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Indian Super League 2020 Live Scoreboard: FG vs AMB Live Score

Ishan Pandita 84'
75' Edu Garcia
That's it from your host Abhishek Kundu. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the live updates of tomorrow's ISL match, Chennaiyin FC vs SC East Bengal. Good night and take care!
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! And, the referee blows his full-time whistle as it ends 1-1 between FC Goa and ATK Mohun Bagan here. Edu Garcia gave the Mariners the lead in the 75th minute, courtesy of his blistering free-kick. But, Ishan Pandita equalized nine minutes later after tapping home the ball from a rebound off a corner-kick. It was an entertaining night in Fatorda and the draw seems to be the fair result as neither of the sides deserved to lose the game. 
90+5' Ortiz lodges an aerial ball into the final third but Tiri clears it. FC Goa concedes a foul here and Tiri's free-kick should be the last kick of the ball. 
90+4' Ortiz dashes with the ball around 30 yards and takes a shot from the outside of the box. But, his grounded attempt is just wide. 
90+3' SHOT! Alberto Noguera feeds a pass to Saviour Gama. And, the left full-back takes a shot aiming towards the near post. But, his attempt is wide. 
90+2' Seriton wins the ball from Manvir Singh and initiates a counter-attack. He gives the ball to Ortiz, but the latter's pass to Ishan Pandita is misdirected. 
Five minutes to be added on here at the Fatorda. 
90' Edu Bedia takes a shot from outside the box, but ATK Mohun Bagan's Carl McHugh blocks it. 
89' CROSSBAR! It's the fourth time tonight that the crossbar has been disturbed.

Javi Hernandez takes the free-kick and Manvir Singh sneaks past his marker to get his head to the ball. However, his glancing attempt hits the upright before going out of play. 
88' FC Goa concede a cheap free-kick from a dangerous position at the dying minutes of regulation time. 
85' ATK Mohun Bagan make another change.

OFF- David Williams
ON- Manvir Singh
84' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL! It is the super-sub Ishan Pandita who equalizes for FC Goa.

Edu Bedia swings his corner-kick towards the penalty spot and James Donachie gets his head to it. But, ATK Mohun Bagan's Pritam Kotal clears it off the line. However, Ishan Pandita latches on the rebound and sniffs a goalscoring opportunity by poking the ball into the back of the net.
83' ATK Mohun Bagan make a change now.

OFF- Edu Garcia
ON- Javier Hernandez
82' Edu Bedia flies a cross into the penalty box and Saviour Gama gets his head to it. Ishan Pandita gets a touch at the far post, but he cannot control the ball and it goes out of play. 
81' FC Goa make a double change.

OFF- Alexander Romario Jesuraj, Lenny Rodrigues
ON- Ishan Pandita, Princeton Rebello
80' Edu Garcia wins another corner-kick for his side as the trajectory of his intended cross hits Subhasish Bose before going out of play. 
79' Alberto Noguera wins a corner-kick for FC Goa as Jhingan gets the last touch of the ball. 
75' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Edu Garcia blasts his free-kick into the top corner as ATK Mohun Bagan takes the lead. 

There are seven FC Goa players in the wall, but Naveen Kumar still moves a bit towards his left to try to cover that area. Sensing the opportunity, Edu Garcia goes towards the 'keeper's end and Naveen is late to react. 
74' David Williams feeds a lobbed pass to Roy Krishna and James Donachie fouls him just outside the box. He hit his head on Krishna as the latter goes tumbling in the ground. The referee brandishes a yellow card to the Australian. 
73' Edu Garcia makes an incisive run into the box, but James Donachie clears the ball before the ATK Mohun Bagan player can pull the trigger. 
71' Edu Bedia wins the ball and hoofs a long ball towards Alexander Romario Jesuraj. He crosses the ball into the penalty spot, but there is no FC Goa player to tap it home. 
67' The ball is aimed towards James Donachie but ATK Mohun Bagan's Carl McHugh clears the danger. 
66' Saviour Gama wins another corner-kick for FC Goa as his cross takes a last touch from Pritam Kotal. 
64' FC Goa make a change as Brandon cannot continue anymore.

OFF- Brandon Fernandes
ON- Devendra Murgaokar
63' ATK Mohun Bagan make a substitution.

ON- Jayesh Rane
OFF- Sheikh Sahil
62' Ivan Gonzalez becomes the first player to go into the book after that brilliant clearance. David Williams dispossesses him and Ivan raises a high foot on Roy Krishna to stop the Fijian. He was the last man and the Spaniard is lucky to see only yellow. 
61' Prabir Das lodges a dangerous-looking cross from the right flank. A great acrobatic clearance by Ivan Gonzalez to keep the scoreline level as David Williams was sneaking behind to give ATK Mohun Bagan the lead. 
58' SHOT! Brandon Fernandes collects a pass from Saviour Gama and unleashes a first-time shot. But, his effort to the near post is off-target. He was trying to catch Arindam off-guarded but failed miserably. 
57' Brandon Fernandes takes a shot from 35 yards out. It is on target but ends up harmlessly in the hands of Arindam Bhattacharja. 
56' Roy Krishna wins the ball in the final third by pressurizing James Donachie. He crosses the ball low, but there is no ATK Mohun Bagan player upfront to slot the ball home and Lenny Rodrigues regains the possession for FC Goa. 
54' SHOT! Seriton Fernandes shows a clean pair of heels to Sandesh Jhingan and he plays a back-pass to Lenny Rodrigues. The latter takes a shot but it ends wide. 
50' CROSSBAR! FC Goa's Seriton Fernandes hits the crossbar for the second time in the game.

Alberto Noguera lays a pass to Alexander Romario Jesuraj and the latter plays a one-touch pass to Seriton. The right-back swings a shot-cross from outside the box and his attempt hits the woodwork before continuing in play. Arindam picks up the pieces. 
49' CHANCE! Jorge Ortiz Mendoza dispossesses Tiri and lays it off for Alberto Noguera. He tries to feed a pass to Ortiz again, but Pritam Kotal clears the ball timely. 
47' Tiri is down in the ground and he receives treatment. Let's hope this is not worrying. Saviour hit him on the ankle with his shin on a follow-through of a pass. Purely unintentional. 
46' Edu Garcia takes the first shot of the second half as his shot from outside the box loops above the crossbar. 
46' PEEP! ATK Mohun Bagan gets us underway for second half action. 
The last time these two sides met, Juan Ferrando made a gamble by taking out James Donachie and bringing on Aiban Dohling to play with an extra foreign midfielder. However, Dohling ended up conceding a penalty and Roy Krishna buried his shot past the 'keeper to score the only goal of the game. We can't take our eyes off this game as plenty of last-minute drama is expected.
FC Goa has scored 6 goals in the last fifteen minutes while ATK Mohun Bagan has scored 4 goals in the same time period. 
PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle by the referee as the scoreline remains 0-0. Both ATK Mohun Bagan and FC Goa have hit the crossbar once. Let's hope there are plenty of goals to come in the second half. 
45+3' Edu Garcia crosses the ball deep but Carl McHugh still manages to get to the end of it. But, his header is wide. 
45+2' James Donachie slides a tackle on Sheikh Sahil from behind and is nowhere near the ball. ATK Mohun Bagan wins a free-kick from a similar position. 
45+1' Brandon puts the ball into a good area, but Edu Garcia's header is way off target. Goal kick to ATK Mohun Bagan. 
45' Ortiz wins a free-kick for FC Goa as Edu Garcia fouls him. A set-piece threat right at the end of first half. 
43' FC Goa has the ball in the final third but the chance ends up with nothing as Alberto Noguera's cross goes out of play. 
40' SHOT! McHugh fouls Ortiz but FC Goa plays advantage. Brandon has the ball in his feet and he lays a pass to Romario Jesuraj inside the box. The latter takes a shot, but it lacks venom and Arindam collects the ball once again. 
39' Edu Garcia swings it to the penalty spot this time and Tiri gets his head to it. Naveen Kumar tries to collect the ball but he is impeded by ATK Mohun Bagan players and FC Goa wins a free-kick. 
37' ATK Mohun Bagan win another corner as Saviour Gama gets the last touch of the ball. 
36' Saviour Gama takes a shot from distance, but the ball sweeps the pitch before ending comfortably between the hands of ATK Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharja. 
34' Carl McHugh fouls Edu Bedia at the center of the park and is lucky to get away without a card. 
30' CHANCE! Seriton Fernandes breaks the offside trap and receives a pass from Alberto Noguera. He whips a cross from inside the box, but it takes a deflection from the crossbar before going out of play. 
29' Prabir Das lodges a cross but Naveen Kumar comes out of his line to collect the ball before Krishna can get his head to it. 
27' CROSSBAR! Edu Garcia takes it and swings a ball towards the far post. Subhasish Bose heads it downwards and the ball bounces off the pitch before hitting the crossbar. That was the closest ATK Mohun Bagan has come to take the lead here against FC Goa. 
26' ATK Mohun Bagan win a corner. Pritam Kotal takes the throw-kick and Saviour Gama heads it out of play. What can the Mariners do from this opportunity?
24' Alberto Noguera does well to dribble past Edu Garcia, but his selfish antics prevail and he takes a shot from outside the box. The attempt was nowhere near the frame of the goal. FC Goa waste a crucial opportunity. 
23' Pritam Kotal whacks a long ball and Roy Krishna wins the aerial duel to flick it. An onrushing Prabir Das tries to get at the end of it, but Ivan Gonzalez clears the danger.
22' Subhasish Bose chips a ball past the FC Goa back-four. But, his ball towards Roy Krishna has too much power and it goes out for a goal-kick. 
19' Another SHOT ON TARGET! This time it is from FC Goa. Jorge Ortiz Mendoza collects a pass from Brandon Fernandes and unleashes a shot from outside the box. Carl McHugh didn't mark him properly and let him have acres of space. But, Arindam positioned himself at the right place at the right time to collect the ball. End-to-end action here at the Fatorda. 
18' SHOT ON TARGET! And, we have the first shot on target in the game. Edu Garcia wins the ball and releases Prabir Das in the right flank, but his shot is collected comfortably by FC Goa goalkeeper Naveen Kumar. 
17' CHANCE! David Williams dispossesses Lenny Rodrigues at the centre of the park and strides with the ball into the left flank. However, his final cross towards Roy Krishna is poor as Naveen Kumar collects it. 
16' SHOT! Brandon floats an inswinging ball at the near post. But, Jorge Ortiz Mendoza fails to connect it properly as his header balloons high above the crossbar. 
15' Pritam Kotal fouls Brandon Fernandes and FC Goa win a free-kick from a deadly position. 
14' Jorge Ortiz Mendoza this time drops in the right flank, but Sandesh Jhingan covers him and ensures the ball goes out of play for an ATK Mohun Bagan goal-kick. 
10' SHOT! Edu Bedia hoofs a long ball to Saviour Gama. Seeing no one in the box, he lays a back-pass to Jorge Ortiz Mendoza. The Spaniard lays the ball for his countrymate Alberto Noguera, who takes a shot from distance. But, his attempt ends inches wide as a diving Arindam sees the ball go out of play. 
9' FC Goa breaks swiftly on the counter and the ball ends with Alexander Romario Jesuraj on the left flank. He lodges a cross but Arindam Bhattacharja comes out of his line to collect the ball before Jorge Ortiz Mendoza. 
8' ATK Mohun Bagan wins a corner-kick. Edu Garcia takes it but his namesake from the opposite end, Edu Bedia clears it. 
7' SHOT! James Donachie tries to clear the ball, but his attempt falls only as far as David Williams. The Australian takes a shot, but Saviour Gama blocks it. 
6' OFFSIDE! Brandon weaves a pass in the right flank, but Jorge Ortiz Mendoza failed to track back in time and the assistant raises his flag. 
5' Pritam Kotal clears the danger as Jorge Ortiz Mendoza tries to dribble past him. 
3' ATK Mohun Bagan has deployed a high press here and already taken two shots in the game. That has put FC Goa on the backfoot. 
2' SHOT! Edu Garcia takes a shot from outside the box, but his effort sails above the crossbar. The Spaniard was closed down just in time by the FC Goa players. 
1' PEEP! FC Goa gets us underway through Edu Bedia. 
Toss is done and photographs are clicked. Don't go anywhere as kick-off awaits us at the other end of the commercial break. 
Up next is the National Anthem of India!
Up next is FC Goa. They are wearing plain orange. 
ATK Mohun Bagan is the first team to come out. The Mariners are donning their black and grey third kit. 
It is a battle for the second spot.

If FC Goa wins, they will occupy the second spot in the ISL points table. They have 18 points from 11 matches and a win will take them just a point above ATK Mohun Bagan albeit playing an extra match. 
The key player for FC Goa is Jorge Ortiz Mendoza. The Spaniard played as a False No.9 in the last match for the Gaurs and he is expected to don a similar role against ATK Mohun Bagan. 
The key player for ATK Mohun Bagan is Carl McHugh. He will sit ahead of the back-three, winning second balls and launch counter-attacks. 
In the 5:00 PM kick-off, NorthEast United FC beat Jamshedpur FC 2-1. Ashutosh Mehta and Deshorn Brown scored for the Highlanders while Peter Hartley pulled one goal back for the Red Miners. 
Some interesting stats of FC Goa vs ATK Mohun Bagan match:

FC Goa has scored 13 of their 16 goals from open play, while ATK Mohun Bagan has conceded only one goal from open play. 
ATK Mohun Bagan's goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharja has kept 7 clean sheets in the tournament, but his side has scored only one goal in their last five matches from open play. 
ATK Mohun Bagan has registered just four shots on target in their last three ISL matches. 
ATK Mohun Bagan, on the other hand, has made three changes. Glan Martins, Manvir Singh, and Javier Hernandez find themselves among the substitutes as Sheikh Sahil, Prabir Das, and Carl McHugh replace them respectively. David Williams and Roy Krishna will play as the two centre-forwards. Prabir Das will be tasked to lodge flying crosses from the right flank while Edu Garcia will thread defense-splitting passes. Sheikh Sahil and Carl McHugh will play as the defensive midfielders. Pritam Kotal, Tiri, Sandesh Jhingan, and Subhasish Bose form the back-four while Arindam Bhattacharja will play as the goalkeeper. 
FC Goa has named an unchanged side. Igor Angulo continues on the bench as Jorge Ortiz Mendoza leads the line. Alberto Noguera will pull the strings from the midfield, while Brandon Fernandes and Alexander Romario Jesuraj will provide width. The likes of Lenny Rodrigues and Edu Bedia will provide defensive screening in the midfield. Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, and Saviour Gama forms the back-four as Naveen Kumar guards the goal. 
Team News

FC Goa starting XI:
Naveen Kumar (GK), Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Saviour Gama, Brandon Fernandes, Alexander Romario Jesuraj, Lenny Rodrigues, Jorge Ortiz Mendoza, Edu Bedia, Alberto Noguera

Subs: Mohammad Nawaz (GK), Sanson Pereira, Mohamed Ali, Seiminlen Doungel, Princeton Rebello, Igor Angulo, Makan Chothe, Ishan Pandita, Devendra Murgaokar,

ATK Mohun Bagan starting XI:
Arindam Bhattacharja (GK), Sandesh Jhingan, Subhasish Bose, Tiri, Pritam Kotal, Prabir Das, Sahil Sheikh, Carl McHugh, Edu Garcia, Roy Krishna, David Williams

Subs: Avilash Paul (GK), Sumit Rathi, Salam Ranjan Singh, Bradden Inman, Jayesh Rane, Javier Hernandez, Michael Regin, Manvir Singh, Komal Thatal
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sportskeeda's live commentary of tonight's ISL match, FC Goa vs ATK Mohun Bagan. The line-ups will be out at any moment. 
Roy Krishna is the leading goalscorer (6) for ATK Mohun Bagan this season and is third in the overall standings. Manvir Singh (2) and David Williams have scored the remaining goals for the Mariners. 
Igor Angulo is the leading goalscorer in this season of ISL. The Spaniard has scored 9 goals in 11 matches. The rest of the goals from FC Goa have come from Jorge Ortiz Mendoza (4), Ivan Gonzalez (1), Ishan Pandita (1), and Devendra Murgaokar (1).  
FC Goa vs ATK Mohun Bagan live score:

FC Goa and ATK Mohun Bagan lock horns with each other at the Fatorda Stadium in Margao in Match 62 of the 2020-21 season of the Indian Super League (ISL). In the previous encounter between the two sides, Roy Krishna scored the only goal for Mariners as they beat the Gaurs 1-0.

FC Goa comes on the back of a four-match unbeaten run. The beat Jamshedpur FC 3-0 in their last match, with Jorge Ortiz Mendoza scoring a brace and Ivan Gonzalez adding the cherry to the cake. FC Goa has scored 16 goals in 11 matches and conceded only 11.

ATK Mohun Bagan was on a five-match unbeaten run, but Mumbai City FC halted them on their tracks courtesy of a slender 1-0 win over them. Carl McHugh missed the match due to an injury and his availability remains a cause of concern. Pronay Halder received his fourth yellow card of the tournament and will serve a one-match suspension.

Under Juan Ferrando, FC Goa likes to play a free-flowing brand of football. Igor Angulo had a slight niggle and didn't start their last match. But, the Spaniard is expected to return to the starting line-up.

ATK Mohun Bagan likes to concede possession to the opposition and hit them on the counter. The fans should keep an eye on the duo of David Williams and Roy Krishna. Their exploits led ATK to their third title in the last season of ISL.

FC Goa Predicted XI: Naveen Kumar (GK), Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, Saviour Gama, Lenny Rodrigues, Edu Bedia, Alexander Romario Jesuraj, Jorge Ortiz Mendoza, Brandon Fernandes, Igor Angulo

ATK Mohun Bagan Predicted XI: Arindam Bhattacharja (GK), Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Subhasish Bose, Glan Martins, Prabir Das, Edu Garcia, David Williams, Javi Hernandez, Roy Krishna

Prediction: FC Goa 1-1 ATK Mohun Bagan
Manvir Singh
David Williams
Ishan Pandita
assist: Dominic Revan
Javi Hernandez
Edu Garcia
Ishan Pandita
Alexander Jesuraj
Princeton Rebello
Lenny Rodrigues
Edu Garcia
assist: Dominic Revan
James Donachie
Devendra Murgaonkar
Brandon Fernandes
Jayesh Rane
Sheikh Sahil
Ivan Garrido Gonzalez
ATK Mohun Bagan (3-5-2)
Antonio Lopez Habas (Manager)
Naveen Kumar
Seriton Fernandes
James Donachie
Ivan Garrido Gonzalez
Saviour Gama
Edu Bedia
Lenny Rodrigues
Alexander Jesuraj
Alberto Noguera
Brandon Fernandes
Jorge Ortiz Mendoza
Arindam Bhattacharja
Pritam Kotal
Sandesh Jhingan
Prabir Das
Edu Garcia
Carl McHugh
Sheikh Sahil
Subashish Bose
Roy Krishna
David Williams
ATK Mohun Bagan (3-5-2)
Antonio Lopez Habas (Manager)
FC Goa Subs
Mohammad Nawaz
Mohamed Ali
Princeton Rebello
Makan Chote
Sanson Pereira
Devendra Murgaonkar
Ishan Pandita
Seminlen Doungel
ATK Mohun Bagan Subs
Avilash Paul
Manvir Singh
Komal Thatal
Javi Hernandez
Michael Regin
Sumit Rathi
Brad Inman
Salam Singh
Jayesh Rane
15 SHOTS 6
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Mumbai City FC 11 8 2 1 13 26
2 ATK Mohun Bagan 11 6 3 2 6 21
3 FC Goa 12 5 4 3 5 19
4 Hyderabad FC 11 4 4 3 2 16
5 Northeast United FC 12 3 6 3 -1 15
6 Chennaiyin FC 11 3 5 3 -2 14
7 Bengaluru FC 11 3 4 4 -1 13
8 Jamshedpur FC 12 3 4 5 -4 13
9 SC East Bengal 11 2 5 4 -5 11
10 Kerala Blasters FC 11 2 4 5 -6 10
11 Odisha FC 11 1 3 7 -7 6
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament Indian Super League - Week
Stadium Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium
Match time Sun, 17 Jan 2021, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 17, 2021 21:30 PM | Published: May 13, 53017 18:22 PM
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