briskly on the counter, with Chhangte turning his marker Jairu on the right flank. However, Sehnaj reaches there at the right time to clear the ball. 
33' Pilkington's first attempt is headed out by Jakub Sylvestyr and Vishal Kaith collects his second corner-kick. 
32' East Bengal win another corner-kick as Surchandra's cross is blocked by Chhangte. All of their deliveries previously haven't been well. Let's see what they can get here. 
30' CHANCE! SC East Bengal with the first meaningful chance of the game. Matti Steinmann launches a long ball from the halfway mark and Maghoma beats Tangri to trap the ball with his chest. But, Vishal Kaith anticipates the danger and comes out of his line to get a hold of the ball. 
27' Crivellaro wastes a glorious opportunity. Chhangte releases him on the left wing and the Mizo lad runs down the centre. But, rather than returning the pass to him, the Chennaiyin FC attacker balloons his shot. 
25' Sehnaj Singh concedes a foul on Chennaiyin's Memo in the middle of the park. That was a needless challenge. He is lucky to not see a yellow card. 
23' Crivellaro goes near the byline and swings a cross towards Rahim Ali. However, Bikash Jairu gets his body first and prevents him from heading the ball. However, Bikash is out receiving treatment as Rahim's shoulder clashed with his head and the replays show a nasty snap. 
21' Crivellaro goes for glory from a free-kick but his final shot is inches high. SC East Bengal survives another scare. 
20' Nothing comes out from this corner. But, the match looks like one-way traffic so far with Chennaiyin enjoying spells of possession and dominating the game. 
19' SHOT! Crivellaro's first time delivery is headed away by Sehnaj Singh's head and Memo takes a shot from the rebound. But, Danny Fox gets his foot again in the last minute to prevent another goal and Chennaiyin win another corner. 
18' CHANCE! Crivellaro spots an unmarked Chhangte on the left wing and he drills a low ball into the danger area. However, Dylan Fox clears the ball for a corner-kick. 
17' Chennaiyin FC has the possession of the ball for over a minute but Jacques Maghoma wins the ball from Deepak Tangri. He tries to release Pilkington on the counter, but Memo intercepts the pass. 
12' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! Chhangte breaks his duck for the season. Lallianzuala Chhangte scores his first goal of the season for Chennaiyin FC.

A bit of head tennis between Anirudh Thapa and Tomba Singh ends with Thapa passing the ball to Jakub Sylvestyr. He draws a player and releases Chhangte on the left flank. His pace is too much for Surchandra to handle and the Mizo lad chips the ball past an onrushing Debjit. 

Chhangte missed two sitters in the last match and makes up with a glorious strike. It is 1-0 for Chennaiyin FC. 
11' Pilkington raises both his hands and his delivery to the penalty spot is cleared by the Chennaiyin FC defense. 
10' SC East Bengal win another corner-kick for his side. Sipovic tries to shepherd the ball out of play, but gets his foot to the ball before the ball runs out of play. 
8' CLEARANCE! Sehnaj Singh gets his head to the ball first as the danger from Crivellaro's free-kick is averted. 
7' FOUL! Anirudh Thapa gets sandwiched between Surchandra and Tomba Singh and Chennaiyin FC wins a free-kick from a dangerous situation. 
5' Chennaiyin FC's Crivellaro sees Debjit out of his line and releases a shot from the halfway mark. But, his effort is wide. In the last season, Crivellaro did score a goal from that position against NorthEast United. The Brazilian fancied a chance to repeat the feat. 
4' CHANCE! Crivellaro releases Jakub Sylvestyr but SC East Bengal goalkeeper Debjit Majumder comes out to get a hand to the ball before. Scott Neville is caught napping for the first time this season. 
3' WIDE! Pilkington's delivery to the far post curls too much and is out of reach of everyone. 
3' SC East Bengal win a free-kick from a dangerous position as Jerry Lalrinzuala brings down Mohammed Rafique. 
2' Pilkington takes the corner-kick but his effort is too flat and the danger averts. 
2' SC East Bengal wins the first corner of the game as Sipovic heads out Rafique's cross from the right flank. 
1' PEEP! We are underway here at the Tilak Maidan in Vasco. 
Photographs clicked and toss done. Don't go anywhere as we will be back with live commentary of SC East Bengal vs Chennaiyin FC game. 
Up next is the National Anthem of India!
Next up is the 'home' side SC East Bengal. They don the classic Red and Gold jersey with black shorts. 
Both the sides are out from the tunnel. First up is Chennaiyin FC, donning their away all whites. 
No foreign players in East Bengal's substitute as Aaron Halloway is set to exit the side. Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev is the lone overseas player in Chennaiyin FC substitute line-up. 
SC East Bengal is on a six-match winless run while Chennaiyin FC ended their four-match winless streak recently. A win for either of the sides will give them a confidence boosting momentum.  
East Bengal looks set to play in a 4-1-3-2 formation. Bikash Jairu, Danny Fox, Scott Neville, and Surchandra Singh will form the back-four while Sehnaj Singh is likely to be deployed as the lone defensive midfielder. Matti Steinmann, Tomba Singh, and Jacques Maghoma will play as attacking midfielders, with the duo of Rafique and Pilkington leading the team from front. 
Chennaiyin FC are most likely to line-up in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Eli Sabia and Enes Sipovic will guard the heart of the defense while Jerry Lalrinzuala and Deepak Tangri will play as full-backs. Memo Moura and Anirudh Thapa are the two defensive midfielders for Chennaiyin with Chhangte, Crivellaro, and Rahim Ali acting as attacking midfielders. Jakub Sylvestyr will play as the lone striker for the Marina Machans.
SC East Bengal, on the other hand, has named an unchanged side that shared the spoils with Kerala Blasters. 
Chennaiyin FC has made two changes to the side that beat FC Goa 2-1. Reagan Singh misses out as he picked up his fourth yellow card in the 2020-21 season of ISL while Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev gets relegated to the bench. Enes Sipovic slots back in the heart of the defense while Rahim Ali finds himself first time in the starting line-up of Chennaiyin FC. 
Chennaiyin FC: Vishal Kaith (GK), Enes Sipovic, Eli Sabia, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Deepak Tangri, Memo Moura, Anirudh Thapa, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Rafael Crivellaro, Jakub Sylvestyr, Rahim Ali

Subs: Karanjit Singh (GK), Remi Longvah, Edwin Vanspaul, Thoi Singh, Sinivasan Pandiyan, Dhanpal Ganesh, Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev, Abhijit Sarkar, Aman Chetri
SC East Bengal: Debjit Majumder (GK), Scott Neville, Daniel Fox, Sehnaj Singh, Bikash Jairu, Surchandra Singh, Jacques Maghoma, Tomba Singh, Matti Steinmann, Mohammed Rafique, Anthony Pilkington

Subs: Mirshad Michu (GK), Rana Gharami, Narayan Das, Rohen Singh, Wahengbam Luwang, Yumnam Gopi Singh, Milan Singh, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Harmanpreet Singh
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL match SC East Bengal vs Chennaiyin FC. The line-ups will be out at any moment. 
SC East Bengal lacks a dedicated out-and-out striker. Their Indian strikers Jeje Lalpekhlua and Balwant Singh haven't found the back of the net and looked largely off-colour. Jacques Maghoma has scored two goals for them while the other has been an own goal.
Chennaiyin FC's Rafael Crivellaro scored an Olympic goal against FC Goa in their last Indian Super League (ISL) encounter, while Lallianzuala Chhangte missed two sitters. The Marina Machans need consistency in the final third to deliver goals consistently. 
This will be the first meeting between SC East Bengal and Chennaiyin FC in the Indian Super League (ISL). Jeje Lalpekhlua will be up against his former side should he get a chance to feature in the starting XI. Chennaiyin FC's Abhijit Sarkar spent the last season at loan for East Bengal in I-League. 
SC East Bengal will lock horns against Chennaiyin FC at Match 39 of the 2020-21 season of Indian Super League (ISL). The Red and Gold Brigade sit at the bottom of the points table with just two points while the Marina Machans are at the eighth spot with eight points.

SC East Bengal are on a six-match winless run, with draws against Jamshedpur FC and Kerala Blasters. They were leading against Kerala Blasters in the last match but were undone by an injury-time equalizer.

The SC East Bengal fans will pin their hopes on Jacques Maghoma, Anthony Pilkington, and Matti Steinmann to run the show on the midfield. However, the team is still lacking a proper striker.

Mohammed Rafique and Surchandra Singh played with their hearts out in their last match. East Bengal head coach Robbie Fowler will hope that he can repeat the performances against Chennaiyin FC tonight.

"We have lost one in three games now. The tide is turning. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later. Everyone here is 120% behind me in terms of what we are trying to achieve," said SC East Bengal head coach Robbie Fowler ahead of the match.

Chennaiyin FC will have a full-strength side to choose from as Anirudh Thapa, Enes Sipovic, and Esmael Goncalves have regained their match fitness. Rahim Ali, who scored against FC Goa, might also feature in the starting line-up.

"If you get two victories in a row you get very close to the top four. And two defeats will see you go down very quickly. It will be a tough game for us. They are a new team but they have adapted well. We have to concentrate very well and remain focussed," said Chennaiyin FC head coach Csaba Laszlo.

Where to Watch: Star Sports Network, Hotstar, and Jio TV
Prediction: SC East Bengal 0-2 Chennaiyin FC
Dhanapal Ganesh
Rahim Ali
Jacques Maghoma
Rana Gharami
Mohammed Rafique
Fatkhullo Fatkhulloev
Rafael Crivellaro
Edwin Vanspaul
Anirudh Thapa
Matti Steinmann
Rahim Ali
assist: Jakub Sylvestr
Milan Singh
Pritam Singh
Matti Steinmann
assist: Bikash Jairu
N Rohen Singh
Surchandra Singh
Jeje Lalpekhlua
Sehnaj Singh
Lallianzuala Chhangte
assist: Jakub Sylvestr
Chennaiyin FC (4-4-2)
Debjit Majumder
Scott Neville
Danny Fox
Sehnaj Singh
Bikash Jairu
Surchandra Singh
Jacques Maghoma
Pritam Singh
Matti Steinmann
Mohammed Rafique
Anthony Pilkington
Vishal Kaith
Enes Sipovic
Eli Sabia
Memo Moura
Jerry Lalrinzuala
Rafael Crivellaro
Anirudh Thapa
Deepak Tangri
Lallianzuala Chhangte
Rahim Ali
Jakub Sylvestr
Chennaiyin FC (4-4-2)
SC East Bengal Subs
Mirshad Michu
Rana Gharami
Yumam Singh
Jeje Lalpekhlua
Harmanpreet Singh
Wahengbam Angousana Luwang
N Rohen Singh
Narayan Das
Milan Singh
Chennaiyin FC Subs
Karanjit Singh
Abhijit Sakar
Pandiyan Sinivasan
Aimol Reamsochung
Edwin Vanspaul
Fatkhullo Fatkhulloev
Aman Chetri
Dhanapal Ganesh
Khangenbam Thoi Singh
14 FOULS 16
7 SHOTS 13
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Mumbai City FC 20 12 4 4 17 40
2 ATK Mohun Bagan 20 12 4 4 13 40
3 Northeast United FC 20 8 9 3 6 33
4 FC Goa 20 7 10 3 8 31
5 Hyderabad FC 20 6 11 3 8 29
6 Jamshedpur FC 20 7 6 7 -1 27
7 Bengaluru FC 20 5 7 8 -2 22
8 Chennaiyin FC 20 3 11 6 -6 20
9 SC East Bengal 20 3 8 9 -11 17
10 Kerala Blasters FC 20 3 8 9 -13 17
11 Odisha FC 20 2 6 12 -19 12
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament Indian Super League - Week
Stadium Tilak Maidan Stadium
Match time Sat, 26 Dec 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 26, 2020 21:30 PM | Published: Feb 15, 52957 17:06 PM
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